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Update - Wanted (2/3)

Sorry for the delay in this. I’ve been unwell for the last two weeks and motivation has lacked. I hope you enjoy!

Remember this story is rated E for explicit sexual content and explicit language. 

Possible trigger: Discussion of a minor character’s infidelity.

Part one can be found here

Thank you to my amazing betas @sponsormusings and @papofglencoe and @loving-mellark for the banner :)

Summary: Modern AU: Young newlyweds Katniss and Peeta live a simple life in their hometown of Victors County; a life filled with family, friends and the love they have for each other. But an unexpected turn of events, and a brush with the law, puts their relationship – and their sex life – to the test. And afterwards, nothing will be the same.

Over the following days, as small towns go, the gossip mills are in full force, with rumours spreading to every nook and cranny about Peeta’s arrest and the circumstances behind it. Like Miss Trinket, all the women in town think it is the most romantic thing they’ve ever heard, a love story for the ages apparently, and - according to Peeta - they were all now flirting with him and giving him heart eyes. The men, however, couldn’t care less. It was just one more thing to bring up in between a round of beers down at the local watering hole. To Peeta’s immense relief the scandal doesn’t seem to have a negative impact on the business of the bakery. In fact, over the ensuing days his numbers double, and to Katniss’ annoyance he hasn’t brought home any leftover cheese buns because he’d sold out; this just adds to her frustrations. She hasn’t been able to get away from her ‘bad boy Peeta’ fantasy since Wednesday night, no matter how hard she’s tried – and deprivation from her favorite food just makes things worse.

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Prompt List

Here’s a masterlist of all the prompts we’ve received so far. 

Crossed out prompts have already been selected and are being turned into fics! 

We want to thank everyone who’s taken the time to come up with an idea and send it our way. Your prompts are the heart of the Exchange. Without them our lovely authors wouldn’t get to write all those beautiful fics. So, please, keep them coming!

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Prompt List:

  • Prompt 1: I’d like an AU with Peeta as a single dad with a kid who’s always getting in trouble. Katniss is the kid’s teacher. Love follows :) [submitted by Anonymous]
  • Prompt 2: Before the Quarter Quell. The victors decide to include Katniss and Peeta in their plans for the rebellion. [submitted by Anonymous]
  • Prompt 3: Historical everlark (Georgian or Victorian era) and with Peeta as a ‘reformed rake’ and a jealous Katniss at one point… an E rating would be the icing on the cake(!) thank you so much for what you do!❤️ [submitted by Anonymous]

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finnicko-loves-anniec  asked:

I apologize if this is too late, but my birthday is April 13. I love AU anything, particularly historical or sci-fi, and any rating. This blog is lovely. I really enjoy reading the wonderful little things y'all come up with <3

Originally posted by rosegoldmood

Happiest of birthdays to you @finnicko-loves-anniec! To help celebrate in style, the always generous @titaniasfics has crafted this delicious bit of Everlark, just for you. Enjoy!

Colors (Outtake from The Pearl of the Antilles)

Prompt: AU anything, particularly historical or sci-fi, and any rating. For April 13th.

By @titaniasfics

Rated: M

Historical AU - French Colony of Saint Domingue, 1791

Summary: Katniss, a former courtesan is married to Capitaine Peeta Mellark. His duties weigh heavily on him as the country moves inevitably towards revolution.  His only concern is to keep Katniss safe. Katniss’s only concern is to keep Peeta sane. She resolves on an interesting way to do so.

Author’s note: When I saw the request for a historical au, my mind went straight to The Pearl of the Antilles.  It is not necessary to have read the fic to understand this stand-alone. For those who are following this fic, this drabble can be inserted anywhere after the events of chapter 13-14. A million thanks to @eala-musings for betaing, and @akai-echo for reading and cheering me on.

Winter, 1791

Le Cap, Saint Domingue

Katniss watched her husband vigilantly in the days and weeks after the failed revolt, concerned for his ever increasing distraction and agitation with matters over which she could scarcely aid him. He was attentive as always and his ardor towards her had not cooled. But in moments when he thought perhaps her attention diverted elsewhere, his eyes wandered and his thoughts occupied the haunting, dark spaces of his mind. So deep were his meditations that Katniss feared she might never penetrate the multitude of universes wherein his thoughts roamed. She required a diversion that could stimulate the depth of his concentration in a pursuit that would feed not only his body and heart, but also his soul.

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beachsideprincess  asked:

Hello there!! I have been looking for five in which Katniss is first with one of Peeta's brothers. I remember reading a fic like that, but I can't remember the story line. Also I was looking for a fix in which Katniss is Peeta's 4th wife (or 3rd, I dont remember exactly)

Katniss dates or has dated one of Peeta’s brothers in: 

The Ache - kasskaban (now deleted)

untitled drabble - atetheredmind 

The Matador Part 1 and Part 2 - atetheredmind

Under the Hawaiian Moon - Historywriter2007

She has sex with one of Peeta’s brothers in: 

Errata - Papofglencoe

untitled drabble - alonglineofbread

Learning to Breathe - Peetasbunmyoven

Katniss is married too one of Peeta’s brothers, in these stories:

Lines of Demarcation - Amelia Day

Riptide - Jlala (older brother)

Katniss is bethrothed to Rye in 

The Maiden and the Scoundrel by Appleblossomgirl. (new story)

To answer the second part of your ask, the fic in which Katniss becomes Peeta’s 4th wife, is The Fourth Wife by Amelia_Day.

Wanted (1/3)

Here is my story that I contributed to @mores2sl. Due to the length, I’ve decided to divide it into 3 chapters.

Rated: E for explicit sexual content and explicit language. Because I like some hotness with my sweetness. 

Possible trigger: Discussion of a minor character’s infidelity.

Thank you to @sponsormusings​ and @papofglencoe​ for being amazing betas. Your support and friendship mean the world to me. And thank you to the fantastic @loving-mellark​ for your skills in making this hot banner.

Summary: Modern AU: Young newlyweds Katniss and Peeta live a simple life in their hometown of Victors County; a life filled with family, friends and the love they have for each other. But an unexpected turn of events, and a brush with the law, puts their relationship – and their sex life – to the test. And afterwards, nothing will be the same.

“Oh, dammit!” Katniss shrieks, dropping her knife next to the half-chopped parsley and running over to the stove to pull the burning pot of stew off the gas burner. Placing it carefully on the sink, she grabs a wooden spoon, hoping the meal is still salvageable - but very quickly she realises the food smells like charcoal and the bottom of the pot is singed black. Tears of frustration threaten to fall at the corners of her eyes and she lets out a sigh of defeat. Swiftly, she scrapes the burnt remnants into the nearby trash can and throws the pot into the sink with some hot water and detergent. She determinedly scrubs away her failed mess and prepares herself to start all over again. You can do this, Katniss. You may not be a domestic goddess, but surely you can cook a meal for your husband.

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SSS (Short Scene Sunday)

Ensuring the Enduring Happiness of Katniss Everdeen

Ten-year-old Posy Hawthorne is aware of several truths. First, though Katniss Everdeen smiles sometimes, she isn’t really happy. Second, Katniss’ house is too empty, too full of memories for her to ever truly put the past behind her. Third (though she isn’t convinced this is more than speculation) having  another person with her might force away some of the memories. Posy even has the perfect idea of who that person might be: Peeta Mellark.

“No, I’m not going to pull you too!” Posy swatted at River, but the boy dodged and stuck his tongue out at her. “I can’t pull you and the flour, and if I don’t get the flour to Peeta by noon, he’s gonna get mad.” She couldn’t imagine Peeta ever getting angry about something as little as that, but four-year-old River didn’t need to know that. She lowered her voice. “He might even take away the wagon.”

Grey eyes widened in pure terror. The red wagon emblazoned with Mellark’s Bakery had been a mainstay of childhood entertainment in Twelve ever since Peeta bought it three years ago. Big enough to fit four fifty-pound bags of flour – or comfortably seat three children – whenever Peeta didn’t need it to cart shipments from the train station to the bakery, it could be found being paraded in circles around the square. Without it, the long days of summer would have been dreary indeed.

Knowing when her trap had been perfectly baited, she offered a solution. “But if you’re good and don’t bother me the entire way, I’ll make sure you get the first turn after Peeta’s done.”

River gave a very serious little nod and climbed out of the Red Rider. “Okay.” He followed dutifully behind her the entire way back to the square, his eyes never leaving the wagon.

Peeta was waiting for them at the door when they arrived. “You guys made good time. How’s Hatcher doing?”

“He’s doing all right. He said he had a tight schedule today, so he won’t be coming into town.” Posy was pretty proud that she remembered the engineer’s words verbatim.

“Yeah, that’s what it looked like from the schedule. Maybe next time.” He hoisted one of the bags onto his shoulder. “You guys can come in, if you want. I’ve got cookies that just came out of the oven.”

River didn’t seem too sure about leaving the wagon, but the dual promise of shade and cookies lured him inside. Anyway, with three bags of flour still sitting in the Red Rider, nobody was going to be making off with it too soon.

A dull thud came from the pantry when Peeta dropped the flour. He wiped off his hands on a rag and picked out the two biggest cookies off the cooling rack. “One for Miss Posy for being an excellent delivery girl,” he said, holding one out to her. She accepted it with a smile. “And one for Mister River for being a good helper.”

Posy wanted to interject, tell him that no, River hadn’t helped, just annoyed her the entire way to the station, but she had received a cookie for jobs she’d had no part in more than once herself. It was really only being a good friend to pass that on. “Thank you!” River stuffed a giant bite of the sugar cookie into his mouth and sprinted outside.

Peeta laughed, a big warm sound that matched the sunny day. “I suppose I should clear out the wagon for him. You get yourself some water, all right Posy? I don’t want you to get dehydrated after that.”

She didn’t have to stand on her tiptoes anymore to reach the glasses. That felt like victory.

By the time he finished carrying in the flour, she was finished with her cookie and halfway done with her water. “Your hair looks nice today,” Peeta remarked when he came back from the pantry. He gave her braid a gentle tug, and she giggled.

Posy saw her chance. “Katniss did it!”

“She did a nice job.”

“She’s really good at hair and a lot of other things too.”

“That she is.” Peeta had a really nice smile. Posy wasn’t sure if it was because he had all his teeth and they were very straight and very clean-looking or because he got little dimples when he did it. Either way, she liked it, and hopefully, Katniss did too. “So, what’s going on in your neighborhood these days? I haven’t seen your mom in a few days. Anything new with her?”

As she began recounting the geese incident, Posy had a thought she had never before considered. If she couldn’t get Katniss and Peeta together, she might just have to marry Peeta Mellark herself.

keenwolfstudent-3c51c42e  asked:

Modern day fics with a good prim peeta storyline

If you’re looking for fics where Peeta & Prim have a relationship:

HERE’s all of the fics tagged Peeta/Prim on Ao3.

And HEREs all of the fics tagged as Peeta/Prim on FF.neteta:

Also, Prim and Peeta are married at the beginning of SoThere’s A Softer Place to Land.

And if you’re interested in stories where Prim and Peeta have a brother/sister type relationship and bond over their mutual love for Katniss, there are these:

That Which We Die For - arollercoasterthatonlygoesup

Sever - DandelionSunset

Two Wrongs - JLaLa

A Reaping - icbiwf


hayffie week → day four: au

the proposal inspired au: when the authorities of district 12 tell effie her visa has expired, she only see’s one way to stay in district 12 with katniss and peeta. marrying haymitch abernathy. what started as a simple deal, in which haymitch would get the liquor he needed from her, turned into a mess when they started falling for each other (+ effie’s mother not being too happy about this marriage)

at the end the divorce never happened..

Marry Me

I’m gonna tell you a story before I tell you a story. :) Last night I was at a restaurant with hubs and some friends, and there was this gigantic party of something like 45 people. About halfway through our meal I look over at some commotion and a guy is on his knee in the smack dab middle of the place with a ring in his hand in front of this girl. The ENTIRE restaurant was at attention. I had never seen that in person before, so I was like - look! he’s proposing! And I stood up and watched and clapped and hollered with everybody when she said yes. So I immediately got on hangouts after and told my girls, and they said what every fangirl says - ‘Everlark it’, but I was like nah. Then they said yeah, but do it like this… and they got me. I couldn’t get it out of my head. So, here it is, under the cut. Maybe it’ll keep you occupied while I work on Lost and Found edits. :)

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Finding my way Home

The second of my @mores2sl contributions. This story is a modern AU and is rated M for mature subject matter, sexual situations and coarse language. Reader discretion is advised. Also available on AO3 and FFnet.

Originally posted by stupidteletubbie

It’s past eight when I finally make it to the Hob. The gang is crowded around our usual table, and already it’s littered with bottles and glasses. We have a standing date, drinks and pool every Friday night at six-thirty, but I seldom make it on time. I love my job, but my boss is kind of an asshole and I end up staying late more often than not.

Even from the door I can see that Annie is perched in Finnick’s lap. I thought that when they got married last year the PDAs would stop, but marriage seems to have intensified their need to touch each other. Johanna is beside Finn, and probably stealing swigs of his beer when his attention is diverted. Cressida, Jo’s girlfriend, and Thresh, my neighbour, have their heads bent in serious conversation. And, saving me a seat on the aisle, is my best friend in the world. Peeta.

Every time I see him my chest tightens, just a little. I’m so damned lucky to have him in my life.

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au; You are Haymitch’s daughter. You and Finnick were in the games together. Soon after the games were over, Finnick asked you to date him. After a year, the 76th games came around. After those games, You and Finnick arrived home, and he proposed.

Your name: submit What is this?

The 76th games were over. And you and Finnick were home, and he had proposed. You were sitting on the couch twisting your ring on your finger. “Hey honey.” Finnick said as he plopped down on the couch next to you. “Hey.” You smiled. “You okay?” He asked, placing his face in the crook of your neck. “Mhmm..” You sighed happily. Finnick pulled you into a cuddle. You guys pulled a blanket over you two on the couch, as Finnick pulled you by the waist so you’d be closer to him. “I can’t wait to be Mrs. Odair.” You smiled as you looked at Finnick’s sleepy posture. Finnick pulled you into a small kiss. “I can’t wait either.” He mumbled into your neck. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - You woke up the next morning in you and Finnick’s bed. “Today’s the day.” You heard him whisper in your ear. You pecked him as you jumped into a pair of leggings and a hoodie. “I’ll see you later.” You smiled. “I LOVE YOU!” H e called. “I LOVE YOU MORE!” You called as you laughed to yourself. You didn’t live far from the Everdeens, so you walked. You opened the door, and saw Peeta, Katniss, and your dad in the living space. “Hey Y/N!” Peeta said giving you a quick hug. “I’m gonnna head over to help Finnick get ready. I’ll see you guys later!” Peeta called as he closed the door behind him. Katniss pulled you into a hug. “Hey Y/N. You excited?” She smiled lightly. “Pretty excited. Nervous, I’m just all over the place.” You laughed. “Hey sweetheart.” You heard a voice behind you. “DAD!” You smiled, jumping into his embrace. “C'mon, lets get you ready.” Katniss called from her room. You turned to your dad. “Go on now. I’ll see you later.” He smiled as you smiled back. “Coming!” You called to Katniss. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - “You excited man?” Gale asked Finnick. “I honestly am.” Finnick breathed out. Peeta came over and gave Finnick’s shoulder a slap. “Y/N’s a great girl Finnick.” Gale said. Finnick smiled to himself. “AWEE HE’S BLUSHING!” Peeta laughed. Finnick blushed even deeper. “Let’s just get ready, alright?” Finnick begged. “Yeah, whatever dude.” Gale laughed. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Katniss walked you to a small room a small ways away from the altar. You had your hair in one or Katniss’s famous braids, and your makeup soft. You paced around the small room. Katniss was getting the bridesmaids ready. You heard a knock at the door. “Who is it?!” You asked. “Honey, its Dad.” Haymitch called from the other side of the door. “Come in.” You said. The door opened, and entered your Dad. “You look beautiful sweetheart.” Your dad smiled. “Thank you daddy. I’m just super nervous…” You said. *Finnicks point of view* I paced around my room. “Hey. hey, you okay?” Gale asked me. “What if Y/N doesn’t love me? What if she ditches?” I panicked. “Dude, Y/N loves you, and she loves you. Trust me dude, she wont back down.” Gale voiced. “Okay, okay, phew.” Finnick said. “Let’s go get married.” Peeta said. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - You heard the music begin to play, and you looped your arm around your dad’s. You saw your bridesmaids all smiling at you, the groomsmen smiling at you, and Finnick staring in awe. Your dad let go of your arm, and kissed your cheek as you walked up in front of Finnick. “I love you.” He mouthed. You blushed a little bit, and when you looked back up at Finnick, he winked at you. “Y/N, do you take Finnick Odair to be your lawfully wedded husband?” the mediator asked. “I do.” You smiled. “Do you, Finnick Odair, take Y/N Y/L/N to be your lawfully wedded wife?” He asked. Finnick smirked. Of course. “I do.” He smiled. “By the power invested in me, and the state of Panem, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” He priest smiled. Finnick pulled you in for a kiss, and you placed a hand on his cheek. “I love you Mrs. Odair!” He yelled. “I love you too, freak!” You smiled back.
Just Update: My Favorite Mistake, Chapter 3 - Secret Garden

Now on AO3/ffnet

Summary: They begin as simple acquaintances who quickly become confidantes. When Katniss Everdeen’s friendship with a very-married Peeta Mellark morphs into something deeper, mistakes are made that will change their lives forever. Originally written for PiP Day 7 - Dreamscape Week - Thorns (7). Gifted to @akai-echo .

Thank you so much for reading this fic! And extra special thanks to @akai-echo, for the banner and for inspiring me to write this story.  Also, to my betas, @eala-musings, @akai-echo and @thegirlfromoverthepond, who do such great work, reading the mush that my brain produces. Thank you, ladies!

Unrequited, Unabashed, and Unwavering

Summary: Five-year-old Peeta didn’t want to go to school.  He just wanted to stay home at the bakery.  Not even the allure of meeting his soulmate could change his mind.  Pure fluff, soulmates AU.  

Notes: Co-written by FanficAllergy & @rosefyrefyre and betaread by the awesome @javistg & @xerxia31.

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addictedtobookss  asked:

20, 15, 40 (bookish asks)

20: kiss, marry, kill
• kiss: peeta = hunger games series
• marry: tobias eaton = divergent series
• kill: bryce = 13 reasons why

15: who would be your ideal roommate
• Okay your gonna laugh but me and Percy Jackson would be perfect roommate’s are sarcasm is like the same it’s almost scary😂😂

40: Sort your favorite character into a Hogwarts house.
Okay well I haven’t read harry potter but… i know alot about it so i will answer this question🙂
• clay jensen : Hufflepuff

Hope this answered your questions:)