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Heirate nicht den Mann, der dir die teuerste Hochzeit schenkt. Heirate den Mann, mit dem du dir vorstellen kannst, mit einem Stück trockenen Brot glücklich zu sein.
—  PA Sports
I wanna marry you. I wanna have kids with you. I wanna build us a house. I wanna settle down and grow old with you. I wanna die when I’m 110 years old, in your arms. I don’t want 48 uninterrupted hours. I want a lifetime.
—  “Grey’s Anatomy”

“because even forever doesn’t seem long enough with you”

“i love you for all that you are, all that you have been, and all you’re yet to be.”

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  • MC: *at the alter, checking their watch* I can't believe he's not here yet..
  • Seven: *dramatically throwing open the doors* THE GROOM IS HERE! I'M HERE AND I'M QUEER
  • MC:
  • MC: You were late on purpose just so you could say that, weren't you?
  • Seven:
The scary thing about dating is that you are either going to marry that person or break up
—  todayimalive

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get to know me meme [27/50 relationships]: Summer Roberts & Seth Cohen

“Back then, you were just this fantasy. You were this little girl who when I would see you would either ignore me or make an obscene gesture and keep on walking. But now look at you - you fight for sea otters, you’ve befriended Taylor Townsend, you’re an incredible mom to that bunny. You’ve evolved. And over the last nine hundred and fifty days we’ve been dating - yes, I counted and yes I counted the Zach era because really who were we kidding? - I’ve watched you grow into this incredible woman. And that is who I love.” 

I want to marry you, and not because you’re dangerously handsome or insanely hot, I want to marry you because you make me laugh when I want to cry. You accept my past without judgement. You make me feel loved and wanted. You make me feel whole when I feel like I’m falling apart. You look at me like I’m the only person in the world to you. No I don’t want to marry you for something as temporary as looks, I want to marry you for your heart, your soul, your spirit.
—  My Own Damned Thoughts