Sexual Tension - Bucky x Reader Pt. 2

Summary: (Y/N) transfers to a new university only to find out her new teacher is a hot jackass. Heated words are tossed back and forth but it ends up making them gravitate even closer.

Pairing: Professor!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 2.8k

Warning: Language & Self-Doubt. This chapter actually gets really sad but I promise it’ll have a happy ending.

A/N: THANK YOU ALL!!! I didn’t think my very first story would get so many supporters and it means the lot to me. I remember waking up at 6am and just reading the comments and I would laugh to myself because it just made me so happy ! I hope I don’t let you down with this series!
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Chapter 1

It’s been a few weeks since you’ve started your classes. You’ve slowly grown used to waking up early and getting ready. You realize that you have started to look forward to getting to class 30 minutes usual everyday and as much as you hated to admit it, it was because of your goddamn teacher. You’ve both grown close in a way and you couldn’t even explain why or how happened. It all started with you smart mouthing him and him getting off on it.

You quickly throw on some jeans and a sweater looking messy as usual. It’s not your fault; you hate Mondays. Every Monday you woke up with a horrible headache and it took time to calm down. You usually would drive to a café owned by a friend of yours and grab a cup of coffee or your favorite smoothie hoping it would help your head from the pounding sensation within.

You quickly grabbed your bag and a pair of sunglasses sliding them on before leaving the apartment complex to the parking lot. It was freezing outside yet the sun still managed to shine bright. You quickly went to your car and hopped in. Starting the engine and drove to your favorite café.

You pulled up reading the huge letters on the front of the building, ‘The Grind’. You smiled to yourself knowing that your good friend would be working. Walking in you see red hair poking out from behind the counter. She quickly rose at the noise of the bell on the door.

“Welcome to The Grind. How may I-” she turned around noticing who came in. Her lips curved up as she leaned against the counter.

“Well, well, well. It’s the infamous (y/n)! Honestly, what did I expect? You come in here every Monday morning.” You could practically hear her mentally slapping herself.

“Hey Nat. I’m just here getting the usual. Make it the smoothie this time though, no coffee.” Simply putting it as is while she gave you a stern look.

“Man you look horrible. Couldn’t sleep?” She grabbed a medium sized cup and began putting in some ingredients before heading over to the other side of the counter where the blender is.

“Why even ask? Monday’s aren’t my thing.” You prop your elbow up on the counter and watch her mix up your drink.

“Honey, I see you every Monday. This is different from the usual. Did something happen? Nightmares again?” The moment she mentioned the nightmares you dropped your face giving her the answer she needed.

“I’m sorry (Y/N). Are they getting better or worse? You should really go see if some one can prescribe you something?” She finished mixing up your smoothie and set it down in front of you.

You fish out a few bucks from your bag and set it on the counter. She didn’t grab it; she continued to look at you.

“Come on (Y/N). I know I may be annoying but I’m really trying to help. You know I hate seeing you like this.” She took the money and stuck it into the register, handing you a recipe and a few extra coins.

“I know Nat.” You looked at her then looked down to grab your smoothie. “If I promise you I’ll see someone about them soon will you stop giving me that look?”

She smiled and reached other the counter to pat you on the shoulder. You gave her a small smile back before taking a sip of your smoothing.

“I’ll see you later?” Nat set her elbows on the counter.

“Ye-Yeah, Yeah! I promise. I’ll come by after class today!” You waved quickly and turned around walking out of the building. When you got in your car you sat there staring at the wheel, taking a deep breath.

You knew the nightmares would come back. You just knew it. Dealing with them when they aren’t happening are worse than when they are. Taking a deep breath you check the time and start the car. The time read 7:20 AM. You smiled knowing you were just on time. You may have drove to school in silence but your head was screaming, overthinking the things you shouldn’t think twice about.

As you pulled in you quickly got out of your car and walked into the school taking the fastest route to your class. Turning the door knob you walked in seeing your handsome teacher sitting at his desk, hand in his hair and face full of distress. You’ve never seen him in such a stressed out situation before; you didn’t know how to approach him but it would be shitty of you not to at least try. Face it, you may be a smart sarcastic bastard but you still wanted the best for everyone.

You set your bag down on the table by the door and walked up to his desk, smoothie in hand.

“Hey Barnes.” You said confidently and bubbly hoping your emotions could rub off on him. Even though you weren’t in such a good mood yourself, if you had to fake being happy to make someone else stop feeling down… then it’s worth it. Especially when it’s someone who you have a unspoken connection with.

He quickly looked up and shut the file he was reading. “Oh hey (Y/N). For a second I forgot you came so early. What’s up?” You smiled even though you felt insulted, you always came to class early and he knew that. Did he really forget? Are you that irrelevant?

Once again you were over-thinking everything, you quickly shook the feeling off and replaced it with a smile.

“I rather be an hour early than a minute late.” Giving a small chuckle following by his own you took another sip of your drink. He chewed on the back of his pen clearly in deep thought.

“Hey look, I know I’m your student and all but are you ok? You look like you just found out your wife is your long-lost sister.”

He leaned back in his chair and gave his signature smile. Squinting his eyes and giving a small laugh. His smile always rubbed off on you because soon enough you felt yourself laughing with him.

“Tough day. I know it’s only, what, 7:40 am? But tough day. I’m glad your here though. You, my friend, are a comedian. Always making everyone laugh.” He set down his pen on his desk, formally chewing on it. Crossing his arms and staring at you.

“I mean, if you want to talk about it, I don’t mind.” Your fingers intertwined with each other, feeling the regret and awkwardness fill your body.

“Its fine, I’ll manage.” He shook his head looking at the table in front of him.

“I understand if you don’t want to tell me.”

“No, (Y/N). It’s not that it’s you, it’s just-” he hesitated before pausing.

“Just what? I’m your student?” You narrowed your eyes at him.

“I don’t care if you’re my student, we’re practically the same age.”

“No I understand but it’s just- it was just me trying to help that’s all.” You crossed your arms, looking down at him.

“God (Y/N). Don’t do that, now i feel bad and feel obligated to tell you.” You watched as he ran his right hand through his hair.

“Come on barnes, I’m not trying to force you into telling me, I get it. But I do suggest you speak about it to someone you trust. That always helps me.”

“Are you implying I don’t trust you?”

Why was he twisting your words? You just wanted to help but you felt like you were stressing him out more. You realize he’s in a tough predicament but it infuriates you that he’s taking his anger out on you when you were just simply trying to make him feel better.

“I’ve been your student for a little over a month, even if I may be the one who speaks to you more often than others, would you trust me?” You angrily respond, letting your feelings get the best of you.

“I trust you!” He shouted loudly. He sighed before placed his head in his hands and rubbing his eyes.

“Then what’s the problem?” You whispered, looking down at the man. You’ve known him for a short time but you never would have thought of seeing him in this situation.

You stood there in silence eyeing him down. You knew you sounded pushy but you couldn’t help yourself. You cared for the sarcastic man who always seemed to lift your day.

“I’m sorry, it’s none of my business. I shouldn’t have pushed you to say anything.” A hint of sympathy was in your voice as you turned your heels to go sit in your seat in silence for the rest of the class. You both knew you just wanted to help but you felt like you crossed the line. You regretted it and there was no way to turn back.

Before you could even reach the first step you heard him set his hands down on the desk.

“My family.”

You turned to face your teacher as he stared down at the file in front of him.

“My family is well put. Every single barnes is known for succeeding and to have the perfect life, the perfect wife, the perfect family and the perfect job. We all grow up to do good things, to teach, to help others learn. My family all have done the same and we are expected to do what is best to have a successful life.”

His head hung down, eyes shut in anguish. You slowly made your way back to his desk and stopping right where you were standing moments before.

“My parents expect me to marry a woman of fame. A woman of money and beauty. It doesn’t matter if I can emotionally connect with her. She has to be perfect. They already have their eyes set on this girl. I’ve met with her and talked to her and she’s an amazing, beautiful woman but I just could never see myself with her. But I have to. It’s practically a family tradition but I could never look at her the way I look at…”

His right hand quickly covered his eyes in a tight squeeze. You didn’t know what to do, you wanted to make him feel at ease but you’ve never been in a position like this. You never really hung out with people, all your problems were concealed and easy to deal with because it only involved yourself and your mind. He couldn’t fix this without somehow disappointing his entire family. You wouldn’t know what to do if you were in his position.

“You’re expected to marry someone but you already have your eyes set onto someone else.” You didn’t care at the fact that your heart throbbed. You knew deep down in your heart that you had this connection with him but you knew he’d never feel the same way back.

He loved someone else and even if it hurt you, you didn’t care. You wanted him happy.

“Exactly.” Was all he could mutter out. You slowly take your free hand and rest it on his hand that was laying on the table. Giving his hand a small squeeze; he turned it over to hold your hand back.

“Do what makes you happy. Why do you want to live a life that satisfies everyone but yourself?” He squeezed your hand after you said that. He removed the hand from his eyes and looked up at you.

Before he could say anything the door busted open with a full force. You snatch your hand away from his and fake a few steps back. The beautiful red hair and 3 inch heels walk into the room. She was all smiles making her way up to your teacher.

“Hey Bucky! I decided to come a bit early to talk to you about the family dinner we’re having later! I talked to your parents about it and they agreed it would be best. They even talked about our future.”

Your eyes widen in realization. Dolores giggles at literally nothing and completely ignored the fact that her teacher was not having the best day of his life. They both looked at you at the same time. He gave you a look that you once again couldn’t describe. It was a mixture of sadness, anger and confusion.

“Oh hey (Y/N)! Why are you here early talking to Bucky?”

When you first initially met Dolores you thought she was a beautiful, smart, generous woman. You soon realized she was only beautiful and smart. She wasn’t kind or understanding at all. She never started anything with you but she always made comments on people who she believed were below her. You’ve heard her make comments on the quiet kids in class, the kids that aren’t as fast as others at learning and you’ve often heard her make comments on your friends Sam and Steve.

Mr.Barnes was aware of this, after mornings and mornings of useless conversations he knew who you liked in the class and who you despised.

“Oh, I was just asking for help on the lesson. I was having troubles with it.” Blatantly lying to her face you gave her a quick smile.

“Makes sense, you aren’t exactly the smartest in the class anyways. I mean, your friends are dumb and dumber right?” The moments those words left her mouth you stopped all movement. Did she just say what you thought she said?

“You know what Dolores? Fuck. You.” The look in your eyes was pure rage. You didn’t like her and she just insulted not only you but your friends.

“The last thing I would want to do is fuck you, (Y/N). Besides, I’ve got myself a man to fulfill those needs for me.” She smiled at you and walked next to the silent mans seat and rubbed her arm across his upper back. “Don’t act like I’m not there when you flirt with him during class. Don’t worry though, you can stop trying now that he’s officially mine.”

“What?” You gave them both a look of confusion “The last thing I could care about is a teacher student relationship. You really think I care about that?” You raised your head laughing at her stupidity before focusing your gaze back at her.

“Just because you’re from a family of money does not mean you’re smarter or better than anyone else. I bet you haven’t even spoken a word to half the people you make fun of in this class. You’re just another rich young white girl who gets through life by her daddy’s money. Everyone else? We got here by hard work and determination. We all don’t have the privileges you do. If anyone here is superior to everyone else, it would never be you.”

You felt your cheeks becoming red along with your clenching teeth. Your head grew hot reminding you of the once minor headache you had. You looked down at the man, eyeing the hand still resting on his back. He gave you a sorrowful look basically implying he wasn’t going to do anything about it.

You could tell that the pitiful woman in front of you didn’t care. She saw the look you received from Barnes and knew he wouldn’t fight against her.

You scoffed; he was going to defend a woman he doesn’t like - a woman he doesn’t like over a friend that has done nothing wrong to him.

Students started to fill up the class and the 5 minute bell rung shortly after.

Laughing to yourself in disbelief you toss your drink into the trash and grab your bag.

“I hope you make your family proud, Mr.Barnes.”

Walking towards the door to leave you bump and shove past two familiar faces.

“(Y/N)? Are you okay?” The dark haired man stopped and followed you out into the hallway grabbing your shoulders.

You looked toward him seeing Steve right over his shoulder looking at you with a concerned look. Running your hands through your hair in frustration you sighed and figured it would be for the best to leave them out of it. Even if it made you angry it wasn’t your decision to tell others Mr.Barnes problems.

“Yeah, I’m just not in the mood. I’m sorry guys. I’m just going to skip out on today’s class.”

“Does Barnes know?” Steve walked up next to you and gave you a side huge for reassurance.

“He does, that’s what I was speaking to him about.”

“You know, the only thing that keeps me throughout his class is you and your hilarious comments. Without those, I won’t be able to make it. Why don’t we all just skip today and go out for pizza or something?” Sam put his hands to his sides looking for an answer.

“You know, that’s not such a bad idea.”

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The Fifth Time He Asked

This is a little drabble series started by @frangipanidownunder innocently asking me my headcanon for when Mulder asked Scully to marry him. I’m so sorry.

Here’s what started the whole thing / 1. The first time he asked / 2. The second time he asked / 3. The third time he asked / 4. The fourth time he asked

Under the cut, because NSFW.

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A/N: Second part to Withered’, from Nakamoto’s pov.
So sorry for the late upload. I’ve been very, very busy. I just hope it works fine for all of you who waited. Let me know how you feel about it in the ask box. 
- Admin Ayu ♥

Genre: Angst, Romance, Smut.
Word Count: 2,136

***Please don’t read this if you are sensitive to the concept of infidelity, abuse, and violence***

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It’s Really Really Happening! Sherlock x Fem! Reader

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x Fem! Reader
Warnings: none
Rating: T, just to be safe
Word Count: 1240
Author’s Note: This is for the anon who requested this:

Howdy… I was wondering if you could do a fluffy one shot where Watson helps Sherlock propose to the reader… I just think that, that would be so darn cute😂☺️

Here you go! Tried my best at this :)

“Let me get this straight,” John held his hands up in surrender. “You want to propose? To Y/N?” The man sitting across him rolled his eyes.

“Of course I do,” Sherlock Holmes replied with a huff of annoyance. “That’s what people in love do?” John looked at him with a funny look on his face, which Sherlock immediately recognised as disbelief. “What? Is it that shocking that a machine like me can love?”

“Janine,” John replied simply and that drained the colour from Sherlock’s face.

“That was for a case,” Sherlock got up from his chair in his flat. “Y/N is different. I know it.” John stared at him for some time before sighing and set down his newspaper.

“I’ll help.” This time it was Sherlock’s time to be surprised. “Mary would have my head if I didn’t help, since you came back from the dead when I was about to propose to her. What’s your plan?”


“Sherlock that is a terrible plan!” Mary spoke, exasperated, clearly not happy. She was currently bobbing Rosie up and down as the little girl yanked at her blonde curls. “Rosie no, what did I tell you about pulling Mummy’s hair? Anyway, Sherlock do something both of you like. John, help him. Molly, Rosie and I can be a distraction.” Sherlock and John both looked at each other before closing the laptop lid.

“I mean… there’s one part of the plan?” John offered helpfully. “They can keep her occupied. How about… a restaurant? Her favourite one, just by the corner. Propose there?”

“But I want something special!” Sherlock whined like a petulant child.

“Do something for her! Go the extra mile!” John exclaimed, waving his hands in the air. “Learn her favourite song? Go out of the country? Think about what she likes. Make a list.”

“She works in the morgue with Molly,” he started to count on his fingers. “She likes Italian, likes books about that boy… wizard…”

“Harry Potter!”

“Yes yes him. Likes television…” Sherlock trailed off, on meeting John’s murderous eyes.

“You don’t know what your girlfriend likes?” he asked slowly. “After being with her for… three years?”

Sherlock was about to answer when a knock at the door interrupted them. Mycroft. “What do you want now?” the detective growled.

“Might I suggest a vacation? A retreat to the Bahamas, maybe?” The elder Holmes twirled his umbrella. The duo looked at him strangely. “What? Has it not been done yet?” Mycroft tutted. Sherlock once more opened his mouth to snap at him when John beat him to it.

“Both of you, shut up,” he pronounced the last two words forcefully. “Yes, Sherlock is proposing to his girlfriend tonight. We have exactly nine hours until she gets home, so please! For the love of God, co-operate!” John yelled, finally, the duo looking at him strangely. “Finally. Here’s my plan.”


Y/N Y/L/N had been taking off her gloves after her final autopsy when Molly Hooper approached her, with a serious look on her face. “What’s up Mollz?”

“I need you to finish some paperwork for me,” she had a pleading look in her eyes. “An emergency has come up and I can’t ignore it.” Y/N could never say no to Molly, so she shrugged and nodded. Molly grinned and dumped an enormous pile of files on her desk in the other room. Looks like she wouldn’t be heading home for a couple of hours. After disposing her gloves Y/N dragged her feet to her desk, loathing each piece of paper that would come into her hand. Behind the closed doors, Molly giggled on the phone.

“She’ll be occupied for a couple of hours.”


“Y/N!” Mary was so determined to make sure Y/N didn’t come to Baker Street that she took the stroller into Y/N’s office. “Could you take Rosie for a quick stroll? Something’s just come up and I have to dash!” Y/N was about to say no when she saw Rosie’s little pout.

“Oh alright,” Y/N sighed. “It’s only for Rosie, not you.”


Y/N was dead tired when she arrived at 221B Baker Street. It had been a long, long day and she just wanted to sleep. She dragged her feet up the creaky stairs, and to her surprise, found the door locked. The door was normally open. That seemed… odd. She fished for her keys and slowly unlocked the door and her breath was taken away. The flat was lit up in beautiful tea lights and a warm fire was crackling away. Surprisingly enough, there was not a speck of dust on the mantlepiece, which was surprising.

“Y/N?” Sherlock appeared from the kitchen. “I didn’t expect you to be back for at least forty-nine minutes.”

“Mycroft dropped me home,” she set her bag near the sofa and closed the door, looking suspicious. Sherlock rolled his eyes, making her giggle. “What’s this all about?”

“Can’t I do something nice for a change?” he called, retreating back to the kitchen.

“You’re normally not this nice,” Y/N followed him into the kitchen. “You… solve murders and crimes. And are snarky. Is that…” she caught whiff of the most beautiful fragrance of her favourite food. Sherlock looked at her nervously. Y/N hugged him from behind and kissed his cheek. “That is so kind of you darling, thank you. I’m going to go freshen up, okay?” She then walked across the hall to the bathroom.

After a nice hot shower which calmed her tense muscles, she immediately started to get dressed. Y/N was about to open the door when she heard faint murmurings on the other side of the door; she gingerly opened it without a creak and found Sherlock’s back facing her.

“I’m the most insufferable man,” his back still faced her and she had to stifle a giggle. The silly man was facing the wrong way. “After all these years, I still fail to understand why you deal with me. I use the fridge space for body parts, clutter the table for my experiments, rearrange your bookcase by alphabetical order when you like your books in order that you like them the best…”

Y//N was about to yell at him for that but she decided to keep silent and listen further.

“You are the most breathtaking person I’ve ever met; your patience and endurance in dealing with me befuddles me, your kindness is a virtue I am thankful for and your intelligence never fails to enrapture me. I love you very much Y/N and I will not beat around the bush any longer.” Sherlock then bent his knee and Y/N’s eyes widened. “Will you marry me?” The bewildered woman let out a shriek and the consulting detective immediately turned around and stood up, as shocked as she was. “Y-Y/N,” Sherlock stammered. “I-I was just uh… practicing, obviously I had more to say-“ when Y/N tackled him into a bear hug.

“Oh of course I will, you great big prat,” she whispered and kissed him deeply. Sherlock was equally surprised as her and he kissed his new fiancée back with the same passion.

Outside, Mary, John, Molly and Mrs Hudson were huddled outside the door, trying the eavesdrop on their exchange.

“It’s really really happening!” Mrs Hudson whispered happily! Her happiness train was interrupted by a number of shushes.

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How Ymir gets Historia to say I love You pt. 1
  • Ymir: So, I love you.
  • Historia: ...that's gay.
  • Ymir: ...
  • Historia: ...
  • Ymir: His'...we're both women. We've been married for years. You agreed to marry me, a woman, who loves you, also a woman.
  • Historia: *sips tea* that's still pretty gay.
  • Ymir: *sighs* we're gonna go see the otters.
  • Historia: *breath hitches, stares at Ymir in awe* holy shit, I love you.
  • Ymir: *grins proudly* Ya damn right ya do.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I make a request? What if Jumin officially introduces MC as his fiancee? To his peers, colleagues, relatives, friends, etc. This happens after his announcement on the RFA Party.

Fandom: Mystic Messenger (MysMe/MystMes)

Pairing: Jumin x MC/Reader (YOU)

Summary: Jumin formally introduces you as his fiancée after his sudden announcement at the RFA Party.

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Author’s Note: I tried my beesssst i hope you all like it!!!! thank you for this request omg!!

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Mother, I am so sorry.

It’s your birthday, and you will never get this letter.
I’ll pick out a card from the boxes, and write tidbits of love on the inside (and I do love you). Mother, I love you so much but you have made me so afraid.

You’ve raised me on your own.
I can’t fault you a few mistakes. I can barely fault you the big mistakes. We’re from different times, Mom. I can forgive you. But Mom, you’ve made me so afraid.

I am stuck. A stagnant growth you’ve given life to, unable to provide and unable to help.
You’ve held me to your breast and told me I’ll never be homeless. That I could never do something to stop making you love me.
And I cried on your shoulder, holding you closely like it will be the last time. It may very well, someday, be the last time.
When you hug me tightly and tell me that it will be okay, I can’t believe you.

You took me aside earlier.
You looked me in the eyes and told me, “don’t marry a woman.”
God, Mom, I’m so sorry. You’ll never get this letter.

My birthday was awash in colour.
The last day of a month of pride.
I couldn’t be happy, pretending not to know anything. Pretending that I’ll marry a man someday, pretending that when the rainbow flag is flying that I’m disgusted.

You pulled me aside, and said, “Don’t marry a woman.” I suppose you should be happy then, that I’m not.
You’ll never get this letter. You’ll never get to know.

I’ll never talk to you about how their face makes my own light up with joy.
I can never tell you about how the sun dances on their skin, how golden they appear in the light.
You will never know the strength of their words or the softness of their movement.
You’ll not hear of the gentle way they hold my hand, how our legs tangle together when we’re close.
The way I press my cold feet into their warmth, how they kissed my forehead over a game, the smile they get when they hear a bad joke, how we slept better when we were together.
You’ll never be aware of these things. You can’t be.

I’m gay, Mom.
I’m not the little girl you thought would become the perfect young woman.

You say that “homosexuality is a sin”. You ask why I don’t come to fellowship.
I tell you I don’t feel well. It’s more than that, but that excuse keeps me safe.

I’m sorry, Mother.
I will never come out to you. I want to be safe.

Today is your birthday. And you’ll get a present, and I’ll do up a card for you. We’ll eat and make merry.

We’ll celebrate another year for you.
I’ll desperately hope that this year you’ll change your mind.
I know you won’t.

—  I’m sorry for being a disappointment, but it’s something I can’t change. -L