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OG KEITH: so im getting the impression that you're not interested in princess allura? REBOOT KEITH:*wearing a shirt that says "i'm gay"* i would say thats a safe assumption, yes

I love the idea of og Keith just Not Getting It.

Og Keith: So… Made any progress with your Princess yet?

Reboot Keith: Allura and I are just friends.

Og Keith: Friends and… Something more?

Reboot Keith: We’re both gay.

Og Keith: Gay as in… Happy with each other’s company?

Reboot Keith: Oh my g- I WANT TO MARRY A MAN.

Og Keith: … Like a really close friendship?

Reboot Keith: (enraged gay screams)

Look, I was going to stay out of THIS ONE list by @nostalgiaultra because opinions are opinions (and for future reference guys, please don’t tag me on stuff like this anymore like I really don’t need to See This), etc etc whatever – but boy, the straight-up factual inaccuracies in this post. I can’t do this.

(Reposting this separately because like I tried reblogging the original post but what the fuck has Tumblr been doing to my Read More coding shit I’m sorry. Also, directly hijacked posts are hell on the OP and I feel this so I’m starting my own chain here. To which the author of the list linked above is free to reply to if desired.)

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I considered myself bisexual for a long time, but over the past two years my attraction to men has been growing weaker and weaker, and I'm at the point now where I'm far enough up the Kinsey scale to tell people I'm a lesbian. I'm not sure how "real" my bisexuality was (if that's even a meaningful way to think about it) since I never actually interacted with a man romantically or sexually, and whenever I thought about marrying a man I always fantasized about being widowed young or divorcing him!

first of all, just to clarify, bisexuality is super real! it might not have applied to you and you may have been experiencing compulsive heteronormativity! i’m glad you’re discovering a good label for ur identity, and tbh i have the same widowed/divorced young fantasies sometimes but mostly for the aesthetic appeal of holding a champagne glass, wearing a silk robe, and lying on a velvet chaise as i find out my husband just died and left me a million dollars

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The engagement photos are in! Sneak peek! Who woulda thought I’d be marrying the man I met on tumblr! I couldn’t have asked for a better man! My heart is so full with love I could burst!!! Here’s to many more great years and the start of our forever love!

Homosexual--to be or not to be?

That is the question

The answer is no

Have the desire, yes. Act upon it? No.

People have desires that they shouldn’t act upon. A happily married straight man will undeniably be attracted to a woman who is not his wife–it is instinctual drive. Just because he has that desire doesn’t mean he should cheat on his wife.

Similarly, a homosexual man will have the desire to make love to another man, but he should not act upon it. 

Undeniably, this is a sad truth for the homosexual community and it should elicit empathy. 

Still, it cannot be allowed.

Pedophilia is also a malformation of the sexual desires of a person, but do we allow that? No.

None of these situations are permissible.

“You know, Steed, your cover often has a large element of wishful thinking.”

Interesting that Steed chooses for his cover research about a relatively independent woman who may or may not have had a somewhat illicit affair with Johnson (his letters to her contained images of bondage and restraint), who married a man for love and cast herself out of society, and was herself a diarist. 

Wonder what “wishful thinking” his superior is talking about…

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Any advice for someone who is queer but culturally/ religiously can only ever end up with someone of the opposite sex? And cutting off my family and culture or even coming out isn't an option for me either. Idk if my life will be as emotionally fulfilling as I want if I'm married to a man. (Who knows maybe I'm bi or pan but if I figure out I'm gay then my life is gonna suck)

i’m sorry I don’t :c and i’m very sorry you’re in a situation like that, I hope you find some way to be happy in your identity while in a relationship with a man or find a way to leave the situation. that’s a really tough situation that no one should have to go through, and I’m so sorry you do </3

I am aromantic and don’t experience any romantic attraction but for some reason the idea of being single forever still terrifies me, and I will feel like I eventually want to get married and be a wife because apparently that is when I will be the “most womanly” like honestly I seemed to have internalized this bs deep down and it’s just so bizarre. I don’t even think about the process of falling in love (something I don’t even experience) but I still somehow see myself as a failure if I don’t ever get married or involved with a man in any way.

Why do I think like this? Why is it so hard to unlearn this particular kind of internalised misogyny?

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Why would Taylor put out an Angry song like Beyonce? Beyonce chose to stay married to a man she knows cheats on her. Taylor leaves her toxic Relationships. Beyonce seems emotionally dependent on Jay. I find Taylor the complete opposite when it comes to her men.

Taylor doesn’t just write music about her boyfriends. She has been thru so much other shit besides her relationship with C.

Hinata and Orihime were both hated on. They were both body shamed, called names, and treated like garbage by many people in their fandoms. They both were called weak, had their own horrible pasts, faced their own demons, and held strong. Now they are married to the man they love and have always loved most; who they had beautiful children with. They are finally happy and I couldn’t be happier for them.

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Reminder of Jaehyun’s/Luhan’s acting and Taeil’s lovely voice ♡