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Sanvers + favorite quotes

  • Wade: Spidey? You wanna go?
  • Peter: Yeah.
  • Wade: On a date with me?
  • Wade: oH
  • Wade: YOU DO!!?!
  • Peter: Stop thinking you're so cunning of course I agreed you're my fucking boyfriend you egg
I know that we will get married one day, because my heart is ready to share my life with you.
—  Poets Love Her
I wanna marry you. I wanna have kids with you. I wanna build us a house. I wanna settle down and grow old with you. I wanna die when I’m 110 years old, in your arms. I don’t want 48 uninterrupted hours. I want a lifetime.
—  “Grey’s Anatomy”

“because even forever doesn’t seem long enough with you”

“i love you for all that you are, all that you have been, and all you’re yet to be.”

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  • Alois: I will put my "A" down to make “A”
  • Edward: I will add onto your “A” to make “AT”
  • Elizabeth: I will add onto your “AT” to make “RAT”
  • Ciel: I will add onto your “RAT” to make “BIOSTRATIGRAPHIC”
  • Alois: *flips table*