marry me jay

little silly domestic promnis things 

  • taking baths together, complete with back scrubs and hair washing. prompto always blowing bubbles at ignis
  • cooking together, ignis always managing to saddle up behind prompto – head over shoulder, arms circling around to show him how to chop and dice properly 
  • speaking of cooking, ignis halting prompto’s fluttering around to make him taste whatever he’s making ( “ don’t say it needs more salt, i’ve added enough.”  “… um. ” “it needs more salt, doesn’t it?” “ you told me not to say that !” )
  • falling asleep together on the couch. prompto constantly promising that he’s going to stay awake for the entire show/movie but he never does, especially when ignis cards his fingers through his hair
  • mornings spent drinking coffee ( ignis taking his black, prompto taking his with extra cream and three spoons of sugar ) and reading the paper - after ignis’s blinding, prompto picks out sections of interest and reads them aloud to him   
  • going home-goods shopping and prompto wanting to buy more throw pillows that is feasibly reasonable for one man to own ( also having to drag ignis away from the the new sets of cast iron pans ) 
  • speaking of home goods, bickering over why they do or do not need a lava lamp ( “ but it’s neat !”  “ prompto, if we’re getting that then we’re getting the pinch bowls we saw earlier.” “you already have a set!” “ true, but not in black.” )
  • spending a lazy evening ordering out and eating on paper plates ( ignis more aghast that they actually own paper plates rather than the take-out actually being decent )
  • prompto finding out rather early on that ignis may or may not be a bedcover hog, which only enables him to be the big spoon when they sleep. 
  • hand holding during grocery shopping. that’s it.  ( prompto also managing to convince ignis that yes, they do need all those different flavors of cream cheese ). 

anonymous asked - Chicago PD
#5 - most attractive?
Detective Jay Halstead

“You know, I’ve, I’ve seen dead bodies, and I’ve seen people shot in front of me. But uh I’ve never seen somebody take a bullet that was meant for me…”

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How would Giriboy/Gray/jay park propose

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Giriboy: He would probably make a big thing out of it if that’s something you enjoy. Like, put it in one of his raps and even perform it on stage when he knows you’re there to watch. Or invite you out to go do some water activities like that giant blob thing and have him hold a sign up once you resurface from the water. Now, if that’s not your sort of thing, he’ll tone it down and just take you out on a date; ask you in a soft, slow rap that’s only for you to hear and that’ll be filled with memories of the two of you and his sweet words; will you please make me the happiest man on earth by marrying me? 

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Jay: He would definitely spoil you on that day. Buy you your favourite breakfast and a bouquet of roses ready next to your bed when you wake up. Maybe a box with a new dress, with a little paper on it “Wear this tonight, I’ll pick you up at 7”. He would take you out for dinner to a fancy restaurant, where he would would have asked the waiter to bring you the little box (with a ring inside) instead of your appetizer. You’d open the little box to see and amazing ring. When you would be speechless, he’d pop the question. “Will you marry me?” When you’d say yes, he would smile the most happiest smile ever and he would be filled with joy, delighted that you want to be his wife. He would get up and kiss you in front of everyone.

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Gray: Gray would keep it simpler than Jay, he would take you to the place where you two had your first date. He would feel super nervous, but he knew what he wanted and that was for you to be his wife. He would try to make you feel at ease throughout the whole date. Suddenly he would grab your hand, while you were distracted with a joke he had just made. You’d look at him amused, but out of nowhere he grabbed a ring out of his jacket and he would hold it in front of you. “We have known each other for so long and I love you with all my heart and I want to spend the rest of my days with you. Will you marry me?” He would give you a nervous smile and when you’d say yes he would breathe out happily and give you the biggest hug ever.

-Daeny & Mint

Ninjago Episode 64
  • Me: Now this is going to be a nice season finale-
  • E64: Nya and Nadakhan are getting married
  • Me: Jay's gonna stop that
  • E64: Jay doesn't stop it
  • Me: Well we still have..... 15 minutes
  • E64: Delara is now pocessing Nya!
  • Me: Ok what the hell-
  • Me: Now we're talking-
  • E64: Nya's dying
  • E64: Jay makes his finale wish.
  • Me: No no no no no no no-
  • E64: All was well, and Jaya is Canon
  • Me: I want a season 7 now please.