The truth

Some of you are in own little bubble and I’m sorry but I’m about to pop that.
1- The chances of you moving to Korea are very slim.

2- By saying “I only like Asian men” “ I want to marry an Asian man not a guy of my race” “I want to fuck an Asian guy and have cute kids” is fetishizing a whole entire race.

3- Shocker Asia isn’t just Korea, Japan and China okay. Asia is a huge continent and it has multiple ethnic groups not just the ones you like ok.

4- You are not superior to other fan bases. You do not have the right to tell anyone who they should stan just because it isn’t your bias group

5- It is hypocritical of you to read smut about your faves then call people out when they say they want fuck a member of which ever group.

6-Not all Korean men/women look like Kpop idols.

7- You will never be with your ‘Oppa’

8- It isn’t okay to be telling idols when they can date

9- Its not right you hating on people they do date because spoiler alert they are human.

10- Its not okay to be disrespectful towards other people down to different opinions.

Lastly it is certainly not okay sending death threats to people who stan different groups bc believe or not, not every one likes the same thing.

A/N. Your behaviour is a reflection of you and no one else.

Speculation after 3x07

A few of us get together and speculate after each episode and also offer emotional support. Cause well that episode needed it. We are a family after all. We stick together and support each other and the actors, and the show. No matter the circumstances.

Any trolls will be reported and blocked.

I love my speculation fam: @emarasmoak @snarkymonel @kelbottumbles @facepalming-since-chernobyl @valor-will-rise

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Mon-El’s lead cure is developed by L Corp in the future. We predicted Brainiac 5 due to comics…but nonetheless he’s now cured.

He’s been underwater in stasis in the dark 12,000 years…his powers may have stopped working. He’s also just muscle and bone…so no food and water. What energy he is getting is keeping him alive. Hence the yellow sun lamp in the DEO. His powers will return the more sun he gets. He may even be stronger and be able to fly.

The suit? Does he have one? Is Winn gonna make it? Is Mon-El Valor yet?

Ok, so…we got confirmation of the rumor we’ve had for a while now…since Amy was cast as Saturn Girl. Yes, Mon-El is married.

One thing…DON’T go bashing Amy on her social media. We can respectfully state what we don’t like and not be rude to an actor doing thier job.

1 - Mon-El blatantly kisses Imra in front of Kara with knowledge of how much she missed him. Now, I find this to be out of his character. To me, he just wouldn’t blatantly hurt Kara like that. (OPINION BTW). So, the fam thinks that Imra has mind controlled Mon-El into telling Kara she’s his wife and kissing her to not blow thier mission. We think the marriage is truly a cover.

Yes, it was 7 years, and never thought he’d see Kara again, but he’s clinging to that necklace pretty desperately. He still loves Kara.

I feel bad for Imra actually if the marriage is legit cause she’s married to a man in love with another woman who he thought he would never see again, but is clinging to the only thing he has of Kara’s (her necklace). He’s VERY possessive of it. Even with Kara.

2 - The visions - which we have no legit confirmation for yet - he has the necklace and a beard…which he is now sporting. I still think the visions are connected to Imra. I do believe she knows how much Mon-El loves and misses Kara.

3- Imra has lost her husband..Lightning Lad..and Mon-El his Kara…so they bonded over their losses and became close. It’s bond over loss. Both parties have a deep respect and bond but there’s no legit romantic love. They both are still in love with another person.

4 - Death of Supergirl plot - We are still going here. Sam knows she’s Reign now. Things are about to get crazy. We predict that Kara’s killed by Reign and she achieves whatever her specific goal is. Any speculation on that? Tell me. Love the theories.

Anyways, Mon-El and the Legion live on an Earth that is very dark and dystopian. Ruled by Reign (or her ancestors). Reign’s goal is complete. Kara’s been dead. Mon-El knows it and is desperate to stop it. After Imra loses Lightning Lad they both make a pact to get back to Kara’s time and stop Reign and protect Kara. And in hopes to let Mon-El reconnect to Kara again.

Mon-El tells Winn if he doesn’t get his fellow people off the ship Kara and everybody will get hurt and he can’t have that. So, it’s somewhat confirmed.

However, time travel is a bitch. There are rules. Winn states the ship has been there for 12,000 years. Meaning Mon-El and the Legion were in stasis a long time…and two versions of him were in the timeline at one point. What was the original mission? He looks shocked to see Kara. Were they supposed to wake up sooner and stop Reign as a baby? Preventing them from ever having to see Kara. But the timeline would be fixed and Kara wouldn’t die the painful death of the future and It wouldn’t be dystopian anymore.

Something’s happened…and now they have to deal with Kara and help her without messing up time too much. Now, Mon-El knows his true love is gonna die in front of him and he can’t have that.

I know that a lot of this contradicts the other, but it’s all speculation.

5- Resurrection of Supergirl -

At the end of the season Kara will die. Reign kills her. The Legion steps in and defeats Reign with J’onn and DEO help.

They then have a plan in place in case this did happen to resurrect Kara (it’s her show - she has to come back to life). Some feel it’s something to do with the necklace. Not only does he cling to it because it is the last thing she gave him and he still loves her, but they plan on using it as a conduit to resurrect her.

There’s a ritual in comics where they do this to Lightning Lad so anything is possible. And she has to be resurrected or no show right? I predict resurrection in S4 premiere. We end S3 on cliffhanger of her death and Mon-El, the Legion, and the DEO crying over her body. Mon-El’s resolved himself to bring her back, which we get in the premiere.

6 - End of Mon-El and Imra

Prediction between Episodes 11-13.

Lightning Lad is alive and Imra leaves with him. Amicable break up.

They have Lightning Lad on the ship, but he’s dead. There’s a pod with no life sign. They bring him back to do the ritual on him and Kara, thus letting Imra and Mon-El have their true love’s back.

Imra realizes Mon-El’s feelings for Kara haven’t faded and he’s miserable without her. Despite the mission, she ends things and tells him to talk to Kara. He agrees. Amicable breakup.

Mon-El’s jealous of the attention Brainiac 5 is giving Kara. He tells Imra he can’t take seeing another man, especially Brainy treating Kara with all that attention. We believe this to be one sided and Kara won’t return these feelings. Mon-El steps in once he talks to Imra and tells off Brainy and protects Kara from his behavior. Hence her yelling at him and he tells her that he was jealous. She’s like you have a wife Mon-El! He tells her they split due to his still very real feelings for Kara and that he wants to work through things and be with her. Prediction - Episode 20 for reconciliation. They will be together at her death in the finale making it much harder on Mon-El and he will resolve himself to do the ritual and bring Kara back in the next season’s premiere. After resurrection, they are together for good and are equal partners and save National City as a team.

The Legion leaves and calls on them for important missions when needed. We could get Legion stuff a few times a season from here on out.

If there’s anything else I missed or you have ideas on let me know! And be kind, rudeness and trolls are blocked.

A Teenage Chocolate Dream !

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Daddy Always said he wanted to see me get married with a white man with big house and 4 kids and 2 dogs and a big car basically he wanted me to to be with someone like him .. well sorry poppa for shuttering your dreams but i love the BBC and always will big strong black men are the best :p i sneaked in my chocolate beast in my window last night while my daddy and mommy was asleep and my gord did this chunk of beef give it to me so good we went on for hours into the night his body was strong and heavy and his BBC cock was massive i creamed over him muti times ONCE YOU GO BLACK YOU DON`T WANNA TURN BACK :D! … MANN WHAT A TEENAGE DREAM come true

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I love the way Touka is still a Kirishima when she married and pregnant with a man whose family name is Kaneki.

Mod A: 

That’s cause all ghouls are muslim and muslim women don’t change their names after marriage.


Finn Balor | original character

One on one time with your manager, Finn.

Note: I definitely didn’t daydream about this at work in a team meeting, but my manager is an out of shape, married, old, white man that disgusts me so.


“Let’s head into the meeting room here,” Finn says to me, deft fingers waving me into the dark meeting room whilst the other hand holds a small laptop. My two weeks progress glaring brightly at me from the in motion screen. Finn huffs and walks to the head of the meeting table, “If it’s alright with you, I have a little bit of a headache, so I’d like to leave the lights off.” I mumble and nod, even with the darkness overhead; the lights in the hall still gleam in through the expanse of ceiling to floor windows however.

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NOT A FIC ASK; I know that there’s a ton of dhr authors and they all have different perspectives, but I just find it hard to believe that Hermione would forgive Draco for cheating and stay with him. Especially because in many fics, she breaks up with Ron for cheating. Maybe if it was just a kiss, they would try to make amends, but definitely not caught-with-his-pants-down kind of cheating. Am I alone in this thought?

I’ve lived through this. Divorce was not a foregone conclusion when I found out my husband was having an affair. I married this man, I had children with him, and I had committed to spending the rest of my life with him. Just quitting didn’t seem like an option. He insisted he wanted us to stay together, so I decided to give him the opportunity to show how much he wanted his marriage and his family. We went to counseling. We had some gut wrenching conversations. I resisted the urge to burn all of his stuff on our front lawn. In the end, it didn’t work, and we parted on relatively amicable terms (amicable mostly because we share children and have to stay in contact because of that).

So, what does that have to do with Hermione and fanfiction (aside from me generally identifying with her as a character)? Well, the point is that people handle infidelity in a number of ways. Sometimes they stay together. Sometimes they split up. I read somewhere once that the longer you’re with someone, the more likely you are to want to stay together after infidelity because after decades of marriage, it’s hard to picture yourself starting over with someone else. There are so many factors that go into whether or not to end a relationship over infidelity: 

A lot depends on the circumstances of the cheating - was it a drunken one off with someone he met at a bar? was it a planned endeavor were he went looking to cheat (ie - finding women on dating sites?) did he come clean right away or did he lie for months until he got caught? was it a coworker he has to see daily moving forward or someone you’ll likely never encounter again? was it just sex or is he madly in love with someone else? 

A lot depends on the state of the marriage/relationship itself - are you generally happy with this person minus this one incident? or has the relationship deteriorated until you’re no longer happy? are you married? how common/accepted is divorce in your circle of family and friends? do you have young children? do you have the means to leave and support yourself? how supportive of you is this person generally? 

In many of the fanfiction stories I’ve read that involve infidelity with Ron, Ron and Hermione are unhappily together because of society’s expectations, but they’ve grown apart and have little in common. He cheats because women throw themselves at him because he’s a war hero/quidditch player, and he likes the attention, and because these women make him feel better about himself, whereas Hermione’s intelligence and professional success makes him feel insignificant. The relationship is on its last legs already, and the infidelity just pushes it over the edge. That’s honestly not all that dissimilar from what happens in a lot of marriages and seems pretty realistic to me. 

In the stories I’ve read where she’s with Draco and he cheats on her, the plot typically follows one of a few paths: 1. he didn’t really cheat - she walked in when Pansy/Astoria/someone else throws herself at Draco and Hermione ran away before seeing Draco cast this person aside, 2. a lust potion, polyjuice or other deception was involved, usually with the woman in cahoots with Lucius, Narcissa, or some other bigoted character, and Hermione eventually accepts (with a lot of effort on Draco’s part) that Draco would not normally do this, 3. Draco really did cheat, the relationship is heavily damaged, and he has to prove that he is remorseful and really loves her and has to work to regain her affection. 

Do I think it’s realistic that she’d ditch Ron for cheating and then stay with Draco if he’s unfaithful? Honestly, it would depend on the circumstances in the story. I am willing to go down any of those paths as a reader if the writer takes the time to lay out Hermione’s thoughts and actions as realistic and gives me logical reasons for why she does what she does.


I love how even when they’re sort of arguing or having a tense conversation Barry takes a little moment to acknowledge that Iris has said something lovey dovey ( like that she is going to marry the man she loves in this ep, or last season when they were talking about that whole thing with the reason behind the first proposal and she said that she wants to be his wife)

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Has anyone tried to suduce kyle or cartman that wasn't the oppisite partner?

Kenny tries but he doesn’t succeed. He can’t get his hands on my man. He’s just being a total dick and trying to fuck with me since he’s just jealous that Kyle’s mine and not his. But other than Kenny yea I’ve been hit on or tried to be seduced by other assholes. Whenever it was me and Kyle just going out on a date night and leaving the kids with Kenny or Stan, some douche either tries to get in my pants or some chick tries to get into Kyle’s. Trying to whisper sexy shit into our ears, thinking they were subtle but hell no they weren’t. A married man to a Jew has supersonic heading now you guys, so when I heard what some asshole was trying to do with Kyle while trying to touch his ass, I broke their hand. When someone tries to seduce me, both Kyle and me fuck with them until they go away. It’s pretty hilarious.

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Lmao my boyfriend and I met on Xbox, we both weren’t looking for someone on Xbox or someone at all! But something about him really made me gravitate towards him and idk. We talked through Xbox until one day I jokingly said “email me” and he said “bet” and so our loved blossomed over email and I really want to marry this man. We met once he’s lovely in person, We see each other again in December and I’m so happy! (Don’t worry we switched to FaceTiming everyday not just emailing lol)

HAHA this is so great! Thank you for sharing! I hope you two have lots of fun together and sounds like a great future is ahead for you two!

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“My dad was right, I should have married a real man!” your wife screamed. Unfamiliar with the expression, you mistakenly believe that she and her father must have somehow finally found out that you aren’t actually a human