marry me simon

Preference "How they propose to you"

(YAY ALL OF THEM BABY BOYS AND GURLS BEING FLOFFY! YES! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-He’d ask you to marry him the instant you’d risk your life for him and would do it with a huge ass smile. He’d be so impressed and feel so loved that it would slip from his lips. It would come out all wrong and weird but his smile and laughter would make you feel the same as him. As he’d recollect himself, he’d make it right to you by getting you a proper ring later on. “Woah…Fuck me…No! I mean marry me…Wait I mean…Will you marry me? Yes, are you going to marry me?! As in be mine forever…I’m serious, Y/N…”

Daryl-He’d ask you to marry him by surprising you at your house with the same flowers he had gotten you when you first sought comfort. He knew from the start that they had brought you both together and what better than to make it mean something even more by asking you to marry him with them. Although, in his heart he knew your answer to the question, he would still be nervous about it until you say “Yes”. “Y-Y/N…I-I was wondering…If…You’d like…To marry me…”

Rick-He’d ask you to marry him as you were both on the road alone and were having a meal together. For so many days, he would drag out your stay outside, just to have all his time with you as well as find the right moment to pop the question. As you’d eat together and laugh, he’d realize each moment was perfect with you and would grab your hand to make you look in his eyes, before smiling and popping the question. “Y/N…You know how much I want to spend my life with you…So…Will you marry me?”

Merle-He’d ask you to marry him as he’d look at you cleaning your shared cell. He’d come to realize how much you mean to him and how much he doesn’t ever want to be without you, making the idea of marriage just pop in his head. He’d get a rather soft and serious tone as he’d call you to make you look at him, only to get nervous but smile he pops the question, making you jump to hold him. “Y/N…Do you know how much I need you in my life? So much…That i’m asking you to marry me…”

Glenn-He’d ask you to marry him by getting the approval of your friends and family first before surprising you. Knowing how much they mean to you, he’d want to let them know that he’d take care of you and that from now they were his family as well. Afterwards, he’d pop the question, calmly as he takes a good look at you, while you were laying in bed together and reminiscing about how you met and what you’ve gone through. “Y/N…I know we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together…but still…I have to ask you…Will you marry me?”

Carl-He’d ask you to marry him by making you promise to stay with him forever as you’d sit outside the walls reading together. Despite your young age, knowing how much he felt for you, he’d want you to promise him to stay by his side as he would for you, and would grab your hand to suddenly let you know of his feelings. “Y/N…I know we’re both young…but I know I want to be with you forever…So let’s make a promise to marry each other…”

The Governor-He’d ask you to marry him by getting down on his knee as you’d sit by the garden he had been working on with you. He’d spend the beautiful day, talking and eating with you, slowly realizing that his plans are going just as he wanted. Suddenly, he’d pretend to get himself dirty on accident and run inside to get “change”, only to walk out with a ring and lowers himself as he’d get close enough to you. “I’m sorry about the little lie…But Y/N…Will you make me…the happiest man and marry me…”

Abraham-He’d ask you to marry him by casually dropping the question as you’d wake up from your nap. As you’d spend your day just cuddling together on the couch, the idea would come to his mind as you’d fall asleep in his arms and he realizes how much he needs you in his life. He’d wait for you to wake up and as you’d open your eyes, you’d feel him stroking your hair, making you look up to him and for him to calmly ask you the question. “Hey…Cutie…Y/N…I got something to ask you…Will you marry me…”

Eugene-He’d ask you to marry him by proposing to you with the ring he had been working on for so long while in the factory as you would barge in to see what he was up to. Preparing the surprise would end up consuming his time and it would make you worry that he was being unfaithful. As you’d surprise him, he would’ve finished it all and nervously bend his knee to pop the question. “Euh…Y-Y/N…I-I wanted to know…I-if you were interested into being my wife!”

Ron-He’d ask you to marry him by getting you a promise ring and surprising you with a visit to your house. He knew he wanted you to be his for the rest of his life and just had to be sure of a way to do so, as you were both rather young to get married so soon. With the help of his mom, they came up with the idea of a promise ring and decided to make it official with you. “I know we can’t get married yet…But Y/N…will you accept this as a promise to be with me…”

Jesus-He’d ask you to marry him by screaming out the question as he’d come to visit you during your guard shift at the walls of Alexandria. He’d just be so happy to have you in his life that the idea of proposing to you would come and certainly he had to let everyone know of his love for you. Without a hint of nervousness, he’d get your attention as he’d get closer to the gate and just smile as he asks you the question. “Y/N!!!! Hello! I just came by to ask you one thing today! And that is! Will you marry me?!”

Dwight-He’d ask you to marry him by waiting for you with some beer and pretzel in the first house you had gotten together. He’d realize how much you mean to him and would remember the first days you had moved in together and knew he had to make something special out of it. You’d end up finding several notes as clues as to where you should join him, only to find him sitting on the floor with the last note, asking you the question. “So…Y/N…What do you think? Please tell me it’s a yes…I worked hard…I even remembered the beer and pretzel!”

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Marry me?

Simon: *Simon with his head in Baz’s lap* Hey Baz, wanna hear a joke?

Baz: *reading a book while playing with Simon’s hair* Not really, no.

Simon: *pouting*

Baz: *rolls eyes* Ok fine, let’s hear it.

Simon: *getting up and sitting beside Baz* Knock knock.

Baz: Who’s there?

Simon: Marry.

Baz: Marry who… *looking at Simon wide eyed*

Simon: *gets down on one knee and takes a ring out* Marry me?

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Hey! Anon who had sent the snowbaz prompt about the color yellow, etc. that was really really awesome! You're writing style is fantastic, and the quality is amazing!! Wow! Are you still excepting prompts? Because if so I'd love to see perhaps an insecure Baz and snow being kind? I really loved how you handled snow being self deprecating in your fic and how Baz handled it and I'd love to see something the other way around? Also, park, cold, blanket, eyes, bird, and leafs? That'd be so awesome,omg

AWWWWW OMGS TY ANON!!!!! OKAY SO the sad thing is I kinda got carried away and didn’t include EVERYTHING that you asked for, but I tried to get as much as I could. SECOND OF ALL I hope it’s okay, but I decided to try and use this for the @snowbaz-feda thingy (that I have been wanting to participate in and have only now been able to get something done) so um…. yeah here we go!! 

It was a beautiful spring morning with birds singing their cheerful tunes as they hid among the swaying leaves of trees with twisting branches and big, bright blossoms. There were cheerful shrieks of children running through the open fields playing games of tag and such. Toddlers giggled as they attempted to chase after fluttering butterflies, almost tumbling to the ground before they pulled themselves up again, playing the game until the butterfly flew too far.

And amongst the hoards and hoards of people, where three people in their early twenties, taking advantage of their spring break and strolling through the lush gardens. The tallest of the three held hands loosely with the boy beside him, who was easily recognizable by his bronze hair and blue eyes. And next to him a short girl had her arm linked through his, rolling her eyes at every remark the two made. Honestly, Penny had no idea why she even tried to spend time with the two dorks that were Simon Snow and Baz Pitch. They were so in love it was sickening.

“I could totally fly up to the top of that tree,” Simon argues, looking at the rather gigantic tree in front of them. Baz snorts.

“Please Snow. You can barely fly a foot off the ground.”

“That’s because I didn’t really try.”

“You’re both idiots.”

“Nobody told you to come, Bunce,” Baz says, but there’s a small smile on his lips.

“I had to come or else you both would’ve gotten yourselves killed. Need I remind you of that time at the zoo?”


“Nope. I’m not having this conversation again, Simon. Honestly both of you act like children.”

“Do not,” Baz scoffs. Penny raises an eyebrow.

“Okay fine maybe a little bit.”

“Case and point.”

“Whatever.” They walk a little while longer, enjoying the many sounds of the park and the smell of spring air. And as they did, Simon tried to douse the crippling anxiety that was forming within him. Today was the day, and he was worried how Baz would react.

Baz wasn’t exactly the easy-to-read type. If he was being honest with himself, he could barely figure out that his “plotting” face was actually his “madly-in-love” face when they were still at Watford, which means that he was either incredibly stupid, or Baz hid his emotions well. Sure, as they started to get used to each other Simon got better and better at reading Baz, but it wasn’t exactly like he was an open book. He didn’t know how much Baz loved him. He could just be going through the motions, or he could love him so much that it felt like a weight was crushing on his chest.

But, as Penny caught his gaze, he knew he had to do this. It was now or never.

Baz was worried. More worried than he’s ever been in his entire life, and that was a lot of worrying. He saw the signs before Simon himself seemed to realize them. The way he was wringing his hands nervously whenever he spoke to Baz, the way he didn’t really quite meet Baz’s eyes. He also seemed to be, in a way, distancing himself a little, as if he found Baz…. repulsive.

Sure he shouldn’t think about these things too much but….

Simon Snow hated Baz for a total of seven years with every inch of his being. They were constantly growling at each other, seeing who could pack the hardest punch. They were constantly picking at each other, which made it seem almost impossible for Baz to have a shot with him. Let’s be honest here, when a guy calls you a “bastard” twenty-four seven and considers you as his “enemy,” there’s a good chance he hates you more than you can possibly know.

But… somehow, in the middle of a flaming forest with years of self-hatred pouring off of him in waves, Simon Snow kissed him, sparking a new fire in his heart. None of it made sense. Nothing added up… which sometimes made Baz wonder if this was all part of some plan that Simon had. Sure, it was a cruelness that he never thought Simon would sink to, but maybe he finally figured out how much he hated Baz.

And when Simon stopped him in the middle of the park, Baz could practically hear the words echoing in his ears. I’m sorry Baz it’s just…. Not working for me.

Simon nodded at Penny, who took a step back, wandering off to a nearby bench where she sat down, watching not-so-subtly. The fidgeting increased outrageously as Simon stepped in front of Baz, the sound of his tail swishing and his wings flapping audible. His cheeks dotted with constellations of moles coloured a bright pink that spread down his neck and up to his ears. Shakily, he grabbed one of Baz’s hands, looking up into his eyes for the first time all day, his blue eyes clouded with fear.

“B-baz I–um….” He turned back to Penny, who gave him an overly enthusiastic thumbs up.

“T-these last couple years with you have been, well amazing and I–” he squeezes his eyes tight, looking so embarrassed that it made Baz’s heart lurch. He couldn’t watch him sit through that.

“It’s okay Simon. I know.”

“Y-you do?”

“I mean, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?”

“I-it is?” Simon says, as pale as a ghost.

“I mean–” Baz takes a deep breath, trying to steady himself. “–I’ve always kind of known that the day would arrive because, well, you’re you and I’m….. me and I totally understand it’s just–” Baz stops himself, trying to keep his breathing under control. Simon looks more confused than usual.

“Look…. It’s fine, Simon. I get that sometimes these things…. Don’t really work out as they should so–”

“Wait… what?” Simon says, still looking confused but a little less agitated.

“You’re breaking up with me, aren’t you?” And then…. Simon laughs. A snorty kind of laugh that makes tears stream from his face.

“Aleister Crowley, Baz. No, I am not breaking up with you.”

“Then what–” Simon casts one last glance over his shoulder at Penny, then looks back at Baz. He clutches his hands tightly and bends down onto one knee.

“Baz I–I just love you so much, okay? Aleister Crowley I love you so much and I…. I want to know if–” he reaches into his pocket, almost dropping the small black box inside of it. Blushing fiercely, he opens it up, revealing to a startled Baz a small golden band, marked with a pattern that almost seemed to resemble flames.

“Baz…. W-will you marry me?”

the song remains the same

[So. I was taking a break from writing an essay and stumbled across a post from @neonlightwood with Jimon prompts here. My brain then decided I absolutely needed to write the first one. Enjoy?]

Okay, so maybe the day had started off a little weirdly.

Not that Raphael was a big talker, usually preferring to intimidate people by giving them the silent and stony treatment, but the conversation had been a lot quieter than usual. He hadn’t told Simon to shut up more than twice, for one, and he kept staring at him in a way that was starting to make him uncomfortable. It reminded him too much of how they had met, when he was still a mundane, taken captive by Camille. Like prey, his brain helpfully supplied, and thank you so much for that, brain.

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Imagine Simon taking your virginity (smut)

(Here is the SImon imagine as promised :D So I hope I got this request right and you all like it :D I tried my best making it realist so I hope it’s okay and it makes sense :3 Yay for Simon! Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

From the start of the outbreak, you found yourself lucky enough to be part of group of people.

They called themselves the Saviors and although they weren’t the kindest
they had saved you while you were in a dire situation and you were eternally grateful for them.

As you joined them, their leader Negan, had wanted to marry you and offer you countless of gifts.

He made you uncomfortable and you tried rejecting him but he kept insisting until one of his men had stepped up and explained to him that you probably needed some more time among them to understand what being his wife would include.

Negan had chuckled and eyeing you up and down, he said “Well, aren’t you lucky…Simon here wants you to try the free trial before you take the fucking deal! And you know what…I’ll let you try it…”

He then looked back to Simon and continued, “Simon! You stood up for her. Then deal with her and make her understand that she’s hot to me and that i’ll give her whatever she needs if she marries me!”

Simon nodded and with that Negan left the room along with the others, leaving you and him alone.

You eyed him from head to toe and he turned back to look at you. He smirked and said, “What are you looking at?”

You jumped hearing his voice and got nervous from his comments, making you stutter when you answered him.

“I-I was only checking you out! I mean looking at what you look like…Whatever…”

He noticed your nervousness and started to laugh at the way you spoke to him.

“Checking me out? What? You like what you see? What’s your name again?”

He slowly got closer to you and it made you back away. Apart from telling him your name, You didn’t know what else to say and simply ended up being backed against the wall.

He towered over you and eyed you just as you did. Shaking his head, he then said, “Well Y/N…if you do like what you see…You’re in luck…because of you, i’m stuck babysitting you…”

As soon as you heard the word “babysitting” you got pissed and pushed him away from you and said, “I’m not a baby! So you’re not babysitting me!”

He laughed even harder and just couldn’t seem to stop soon enough.

You told him to stop but he just couldn’t and suddenly looking at you in disbelief, said “You?! Not a baby?! How old are you?!”

Pouting at him and crossing your arms, you told him, “I’m 23…”

He laughed even more and approaching you, he put his arms around your shoulder and said, “Alright, whatever Y/N…Whether you’re a baby or not…I still need to show you around!”

He ended up doing just as he said and strangely you felt more comfortable with him than any of the others.


Soon enough, the more days you spent there the more you grew to like his company. He was the only one making you laugh with his comments and you felt safer around him.

You counted yourself lucky to have made a good friend out of one of them and so did he.

He liked talking to you and felt entertained whenever you were around. Slowly, it was obvious to everyone he had a thing for you.

From the way he looked at you to the way he would spend his day teasing and making fun of you, it was clear he didn’t just see you as a friend.

Even Negan saw it, in him and you as well, and although he wanted you for himself, he felt generous and thought of setting you two together.

One night, he approached Simon and told him he was allowed to pick a girl as long as they accepted him.

He grinned thinking of you and was certain that you would say yes.


He got to your room and knocked on the door. You opened it and saw him smiling.

“Hey, Simon. Is there something wrong?”

He leaned in the door frame and shrugged.

“No…There’s nothing wrong…Can I come in?”

You were startled by his request and you looked both ways outside your door, looking to see if anyone was around.

He chuckled and walked in your room anyways.

“Stop! What if someone sees us? It’s late at night…we shouldn’t be together!”

He chuckled and just went on to jump on your bed and lay there. You quickly closed the door and went to grab his arm to get him off the bed.

“Simon, you can’t stay here! If Negan finds out he’ll kill us!”

He laughed and ended up pulling you towards him instead. You fell on top of him and he suddenly flipped you to land on the bed.

He held you tightly and you tried to get out of his, out of fear Negan would find out. He then cup your face and said, “Calm down…Negan knows i’m here…”

He looked at your features with a slight smirk and continued, “He told me I could pick a girl tonight…and as long as she says yes…I can stay…”

You felt your heart beating faster and yourself starting to get warmer and sweating. You knew exactly what he meant.

“And…you’re choosing me?”

He nodded and smirking, inched closer to you. You panicked and dodged him and managed to get out from his arms.

He got startled and sat up on the bed looking at you in disbelief. Before he could say or do anything, you put a hand to his chest and explained to him.

“I-I like you Simon…I really do…but i’m not sure if i’m ready…”

He was relieved to hear you say that you were fine with him but then got curious about the other part.

“Not ready? What do you mean not ready?”

You got even more embarrassed and couldn’t look him in the eyes to tell him what he needed to know.

“I mean…I’m a…I’m a virgin alright!”

You felt like you just died telling him that and turned away from him to cover your face in your pillow.

His eyes widen in shock and slowly started to grin and laugh.

“You’re joking right?”


When you didn’t answer him, he realized you were telling him the truth and somehow wanted to be with you even more.

He got closer and turned you over to look at him and said, “Alright…You’re a virgin…so what? I still like you and want you…besides you won’t be one after tonight…”

He got closer and instantly you felt like you wanted him as well. You nodded and kissed him back to reassure yourself and him of what was going to happen.

His tongue danced with yours inside your mouth and you felt his hand reached downwards your body.

He groped you tightly and just the way he liked, making you gasp and get a little more nervous.

As he heard you, he slowly he moved away to mark you elsewhere and and whispered, “I’m not gonna hurt you…I’ll make you feel real good…alright…”

From his tone, you could tell he was genuine and nodded to let him know you were fine.

He held you tightly to him while his other hand slowly reached down to your pants.

He unzipped your pants and still kissing you started to rub you. You felt your body getting warmer and the sensation of yourself getting wetter as you felt him touching you.

He made you whimper and as he heard you he backed away to completely remove your pants and parted your legs to open them more.

You got shy and tried to closed them but he set himself in between and kept making you feel light waves of pleasure for the while.

He chuckled looking at you biting your lips to keep quiet and just had to tease you even more.

“Y/N, let me hear that sweet voice of yours…Cause if you keep quiet that means i’m not doing a good job…and that means i’ll have to work a little harder…”

You slowly felt his finger entering in and out of you while his thumb kept circling around your clit.

He grinned looking at you struggle and just motivate him to keep doing what he was doing. He noticed your hips slowly rising and knew you wouldn’t be able to keep it in for long.

He put a hand to your thigh to pin you down and went on faster. He bent over to you to kiss you feverishly and  in rough tone asked “Are you ready?…Are you ready to come? For me…tell me…”

You felt him going faster and clung onto his shirt tightly and just nodded eagerly.

He went faster with his fingers and finally made you tremble and shiver in pleasure and let you ride it out.


As he felt you relax, he chuckled and removed his fingers and went on to remove his clothes quickly.

He then got to you and help you out of your shirt. As he soon as he removed it, you just wanted to kiss and hold him tightly.

He did just as he wanted and fell back on the bed with you. You wanted to touch him and make him feel as good as you but as you reached for him, he stopped you and shook his head.

He looked into your eyes and whispered, “No…Don’t…as much as i’d really like it…This is about you…and making you feel good…not me…alright…”

As you nodded, he parted your legs again and settling himself between them, he started to stroke himself to get even harder.

You felt your stomach slightly turn and anticipated to feel him. However, at the same time you got worried an wondered if you were going to be able to feel some pleasure after the pain.

He made you feel good until now and you didn’t want that feeling to go away and be replaced with pain.

As he looked at you, he could tell you were worried and in that instant, he just wanted to reassure you.

He stopped stroking himself and approached closer to you and kissed you again before parting.

“I’ll go in slow…I promise…I don’t want to hurt you…So if I do just tell me…Remember i’m here for your pleasure not mine…”

You wrapped your arms around your neck and kissing him back nodded.

He stayed close to you feeling your body pressed against his and grabbing himself slowly aligned to your opening.

He entered slowly just as he promised and you felt yourself stretching like never before.

There was a pain and you seemed to forget the pleasure from before. You could only close your eyes shut tight and hope to keep in your voice.

He noticed your expression changing and stopped pushing himself in.


Out of breath, he swallowed hard and kept his composure to keep himself from just shoving his cock inside.

“A-are you okay? I’m hurting you aren’t I? I’ll pull out if you want me to…”

Although it hurt, you knew it was only like this for the first time and later it would dissolve into pleasure.

You wanted to be with him and just couldn’t deny you were glad to losing it to him rather than anyone else. So you shook your head, and kissing his cheek whispered, “It’s fine…You’re doing just as you promised…It hurts but only for a moment…Keep going…”

He felt bad and kissed you back and was about to back away until you held him tightly to you.

You then felt him a little deeper and yourself stretching even more. You let out a faint shriek and he kept apologizing as he pushed inside of you.

He wrapped his arms around you tightly and stopped for a while, resting his head in the crook of your neck and letting you breath and adjust to him.

The pain did bother you but as you noticed him stopping for a while, you couldn’t help but feel grateful for him being understanding.


As he heard his name coming from you, he raised to look at you and saw the eagerness in your eyes.


You took in a few deep breaths and finally told him.

“I-I’m ready…I think i’ll be okay…”

He nodded and couldn’t help but smirk.

He started to thrust in an in and out motion and went as slow as he could.

You felt the pain again but this time it was mixed with some pleasure as well. You grew to be accustomed to it and to enjoy it.

It made you moan and whimper and he understood that you started to enjoy it.

He was ready to show you what he was about but still maintained his calmness.

He got up and started to go a little faster than before. He was cursing and started to talk to you in the dirtiest way you ever heard and you couldn’t help but be in the heat of the moment along with him.

You were able to enjoy the feeling of his cock pushing in and out and him holding you tightly. You felt each of his thrusts getting faster and you in that instant, you couldn’t keep your voice down.

It made him chuckle and before you knew it he felt you tightening around him and he needed to release. He pulled out and came all over your stomach. You were both out of breath and he couldn’t help but smiling and laughing.

You noticed the blood on him and felt embarrassed about it but as he noticed you, he smirked and said “Y/N, congrats…you’re not a virgin anymore…”

He went to kiss your forehead and wrapped his arms around you tightly and slowly drifted to sleep as you hugged him back.

a smol hc

Happy Valentine’s Day to this wonderful blog who I’ve had the pleasure of being the secret valentine for @basiltonsnowpitch <3 This is part ¼ (I am s o n e r v o u s omg)

  • so one day, Basilton Grimm-Pitch goes into a jewelry store and purchases a ring
  • he has a speech and everything is planned and perfect
  • he’s hopeful and so hopeless
  • ly in love
  • but he just can’t bring himself to ask simon
  • he just can’t risk it
  • risk the answer being no and everything being shattered and terrible
  • months pass
  • the box gathers dust in the bottom drawer of his dresser, hidden underneath bunches of rarely used clothes
  • he becomes more and more sure that simon won’t say yes
  • so he doesn’t ask
  • time passes
  • valentine’s day comes around
  • simon wakes up at the crack of dawn to try and cook baz breakfast
  • he’s exhausted but giddy with excitement and he’s trying to be super quiet to not wake Baz up (obviously he manages to make a huge mess and lots of noise but somehow baz sleeps through it)
  • he can’t find an apron and he doesn’t want to ask baz
  • so he goes to look for it
  • he checks in all of the drawers and dressers
  • his eyes go wide when he uncovers an old shirt
  • and he sees it
  • there’s a receipt beside the ring box and it’s dated for two years ago
  • simon doesn’t undferstand
  • baz has never asked. doesn’t he love simon? does he even want it anymore?
  • simon needs to get away from the house just to have the space to think about this so he gives baz his breakfast quickly and with a smile
  • but baz can tell something is off
  • simon still kisses him gently and wishes him a happy valentine’s day
  • but then simon’s gone
  • he said it was just going to be ‘a short walk’ but it’s late when simon gets home
  • baz waited for him all day but when he comes in the door it’s nearly time to go to bed
  • baz can’t understand
  • until simon stands in front of baz and opens his hands
  • he’s got the box in one palm
  • everything’s dead quiet
  • “were you afraid I wasn’t going to say yes” simon says quietly
  • baz doesn’t know what to say
  • the world stops as simon gets down on one knee
  • and opens the box
  • revealing two rings
  • the one that baz bought for him
  • and a new one (he must have spent the whole day looking for the right one)
  • “well it’s a yes” simon says
  • and he’s crying
  • baz finds that his voice still doesn’t work
  • “but Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch, will you also marry me?”
  • simon looks so nervous
  • baz finally finds he can speak
  • “yes” he says, pretending to be uninterested
  • “if only so you don’t ever call me that again.”
  • and then he’s smiling
  • and simon’s smiling
  • and they’re both laughing
  • and kissing
  • they make dinner together and eat it joyfully even though it’s terribly burnt
  • with fresh cherry scones for dessert
  • (also slightly burnt)
  • (you can’t expect them to keep track of time when they’re making out)
  • Raphael: Simon..
  • Simon: *thinking about all his sins"
  • Raphael: will..
  • Simon: *remember the torn jacket*
  • Raphael: you.. *staying on one knee*
  • Simon: *thinking that he саn cut him into pieces, begining from legs*
  • Raphael: marry me?
  • Raphael: ...
  • Simon: ...
Dueling Desires

Being friends with benefits is never as simple as it seems. Warning: a teeny bit NSFW. The next chapters are here: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14


He knew he was making a huge mistake. Professor Possibelf recently started an optional dueling class and had suggested Baz come by. Baz didn’t need help with dueling, his mother had started his training since he was three, but he knew a certain curly-haired blonde was going to be there, so he agreed to stop in.
Baz walked in five minutes late so as not to appear too interested in coming. Quietly he walked to the back of the room and watched Possibelf struggle not to laugh as Gareth thrusted at a third year opponent in the middle of the room. Snow was standing off to the side observing and nodding his head in approval. Baz had no idea how Snow could possibly benefit from this class; he had only two efficient fighting methods: slice with his sword or go off.
Professor Possibelf spotted Baz in the corner and looked relieved. She threw her hands up to stop Gareth’s ridiculous spectacle of a duel.
“That’s enough, thank you Gareth and Ellen. Basilton? Would you mind volunteering for the rest of the class?”
Gareth’s face was flushed as he went back to settle with the rest of the students. Baz glanced at Snow sideways and smirked at the look of irritation on his face.
He strode to the center of the room and looked at his nails carelessly as he waited for Possibelf to pick his opponent.
“And maybe…Simon?”
Snow looked agitated as he stepped to face Baz in the center of the room. Baz walked over and shook his hand firmly; ignoring the tingling sensation it started in his arm.
“Can’t use your sword this time Snow, good luck,” Baz murmured.
“Don’t need it,” Snow growled.
They both settled into offensive positions and waited for Possilbelf’s signal. She nodded and Baz immediately stepped forward.
“Break a leg!”
The spell hit Snow right on target. He grimaced and clutched his leg but didn’t drop to the floor. The spell didn’t actually break someone’s leg, but it did cause quite a bit of pain for the recipient’s legs.
Snow reared his own wand back. Baz could block it if he wanted, but he was curious to see if Snow could make his spell work.
“Pain in the neck!”
Baz felt the spell crackle wildly and hit. It wasn’t as focused as Baz’s but it still reached its target. Baz groaned as his neck felt like a thousand tiny needles were stabbing it. Even though Snow’s magic was iffy with accuracy it was definitely powerful.
“Take a bow!” Baz spat out.
It was an immature move. Snow knelt to the ground helplessly, glaring furiously at Baz. The spell wasn’t exactly forbidden but it was frowned upon. It forced others to bow, a spell often used by parents trying to teach young Mage’s manners. But it was an unspoken agreement between mages not to use it against one another in arguments or fights.
“Basilton!” Professor Possibelf looked shocked.
Snow fought off the spell and rushed over to Baz. Instead of punching him as Baz had expected him to do Simon pushed his wand right under Baz’s chin, his other hand gripping Baz’s tie. The entire room went silent.
“That…was uncalled for,” Snow sputtered.
Baz shrugged.
“All’s fair in love and war.”
Snow shook his head in disgust.
“You’re so fucked up.”
Baz laughed, “Don’t I know it?”
Snow was too close to him, it was affecting him in ways he hadn’t anticipated when agreeing to the duel. He felt heat and lightning coursing through his veins. Snow pulled him closer, his thighs touching Baz’s, as if he were about to follow up on his threat but paused. Snow looked down at their pressing bodies. His expression was a mixture of surprise and utter confusion. Baz felt embarrassment and anger course through him. Snow raised an eyebrow at him.
Baz smacked his hand away and turned on his heel to leave the room. Several people were looking at him questioningly and he heard quite a few people mumbling what just happened? Baz stormed out of the classroom and into the hallway.
He heard the squeak of someone running behind him.
“Was that your wand or were you just excited to see me?”
Baz worked his jaw and turned to face an amused looking Snow. He was grinning cockily at Baz; his face told Baz that Snow had definitely felt his bodily reaction in the classroom.
“Your point?” Baz countered.
Snow’s smile flickered.
“Well…I mean it’s just a surprise.”
Baz smirked meanly.
“You had your whole body pressed up against me. And you don’t look half bad either.”
Snow frowned. “What are you saying?”
Baz walked up to him, “I’m saying…I’m an eighteen year old guy. I can’t help it if the person I hate has a nice looking,” He paused playfully, “mouth. But don’t get so worked up about it. It doesn’t mean anything.”
With that Baz walked away towards their room, pretending to look unaffected by the exchange. In reality, his heart was pounding uncontrollably fast. Snow had felt the culmination of his uncontrollable feelings and hormones. Sure, he could swear up and down that it wasn’t a big deal but it was a lie. And he wasn’t sure how convincing he could really be.


Simon stood dumbfounded in the hallway. When he had been pressed against Baz in the dueling class he’d felt…Baz. It was surprising, but what had been more surprising was his own reaction. His stomach had gone jumpy, like he was excited.
Then he’d chased after him to, well, he didn’t really know what he’d been planning on doing. But Baz had told him it meant nothing before he could say anything. Did this mean Baz was gay? And if so, why did it matter to Simon?
His body answered for him: because you want him. Simon gritted his teeth. It didn’t make any sense, he hated Baz. He’d spent the last couple of years proving that to everyone. But his body couldn’t lie to him.
Simon bit his lip. He could go back to the dueling class or he could go after Baz in the room. After a few seconds of consideration he rushed up the stairs to their room. When he came into the room he found Baz reading at his desk. He looked up at Simon in surprise. He obviously hadn’t expected him to follow him to the room.
Simon walked over and sat on Baz’s bed.
“Get off my bed.”
Simon smiled.
Baz looked at his mouth and away.
“Isn’t it obvious?”
Simon scooted closer to Baz.
“What was obvious was what you felt in the dueling classroom.”
Baz jerked back, almost tipping his desk chair over.
“I- Snow I already told you that it didn’t mean anything.”
Simon shrugged. “I know. Doesn’t mean anything for me either. We still hate each other.”
Baz glared at him, “Go on.”
“Just because we hate each other doesn’t mean we aren’t attracted to each other.”
Baz’s eyes widened in surprise.
“You’re attracted to me?”
Snow nodded, his face heating.
“Look, I’m not asking you to marry me or something,” Simon explained, “I’m just saying maybe we could…mess around.”
Baz rolled his eyes skeptically.
“Mess around? That’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard of.”
Simon decided to be bold. He moved forward and put his hands on Baz’s thighs, balancing half on the bed and half on Baz’s lap.
“Is it?”
Baz’s cheeks went pink. He looked down at Simon’s hands and then back to his face, eyes focused on his mouth.
“No strings attached?” He breathed.
Simon grinned, “No strings attached. Just hooking up.”
Baz swallowed largely, “We’re going to have to kill each other.”
Simon shrugged, “Eventually. But not yet.”
Baz closed his eyes for a few seconds. Then out of nowhere he grabbed Simon’s waist and pulled him the rest of the way on his lap. Simon’s breathing spiked as Baz leaned forward and kissed him. Baz’s hands wound their way into Simon’s hair and pulled carelessly. Simon grinned against his mouth and pulled at Baz’s tie, egging him on.
“This,” Baz gasped, “Is…so…stupid.”
Simon nodded.
“Yeah. It is.”
Then he kissed Baz with everything he had.

‘I Told You So’


Super short thing for snarkysurana and inconueniens-ludos because you’ve both had a pretty rough time recently and I love you and you deserve all the happiness in the world. I wish I could give you that, but unfortunately, due to the fact that we live in different countries, this is the best I can do. I hope you like it anyway. I love you! <3

Ragnor discovers Raphael and Simon are dating.

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a tru fact: raphael styled simon’s hair in 1x13

Snap Out Of It

Snap Out Of It - Part 5

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Word Count: 1000

Warnings: Violence.

Note: <3

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“So, how are you liking this humble abode?” You turned around and saw Simon behind you.  Turning back to your bed you sighed while making your bed. Your room was small, but you could cope. It was a brand-new day, your first day at the sanctuary and you were already being bothered by a moronic asshole. “Oh, I’m great, it’s not that different from my room back in Alexandria, so I’m good. Loving it actually.” You answered turning to him and giving him a mocking smile.

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Fell in Love all Over Again

Summary: After Simon undergo’s surgery to remove his wings he wakes up having forgotten the last 25 years of his life, including his amused husband Baz who films their little re-introduction 

Baz has lived a very interesting 25 years of life. He assumes being a wizard/vampire and being married to a man (a beautiful man) with wings and a tail would make things interesting, and Baz certainly is not complaining. However, in all his 25 years of existence, and Simon Snow being the main cause for all the craziness for at least half of it, he never expected to be here.

Baz is currently in a hospital room, looking down at an incredibly drugged up Simon who is beginning to come back into consciousness after having surgery to have his wings removed. After many years of living with his wings and tail, the weight of the wings and the stress they cause when they pop out in awkward public situations more times than both Simon, Baz and Penny can count, Simon made the decision to remove them (“Just keep your tail at least Snow”) Baz had practically pleaded, (“Without the tail you will just be a normal boring sod and I do not settle for boring”) Baz had argued, even though everyone knew he just really fucking loves that tail.

So now, Simon is wingless and very drugged up and according to the doctor will not remember anything about his entire life for about an hour or so due to the heavy anesthetic used during the operation.

So yeah, Baz never believed he would end up in this situation.

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A Walk With Simon

Imagine your hand in Simon’s, walking down the stone brick street towards the River Thames with the soft blue and indigo of twilight blending the sky above. The naked trees on either side of the two of you have their bare, scraggly branches laced with blue lights that smoothly glide across the ground and the walls and buildings to your sides. Feeling his hand adjust amongst yours you bring your eyes up to his face, taking in all of his features. From his gentle, sapphire eyes to his softly angled cheekbones, sliding your eyes down to his rounded, soft lips only to jump back up to his eyes when he spoke. The light shaded his face, covering it with half of a mask of the careful night.

“I’m so glad that you’re here with me (Y/N). Taking a night away from everything was more than a great idea,” he said, smiling down to you and lifting your hand to be wrapped in both of his. “It’s not right, you know,” the words quietly trailing out as he turned his head up to the sky.

“What do you mean, Simon?” His name gliding through the chilled air, making you feel the love you have for him deep in your chest.

“What’s not right is that you can completely blow me away just from having me look at you. Every time I look over at your beautiful face I remember why I’m so happy with you. But you’re smile is a completely different story, I lose my words when I see you so happy.” He said letting a small smile turn the corners of his lips. 

A slight warmth runs along your cheeks as a smile makes its way to your expression, echoing your bliss from his words. “I have no idea how you can manage to think of something cuter than you are, Simon Minter.” The sound of his name was like music for you to hear. 

“Eh, well, I’ve had some time to think between my videos,” he utters, flicking his eyes to the left and shrugging his shoulders. “But listen, you take so much time out of your normal day to take walks like this with me and I love that you do that for me.” His smile falling. “I don’t know how you always seem to know when I need a break from everything but somehow you almost know me better than myself. And I’ve been thinking about this and having a relationship with you. It’s been such a long time that we’ve been together; such a long time that you’ve been the kindest and most caring person towards me. I cherish all the times that we have ever had together and I… well, I want to have so many more with you…” he trailed off as he gulped and looked towards the ground.

His face looked worried and hesitant with his eyes scanning the bricks beneath us and his lips sucking in, showing the gears of his mind running together. He looked back up to get your questioning gaze, his face still tense in thought, but relaxing just enough to let him speak,

 “I want to have so many more of the great times we’ve had together, but I can’t do that, (Y/N).” 

Your heart plummeted to the bottom of your stomach as your mind started racing with questions and a cool shade entered your chest. 

“I can’t do it without…god…listen, what I’m trying to say is…” he winced at his inability to get the words out of his mouth, “…I couldn’t do it without you by my side, holding my hand along the way and making me laugh. I couldn’t do it unless I had you to be there with me, making me the happiest man there is to be alive…” He paused, “(Y/N), I can’t do it unless you’ll say yes.”

Your mind was still processing what he had just said, at first it seemed like he might be ending your relationship, but then it took a nicer turn and now where the hell are you? You were putting the words together in your head before you realized you were watching him place one long leg behind him to get down on his one knee whilst he was pulling a small box from his pocket, lifting it between the two of you and opening it. 

“(Y/N), I want you to be with me and I with you for every step we take after this day. I want you be the one to hold you when you cry, take care of you when you’re sick, cook dinner for you when you come home from a long day at work, and be your person. I want you to be with you for the rest of my life, (Y/N),“ He gulps, eyes glistening with tears that matched the smile written across his face, “Will you marry me?”


Blackthorn network team wrangel island
challenge #2: favourite otp with a Blackthorn

“But we’re together, at least. Aline and I. That’s something. That’s everything, I suppose. I still can’t believe she agreed to marry me.“

“You’re getting married?” Simon exclaimed. “That’s amazing!”

“It is, isn’t it?” Helen smiled. “It’s hard to believe how much light you can find in the darkness, when you have someone who loves you.” - Pale Kings and Princes © cassandraclare