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Drabble Prompts!

1. “Can you, I don’t know, stop being the worst person on the planet?” 

 2. “Get your bitch ass over here and cuddle with me you little shit." 

3. “Payback’s a bitch.” 

4. "Is that a threat or are you flirting with me?" 

5. “Please, spare me the tears. I know where this is going, I’ll help you.” 

6. “Great, fantastic, I’m so amazingly happy.” 

7. “Just kidding, I really don’t care.” 

 8. “At least you weren’t stabbed, because hello, I am bleeding.” 

 9. “Before you say that, let me pretend to be listening to music.” 

10. "Sorry I ruined your life. Maybe you shouldn’t have married me.” 11. “Tell me what they did to you, please." 

12. “Stay here tonight.” 

13. "I wanna punch you in the lips… with my lips." 

14. “I won’t let anyone hurt you, you’re safe with me.”

15. “You’re so adorable.” 

16. “It’s cold, you should take my jacket.” 

17. “I’m right where I belong.” 

18. “What happened back there?” 

19. “Who cares about what they think?” 

20. “Dance with me.” 

21. “I wasn’t lying when I said that I loved you.” 

22. “You could have warned me!” 

23. “What’s cookin’ good lookin’?” 

24. “I can’t sleep, can I stay here?” 

25. "Wait should I bring anything?” “Your pretty smile. Bring that. Please." 

26. "You’re so hot I just wanna punch you in the face!” “And they say romance is dead." 

27. “Join the club, asshole. Move.” 

28. “You don’t have to be anything for me. I like you just the way you are.” 

 29. “I will punch you in the eye.” 

30. “Take notes, asswipes. This is how you beat the odds.” 

31. “Can you stop being so reckless? You die and this is all over.” 

 32. "Keep talking to me like that, I dare you.” 

33. "Did you just throw that at me?" 

34. “You did this for me?” 

35. “The way you flirt is shameful.” 

36. “Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?” 

 37. "Have you lost your damn mind?!” 

38. “Please don’t argue. You have to leave right now, you aren’t safe here.” 

39. “My logic is plain weird, don’t ask” 

40. “It’s my job to protect you.” “Yea!? How are you gonna do that if you’re dead, huh?” 

41. “It’s a little late for that, don’t you think? Have you seen my scars?” 

42. “Damn computers.”

43. “Well, that was stupid of you.” 

44. "I’m too busy ignoring you to bother." 

45. "What do you mean it’s broken? It’s totally fixable." 

46. "You’re just seeing things." 

47. "You broke a knife??" 

48. "Damn, that was good." 

49. "I’m not ticklish, nice try." 

50. "What are we going to do? We’re screwed." 

51. "“How can you live with yourself?” “Quite easily, actually. I just kind of drink my coffee and relax, maybe even read a book if I’m up to it.”

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Actors Navi(2017/8/2) Teruma x  Akazawa Ryotaro

Where Teruma shamelessly shows of his long legs and inhuman body proportions (compared to Ryo especially lol good job cameraman lemme buy you a drink)

It’s a super fun program to watch. And we finally get the answer to an age-old question:
No, Teruma is not mixed. He’s pure Japanese XD

He just looks racially ambiguous because Ryo was definitely not the only person who thought he must be mixed.

And here’s Teruma’s cartoon self designed by Teruma and I want this image to be on my everything

also he looks super cute in ponytail

super cute

so cute

I’m literally dying

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Hogwart houses as husbands while the baby is being delivered.

Ravenclaw: Books didn’t prepare me for this
Hufflepuff: Here’s a cookie, cookies help, oh wait no they don’t, THEN WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO
Gryffindor: Running around freaking out (unlike the one having the baby. They’re pretty calm oddly enough)
Slytherin: …actually handling this well for once.

When I left my house, I lost a ring that I really like so I went around looking for it but in the end, I’m pretty sure I lost it.  
So I said to myself, “NO…”
Then, as I whispered that…
“I don’t even want to touch your haaaand!”
I just continued unconsciously singing the Sebas and Will duet.  
“It’s been so long, WIll!”
That’s not a line, but in any case, where did my ring go… 

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

Note: In Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus, William and Seb sang an angry duet during their trapeze scene which was basically them yelling “NO!” at each other.