marry me pete

This is a short piece from an AU I have where Bruce and Clark met during Bruce’s Batman training. Years later, they’ve been married since before they were heroes, but no one knows. Until Batman is caught kissing Clark Kent.

“You knew Jimmy was there!”

“I- You know how much of a distraction you are, and it was on top of a building full of reporters-”

“You.” Bruce whirled around, jamming his finger into the man’s chest. “Are lying to me. And you are still bad at it.” Kal was quiet for a long moment, standing in place. At long length, his shoulders wilted.

“I… I didn’t plan it, but- but I did notice him,” he admitted, pained.

“Before or after you kissed me?” Bruce challenged. Kal’s silence said it all. “What the hell were you thinking?!”


“What kind of PR can I spin about this?! Batman doesn’t do press!”


Don’t you dare make a joke about him ‘doing’ the press right now.

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Free Dessert with a Proposal (SonnyxPete)

Summary: For their one year anniversary, Sonny and Pete decide they want to try out a new (extremely expensive) restaurant out of the barrio. And they decide to pay for it, not by dipping into Sonny’s share of the lotto winnings, but by faking a proposal in hopes for a free meal. (Usnavi is not at all impressed with his cousin’s antics but can’t say no to him)

Word count: 835

Warnings: N/A

A/N: Fake proposal…heh

“Hey cuz, I got a question.”

“Yeah? What’s up mijo?”

“Do you have a ring I could borrow? Pete’s going to propose but…we don’t have a ring.” Usnavi nearly choked on his coffee, staring across at Sonny who was still stocking the shelves with that day’s shipment.

“I’m sorry what? Sonny, you two’ve only been dating like a year!”

“That you know of.” Sonny muttered, digging through the box. Usnavi narrowed his eyes, but decided to leave the questioning for that until later.

“Besides, you can relax. It ain’t for real.”

“Not…for real?” Usnavi repeated, tilting his head with a frown.

“Yeah. There’s just this restaurant we’ve been wanting to go to. Rumor has it they give free meals to people who get engaged so…” Sonny shrugged, turning with a smile.

“You two are going to get engaged…for free dinner?”

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The music starts and Rose grins, squeezing his hand as she begins the first steps of their first dance. He grins back and follows her lead, thumb stroking back and forth on her waist. “Rose?“

“Yeah, Doctor Tyler?” Her eyes sparkle mischievously as she uses his legally new name and he leans down, pressing a quick kiss to her lips.

He rests his forehead to hers. “How long are you gonna stay with me?”


once upon a time, he says, people were not born separate from each other. they were born entwined, kind of coupled with each other. so there were boys attached to boys, and there were girls attached to girls, and of course, boys and girls together in a wonderfully intimate ball. and back then we had eight limbs. there were four on top,  four on the bottom, and you didn’t have to walk if you didn’t want to. you could roll, and roll we did. we rolled backwards and we rolled forwards, achieving fantastic speeds that gave us a kind of courage.

and then the courage swelled to pride.

and the pride became arrogance.

and then we decided that we were greater than the gods and we tried to roll up to heaven and take over heaven. the gods alarmed, struck back!  zeus, in his fury, hurled down lightning bolts and struck everyone in two, into perfect halves. so all of a sudden, couples who had been warm and tight and wedged together, were now detached, and alone, and lost, and desperate, and losing the will to live.

and the gods see what they had done, worried that humans might not survive or even multiply again. of course, they needed humans to give sacrifices and to pay attention to them, so the gods decided on a few repairs. instead of heads facing backwards, or out, they would rotate our heads back to forward. they pulled our skin taut and knotted it at the belly button. genitalia too, were moved to the front, so if we wanted to, we could.

and most important, they left us with a memory.  it was a longing for that original other half of ourselves –the boy or the girl who used to make us whole.  and that longing is still so deep in all of us, men for men, women for women, men for women, for each other, that it has been the lot of humans, ever since, to travel the world, looking for our other half. and when, says aristophanes, when one of us meets another, we recognize each other right away. we just know this. we’re lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy. we won’t get out of each others sight, even for a moment. these are people, he says, who pass their whole lives together, and yet if you ask them, they could not explain what they desire of each other.

they just do.
—  aristophanes’s speech from plato's symposium as re-told by robert krulwich, desperately seeking symmetry // radiolab

Just think right now. If they are live in the same house. In the morning they will see each other like this. Now think again. Patrick takes Pete’s photo and Pete’s give this pose.. Guys.. PETERICK IS STILL REAL FOR ME ! *fangirling* *shiping so hard* 

ringpop promposal

OKAY SO a while ago I posted about a TASM/F4 Johnny/Peter get married fic. It was all @boatmamacita‘s fault. I am easily led astray by thoughts of MBJ and AGarfield getting dumb courthouse married.

Long story short I have a bunch of it written but I’m thinking of retooling it entirely for SpideyTorch week so it has more of a like. Actual theme. But I know a couple of people wanted to see it so I’m posting the WiP doc here. Happy day after boxing day present! Take it away from me oh my god. 

(PS this is what my fic looks like when it’s not done - all the big blank spaces are “I haven’t figured out what goes between these bits I wanted to write” spaces. I am great at writing!)

“I know it’s all fun and games when you’re young and fancy free,” Johnny said, waving his spoon loftily around. There was a twitch in her Sue’s eyebrow Johnny hadn’t seen since he’d been five and the toy store employee told Sue a chemistry set was too advanced for little girls.

“I will hurl this phone across the room,” she said. “That’s your last warning to drop this.”

“You have to think about the future!” he said. His phone was propped up against the milk carton and Sue stared out at him from the screen, her head in her hands.

“Oh my god,” Sue said, putting her head down against the table. There was a muffled “what” from the background and a second later Reed’s face appeared over her shoulder.

“Oh,” he said. “Hi, Johnny.”

“Just the man I wanted to see!” Johnny beamed.

“Noooo,” Sue said as Johnny schooled his features into something resembling serious - mixed results, if the snort from the next chair over was anything to go by. “No, no, no -”

“Don’t you think it’s about time you two crazy kids tied the knot?” Johnny asked.

Reed turned bright red. Sue turned invisible.

“I’m going to kill you,” Sue’s disembodied voice promised while Reed stammered something about having to go, he’d left the particle accelerator on. “I will stay invisible and go to Queens and murder you in your sleep.”

“The world just looks different once you’ve settled down,” Johnny said loftily.

“Johnny,” Sue said, flickering back into view. “You’re FaceTiming me from your husband’s aunt’s kitchen in your pajamas at 2PM.”

“Eating Lucky Charms dry out of the box,” Peter chimed in helpfully, tossing a four leaf clover into his mouth. “Can I have the milk back now?”

“No, I need it,” Johnny said, elbowing him.

“Hi, Peter,” Sue said, voice full of defeat.

“Hi, Sue!” Peter said, opening his mouth so Johnny could toss him a marshmallow. Johnny fished around until he found a heart, because he was romantic like that. Peter made an ‘aww’ noise, catching the marshmallow out of the air like a seal.

“I’m hanging up now,” Sue said.

“Love you!” Johnny called. He slipped his arm around Peter’s shoulders and pulled him in until he could wave at Sue too.

“Please put real pants on,” Sue said.

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VERY long winded, updatey post in 3…2…1…

okay, so i had a bunch of things i wanted to catch up on here. feel free to disregard since it will be long, but these are things i wanted to remember and share. i’ve broken it up by topic so if you want to skip, please do lol.

wedding week

so my sister’s wedding was really beautiful, of course, i know i couldn’t/can’t shut up about it. the week of the wedding was a bit crazy but also really lovely too. tyler and sarah arrived on tuesday evening of that week instead of wednesday, so that was a nice change of plans which gave us bonus time together. that week, we spent hanging out, we went to somerville, we made crap for dinner, sat in the backyard talking, watching the birds & catching fireflies. it really was such a wonderful thing to have them here. a nice calming presence during a crazy time. on wednesday evening before the wedding, tyler and sarah went to see U2 in concert, so i spent the evening working on wedding things with christina. it was nice to have that bit of extra time with her before the big day. we had a minor issue where our washer was leaking and i was terrified that my dad was going to freak out, and it stressed me out since of course it was wedding week, but it all ended up being fine too. the leak ended up just coming from the hose that goes into the slop sink (which was also a bit clogged), so my dad fixed that and we were all set. that night, sarah had made the most amazing cookies, so after he fixed everything, he sat with us outside for cookies lol.

friday, we headed down to the venue fairly early. friday was probably the worst day for my anxiety, i could not calm down. i was so happy and excited but i just had this elevated level of omg almost constantly, so sarah suggested we go down a little early. tyler was able to sweet talk his way into checking in really early lol, and then we went into princeton for a bit to walk around before my family started arriving. back at the hotel, once everyone arrived, we got our things together, i stayed with my sister and the bridesmaids the night before the wedding, so we all dropped our stuff, got ready and headed to the rehearsal. there was a slight moment of panic because my sister told everyone the rehearsal started at 7, but it was actually 7:15 because she didn’t want anyone to be late, but people were getting cranky that the priest hadn’t arrived and my mom was trying to call to see if she could get ahold of anyone, but it ended up being fine because he was on time. the rehearsal ran long, the priest (same one who married me and pete) is a great guy but kind of long winded lol. we ended up being late to the dinner, but the best man called ahead and it was fine. tyler and sarah came to the rehearsal so they could see the space and then joined us at the restaurant but sat on their own (my sister and jimmy paid for the dinner themselves, but we’ve been to the restaurant with tyler and sarah before and we knew it was a safe place for him to eat), so it was nice to have them there to visit throughout the night. at the dinner, i read the poem that tyler wrote for my sister and jimmy and one of jimmy’s friend’s gave a speech… it was heartfelt, but he was a little tipsy and it was kind of all over the place and messy, but he was sweet. after the dinner, we headed back to the hotel. pete ended up staying with my parents, and i went back to my sister’s room with the girls. christina said a little something and gave us our gifts. her card was probably one of the best things. she also got us all cute beach towels, stemless wine glasses with our names on them, and each girl got a bracelet, and i got a necklace. very sweet. that night, i slept in the king bed with my sister, my cousin, hope, and my other cousin, allie, slept at the foot of the bed on the bench, it was kind of hilar. the rest of the girls slept down stairs, four on two air mattresses and two on the pull out couch.

in the morning, we all got up and hair and make up arrived. i LOVE getting my make up done and this was the same make up artist i used and my sister in law used so i was so excited. the hair girls were great too. i wasn’t thrilled with my hair at first, several of the girls weren’t but after everything kinda settled it was okay. i was bummed because the picture i showed my girl, isn’t really what she did. also, she tried to give me that bump it lift in the back and i was like, um no, that’s not me even on a fancy day lol. i am picky about my hair, i will admit and i almost wish i would have let the stylist do the braids and then curled it myself, but it came out fine and obviously that wasn’t the most important part of the day lol. my make up though, i loved. i seriously wish she could do my make up every day. anyway, after that we got dressed, tyler and sarah came around to start photos, my mom and i helped my sister into her dress - she looked so stunning. everyone was very emotional. we hopped on the limo (one of the girls stepped on her dress and put a hole in the chiffon as we got on the bus… oof, but it was fine, you could barely see it and she’s one of my sister’s more laid back friends, thank goodness), and headed to the church. there ceremony was absolutely beautiful. everyone cried at one point or another…i mean, EVERYONE. even my dad. which is like, so rare. it was truly one of the most emotional weddings i have ever, ever been to…there was someone crying at almost every point during the entire damn day and night lol. their vows were perfect, and everyone had been waiting so long for this moment. at the end of the ceremony, when christina and jimmy walked out, we were supposed to let the parents go first, but i am an idiot and larry (best man) and i walked out right after them… i didn’t even realize it at the time, but now i can’t stop stewing over my stupid mistake. but the priest fixed it so it wasn’t a huge deal…still feel stupid though. the receiving line was very emotional - that’s when my dad cried. my uncle came up to him and said something about my other uncle who passed away last year and they lost it (tyler got a picture and i was like, oh dear god my heart). the bridal party hopped on the bus back to the venue/hotel & tyler and sarah took christina and jimmy for those beautiful photos! when they got back, we took some bridal party photos out on the property and made inside just before it started storming - it was pretty awesome. cocktail hour under then tent in the rain, it was kind of magical. i barely ate, but what i tried was yummy. i mingled with family. i took a moment to go to the bathroom to compose myself before my speech and sarah noticed i left and followed me. she’s seriously such an amazing person and i was so grateful to have her there as a talented photographer, but also as family. anyway, cocktail hour ended, we all got announced and headed in. the dances were done (my dad spotted a rainbow through the window when he and my sister were dancing - magic!) and then came the speeches. i somehow, magically, held it together for mine…as soon as i said cheers though, the ugly sobs came for like 2 minutes and then i snapped back out of it. dinner and dancing were great. there was a photo booth so that was fun. there were a few issues with the venue…the AC broke and no one told my parents… and it was hot as shxt. also, they didn’t have a seat for jimmy’s younger brother and sister, who were both in the bridal party and they told my sister, which they should not have bothered her with that. they only gave cake to people who were sitting, so we never even got to taste it…and then, the thing that made my mom most upset, they were throwing away the favors! people were saying goodbyes at the end of the night and the staff just started throwing them away before people had the chance to take them - the handmade magnets we made from clay and painted and the cookies my mom baked…she was really bummed about that. but the rest of the wedding was great. the dj was a little…interesting, but people were dancing all night, so that was good. 

at the end of the night we got to do something extra special. just outside the cocktail hour tent there was a lake, tyler and sarah had noticed the tall grasses that lined the lake were brimming with lightening bugs…like, millions of them! so they stole christina and jimmy away, and invited us too and they got some incredible shots of them in front of the lake with the bugs twinkling in the background. they took several of me and pete as well, which was such a nice, special gesture, and a few of me & pete with tyler & sarah; all 4 of us together, it was such a special moment! i cannot wait to see those photos. after that, we went to the hotel bar for just a few since my sister and jimmy wanted us to join and then everyone headed off to bed. we had breakfast in the morning with everyone (first real meal i had eaten basically all week, i was finally relaxed enough to eat lol), so that was nice. then, we spent the early afternoon in princeton with tyler and sarah, getting coffee/tea at our spot where we always have the best conversations, and then hanging at a park for a few before we had to say our goodbyes. i cannot begin to express how amazing it was having them here and what a special thing it was to have them be involved in all of this. it was so great having them stay with us and we laughed so hard together and made a lot of wonderful memories. they are just the best. 

after we said goodbye and sent them off to the airport, we headed home to drop stuff off and then we went to my aunt’s house for a post-wedding picnic. she had done the same for us the day after our wedding, so we kept the tradition alive which was fun. we ate, talked, looked through the photo booth album, shared stories and jokes, played “narball” which pete, my sister and my cousins invited at my cousin’s graduation party a few years back, we had a slip & slide and a fire pit - it was a great end to the weekend. my sister and jimmy left for their honeymoon later in the week and they are having a blast it seems in kaui and then they’re headed to san francisco before they come home this tuesday. i miss them!


so, i started working on things before the wedding, meeting with the new therapist for the first time. i had, i guess, my third appointment with her the week of the wedding and that went well. i met with her again earlier this week and i’ll be seeing her for a standing appointment going forward (after next week, she’s away). the process is a lot, but i know this is a good thing. we’re actually getting more thoroughly into some things that happened when i was younger and i’m already starting to understand myself even more deeply which is good. i’m continuing to work on mindfulness, meditation, breathing, positive self image and self esteem too. this will all work to help the anxiety and the phobia too. i know this is going to take some time but i feel confident that i can do it. i also have worked on resourcing, so i have things to do, self care stuff, when things do get difficult. i am proud of myself for facing this and looking forward to growing during this process.


i had my follow up finally yesterday. i was supposed to have it the wednesday morning before the wedding, but with tyler and sarah here, i thought it best to reschedule especially since it’s so far away. the drive there really sucks lol, but it’s definitely worth it. anyway, so the follow up went well. i am overall in a good place, feeling much better physically. i updated her on things we’d discussed and we reviewed what i’ve been eating/using/taking food and supplement wise, i had been following all of her advice. then we went over my blood work. so while, stomach wise, i am doing considerably better, she noticed some deficiencies, so i am beginning to put some new vitamins (a multivitamin plus additional vitamin d and iron, since i am low in both) into my routine to try to remedy that, as well as adding more variety and color to my diet - i had gotten so tentative about eating with my stomach issues and the phobia stuff, so it’s time to get back to my colorful choices. as far as dairy, since i didn’t notice anything significant one way or the other, she said it’s fine to have, but we both decided it’s best to continue to limit it, so i will continue to be mindful about dairy consumption going forward. it wasn’t too hard to eliminate it so, to keep intake on the lower side should generally be feasible. i will have blood work done just before i go back in two months and hopefully the vitamin deficiencies will have rectified by that point. if not, we’ll go from there, but we’ll see. hoping all of this continues to go well. i just want to be my best, happiest, healthiest self!


  • while tyler and sarah were here, tyler installed our outdoor nest cam and it has been AMAZING, so cool to have and i have an extra sense of safety with it, which is nice.
  • we went to CT for a few days after the wedding; it was nice overall, but there were a lot of people at the beach house, more than we anticipated, so it wasn’t as relaxing as i’d hoped, but we still had a nice time. my father in law also had some health things going on while we were there so that’s always stressful. 
  • pete got me the most beautiful flowers for our anniversary, they were late because the bouqs was being a jerk, but they are so pretty; i got him a wooden watch and i think he liked it & a card with one of our favorite quotes from the office. we didn’t really do anything in particular to celebrate. it’s been a little crazy, but i’m hoping we can carve out a special date night soon.
  • getting the ipads and procreate has been one of the best things we’ve done this summer - so good for a meditation type activity for me and we’ve both been feeling extra creative.
  • the friday of our anniversary, we got to meet up with pete’s best friend joe who was here visiting from seattle. we met him in asbury and we had a nice dinner. it was great to see him, he’s such a good dude and i know it was a nice boost for pete to have time with him. 
  • i got to see iva on wednesday finally!! and it was so great to be reunited! i missed her so much and couldn’t wait to hear all about her beautiful wedding! we caught up all about her wedding in the DR and i got to share with her about christina’s wedding. we had a delicious lunch (which i can’t stop thinking about and i want to go back and have that salad again stat lol) and it was just so good to be with her. such amazing energy, such a beautiful soul. we are picking more times to hang this summer and we are going to take her and adriel to celebrate their wedding for dinner soon, get fancy and go out! looking forward to that!
  • anna was supposed to come down today for a sister day, but last minute she found out her sister in law needed help with her son and her new twins, so we rescheduled for next week and i am pumped to see her and to catch up!
  • acupuncture continues to be a huge help and i’m so, so glad i found it and started all those weeks ago
  • tomorrow we’re going to a food truck fest in my hometown! i am a little bummed because our godkiddos and their family were supposed to join, but my friend texted me this morning to let us know everyone over there is sick so they won’t make it. but my mom, pete, and i are going, so it should still be fun. 
  • next week also, i’m supposed to have dinner with a cousin who i recently reunited with; we always played together when we were little, and i adored her, she’s a few years older and i looked up to her a lot, but her mom and her mom’s brother (my mom’s cousins) had a falling out, so they stopped coming to family functions which was sad. she and her parents came to christmas this year, first time i had seen her since we were young! and after we saw each other, we were like, we need to get together. she was still living in the south, so now that she’s moved back home (she’s getting divorced i think which sucks, but i believe it’s what is best for her), and school and the wedding are over, we made some set plans. excited to get to know her again!
  • i am SO EXCITED for the educhum meeting we have planned in august!
  • i can pick up my summer pay tomorrow (well, what was deducted from my check all year lol), and thank goodness. i’m applying for VIP kid but it’s been really tough to schedule a time to read through all the material and set up my interview thing because it’s been so busy.
  • today i’m running errands and straightening up. low key day.

alright, if you read all of this, bless you lol. and if you only read parts of it, bless you still! thank you all for your love and support. more soon. :]


the complete collection:

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this started out ironic i swear. use them as phone wallpapers if you want the quality might be shit im not sure.