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theyre bananas for equality!

why propose with a ring when you can propose with concert tickets and a limited edition cd boxset

marielita1286  asked:

Hello! I love your blog! Can i have an hc of asl getting married? Thanks!

Hcs or scenario of ace proposing? Like it happens casually when they are spending time together, it’s not spontaneous he has the ring but it just happens randomly, like suddenly it feels the right moment? If this makes sense thank you! 

Since weddings are one of my personal weaknesses and there is a lot to a wedding it’S prolly a lil’ longer, and I threw in that proposal ask too ^^


  • would actually make a huge party out of the proposal
  • gather all his friends and family and then drop on one knee to a surprised s/o and ask them if they wanna marry him
  • After engagement party for sure!!!
  • sweet post proposal love making ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • As the wedding day approaches Ace gets more and more nervous
  • Ace refuses like a motherfucker to wear a suit so Marco and Izo have to move heaven and earth to get Ace to wear it
  • With lots of blackmailing and threats
  • Izo also ties his hair up
  • In the whole time very nervous but also adorably impatient because he very much looks forward to finally marrying the love of his life
  • Whitebeard weds them
  • Marco is his best man
  • Ace probably cries during the vows
  • Whitebeard secretly cries too after the ceremony while everybody is having good time with the newly married and happy couple


  • Would put a lot effort in proposing
  • All by himself of course, makes sure that his s/o has an amazing and beautiful day such as telling his s/o how stunning they look, take a relaxing bath with them, just be suspicously uber sweet
  • also sweet pre proposal love making ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Takes them out on a flower field while the sun is setting because he’s a slushy dork and proposes there 
  • More willing to wear a suit and look fancy and let Inazuma dress him and tie his hair up
  • Koala is his honor attendant, in other words his best woman
  • She totally looks over his suit at least 6 times which only boosts his nervousness
  • Ivankov weds them
  • Idk why but i totally imagine it to be like the Finnick/Annie wedding from Mockingjay  probs the revolution aesthetic
  • He won’t cry but is really really smiley and happy and won’t be able to take his eyes from his s/o


  • Luffy would not get the idea of proposing by himself, rather his s/o would drop hints about that every now and then and everyone except for Luffy would get it
  • Nami and Sanji would start to grow frustrated with Luffy after one particularly disappointing episode of Luffy not understanding shit, both of them would drag him to privacy, hit him over the head and tell him to put a ring on it
  • in conclusion, it’s actually Nami and Sanji who proposed to Luffy’s s/o
  • If you think it’s hard enough to get Ace to wear a suit then prepare yourself for Luffy
  • Brook provides the music, Sanji the food
  • Robin weds them
  • Franky, Chopper and Brook howl their eyes out
  • All the others shed some tears too
  • Sanji wrote him a wedding vow but because Luffy is shit at reading it properly he throws it away mid sentence and just tells his s/o that he loves them and that he’s hapy that they’re getting married

everybody keeps talking about OUAT/Sleepy Hollow crossovers and while I totally agree, there is an other crossover I want badly and it’s all about this guy

and this guy

being sassy together and eating pizzas and complaining about how stubborn the women they love are but hey aren’t they freaking awesome when they kick ass and save the world

also complaining about their fucked up arm because what the hell man