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What are your top ten fluffy MakoHaru hcs? And your top ten smutty MakoHaru hcs?

This is such a hard question! There are so many things that I adore so to have to pick my favourites? That’s nearly impossible, but I’m going to try my best. Some of these things might be headcanons that some of my friends once told me and I adopted them, or headcanons that I’ve told my friends before. I’m not sure if these are really my all-time favourites but they are the things that come to mind first when I see this question. These are all my personal headcanons. They’re also in no particular order.

Fluffy headcanons:

1. Makoto proposed to Haru at their special spot (the one where they had the fight) beside the sea during the yearly festival and he was incredibly nervous. He didn’t really know why, because it wasn’t like he was afraid that Haru would turn him down, but it’s such an important moment that he can’t help but be a bit nervous. When Makoto tried to speak up, Haru spoke at the same time but he allowed Makoto to go first. So Makoto gives his little speech and goes down on one knee and pulls out the box with the ring. “Haru, will you marry me?” Makoto asked and at first Haru looked shocked before he started to laugh loudly. Makoto was a bit bewildered because he has no idea why Haru’s laughing, but Haru’s laugh is so beautiful and contagious so he can’t help but laugh as well. When Haru stopped laughing he reached inside his pocket and took out his own box, opening it to reveal a matching ring inside. “Only if you’ll marry me, too.” was his response and at that moment everything clicked together and Makoto began to laugh as well and he got up and hugged Haru tightly against his chest. Haru returned his embrace and they shared their first kiss as fiancés while the fireworks exploded behind them.

2. Lazy mornings spent in bed together are their favourite. Haru is the one who usually wakes up first and although he normally goes to take his morning bath, when they have nowhere they need to be during the day he will stay in bed and slowly run his hand through Makoto’s hair, pressing tiny kisses against his skin while he patiently waits for Makoto to wake up too. When Makoto does wake up, he’ll smile drowsily at Haru before pulling him closer, kissing his forehead while he murmurs “good morning”. They’re content just lying there for as long as they can, drifting in and out of sleep while they feel nothing but love and comfort and warmth and security enveloping them.

3. Next to a usual birthday present, they always make those coupons (one free hug, one free kiss, etc.) for each other and give them to each other for their birthday. Haru always uses all of his on his birthday, while Makoto is always really careful with them and keeps them for a long time. Haru honestly doesn’t know why, because it’s just a cute little thing they do for each other, it’s not like he won’t get a kiss if he doesn’t have a coupon for it, but Makoto still values them and Haru respects that and doesn’t question it any further. Then, when Makoto’s had a particularly rough day, he’ll come home and wordlessly walk to his bedside drawer, after which he gives Haru a coupon like “one free cuddle session on the couch” and Haru just smiles in understanding and pulls him over to the couch, where the cuddle for the rest of the afternoon. Makoto uses his coupons when he needs them most.

4. There was no big confession scene, no big moment of realisation of love, no spectacular first kiss (although I love all of those things so much and I will keep writing and consuming them for the rest of my days.) Throughout the years, their relationship naturally developed into something more, it grew with them. Their first kiss was one that they shared while they were cuddled up and watching a movie together; their eyes met and their lips were naturally drawn to each other in a sweet and chaste kiss, after which they smiled at each other before cuddling even closer together and continuing to watch the movie as if nothing had happened. Simple, natural, and familiar.

5. This is not really a headcanon since it’s half-canon but Haru is a very jealous person. There are times when Makoto gets jealous too but he’s very subtle about it. Haru is not. He can and will show everyone that Makoto is taken and that they need to back the hell off. This always results into him pouting and glaring and clinging to Makoto. Even if Makoto wished that Haru didn’t feel the need to become jealous because it’s not like Makoto even sees anyone else when he has Haru, but he can’t deny that his Haru-chan is incredibly cute.

6. They’re usually pretty discreet about PDA but they love walking hand-in-hand (and just holding hands in general) and that is usually as far as they’ll go when they’re out in public, but sometimes, if one of them is feeling bold, they’ll steal a quick kiss when no one is looking. The only exception to their rule is when they’re drunk, and Haru is a very clingy drunk. Makoto, on the other hand, is a very quiet, happy type of drunk, like he’ll just sit there and smile and let everything happen. So whenever they’re out at a party of one of Makoto’s college friends or something, Haru is half in Makoto’s lap, nuzzling his head into his chest while Makoto just smiles and lets it happen because he doesn’t have a care in the world.

7. There are moments in their daily lives when time suddenly stands still as they’re overwhelmed with how much they love each other. Like Haru will just be cooking and Makoto’s heart just skips a beat because wow, Haru is so cute and beautiful and he loves him so so much and he could practically cry because there are too much emotions to contain within him. Or Makoto has fallen asleep on the couch with his glasses on and Haru’s belly just starts tingling with butterflies because even after all these years, he’s still so in love with Makoto, he falls in love with him over and over again every single day and he realises that he’s so lucky to share a life with his best friend. Their relationship is natural and incredibly beautiful and they never fail to realise how much they love each other and how happy they are together.

8. Haru loves drawing Makoto. He has dozens of sketchbooks throughout the years that have Makoto’s image plastered all over them, in all kinds of scenarios; of Makoto swimming, of Makoto sleeping, of Makoto smiling, anything you can imagine, really. Makoto never looks at his drawings if Haru doesn’t show them to him because he respects Haru’s privacy and boundaries, but sometimes Haru does share these drawings with him and Makoto is so amazed at how incredible Haru is at literally everything he does. Haru always blushes and brushes his compliments off, but he’s secretly really happy with Makoto’s praise.

9. They love to cuddle. In bed, on the couch, in bath, it really doesn’t matter where they are as long as they get to hold each other. It’s always a bit conflicting though, because they both love being the little spoon AND the big spoon, and they can’t decide what’s their favourite; they both love being held but also holding the other. So usually they cuddle based on what mood they are in, but if they still can’t decide then they’ll just face each other, tangle their limbs together and bury their face in the other’s hair or chest.

10. Haru knows where the key to his university’s pool is and they sometimes sneak into the building at night so they can swim together without any disturbance and just the pool for the two of them. At first Makoto was scared to get caught but he eventually relaxed the more often they did it. It’s in those moments that they feel really calm, truly themselves during the hectic Tokyo life and they spend the nights swimming together, floating in together, kissing each other tenderly.

I’ll put the smutty headcanons under the cut because this is getting longer than I anticipated.

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Nagisa and Makoto enjoying a family picnic / tea party in pajamas + flower crowns! 

Idea lovingly given by themultifandomnerd ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 

(or should it be hazuki??? who’s taking the other’s last name? both sound nice i think…)

kukkamuna suggested Naoto and Naomi for Makoto and Nagisa’s twin babies! I think the names are perfect, especially with their explanation:

I like Naomi for a boy and Naoto for a girl to keep the unisex names theme going.

The “Nao” in both names uses the first kanji of Makoto’s name. Naoto means “pure sound”, while Naomi means “pure water”. Both names refer back to the parents’ names!

They’d be clueless about names lol. Nagisa would suggest historical names that sound outdated (he loves history after all). Makoto is more traditional and would think of familIal names. Nothing feels right until they figure it out or friends/family help them. They use Makoto’s name since Nagisa’s can only make names like Nagisako or Nagisami. Not flexible. Makoto wants to honor him somehow though, so he suggests “Naomi” so it begins with “na” and is the “pure/fresh water” to Nagisa’s “shore”. :)

I forgot about Naoto! They wouldn’t know they’re having twins right away of course, so when they do find out they’re like “crap, we need another name”. This time they use the kanji for sound since it refers to the “koto”, or harp, in Makoto’s name.

How cute is that?? So creative ; ;

Also, I’d like to think they’d have a couple cats. Cats all over the house!

  • Makoto: okay guys, where do you want to go?

v important scenario: haru is cooking dinner in the kitchen of his and makoto’s shared apartment while makoto finishes up his schoolwork in the living room. soft music plays in the background. makoto comes up behind haru and wraps his arms around him. haru smiles and places his hand over makoto’s, leaning back against him. after several quiet moments he turns in makoto’s arms, settles his hands on his hips and they begin to dance around the room laughing, eyes full of love. the sun is setting and the rosy, golden light filters through the windows.

you know what i need more of: makoharu childhood fluff where it’s just really simple. like, childish amateur marriages/marriage promises, playing house, childhood first kisses, cuddling during bedtime; i’ve seen it all.

but simple stuff: like them sitting on the side of the road and watching people go by; climbing trees and getting knees scraped; getting permission from their parents to stay up late and watch the new show on tv together, or to go out and sit on the stairs to watch the stars and moon; being typical boys and crashing through the trees playing pretend knights; making sandcastles and filling a bucket full of seashells to take home and horde in their bathtubs.

being starry-eyed kids with nothing to worry about in the universe. playing in the dirt and watching the world go by.

maybe their affection is as subtle as them as young adults. they don’t make declarations of promises/love to each other; they don’t make promises to get married, they don’t hold an innocent marriage ceremony for the both of them; they just take on the world together as little boys too, side-by-side, never leaving and always constant. as constant as watching trees steadily grow and wither away, then grow and wither away.

— give me things like: their families taking them to the beach to play and splash against the tide; running along dirt paths and sandy roads; their slippers flying off and eventually they just run on bare feet until the sun sets and their parents have to carry them - sleeping and tired - home; drinking ice tea and eating candy in haru’s backyard, watching stray cats sunbathe luxuriously despite their matted coats; running and falling until they are dirty and one of them is perhaps in tears - and one of their moms (or haru’s grandma) gently chides them while wiping the dirt off their faces (and they don’t let go of each other’s hands the entire time).

fashioning paper airplanes and little paper boats and trying to get them to fly/set sail; flying kites at the height of spring and trying to retrieve one when it gets caught in a tree/the top of a house; lying on their stomachs, on the ground, and spending the afternoon watching an old turtle cross the yard; their parents treating them by giving them some money to go buy candy from the local candy store hand-in-hand, and sitting on the sidewalk eating sweets.

they don’t get into mischief or trouble with the neighbours, perhaps everyone knows them and adores them - especially makoto - but they spend their days together almost all the time, exploring each part of their sleepy little town because they had all the time and all the world with each other.

give me makoharu enjoying their childhood simplicities, with all its simple pleasures, when their days had seemed endless and growing up seemed like a far-off myth, when they weren’t sure of some things but they weren’t scared of them either, when there was nothing in the world to them but each other and their families.

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MFLK guys proposing to MC, after that getting teased by their parents Because they appeared so nervous and awkward. I'm assuming both side parent knew each other too since they used to live together in same apt.

Your parents are back in town for a short visit. They wanted to have a get together with your guy and his family, especially knowing that both of you have been dating for a while. Everyone is having a lot of fun and soon it gets kind of noisy with all the elderly chatting. You and your guys decide to step out to the balcony to have some alone time.

“____, how about we register for marriage?” Ayato suddenly pop the question to you and turn his face away from you.

“Can you repeat what you just said?” You asked in surprise, and not sure if you heard it correctly.

“He wanted both of you to register for marriage.” His dad replied and both of you of turn to find everyone looking at both of you.

“___, aren’t you going to give your reply to Ayato?” Your mum asked happily.

“I will say yes on her behalf.” Your dad chuckled and you blushed, not even sure how to response.

“I am glad that ____ is joining our family.” His mum smiled happily.

“We are going out for a while.” Ayato blushed, leads you by the hand and leave the house. Both of you can still your parents teasing nonstop from behind.

“That won’t have happen if you just say yes immediately.” Ayato muttered loudly enough for you to hear, as both of you walked out of the house.

“I am just caught by surprise.” You rebuked back, but your face is red.

“I am still waiting for your answer.” Ayato asked nervously.

“Of course the answer is yes.” You flustered, and soon wrap under Ayato embraces.

“_____, I can’t understand myself but will you spend your whole life with me?” Ichiya suddenly pop the question to you.

“Are you serious?” You asked him in surprise.

“Why would you ask that? Of course I am.” Ichiya blushed.

“I have never seen him so serious before. I can vouch for that.” His mum smiled gently.

“____, I am so happy for you.” You mum smiled happily.

“____, are you still not going to answer him?” Your dad asked impatiently.

“We are going out. It is too noisy here.” Ichiya blushed and drags you out, while your face turning bright red.

“They are embarrassed.” Both your parents teased.

“So what is your answer?” Ichiya blushed as he waiting nervously for your reply.

“Yes, I will spend my whole life with you.” You smiled and he immediately embraces you in his arms.

“____, I am always in love with you since we are young. Emm….I like to bring our love to next stage…. What I am trying to say is… Will you marry me?” Makoto finally muttered out his intention and you are so shocked that you do not know to react.

“Oh! My boy finally proposes.” His mum smiled happily.

“Way to go my son.” His dad replied happily.

“____, you need to give him an answer.” You mum said, breaking into a big smile on her face.

“We are all waiting for your answer.” You dad said, urging you to reply soon.

You look up and saw Makoto blushing with all the teasing and you can also feel your face getting hot. You are kind of embarrassed with everyone around.

“Yes, of course.” You replied softly, after a while and turn your back against them.

Everyone evolves with happiness and decide to open my wines to celebrate. Makoto embraces you from behind and kiss your cheek. Both of you remind in the balcony while the celebration continue in the room.

“_____, you had stay in my house for a while. My family really like you and I love you a lot. So you want to continue staying here?” Takamune asked awkwardly.

“Huh? But I am still staying at your house now.”

“He is asking you to official move over and joins the family.” Your dad laughed.

“Son, you need to be clearer when you propose.” His dad laughed.

“I am sure Takamune can take care of you.” Your mum smiled happily.

“I already treated ____ as my daughter.” His mum said happily.

“Your guys are too noisy. We are going to be in my room.” Takamune blushed and leads you back to his room, while your face turns red as well. You can hear them teasing both of you nonstop from outside.

“____, will you marry me?” Takamune asked again after both of you shut yourselves in the room.

“Yes.” You smiled and throw your arms around him. He wraps his hands behind your back and pulls you in closer.

“____, I found a few nice places when I am working these few days. It is nice to have our wedding photo taken there.” Riku places his hands on at your stomach from behind.

“You mean?” You turn to look at him in surprise and he kisses you gently on your lips.

“Yes, he is proposing to you.” His dad replied on his behalf, chuckling nonstop.

“Riku, my girl is a bit slow. You need to be clearer with her.” Your dad teased.

“Enough, both of you. ____ is such a wonderful girl.” HIs mum scolded the two elderly men.

“I am sure Riku will take good care of her.” Your mum smiled happily.

You blush at their comments and not even sure how to react in front of them but just keeping quiet.

“Let’s give them some private time, so ____ can give him a clear answer.” His dad teased and everyone laugh.

“So what is your answer?” Riku asked again after ensuring everyone is not around.

“Yes, of course.” You smiled and turn to him. He smiles and gives you a gentle deep kiss on your lips.

“My career is very stable now. Will you marry me?” Hiroki suddenly kneel down on his knees and take your hand in his.

“Yes, I will.” You are so happy that you start to tear. Hiroki stands up and embraces you in his arms.

“That is so romantic.” His mum said sweetly.

“Why can’t you just wait until they kiss and say something?” His dad scolded his mum.

“I just can’t help it.” His mum replied happily.

“____, I am so happy for you.” you mum smiled happily.

“Let’s open sake to celebrate.” Your dad suggested, leading everyone into the room.

You are so embarrassed that you buried your face in his chest. All he can do is to embrace you tightly in his arms, kissing your forehead feeling happy that you had said yes to him.