marry me sofia

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I'm also a Swede and I agree that CP & Madde are seen as a bit of "spoiled" and such, but Madeleine seems worse now because of her family life choices (Which I get, and I think she seems like a nice person!) while CP has grown on me after marrying Sofia. She seems to have brought out more confidence in him and she's a good compliment to him. Sofia I'm neutral about. Not because of her past, but she seeks out the mic/camera a bit much for my taste. But she is good for him and works hard!

Thank you for sharing your opinion. I think the difficult thing is that every individual will have different opinions. If you ask someone else in the UK they might say that Harry is the worst royal and they’d love Beatrice to be Queen, but the general opinion is not like that. Mass opinion is different from individual opinion. So a lot of people will say that their friend who is Swedish loves Madeleine and CP and Sofia so therefore they’re popular, and that’s not the case. We can only really piece together general opinion based on articles in a range of outlets (monarchists, republicans, light hearted, serious etc) and the comments on them, and things like opinion polls. And people see someone from other nations differently to how they see people in their own nation. People might not understand why something causes a scandal in the home nation. We see Madeleine and her family as sweet, warm, and sociable people who are doing what’s best for them but the people like you who have them as representatives will have different priorities. I know Rania is also quite unpopular in her own home nation but we don’t see that as there are few Jordanian royal followers on here. As long as we are respectful in our opinions, I think it’s good to share them.