marry shizuo

(Shizuo): alright, Izaya, what’s it gonna take for you to feel loved? What, you wanna get married? You wanna live happily ever aft-

(Izaya): yeah.

(Shizuo): what? What did you just say?

(Izaya): you asked me to marry you, I’m saying yes.

(Shizuo): no, I meant when you said that-

(Izaya): what? Now you don’t wanna get married?

(Shizuo): no, I guess-

(Izaya): we’ve only been engaged 15 seconds and you’re already getting cold feet.

Shizaya Fanfic Recommendation (7)

Theme: Living Together (Part 2)

Title: After The Story Era
Author: threesmallcrows

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: T(eenage)
Warning: Violence
Status: Completed

Summary: “‘When you’re ten it’s imaginary friends and make-believe in the sandlot. When you’re twenty, they call you dangerous and wild and a genius, and it’s all very sexy and fun. But then you’re thirty—bam!’ Izaya tips his own head back, index finger a trigger beneath his chin. ‘They diagnose you with a mental illness and throw pills at you.’”
Shizuo’s realizing that he still has a lot to learn about the man called Orihara Izaya.


Title: Cell 404
Author: Nocturnalux

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya, Izaya x Namie
Rating: M(ature)
Warning: Violence
Status: Completed

Summary: Prison fic in which Shizuo and Izaya share the same cell. Forced to live in such confined close quarters they must cooperate and as a result their relationship gradually changes while being tested to the utmost. Shizaya/Izuo.


Title: domestic issues
Author: shizuos (izayas in AO3)

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: likely G(eneral)
Warning: None
Status: Completed

Summary: ten things changed when heiwajima shizuo lugged all his things into orihara izaya’s spacious, immaculate, minimalist apartment.


Title: Pacifist (aka I don’t wanna go to war)
Author: Virus138

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: M(ature)
Warning: None
Status: Ongoing

Summary: After a decree that any able-bodied person without a husband, wife or child is to be conscripted into the army, Izaya decides that the only way to get out of fighting a war is to get married. His only option?
Shizuo Heiwajima.
Izaya and Shizuo move away and are forced to live together. Shizuo wants to kill Izaya. Izaya is having a right laugh. That is, until they really start to notice each other and they fall into a routine. And then, after that, Shizuo can’t stop looking at Izaya when he walks into a room and Izaya isn’t satisfied by laying in the same bed with Shizuo anymore.


Title: Stay
Author: Voidance

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: M(ature)
Warning: None
Status: Completed

Summary: They found each other at the end of time. (Living together in dystopian world)


Title: The Year of The Black Rabbit
Author: Izaya Heiwajima

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya. Minor Shinra x Celty, alternates pairing
Rating: M(ature)
Warning: Violence
Status: Completed

Summary: Shizuo lives his life from day to day but that is about to change when a black rabbit presents itself to him. Feeling an unexplainable urge, he decides to chase the rabbit and ends up in an alternate universe. In this universe, he learns of things he never thought he would ever come to experience. Alternate personalities are peeked in at through unrecalled dreams in an invisible connection that Shizuo has to his other selves.


Title: What You Don’t Surrender
Author: caffeinekitty

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: M(ature)
Warning: Violence, Rape/Non-con
Status: Completed

Summary: No one else needed to know all the ways Shizuo could break. When Shizuo fell apart, he needed to know Izaya was the only reason for it. And a broken, afraid Shizuo was of no use to him whatsoever. Kinkmeme fill. Shizaya/Izuo.


Title: When I’ve Got You series, contains Your Body is a Weapon, By Your Side, Pretense in The Air & Someone Like You
Author: tastewithouttalent

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya, Shinra x Celty
Rating: T(eenage) for Your Body is a Weapon, By Your Side, Pretense in The Air. E(xplicit) for Someone Like You.
Warning: Violence
Status: Completed


Your Body is a Weapon: “‘You’ll find another meister partner. I’m sure there’s someone better suited to your weapon type than me anyway.’” After Shinra unexpectedly finds a different weapon partner, Izaya is unwilling to even consider the possibility of working with someone new until latecomer meister Heiwajima Shizuo joins Shibusen in search of a partner.

By Your Side: “Shizuo is staring at him, his gaze fixed on Izaya’s features as if he’s trying to memorize them, and there’s something strange and dark behind his eyes, some uncommon focus that prickles self-consciousness taut all across Izaya’s shoulders.” Shizuo gives Izaya a gift that more than suits the both of them.

Pretense in The Air: “'Just try to be nice,’ Izaya says as they climb the last few steps to the front of the school. ‘Don’t fly into a jealous rage or anything just because he’s my old meister.’” Shizuo meets Izaya’s old partner and metes out some measure of justice.

Someone Like You: “With Shizuo’s weight straddling his hips to pin him to the bed and Shizuo’s oil-slick hands working over the knots of tension that invariably lay themselves into his spine, Izaya thinks he’d do anything to linger as long as possible as they are.” In order to get Izaya to relax, Shizuo has to take charge.

Note(s): Dominant/Submissive dynamic.


Title: With Time
Author: aliceecrivain

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: E(xplicit)
Warning: Violence
Status: Completed

Summary: Heiwajima Shizuo did not believe in ghosts. At least, he didn’t until one began haunting him. Incredulous at first, but shaken and resigned after a week of its antics, Shizuo decides to confront the specter for better or worse, for the sake of his own sanity. What he finds is far more familiar than he ever could have expected.
Incidentally, Orihara Izaya didn’t believe in ghosts either. That is, until he became one.



Assassination Classroom headcanons

-Karma was really disappointed when turns out Nagisa and Kayano didn’t end up together because he thought they would be really happy together

-Nagisa never really kept in touch with Kayano because he wanted to be with Karma

-Nagisa wanted to be friends with Gakushuu cause he knew what he was going through

-The hair ties on Nagisa’s wrists? Karma gave them to him in their first year because Nagisa’s hair kept getting pulled by the chairs at school and Nagisa’s hair got in his face and made him uncomfortable. Nagisa never wore the ties because he didn’t want to break them and kept them as a memory of when he and Karma were best friends

Durarara Headcanons

Izaya gets super depressed when he hears that Shizuo got married because that means he’s settling down and Izaya won’t have Shizuo to fight with anymore. He even goes as far as to go to Shizuo’s wedding and yelling at Shizuo.

-Shinra kind of hates Celty because no matter how much he may want to he can’t kiss her face and if Celty gets her head back he knows she’ll leave him

-Izaya loves taunting Shizuo because it makes him feel noticed

-Izaya never realized how much he hated himself until his sisters started to turn out like him

-The ring Izaya wears was given to him from someone he loved but they died and when they did he also took their ring to remember them and it now symbolizes that with them gone, the only person he truly loves is himself. That is why he wears two rings.

Forgotten Promises

shizuo/izaya (834 words / raijin days / drabble / fluff / ic / basically shizuo and the orihara siblings) (hey @izayanii look!! orihara siblings)

“I want to marry Iza-nii when I grow up.”

“I do too.”

Izaya furrowed his brows at his sisters, leaning back in his seat as his fingers tapped along the edges of the round table; contemplating on how to answer.

Shizuo and him were having their usual rendezvous, knives clashing with fists until Simon had to stop them and drag them to Russia Sushi to cool down. None of them dared to go against Simon, thus they always had to resort to being civil whenever they were in the restaurant. If not, who knows when they’d be allowed to go home?

Mairu and Kururi promptly followed short when they spotted their brother sitting next to Shizuo, who, they might add, was fuming with anger while Izaya had a smirk plastered on his face.

“I’m not interested in marriage—” Izaya let out a half suppressed laugh, “—there is no one who’s interesting enough for me to have as a partner, and love is just a nuisance, a burden I don’t need.”

“Shizuo-san… interesting…” Kururi retorted, to which Mairu quickly agreed with.

“Yeah! You always said that Shizuo-san is interesting!”

The image that came with Kururi and Mairu’s arguments was definitely awful.

In fact, both Izaya and Shizuo couldn’t resist grimacing at the thought of it.

“It’s different. I hate Shizu-chan.”

“What is hate?” asked Kururi, tipping her head to the side slightly, curious eyes still fixated on Izaya.

“It’s when you really disli—”

Was Izaya really going to teach the twins bad things? Shizuo couldn’t believe his ears! Although they were Izaya’s sisters, they were actually better than Izaya. Well— now that Shizuo thought about it, everyone was better than Izaya. But, he really didn’t want them to throw around the word ‘hate’ when they go to school the next day. He already saw it happen with Kasuka.

“Hate—” Shizuo covered Izaya’s mouth with his palm, startling Izaya, who then attempted to tug Shizuo’s hand away, but Shizuo pushed further against Izaya’s lips (he didn’t really care if it’ll cause Izaya’s skin to bruise later), “—hate is… a feeling when you love someone a lot.”

“Eh? Is that true, Shizuo-san?”


Shizuo gave the twins a nod, jaw clenching as he kept his smile steady. Lying through his teeth hadn’t been this hard, but what did he expect? Everything involving Orihara Izaya was complicated.

“Then will Shizuo-san marry Iza-nii?” Mairu added.


“Shizuo-san hates Iza-nii, right? I’ll marry Kuru-nee so you can have Iza-nii! We won’t be mad! It’ll be a win-win situation.”

“I’d rather die,” Shizuo mumbled, frowning and finally loosening up his hold on Izaya enough for Izaya to push his hand away.

“Why not? Iza-nii always looks so lonely at home.”

“Gloomy,” Kururi nodded, supporting Mairu’s facts; her arms coiling around her sister’s abdomen.

“Where are you two getting all these ideas from? How absurd,” scoffed Izaya.

Shizuo took a sip of his tea to prolong his reply, the upper set of his teeth digging into the ceramic cup while his gaze bore into Mairu and Kururi. Those two were watching him expectantly. What was he supposed to say? He really shouldn’t have said anything in the first place and instead let the siblings bicker by themselves.

“…I guess,” he sighed. Anything to get them to be quiet, right?

“You’re falling for these petty tricks? Wow~ I already knew that Shizu-chan was an idiot, but he’s proving to be a hundred-percent more idiotic! Haha! It seems like instead of evolving forward, beasts evolves backwards.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Shizuo shot Izaya a glare before realizing he’d accidentally cussed in front of two five year olds. How he wished he could’ve thrown a chair at Izaya’s face at this moment, “Oh shit— I mean, fuck— uh… I hope you didn’t hear anything.”

“Hear what?” Mairu arched a brow, a puzzled expression marring her face.


A fairly small hand caught Shizuo’s attention— Kururi was extending her arm out towards him, all fingers tucked into her little fist except for her pinky finger. She had a faint smile carved on her lips.

“Promise… marry… Iza-nii?”


“Shi-zu-o and I-za-ya getting married. Fighting bad, marry good! Have wedding ceremony at Russia Sushi, ok? 60% discount!” Simon chirped in with a happy voice (he sounded satisfied, as though he really believed that Shizuo and Izaya would get married), swiftly moving about with a tray of sushi in his hand, serving hungry customers. Customers who were brave enough to stay when they saw the infamous Ikebukuro duo step in.

“I’m not promising something I can’t guarantee,” Shizuo lied despite knowing well that there was no way in hell he would promise something like that.

“I’ll promise on his behalf,” Izaya smiled, linking his pinky finger with Kururi’s.

“What the fuck? Izaya—”

“Language, Shizu-chan.”


“Oh? How obedient. I’ll accept Shizu-chan’s apology since I’m in a good mood.”

“Okay. Wait— bastard! Don’t change the topic!”

“Shi-zu-o and I-za-ya! No fighting! Just marry.”

for @renaishizaya

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Theme: domestic!au: the future

“So basically,” stupid Shinra had stupidly said one day, “if you’re ever doubting your relationship, just ask yourself if you can imagine a future with them!”

Shizuo was mad that he had to have met Kishitani Shinra, who, since a young age, had been the bane of existence and continued to exist in all his goddamn annoying-as-hell glory.

Sitting on the couch, Shizuo’s elbows were on his knees and fingers clutching his hair tightly, pulling and growling. Shinra’s words had been said days ago; luckily for Shizuo, he and Izaya had been busy following that so they hadn’t had to be around each other too much.

Shizuo didn’t even know why Shinra said that; the two had been over to visit, at Celty’s insistence (she really only wanted Shizuo but Izaya tagged along for fun) and that topic hadn’t even come up. Shinra just said it suddenly and though he switched over to gushing about how he had a brilliant future with Celty, all Shizuo could do was sit there quietly and fret.

Shizuo could see a future with Izaya. Shizuo wanted a future with Izaya. Shizuo wanted everything with Izaya; he was greedy that way. But he didn’t know if it was the same the other way around and there had always been some underlying, deep-rooted insecurity that Izaya would one day get tired or decide he could do better and leave him. And Shizuo worried that Shinra, stupid Shinra, had voiced the words that would initiate this realization.

When the door clicked, Shizuo flinched. He stood around as he heard Izaya call out ‘I’m home’ tiredly; his pale hand was running through his hair when he froze, gave Shizuo an odd sort of look at being welcomed back with Shizuo standing in the living room and staring with a strange expression. “….Hello, Shizu-chan. My, I know work for you got busy, but did it really take up all your brainpower…?”

“We need to talk.”


Still regarding Shizuo a bit cautiously, Izaya shrugged off his coat and walked over to the couch, taking a seat on the cushion adjacent to the one Shizuo had hurriedly claimed. Red eyes were narrowed suspiciously; Shizuo being weird wasn’t odd, but this level of weirdness was.

“So,” Shizuo hesitated, clearing his throat, “I’m… I’m just  going to say it. Okay. The other day… what Shinra… Shinra said…”

Izaya blinked and relaxed, though only briefly. He raised a hand to rub his temples tiredly. “Oh… it’s about that. Well, fine. I wanted to talk to Shizu-chan about that too. I think we should–”

“We should probably break up.”

Izaya’s mouth was still open and it took him a moment to regain enough control and sense to close it. Shizuo’s words left a heavy silence in the air that neither was in a rush to break; blond bangs concealed his eyes, but Izaya could see his trembling fingers playing with each other, linking and unlinking a bit rapidly. He heard mumbling, caught phrases of ‘want you to be happy’ and ‘you shouldn’t settle’ and ‘I care about you’ and ‘anything for you.’ It took him a full ten minutes to figure out Shizuo’s reasoning, that it wasn’t out of a lack of love, it was out of an abundance of it as well as insecurity. Giving another sigh, he shook his head and displayed a rare and bold sign of affection by placing his hand over Shizuo’s. “I don’t want to break up. I’m not settling, you’re not second place, you’re everything, I do see a future with you. That involves you.”

Izaya decided he had succinctly addressed all of Shizuo’s concerns in one nice short breath. Shizuo looked up once Izaya was finished, seemed genuinely surprised with an innocent charm to his expression. “…Yeah?”

“You’re going to have to stop doubting how good of a person you are,” Izaya said quietly. “And stop doubting how much I care for you. Stop. I’ve said it before and I don’t like repeating myself superfluously, but I’m in love with you, Shizuo. I want a future with you. So I think we should get married.”

Shizuo was silent and Izaya entertained the idea of waving a hand in front of his face. But then he straightened a bit, mumbled ‘oh.’ And then again, an ‘oh’ and a bit straighter, expression going from confused to the beginnings of a flush as he turned away, one of his hands coming up to palm the back of his neck. “Oh… oh. Oh… okay, uh…”

“Right,” Izaya said, sounding amused. “So we should start planning, yeah? Something small… so first of all…”

“The ring.”

Izaya blinked. “Excuse me?”

Holding up a finger to signify ‘one minute,’ Shizuo stood and Izaya pulled his hand back to watch him search through his pockets. His entire face lit up and then he looked at Izaya again, giving a Shizuo-esque smile that melted Izaya with how gentle and pure it was as he sat back down, held out a simple band and reached for Izaya’s hand. “I uh… had this for a while. Because um…”

“I know why you had it,” Izaya murmured softly, smiling as he watched the ring, fitted perfectly, slide onto his finger. “…You’ve known all this time?”

“I’ve known since I first fell in love with you,” Shizuo murmured, bowing and ghosting a kiss against the back of Izaya’s hand.

Izaya gave a small smirk. “And when was that?”

“When you told me you’d never be afraid of me.”

Let’s talk about Shizaya. More specifically, about in-character Shizaya. I’ve seen a few jabs here and there about how Shizaya is inherently OOC, but that’s not actually true. Poorly written Shizaya is OOC. Poorly written anything can be OOC. Conversely, anything well-written can be IC. 

For example, take something extreme, like a Shizaya marriage proposal.

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anonymous asked:

How would the bishies propose to their gf? And under what circumstances? Like place, time... Also could this be in text ^^? Here are the bishies : Izaya, Shizuo, Mephisto Pheles, Break/Xerxes, Snake (Kuroshitsuji), Grell, Undertaker, Crowley, Ferid, Shinya. STAY AWESOME OWO

(Thank you! I will~)

Izaya Orihara:

First, Izaya will make you go through a bunch of tests and trials around the city of Ikebukuro, dropping hints for you to go on some sort of treasure hunt. This process will take the whole entire day until you are weary beyond comprehension. Izaya does not show himself yet. You start to get annoyed and pissed off by the final test until you see a tiny, shiny object on a cell-phone you were supposed to find. The ring was engraved inside a dented circle in the middle of the phone. You flip open the phone to see the text: “Marry me ‘___!’” 

Shizuo Heiwajima:

Shizuo is a pretty awkward and traditional guy. However, instead of taking you to a fancy diner, he will bring you to a small cafe in the evening. Having done a lot of research for a month, he decides a cliche approach is most comfortable for him so when you order your dessert after your meal, he slips the ring around a lone cherry on the tart. You were about to eat the cherry first when you saw Shizuo’s panicked face. You were about to ask him what was wrong until you heard a clinking sound and you saw that the ring slid down to touch the fork. His face, flushed red, stood up to go down on one knee beside your chair and asked in a hesitant voice: “’___,’ I know I am not the greatest guy or the greatest lover. I know I am sometimes…violent…okay most of the time. But I promise that I will do my best to make you happy like the way you make me so happy if not more. So…will you please always stay by my side?”

Mephisto Pheles:

First, Mephisto attempted to cook for you one evening, notice how the word ‘attempt’ was used. Not wanting to offend him, you ate all of his food, but felt sick after so you asked to go to the bathroom. When you came back, he asked you to take a walk with him and asked you enigmatic and obscure questions, testing out and observing your reaction. You noticed how strange the questions were like “Would you let me play with your dreams forever.” After a while, you demanded what was going on since he was acting weirder than usual not that he wasn’t weird already until he just flashed a guilty grin and popped up the question casually to your shock and embarrassment. 

Xerxes Break:

This took a lot out of Break because of his past, powers and how he felt like he did not deserve much redemption, but after all that has happened, he still wanted to live and even more, with you. It would be no use brooding over his past self and he wasn’t going to lose you again. Even worse, to some other man because he was being indecisive. So one morning, Break just simply said over tea with a light smile: “’___,’ I think we should get betrothed. I love you. You love me too, right?”


Snaked did not propose to you. You proposed to him. With how slow and unsure this guy is along with his low self-esteem, it was likely he would never brave enough to pop the question so you decided to do him the favor instead. You showed up to the ball Ciel held that the two of you were attending, but separately. Putting on your best appearance, you saw Snake standing near the group of servants looking uncomfortable, but his face broke into an adorable, little smile at the sight of you. You returned it and held up the large poster you spent all of last night on. On the poster, it said: “Snake! Please marry me! I love you!” The red, gaping face that contrasted with his silver hair had been so amusing. 

Grell Sutcliff:

Like Snake, Grell did not propose to you. This lady is waiting for you to ask her to marry you. You knew Grell was finally expecting the question after all this time of dating; and you were going to do just that, but you wanted to surprise her. You did not want Grell to expect so that she could prepare for anything. You wanted to catch her off guard because that was the most fun right? So when Grell did not have her usual getup and was hastily fixing her false eyelash, you popped up from behind her to whisper the sweet and promising words. She stiffened and gave a little yelp from shock. But a second later, you received a nice glomp with loads of kisses and affirmative answers.


As usual, with Undertaker’s quirky habits, he never fails to surprise you. At anything. So one afternoon, you were walking toward’s his work place and saw little slips of paper scattered on the ground. The papers had black skulls on it. You rolled your eyes wondering what your eccentric lover was up to now. You followed the papers that seemed to trail from behind the building. You walked through the opened gate door that led to a little garden you did not know about. It was beautiful and full of greenery. Not a coffin was in sight. On the ivory fence with vines growing all over the place that made it look a pleasant sort of ancient, you could make out the words that was arranged from the vines. “’___,’ please stay by my side forevermore.” From a corner, you saw Undertaker emerge with a small, but hopeful smile on his face. He did not wear his hat and his face and hair was fully exposed. His eyes did not have its usual mockery, but it had a gentle light to it.

Crowley Eusford:

“’___,’ be my bride.” Crowley told you one noon when the both of you were training outside. You looked at him in surprised. “No.” You automatically answered. He whined. “Whyyyy?! I thought you loved me.” You sighed and looked at him. “And I love you too, but that proposal seemed so half-assed, I can’t take it seriously.” You said bluntly. He pouted. It took 20 bouquet of flowers and a month later of pestering until you finally accepted to marry him. 

Ferid Bathory: You always knew Ferid was the unconventional type of person, but this trip just sealed the deal. He asked you to go with him to a certain place and when that certain place turned out to be the ruins when the two of you first fought each other as enemies, you knew he was up to no good. “Let’s have a little spar, ‘___.’ We cannot afford to lose our touch even as lovers. If you win, I will give you a little reward.” What kind of game is he up to now? Was what you thought and reluctantly fought him before you finally got into it. Because Ferid was provoking you of course. You somehow, miraculously won (maybe from sheer luck because you were a human after all) and so when you had Ferid under you, He lifted his face to plant a kiss on your lips. “Well, well, well. Looks like someone gets a reward.” “What’s the reward?” You asked curiously. “You reward is that you get to be my bride.” He answered with a smirk. You slapped him playfully. “Don’t be so full of yourself, sir.” The next day, the two of you were betrothed.

Shinya Hiragi:

He was late again. Shinya had asked you to meet him at a coffee shop after his meeting was over, but he was late. You were fuming in your seat as a waiter walked by and placed a cup of Green Tea Frap on your table. The sound of the bell by the door rung when Shinya came running in looking around for with wild eyes until he saw you and he gave you a guilty look. You crossed your arms staring at him. “Please don’t be mad, ‘___-chan.’ The meeting was more dire than I thought it would be.” “You always say that.” You pointed out. After ordering his drink and taking off his coat, you noticed the easy-going general was more fidgety than usual. “Anything wrong?” You asked and he chuckled while combing his hair with his gloved fingers. “Well…how should I put this-’___,’ I know I can be forgetful, but please don’t think I am not committed. I love you more than anything, and well…here goes nothing. ‘___,’ please marry me. I will protect, cherish and love you for the rest of my life.”