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things that would be nice: if people stopped acting as if marrying your cousin is just as bad as marrying your brother because it isn't IT'S NOT THE SAME THING! IT IS NOT THE SAME THINGGGGGGG

Cousin marriage has been a Thing in history since ancient Rome and probably much earlier and it’s still very much a Thing in the world. Here’s a map of modern first cousin marriage laws (source):

- the blue parts are where it’s legal. This map, also interesting, shows the frequency of cousin marriages worldwide. MENA countries have the highest percentage of cousin marriages (varying between 20% and 50%). I live in Italy, where civil marriage between first cousins is legal (as in the rest of Europe) yet religious marriage is forbidden by the Catholic Church, still we have a cousin marriage rate between 1% and 4% (honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that there were cousin marriages in my family tree too). Various sources report that at least 10% of marriages worldwide is between first or second cousins. TL;DR; what is considered “incestuous” and “gross” significantly varies from country to country. It’s a cultural thing. (note that in some cultures/areas, it is considered “safer” for a girl to marry a member of her own family versus a stranger.)

As for Westeros, cousin marriage is allowed and not frowned upon. Tywin and Joanna Lannister were first cousins, Rickard and Lyarra Stark were first cousins once removed (Rickard’s grandfather and Lyarra’s father were brothers), Sansa herself was intended by Lysa to marry her first cousin Sweetrobin. And there are other examples. No one is reported to bat an eyelid at these unions.

If anything, the “problem” with Jon/Sansa arises not because they’re cousins, but because they were raised as siblings (the alleged Westermarck effect). However, I’m not sure how much of a problem that would be in-universe since a) asoiaf is basically “pfffft, science”; b) Sansa and Jon were never close as children, Sansa always making a clear distinction between Jon and her *true* siblings; c) the fostering practice makes it quite common in Westeros for people who were raised in the same household to hook up or marry as adults (see: Theon was raised alongside the Starklings and secretly hoped to marry Sansa, Petyr lusted after one of his foster sisters and slept with—then married—the other, etc.). 

Finally, let’s stop acting like “fell in love with my brother, who is actually not my brother” is an unheard thing in fiction, ok?


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just the thought of seeing johnny’s name in the tags of an official sm teaser picture is so overwhelming. the day i get that notification is not only a day where all of his dreams come true, but a day where all of his supporters can finally….*deep breath**exhale* finally see him do what he’s been working so hard for… im saying it ahead of time but im so proud of you john ♡