marry the night live

wanna one go couples as variety shows

we got married (that wrist pull though)

celebrity bromance/wgm ????

i live alone together

real men ??? (from their teasers? but its mnet so probably not LOL)

1 night 2 days (if they played games for lunch it would fit perfectly)

Robbie: What’s wrong with you?

Sportacus: *standing in front of Robbie with his head down, nervously shuffling his feet in the grass*

Robbie: You’re gonna have to hurry this up, you’re cutting into my nap time.

Sportacus: It’s just.. *takes deep breath*.. iwaswonderingifyouwantedtohavedinnertogetherorsomethingtonightbutprobablynotsoimsorryforasking

Robbie: Sport…we’ve been married for 2 years..we live together..we have dinner every night…

“When You Love Someone”

Summary: (based on the song written by James TW.) Divorced parents imagine…

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You bent down to your knees and straightened out your ten-year-old son’s clothing. You tucked his white shirt inside his khakis and zipped up his sweater. You took his shoe laces and double knotted each of them. You looked at your boy; his eyes were just like yours but his facial features a younger replica of his father. “You be good in school today, alright?” you sounded hopeful. The effects of divorced parents were definitely taking a toll on him.

He nodded, “Yes, mum.”

You put the straps of his Spider-Man backpack over his shoulders. “You’re going to your dad’s house tonight, are you excited?”

He just shrugged. His eyes were avoidant. Your son was tapping his feet, his hands fidgeting. He was getting antsy as you got him ready for school. “Is your sleeping bag packed?” you asked him. He nodded. “Good,” you smiled, “Daddy will pick you up after school. Have you memorized Mummy’s number?” He nodded again. “I want you to ring me if you need anything, okay?” You son nodded. “Take care your sister, okay?” Another nod. “Say ‘yes, Mummy,’” you instructed.

“Yes, Mummy,” he said forcibly.

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Listen, if you're going to get married or commit to someone for a lifetime

Marry someone you know you can struggle with.

Marry someone who you know isn’t perfect, because no one is, but whose imperfections are outweighed by the things you love about them.

Marry someone who annoys the fuck out of you and yet you still would rather have them with you than be annoyed by someone else.

Marry someone you could live in a car or a cardboard box with and be just as happy as you’d be in a mansion, because the world may throw you a curve ball, but you know if you’re together you’ll make it work.

Marry someone who can turn anything into a date. Don’t have money? Walk around Costco for free samples while holding hands and fantasizing about the future.

Marry someone who accepts even the strangest things about you, who cherishes the qualities that maybe you don’t like so much about yourself. Who you can voice your most random, insane thoughts to without having to wonder if they are judging you.

Marry someone who makes you 100% sure they are the one even if no one else understands.

Marry someone who isn’t afraid to argue and disagree. Arguing is healthy. It’s okay to fight. Don’t hold it in until it explodes into something bigger than it should be, get it out in the open so you can FIX THE PROBLEM. Then it’s over and you move on. And NEVER GO TO BED ANGRY. Stay up all night until you’ve worked it out.

Marry someone you have LIVED WITH FOR SOME TIME. You don’t know a person until you’ve had to deal with all of their weird “at home” habits. Make sure you can deal with it.

Marry someone who makes you feel happy and safe and comforted even when your world is turned upside down.

Marry the person that supports your dreams and ambitions and hobbies. Not just someone who tolerates what you want to do, but who gets just as excited for those things as you do BECAUSE it makes you happy and they like to see you happy.

Marry your best friend.

Marry your PERSON.

Marry the person that completes your life.


CASE NO.: 13-8265014-99

DATE: 17 JULY 1999
TIME: 2:43PM


Agent Wilkins:  I appreciate you calling in and giving your statement, Ms. Harrow.  And I do need to make you aware that this is being recorded.  Do you understand?

Ms. Harrow: Of course.

Agent Wilkins:  Could you start by giving me your full name?

Ms. Harrow:  My name is Regina Louise Harrow.  H-A-R-R-O-W.

Agent Wilkins: Great, thanks.  Now, you live at 3170 West 53rd, correct?

Ms. Harrow:  Yes, sir.  Apartment 29.

Agent Wilkins:  Noted.  Ms. Harrow, were you home the night before last?

Ms. Harrow:  Yes, I was.

Agent Wilkins:  And did you notice anything unusual between the hours of 10pm and 6am?

Ms. Harrow:  Unusual?

Agent Wilkins:  Yes, ma’am.  Did you see any strange people hanging around, hear any strange noises, anything of the sort?

Ms: Harrow: Oh Lord, what’s happened now?

Agent Wilkins:  We are investigating a case of a missing person.  

Ms. Harrow:  Oh, goodness.  Um, well, I went to bed around 11pm, and I tend to sleep pretty soundly, but uh, no, I hadn’t noticed anything like that.  Do you mind me asking who this is about, exactly?  Who’s missing?

Agent Wilkins: I’m afraid I’m unable to give you any more information than I already have.

Ms. Harrow:  It’s got to do with that lady in 35 right?  I swear, it always has to do with her, the poor thing.  This is probably the fourth or fifth time that I’ve had to make a phone call like this, and each of those times it was regarding the woman in 35.

Agent Wilkins: I’m sorry, Ms. Harrow, it’s an open investigation and I’m not at liberty to discuss it any further.  Now, is there anyone else that lives in your apartment with you?

Ms. Harrow: Just me and Billy.

Agent Wilkins:  Would it be alright if I spoke with Billy?  

Ms. Harrow:  Do you speak cat?

Agent Wilkins:  I’m sorry?

Ms. Harrow:  Billy is my tabby, sir.  Unless you speak cat, I doubt you’d be able to understand a thing he meows.

Agent Wilkins: [chuckles] Unfortunately, feline is one of the few languages I am not fluent in.

Ms. Harrow:  Right.  Well, are we about done here, then?  I’m sorry, but I didn’t see anything, didn’t hear anything.

Agent Wilkins:  Yes, ma’am.  I do ask that you keep this number on hand, and please don’t hesitate to give me a call if you think of anything else.  I’ll give you a call back if I have any further questions.

Ms. Harrow:  Will do.  Bye now.



CASE NO.: 13-8265014-99

DATE: 16 JULY 1999
TIME: 6:31PM


Agent Wilkins:  This is Special Agent Joseph Wilkins on July eighteenth.  I’m with, I’m sorry, what did you say your name was?

Mr. Lewis:  I didn’t.  It’s Michael Lewis.

Agent Wilkins:  Thank you, Mr. Lewis.  And you understand that your statement is being recorded?

Mr. Lewis:  Yeah, yep, you said that.

Agent Wilkins: Sir, do you live here alone?

Mr. Lewis: Oh, well, uh, I mean, yeah.  I have visitors every once in awhile that stay over- wait, is that why you’re here?  Was there another noise complaint?

Agent Wilkins: No, sir.  Do you have company now?

Mr. Lewis: N-no, it’s just me.

Agent Wilkins: But you had company last night?

Mr. Lewis: I had a few friends over, yeah. But they’re long gone.

Agent Wilkins:  Around what time would you say they left your apartment?

Mr. Lewis: Oh, I don’t know, um [inaudible] 2am?

Agent Wilkins:  Around 2am?

Mr. Lewis: Maybe 3am.  Yeah, probably closer to 3am.

Agent Wilkins: Mr. Lewis, did you happen to see any suspicious activity last night between the hours of 10pm and 4am?

Agent Wilkins:  Mr. Lewis?

Mr. Lewis:  I’m sorry, what did you ask?

Agent Wilkins:  Did you notice anything suspicious between the hours of 10pm and 6am?

Mr. Lewis:  [inaudible] sleeping.

Agent Wilkins:  You were sleeping?

Agent Wilkins:  Sir, I’m going to need you to answer verbally.

Mr. Lewis:  Oh, yeah, s-sorry.  Um, yeah, I was sleeping.

Agent Wilkins: But you said that your friends left close to 3am.

Mr. Lewis:  Yeah, yes they did.

Agent Wilkins:  How do you know when your friends left your apartment if you were sleeping?

Mr. Lewis: What’s the deal, man, what’s going on here?

Agent Wilkins: Excuse me, sir?

Mr. Lewis: Why are you asking me all of these questions, man?

Agent Wilkins:  As I said when I first arrived, we are investigating a missing persons case, and I’m just asking around to see if anyone saw anything.  

Mr. Lewis: Who’s we?

Agent Wilkins: Again, the FBI, sir.

Mr. Lewis: Right, right, you showed me your badge.

Agent Wilkins: I did.  

Mr. Lewis: But I already told you, I didn’t see anything.  My friends were here.

Agent Wilkins: Right.  Remind me, how did you know what time they departed?

Mr. Lewis:  They told me.

Agent Wilkins:  Did they wake you to tell you they were leaving?

Mr. Lewis: No, they, uh, they told me today.

Agent Wilkins:  Ok.  Hey, could I get the names of your friends?  Maybe they saw or heard something as they were heading out to their car.

Mr. Lewis:  Um, I mean, should I be just giving out- uh, I, yeah one sec.  Let me just grab a pen.

Mr. Lewis:  Here’s their names and numbers.  They probably won’t answer.  They don’t answer numbers that they don’t know.

Agent Wilkins:  It’s ok, I’ll leave them a message.  Everyone’s got voicemail these days, right?

Mr. Lewis: I guess.

Agent Wilkins:  Thanks for your time, Mr. Lewis.  Here’s my card, it has my cell and office numbers on it.  If you think of anything, please give me a call.  

Mr. Lewis:  Nice card.  Looks official.

Agent Wilkins: It is an official business card for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Mr. Lewis: Right. Ok, so, bye.



CASE NO.: 13-8265014-99

DATE: 17 JULY 1999
TIME: 5:17PM


Mr. Spalding:  Hi, this is Kevin Spalding.  Did I, um, did I call the right number?  Is this, uh, Special Agent Joseph Wilkins?

Agent Wilkins:  Yes, Mr. Spalding, thank you for calling.

Mr. Spalding:  Yeah, sorry about missing you earlier.  I was out running an errand and must have just missed you guys.  

Agent Wilkins:  Not a problem, sir.  Before the interview, Mr. Spalding, I do need to make you aware that this conversation is being recorded.  

Mr. Spalding: Oh. Right, ok.

Agent Wilkins:  Like I said on the note that I left with my card, Mr. Spalding, I just needed to touch base with the tenants at 3170 West 53rd, and get a statement.

Mr. Spalding:  A statement about what?

Agent Wilkins: We are investigating a missing persons case.

Mr. Spalding: From here?  Someone’s missing from my building?

Agent Wilkins: Yes, sir, although I’m not at liberty to divulge any more information at this time.  

Mr. Spalding: Ok, ok.  Yeah, what can I help you with?

Agent Wilkins:  Could you begin by spelling your name for me?

Mr. Spalding: Yeah, uh, it’s K-E-V-I-N J-A-M-E-S S-P-A-L-D-I-N-G.

Agent Wilkins: Great, thank you.  Mr. Spalding, forgive me for forgetting, but which apartment do you reside in?

Mr. Spalding: Number 2.  It’s the Building Superintendent’s apartment.

Agent Wilkins:  And are you the Building Superintendent?

Mr. Spalding: Yeah.

Agent Wilkins:  Are you married?  Have a roommate?

Mr. Spalding: No, I live alone. I’m not home much, though, due to all the repairs and shit, ya know? Ah, shit, sorry- sorry.

Agent Wilkins: Don’t worry about it. [chuckles] It happens all the time.  

Mr. Spalding: [laughs] I’m sure.  But, anyways to answer your question, not married.  I live alone.

Agent Wilkins: And were you home the night of the 15th?

Mr. Spalding: Not last night but the night before? Yeah, yeah, I was home.  

Agent Wilkins:  Did you happen to notice anything suspicious between the hours of 10pm and 6am the next morning?

Mr. Spalding: [humming noise] No, can’t say I did.  It was a quiet night, really, not even a call for an emergency repair or anything.  

Agent Wilkins: So you didn’t see anyone suspicious in or around the building?

Mr. Spalding: No, I mean, I had my tv on all night, so I guess if something went down, maybe I wouldn’t have heard it.  I don’t know, man.

Agent Wilkins:  Alright.

Mr. Spalding: Sorry I can’t be more help.

Agent Wilkins: You’ve been a great help.  Mr. Spalding, I’d like to ask that you keep my number handy, so that if anything comes to mind you can give me a call.

Mr. Spalding: Yeah, of course.  And if you need anything else from me, just stop on by.  I’m always around, no time for vacation and beaches.  

Agent Wilkins:  Thanks for your time, Mr. Spalding.  I really appreciate you calling in.

Mr. Spalding: Not a problem.  


Co Workers (Part Twenty-One)

A/N: Surprise!!!!! I know it’s not a big deal but since I didn’t get a part up on Sunday, and since I had already written this part, I decided to go ahead and post it!!! So here ya go!

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Smut oral (male recieving), language

Word Count: 2.2k


Originally posted by beyond-the-nights-world

“I’m gonna order some food-” you said as you stood up to get dressed, tossing Misha his boxers as you reached for the room service menu- “What?” you asked him, noticing the way that he was staring at you.

“Nothing, I just can’t believe I get to spend the rest of my life with you.” You felt yourself blush, he always said the right things, and you loved it. And lucky for you, you got to hear him say those things for the rest of your life.

It was the middle of May now, and you were in the car with Misha, driving to your mom’s house from the airport. Your birthday was tomorrow and you were excited to be turning twenty-five. You were a little nervous though, you were unsure if your mom had told the rest of your family about you being pregnant. You knew that they must’ve known about the marriage, it had been all over the place.

There was lots of speculation that you and Misha were expecting seeing as you had only been together for a few months when you decided to get hitched. But you told a different story. You’d taken to facebook live the night after you’d gotten married, saying how after your little bit of time in rehab, you two realized you couldn’t be without each other. Both of you going on to say that you knew it was forever the moment you met; and people bought it. You had planned on announcing the pregnancy once you and Misha had found out the sex of the baby, which was at your next appointment in two weeks.

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Take Me Home

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader (WOC)
Word Count: 2k+
Warning: Angst, smut, alcohol mention, drugs mention, unprotected sex (WRAP YOUR WILLY BEFORE YOU DILLY)

Inspiration: “Take Me Home” ~ Jess Glynne

“Came to you with a broken faith,
Gave me more than a hand to hold
Caught before I hit the ground
Tell me I’m safe, you’ve got me now

Could you take care of a broken soul?
Oh, will you hold me now?
Oh, will you take me home?”

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I heard a certain voice 😏

My next-door neighbours are driving me insane

I live next to a newly married couple and EVERY NIGHT this past week the wife has locked her husband out the house. Last night she locked him in the garage!! So every night I’ve been kept awake with him banging on the door and shouting to get in!!

TONIGHT (3:47AM) I look out the window and the husband has called a 24 hour emergency double glazer and HE - IS - USING - A - POWER SAW - ON - A - WINDOW ??

I live in a tiny english village THIS ISNT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN??

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Loud Neighbors

pairing: platonic steve x reader, bucky x reader

summary: the two super soldiers are your best friends and neighbors. The couple that lives above you fights every night and you barely get any sleep, so you have the boys aide you in scaring the couple.

warnings: none

Every night, it was the same god damned routine. There was a married couple that lived directly above you, and they argued every single night when they arrived home from work. They also had a pit bull that would bark along with their yelling and general clattering from them slamming shit around while passively aggressively doing the dishes. There was also the stomping, and just all around general shittiness. You wondered how the neighbors that were next to them must’ve felt about the situation at hand. It had been going on for months, and you’d even tried throwing things against the roof, yelling back, but nothing worked. Until one Friday night after a long week you thought maybe they had finally gotten divorced, because it was all too quiet. But, an hour off schedule, their anger flared up again.

This was the final straw. You grabbed a sweatshirt, and actually threw on some pants as fast as possible. You stomped across the hall to your favorite neighbors to see if they would help you out. Not even bothering knocking, you barged in on them. Steve and Bucky sitting on the couches, shirtless and neck deep in whatever video game they were playing. Both of them took one glance at you, and figured you were just coming to get a beer considering your attire looked like you wanted to lounge around. It was a normal thing for you to walk in with an angry stride, and plop down between the two of them only to start ranting about something.

“Boys!” You were still standing by the door, waiting for them to pause the game. They nervously looked at each other, then up at you, and finally they took their headsets off. “The assholes upstairs are still banging around like it’s nothing.” You had told them about the few times you went up to politely tell them to quiet down, and the couple pretended that they had no idea what you were even talking about. Even the guys didn’t know what the hell they could be fighting about anymore, considering it had been going on every single night.

Steve took a sip of his drink, then looked at you, “I mean, what do you want us to do?” The two super soldiers looked a little skeptical of why you were in their apartment, it’s not like they had the power to do anything. Plus, Tony would have a shit fit if he found out that people from the team were off fighting with random civilians.

You smiled cynically, “We are gonna go scare the shit out of them.” The idea popped into your head as you were aggressively walking across the hall to their apartment, “But we gotta wait to do it until tomorrow,” you shrugged your shoulders and Bucky raised an eyebrow in question, “Game of Thrones is on now.” You explained. They laughed, and offered for you to stay on their couch until the morning when they planned to go ‘talk’ to them. You denied the offer and made your way back to your own bed, where you attempted to watch Game of Thrones until the banging became too much, so you went to sleep.


The next day after work, you waited until it was the normal 5pm initiation of arguments. As usual, the front door slammed upstairs and the yelling ensued. You texted the boys that you would be over in a few, since you still had to get dressed from your shower. So you threw on your black jeans and black t-shirt, and walked right into Steve and Bucky’s apartment. Steve was over by the stove making frozen pizza, and Bucky wasn’t in sight. “Where’s Buck?” you flopped on the couch waiting for an answer. Steve explained he was showering, and that he’d be out in a few minutes for them to go up. Just moments later, he emerged from the bathroom with a towel clinging to his hips.

“Hey, doll.” Bucky called from the hall, and waved as he went into his room to get dressed. You yelled to him to wear his winter soldier gear, and you also looked at Steve to tell him to be spangly pants. Steve was bent over laughing at your little nickname, but sure enough he went into his room to get decked out. It only took them a few minutes to emerge from their rooms, looking prepared for battle. Bucky even had his boots and face mask on, which was terrifying to anyone who didn’t know him. It took a moment to realize he was smiling at you from under the black mask.

You stood and slipped your uggs on, “Let’s go boys.”

The elevator dinged, and you stepped off in front of the two super soldiers. There was a man in the hall who had just put his key in the slot to get into his apartment in front of you. As soon as he saw the group of you, he nearly dropped his keys in fear. There were only 4 apartments on the floor, and you knew exactly which one was on top of yours. The door even looked shoddy as you approached, and rapped three times on the door. You could literally hear them yelling from outside, so Steve and Bucky took their positions. Steve was to your left, with his arms folded and head forward. Bucky was to your right, and he also had his arms crossed, but he had the mask on, which covered any form of expression he had. The door handle jiggled, and the door swung open.

As soon as the husband opened the door to you and the boys, he starting sputtering to find his words. The wife came up behind him and was just as shocked. “Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?” you hissed, and tilted your head at the couple, “Stop fucking arguing every night. Get divorced.” The husband looked shakily ready to cut you off, and Bucky stepped forward. His eyes darted to Bucky’s metal arm, and he backed off. “You slam anymore shit, the next thing that will happen is both of your heads being slammed on your floor by me. Not them, me.” You pointed at the wife and husband, who looked to the point of shitting themselves.

“We will get counseling, I promise.” The wife was shaking, and apologizing, “I’m sorry for any inconveniences.” They fake smiled, which was your cue to walk away and the boys to follow. Bucky whispered something in Russian, which was the last straw for their fear, and they quietly closed the door behind your group.

Once all three of you got in the elevator, and the doors closed, you all bursted into laughter. Bucky took off his mask and immediately was bent over laughing, and Steve was grabbing his chest from laughing so hard. It took everything to speak as you began walking off the elevator, “Those two idiots wouldn’t be making anymore noise.” You were wheezing from laughing so hard, and all the laughter subsided slowly as all of you walked to the boys apartment.

Steve passed out beers for everyone as you gathered around the little table on their balcony, it had a gorgeous view of the city below. The faint glow of the avengers tower was in the distance, and this was when you started to wonder what it would be like to live there. Bucky decided it was time to celebrate the victory of suppressing the loud neighbors finally, and all of you held your drinks up in cheers, “Here’s to the peaceful nights to come!” A chorus of cheers rang out, and then Bucky added onto his speech, “Also let’s take this time to appreciate how badass Y/n is!” Another cheer rang out, and you all smiled and took a sip of the beer.