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If you haven't you should do a little blurb thing of their reactions when you walk down the isle? By the way I love your blog! xx

Aw thank you and sure x


As soon as the music started he became 100 times more nervous than he was before. He wouldn’t turn around to look at you until you got to where he was standing next to him. He would look to one of the boys at the front row and they would give him the thumbs up mouthing that you looked beautiful making Luke smile. He would the. Turn to ace you once you reached him and would let his eye rub over you. He was speechless he would think you looked breath taking and so beautiful. He would think he is the luckiest person and he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with you and he would probably tear up and OMG no This IS TO MUch.


He would be the one to be looking straight at the door waiting for you to walk in so he could see you. He would be so excited he wouldn’t not be able to turn around so he would decide to just stare at you for the whole time you walked down the aisle. He would keep his eyes on your every movement as you waved to family and friends in the rows of guests before you finally made it to Ashton. He couldn’t get over how beautiful you were and didn’t think you could look anymore perfect. To him you are his everything and he is basically bouncing from excitement to finally be able to call you his wife.


Oh gosh Calum would not shut up complimenting you the whole time telling you he was so happy you would finally be his in a few minutes and telling you that you were the prettiest most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on. He would probably be like Luke. Very emotional and probably cry a little. As soon as you walked down the aisle to be next to him he would take your hand and bring it up to his lips smiling the whole time and eyeing you up. He couldn’t wait to be married to you and he would be extra excited for the honeymoon where you would spend a romantic few weeks just together.


He would be such a cutie grinning at you the whole time. He would literally be so cute and adorable in his suit burning holes into your skin as you walked down the aisle. He would make it his aim to make you feel so special and loved and beautiful. He would be staring at you intently studying each inch of you as if trying to memorise this moment for ever. When you stood next to him he would leave a cheeky peck on your cheek complimenting you and probably saying something teasing like ‘wait till I get you home’ and you would giggle quietly and then you would both be so happy and let me MARry MichaEL CLIFFOrd plz.