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Klance finger gun wedding me and @lanceologist planned last night? Well if u insist…

So basically, obviously Lance is bisexual, and it is a well known Fact that all bisexuals do finger guns

One day while team voltron is on an alien planet, after saving everyone, Lance finger guns at Keith probably to say something along the lines of “nice work out there” and the planet’s inhabitants immediately Freak Out

On this planet, finger guns is basically asking for an immediate marriage, so they quickly begin planning the wedding, and literally everyone but Lance and Keith know whats happening

So basically Keith and Lance manage to get onto the alter and they still haven’t figured out what this ceremony is and everyone is crying and they just think its some Platonic Bro Thing

And of course the aliens dont use the word husband they use some other alternative so Keith and Lance awkwardly agree to it and they also dont use rings they get flower crowns and a small tattoo on their biceps

Pretty much the entire thing is a wedding, obviously a wedding, but only if you pay attention for longer than five seconds, which neither Keith and Lance do because theyre too busy with their mutual pining

And even tho at this point in time theyre friends everyone is still really shocked they agreed to get MARRIED and they bring it up a few weeks later and Keith and Lance have this matching look of realization

Its a fun story to tell their kids that they didnt even know they got married for three weeks. Almost as fun as the time Lance did jazz hands and accidentally challenged Allura to a duel

What’s a Misha?

Title: What’s a Misha?

 Prompt: @tangle-of-ivy: Imagine in the French Mistake you are married to Misha.  Gave me lots of great ideas, but I don’t want to spoil the story here ;p

 Pairing: Castiel x Female!Reader

 Summary: In an alternate universe, you are married to the man who looks just like your crush, Castiel.  It drags up some feelings, little did you know, in your absence, Castiel began to feel something too.  

 Warnings: Language. Slight Angst.

Masterlist of FanFiction 

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“Uhh…where are we?”  You asked the boys, looking around to see a bunch of cameras and people moving around.

“Son of a bitch.” Dean growled.  “Not this crap again.”  

Sam and Dean filled you in on what was happening.  When they told you the stories about this place before, you hadn’t believed them, but here you were.  In an alternate universe where your life was a TV show, and you were an actor.

You and the boys made a swift exit off set, hoping for peace to figure things out, but the next thing you knew, some girls came up to you.  

“Oh my gosh! It’s you!”  

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