marry me miles


It’s shameless the way the spouse and I flirt.

A Promised Proposal

Ship: Wrightworth

Series: Ace Attorney

The whole ordeal began and ended innocently enough. It was just two kids, two boys, making promises, as they are prone to do. Children make many promises, after all. 

Phoenix Wright, age 9, looked across his classroom at the other children who were playing during break period. They were up to all manner of mischief, building and destroying Lego cities, cutting bizarre shapes into the bright construction paper their teacher had provided, running around and making all manner of noise. His classmate and friend Larry Butz was trying to hit on Susie Derkin’s in the corner. It didn’t look like it was going well for him.

His other friend in that class, Miles Edgeworth, was sitting next to him, reading. Phoenix looked down at the drawing in his hands, a decent attempt at a picture of the three of them.

Then his attention was caught by a group of children in the corner playing ‘wedding’. It was an innocent game, one child proposes to another child via ring pop or Lego piece or whatever item they had to substitute for a diamond, she says yes, the rest of the children cheer and they have a fake ceremony with leaf-throwing and singing. Phoenix thought it was beautiful.

Miles glanced up from his book at his friend, and then in the direction of the children. He cringed when the ‘bride’ told one of the other boys to be the ‘jealous ex-lover’. Those children really watched too much TV. 

“Hey, Miles!”

“Yes, Phoenix?” He turned his attention back to the spike-haired child he’d befriended as of late. 

“Do you think I’ll ever get something like that?”

“Like what, Phoenix?” Being the ‘jealous ex-lover’ at a sitcom-esque farce of a wedding?

I don’t know, marraige! It sounds really nice, doesn’t it?” The Wright boy turned, beaming.

“I…. suppose so.” He was hesitant to tell the bright child in front of him that he thought it all rather cumbersome and foolish.

“Oh, hey, I know!” Phoenix shouted a little, then quieted down when a few heads turned. “I know, if no one else will take me, you’ll marry me, right Miles?”

“Phoenix, We can’t get married.”

“Eh? Why not?” Porcupine-heads smile fell a little.

“Because we’re nine.” Miles blinked as though that was the most obvious answer in the world.

“Yeah, but you know, someday, when we’re not nine.” Phoenix flushed slightly, rubbing his neck.

“Well….” Miles sighed. “I suppose… if we’re still acquainted then, and if you haven’t already found some fairy-tale partner, then… I have no objections to that.” 

“Awesome!” 9 year old Phoenix Wright grinned, evoking something of a blush from the boy sitting next to him.

Oh, the promises of children.