marry us pls


“I’ll be the only one to stay by Maa~kun’s side. That’s why, be thankful… Stay with me until I die. Spoil me and take care of me. It’s a “promise.” Please don’t forget it.”

@malurus-fr​ Thank you!!!!!!

We fucking love Eclipse they’re gorgeous

Sara: What a fucking pretty dragon she’s gay and I love her

my god we love this child that contracts that armor A+ 10/10 we love <3

Will eclipse marry us we love them pls also fight me eclispe

Beraht is mazing my god I’m in love

Sara: nother super pretty dragon I would marry them too

We love this chile we know nothing about them but pls let us marry ur dragons they’re amazing thank for letting us gaze upon this child <3

just the thought of seeing johnny’s name in the tags of an official sm teaser picture is so overwhelming. the day i get that notification is not only a day where all of his dreams come true, but a day where all of his supporters can finally….*deep breath**exhale* finally see him do what he’s been working so hard for… im saying it ahead of time but im so proud of you john ♡