marry me thx

me, logically: Julian and Caitlin should get together

me, with my gay heart: Julian and Barry should get together

me, in love with Tom: Julian cannot and will not be with A N Y B O D Y.  Tom Felton is mine, and mine only.  He/Julian are both too pure to get with anyone, plus if he were to end up with someone, he’d probably die for dramatic effect and I can’t take such a thing.  Julian must remain single, and Tom must marry me.  Thx bye


faith lehane in skyrim: a love story 

breezybae98-blog  asked:

im new to tumblr and was wondering if you had any ideas for cool troyler blogs to follow? also, i fucking love you and your hair, SIDENOTE marry me? k thx

hey, welome to the family! :D

i reccomend troyleredtilly-oakleytillyoakleydailytroylertyleroakleyisjesustyleroakleyismyqueeni3troylertroyesivanismyqueenskittleoakleyughoakleytroyesbootytroyler147troylersworldtroyesivanufeeltylerholicsm3ggxxtroyesweavelostintroylerlandthiswillbringuscloserollienotollythetroylerworshiphourlosttroylerworldnarrywhales and troyegang

also go to the tyler oakley/troye sivan/troyler tag to find all the great people :D