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125 Kevin Owens yesssss pls pls thank you 💖

“Quit moving, I’m trying to sleep. Wait…are you…what?!”

“I’m literally about to sleep for ten years,” you grumbled, falling face first onto the hotel room bed. You heard Kevin chuckle behind you, heard his phone and keys hitting a side table. “I’m serious,” you added.

“Alright, alright. I’ll wake you up when you’re 35,” Kevin told you, passing by you with a pat to your thigh.

“Oh my god, that would be great,” you sighed, snuggling in deeper to the covers. 

You’re not sure how long you were lying there, sleep overtaking you quickly. But you woke up at some point to the bed moving around, interrupting your sleep. 

“Kevin, god,” you grumbled, swinging your hand around to his side of the bed. “Quit moving. I’m trying to sleep!” When he kept moving, you sighed, sitting up and looking at him. He was on his knees on the bed, a small black box in his hand. “Wait…are you….what?!” you asked.

“This is a weird time, isn’t it?” Kevin asked himself, fingers stroking over the box. “But you’re weird, you’ll appreciate it.”

“Um, excuse me?” 

“Will you marry me?” Kevin asked, opening the box smoothly. 

“Kevin it’s the middle of the night,” you gasped, eyes falling to the ring. “I have pillow lines on my face.”

“And you’re still beautiful. And I still want you to marry me,” Kevin replied easily.

You launched yourself over to him with a giggle, nodding your head furiously. Kevin let out a breath as you knocked him back onto the bed, your lips attached firmly to his as he slid the ring onto your finger. 

Kevin Hayes-Sam's

Sorry this is so long, I just kept going. I hope you all enjoy it! ——-/——-/——/———/——-/—/

“Babe, where did Sam go?” I asked my boyfriend of six years, while referring to our four year old son.

“I don’t know. I though he was going to your office.” Kevin says with a small amount of panic.

“I thought he was in the man cave with you?” I reply getting up from my desk and going to search the house.


This was only to find Sam in his goalie gear holding his skates, all the while waiting next to the car.

“What are you doing buddy?” I ask, crouching down with Kevin by my side.

“Daddy promised we go to rink today.” He says in a small voice.

“Buddy, I said we could do that at 10AM. It’s 8AM.” Kevin explains lightly tapping Sam’s blue goalie helmet and taking Sam’s skates.

“Please daddy?“ Sam asks with puppy dog eyes. This made Kevin look at me, silently asking for help.

“How about we go later so you can practice with the team?” Kevin says after looking at our son for a few minutes.

“Does that mean I get to see Uncle Raanta?” Sam asks while walking into the house with us, well more like waddling because of his gear.

“If he comes to practice then yes.”

“I thought every player had to be at practice?”

“There are some days where we have optional practice. So if player want to then they show up.” Kevin explains carefully not wanting to confuse the small child.

“How about we get our little goalie some breakfast?” I ask while walking into the kitchen. The boys not to far behind me.

“What about your big hockey player?” Kevin asks with a pout while setting Sam’s skates on his bag of clean clothes that he is going to take with him.

“He can have breakfast too.” I reply with a laugh.

As I get out the things to start making eggs, pancakes, bacon, and toast, I notice that Sam is struggling to get into the chair. This is of course because of his goalie gear.

I guess that Kevin notices to because he lifts Sam into the chair with ease.

“Thank you poppy.” Sam tells Kevin.

“No problem buddy.” Kevin says as he sits next to him.

As I continue to make breakfast the boys are still talking. Mostly about hockey and which teams Sam is going to tryout for. It was really cute actually. Little Sam looking up at Kevin.


“Breakfast is ready.” I call to the boys.

“Thank you mommy.” Sam says while putting his helmet on top of his head and taking off his catcher and blocker, as I place the plate of food in front of him.

“Yeah, thanks ‘mommy’” Kevin says with a grin as I place his food in front of him.

“Your such a dork.” I say while sitting across from he boys with my own food.

"Have you decided what teams you wanna tryout for buddy?” I ask Sam

"Not yet.” Sam says taking the last bite of his toast.

"Okay. If you guys are going to get to practice on time then you should probably leave within the next ten minutes.” I say as I pick up the dishes, Sam deciding to take his own into the kitchen. Though it was nerve racking because he had his blocker and catcher on.

“I thought you were going with?”Sam asked pulling his helmet over his head

"I thought you and Daddy were going to have a day together.”

“I still want you to come to practice mommy.” Sam says with a large smile on his face as he looks up at me.

“Okay, let me go get my shoes.”


“Mommy! Daddy! Look there’s uncle Raanta!” Sam says as he looks out the window.

“You will get to see him soon.”


“You ready to play with the big boys buddy?"Kevin asks

"Yeah!” Sam cheers as Kevin open the door to let him out.

“Uncle Raanta!” Sam shouts running -well trying to- toward the goalie.

“Hey Sam” Raanta replys squatting down to hug Sam.

“Can I practice with you?” Sam asks with big eyes

“Yeah! Did you bring your skates?” Raanta asks picking up the small goalie gear covered child.

“Yeah!” The young boy yells.

“Okay then lets go.”


“Daddy can you help me with my skates?” Sam asks while he is seated in the home team bench.

“Sure thing buddy.” Kevin says as he kneels to tie Sam’s goalie skates.

“Come on.” Kevin says after tying Sam’s skates, while also lifting him to the ice.


"Momma, come skate with us.” Sam says while skating by.

“I can’t skate buddy.”

“Daddy and I can teach you.” Sam says

“Buddy, it’s okay. I don’t even have skates.”

“Check under the bench babe.” Kevin says as he skates toward the bench, picking Sam up along the way.

When I look under the bench I see skates, a helmet, and a stick.

“Your a fibber.” Kevin says.


“You played in high school.” he says before he taps my head.

“Suit up.” Is all he says before skating away.

“Alright coach.” I reply with sarcasm, while tying my skates.

When I finally get my skates on and step on the ice Kevin comes up next to me grabbing my gloved hand with his and skating with me. All the while Raanta and the guys are giving Sam pointers.

"You know, maybe we should have another.” Kevin says out of nowhere.


“We should have another kid.”

“I got that part. What made you bring it up?”

“The fact that you look really hot in that little bit of gear you have on.” Kevin says kissing me.

“Your a dork.”

“I’m your dork though.”

"I mean, I guess.” I say causing Kevin to playfully pick me up carrying me to where Sam and the guys were.

“Sam, your mom is going to be mean.” Kevin says like a little kid while setting me down.

“Mommy isn’t mean.” Sam say while hugging my legs, making all the guys aww.

“Kevin, the kid wins.” McDonagh says

"Yeah, yeah.” Kevin says.

“Hey sam, do you have that box?” Kevin asks.

“Yeah!” He says while grabbing a small velvet box from under his water bottle.

When he handed it to Kevin, Kevin dropped to his knee.

“Babe, I love you so much, you have giving me an amazing son-,

"That’s me!” Sam yelled, making everyone laugh.

“Yes it is. But, babe, you gave me an amazing son. You have giving me the best six years of my life. Now all I’m asking is the rest of our lives. So, will you marry me?” Kevin finishes.

“What do you think I should say Sam?”

“Say yes.” Sam badly whispers

“Yes Kevin. I will marry you.” I say as he stands up, kissing me.

“Ewww.” All they guys including Sam say.

“Come here buddy.” Kevin says as he crouched down, so he can pick Sam up.

Best day ever, or at least so far.

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A breakfast proposal

 When Dean decides he wants to marry Cas, its like with everything else. No number of hours were spent thinking it over, it just pops into his head. 

 Its a completely normal morning in the bunker. Sam had just come back after his morning run and collapsed into the chair, Kevin was already digging into the pancakes Dean was serving and Cas was curled into the chair, knees pulled up and pressed between the table and his chest. 

 His hands were wrapped around his first mug of coffee and he was glaring at it like it had mortally offended him. His hair was styled messily in a way only bed and sex can (and in this case, it was both). And he was scowling darkly in ways that said that Cas was definitely not a morning person. 

 But there was nothing that could turn Dean on more than Castiel in the morning, because he was generally annoying and demanding and clingy. His lips were more insistent, his body pressed closer to avoid being left alone in the cold bed and his voice got deliciously low. 

 That was what made Dean realise he wanted to wake up to Cas every morning for the rest of his life. And the minute the thought formed in his mind, he ignored the breakfast and turned fully to face the former angel.

“Cas” he called without even thinking about it. 

“Mmmm” was the non-committal response, in a tone that clearly said “go away”

“Cas” Dean insisted, moving across the kitchen and closer to his lover. 

“What Dean?” Cas questioned irritably, finally looking up towards him.

“Marry me” Dean stated.

 Stated, mind you. Not asked. It was half an order really, sounding like a mix; caught somewhere between an announcement that said “We’re getting married” and a question of “Will you marry me?" 

 Kevin choked on his food, Sam flapped a large arm that nearly knocked the unused jar of jam and Cas, he just looked at him with a "Seriously?” written all over his face. 

 And if you assumed it was a “Seriously Dean? this is how you propose to me” look then you are wrong. It was a “Seriously Dean? And this Couldn’t have waited till I’ve had my three mugs of coffee?” look.

 Dean didn’t budge though and kept his gaze fixed on his lover, waiting for a response. 

“Alright” Cas half grumbled, before breaking the stare and returning to glaring at his caffeine supply.

 Later, Dean would get a ring and go down on his knees and Cas would answer with a more traditional yes followed by a fervent kiss.

 Then they would celebrate with so much beer that Kevin would spend the next morning throwing up because try as he may, he couldn’t hold their levels of alcohol.

 Sam would crow with delight and launch into a I - always - knew - you both - were - meant - to - be - and - I - am - so - glad - you - finally - got - your - head - out - of - your - ass speech that Dean would ask him to can until it was time for the best man to talk at the wedding. 

 Charlie would squeal into the phone and promise that she was getting there immediately and since no one was going to attempt fighting Sam for the spot, Charlie would have to challenge Kevin to a dozen different video games before simply pestering Cas into letting her be the other best man.

 All of that would be followed by Dean and Cas lying covered in sweat and breathing heavily under a tangle of sheets, where Cas would decide he wanted to go to the grand canyon once they were married. 

 But that was all for later. For now, Cas glared at his coffee and Dean rescued the breakfast from turning black, both of them entirely disregarding the fact that they got engaged seconds ago.  

U-Kiss 2014 US Tour LA Moments.

so since i couldn’t record anything i’d figured i would just make a list of things that happened! :-)

- after the first 3 songs kevin asked soohyun how he was feeling, he responded “im so hot” and did a body wave. eli then said “oh i thought he said something else.” kiseop and hoon also did the same!

- kiseop was asked by a fan to dance his favorite ukiss song, so kevin asked her what she would like to see and she said “Dora Dora”, so he did.

- After dancing “Dora Dora”, Kiseop had showed his abs a bit and then Kevin asked if we could see them, so everyone chanted “Kiseop!”

- We celebrated Kiseop’s B-Day thats in a few days. Kissme fanclub had made a cake for him (It was a Rilakkuma made of cupcakes). We chanted “Bite it!” and he Kiseop had gotten cream on his lips, so Hoon kissed (?) it off. ((it was amazing HAHA))

- Eli was asked to twerk, and so he did. \o/

- AJ was asked “When you wanna make music, do you write lyrics first or compose the music?” AJ replied with “I do whatever i want.”

- After Eli’s question, he went to the fan who asked and said, “Oh too bad your AJ’s fan.” AJ came over to her and said “Well hello there.” ((sexily tbh hA))

- Hoon was asked if the underwear Soohyun was wearing was his. They both turned around to check and Hoon kept shouting “it’s mine!”, then he sang “She’s Mine”.

- Hoon constantly hushed us “shhh!” when the members were talking.

- Soohyun was talking and he said “Be Quiet!”. I think Kevin had to tell him that the fan had said i love you, so soohyun then said “Oh i love you too!”

- Soohyun sang a bit of Snowman for a fan and before he said “Hi! Marry Me?”

- Kevin sang “My Reason” to a fan while looking in her eyes, and after kissed her hand.

- At one point AJ had disappeared and Kevin asked where he was, then AJ came out (sexily again ha) and said “Helloooooooo.”

- AJ told a fan “How you doin baby.”

- During Kiseop’s B-Day celebration, AJ was pretending to kick him and slap him saying “Happy Birthday!” and Hoon joined in.

- During “Without You”, AJ & Hoon were goofing around while dancing, and Hoon was laughing so hard he spun out of his place and AJ was laughing at him.

- I forgot what song but when Kevin and Soohyun were switching places, Soohyun didn’t have enough space to move so we waddled on over to the center. (he like shrunk himself lmao?)

- Hoon had said “Kissme’s are so sexy.” and he did a body wave, he then fell to the floor of embarrassment. ((poor bb))

- AJ had done a weird little thrust ((i forgot when i think during obsession¿ im not sure"

- They mentioned the possible release of a Ballad sub unit.

- After “0330”, AJ had us repeat “Dont deny our R squared pi.” about 5 times.

- When reading questions Kevin read out “Chicken Chest or Chicken Breast? What is that? AJ you tell me!” and AJ grabbed his chest.

This is all i remember tbh. haha. but it was a great concert and it was so amazing to finally see them!

if you take these out, please give me credit! ty!