Just came across this ayah:

“…They are clothing for you and you are clothing for them…” 2:187

Ah, yes, the most popular Overwatch ships :

Doctor who / Ba-gay-tte,

Captain America / Edgelord,

Mad Max OCs,

Get in the fucking robot Genji,,


maya hart + closeted lesbian opinions

Cashier: You guys are so cute together. Are you two dating?

Saitama: *Gives her a weird look and points to Genos* He’s not my boyfriend.

Genos: *Has a shocked and sad expression on his face*


Genos: *Runs into the room* Sensei! I had the weirdest dream where we were at the store and you said I wasn’t your boyfriend!

Saitama: *Looks up from his manga* Genos, that wasn’t a dream, that happened not even 2 hours ago.

Genos: So we’re not dating? *Sad*

Saitama: Genos, we’ve literally been married for 5 years already. We’re not boyfriends anymore.


Redrew my favourite screenshot of the recent Homestuck Credits~


#GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend is currently trending, but #GiveIronmanABoyfriend is not…

…I think we need to fix that…

Spread the love!!! (Because they are literally married in an alternate universe)

I hope I won’t ever be married to a man that if his family insults me, disrespects me, makes me feel unwanted, still sticks to their side. This will break and destroy the marriage. I hope he will be fair towards his wife and his family and find the balance between those two sides, I’m not leaving my parents house only to be treated like shit