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I need more Baze and Chirrut origin stories asap please and thank you

Let it be known that I have this @thetomska dedication page in my sketchbook
He’s by far the biggest reason that I draw, have a sense of humor, and a large appreciation for small details
I’ve been quoting his jokes since middle school all the way into college. He’s given me the most motivation and inspiration, and though it may not be intentional, he’s shown a lot of people that even if times get hard (and I mean harder than I’ll ever be for this guy) that there will always be a reason to crack a joke.

Imagine Mary realizing both of her sons, Sam and Dean, are in love with the same girl, you.

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“Morning.” Sam mumbled as he walked into the kitchen and saw you, Mary and Castiel there, you still cooking the pancakes and her setting everything else up for breakfast with Castiel’s help.

“Morning sweetie.” Mary smiled up at him as he leaned down to kiss her cheek before he turned to take a good look at you.

“Wow” he breathed out and you looked at him for a second before in the end giggling as you tucked a few strands of hair behind your ear.

“What?” you asked, looking up at the older man as he blinked rapidly, staring at you almost awestruck. You glanced at his mother that was still there but luckily was not looking at the two of you.

“You just- I never thought you’d look this good in my clothes.” he said with an adorable dimpled smile as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

You laughed looking back at the food, after glancing down at yourself for a moment. You weren’t in the mood for trying really hard so along with the messy hair you had stolen one of Sam’s flannels that could work as a dress for you and wore it. It was a nice chance compared to you wearing always Dean’s shirts. There was something similar in this, both their clothes made you feel at peace, they had a certain scent to them that brought the same kind of comfort their hugs did but at the same time that scent was so different. And it reminded you instantly of whose clothes you were wearing.

“Thanks” you bit your lip, opting to look only at the pancakes as you felt your cheeks heat up. You had a soft spot for the younger Winchester, you couldn’t deny that, you were really close and had many things in common. He was sweet and kind, gentle and caring. You knew that when you needed to talk to someone he would always be there for you. You were like a little sister to him, as far as you knew at least, even if for you he meant a lot more than just family. But you weren’t going to do something to risk what you had, you’d much rather bottle up your feelings than ruin all of this.

Besides, he wasn’t the only one involved in all of this.

“But- if you want it back I could give it. I’m sorry I didn’t ask I just- it looked too comfy and I-” you started rambling, trying to find an excuse for yourself but he shook his head.

“No, no no!” he said a little too fast and you bit your lip at his reaction “By all means-” he breathed out “-You can keep it, it looks better on you anyway.” he said adorably and you grinned.

“Thank you Sammy.” you stood on your tiptoes and kissed his cheek, making his smile even wider.

“So- what do you want with your pancakes, you didn’t tell me?” you asked and he paused in thought for a moment.

“Uhm I think I’ll go with some eggs today.” he paused in thought.

“Do you want me to make them?” you asked, ready to start on them already but he shook his head with a laugh.

“No you already do enough for us.” he pecked your forehead “I’ll do that myself.” he winked and started working on them next to you as you still laughed and chatted happily.

“You know I love taking care of you anyway.” you mumbled with a shy shrug and he smiled warmly.

“Yes, and I know it. But it’s not bad if you take a break once in a while and let us do all the work.” he said matter of factlyand you just shrugged “You know you deserve it.”

“Not as much as you guys do honestly I-” you shook your head, flipping another pancake.

“Dare you complete that sentence.” it was Dean’s stern voice but the moment you looked at him he had a small smile on. You sighed, knowing you weren’t going to win this fight against both of them so you just shook your head.

Oh and he also happened to be the other person involved.

“Morning guys.” he greeted as he kissed Mary and came towards you, not missing a chance to wrap his arms around your waist.

A small squeak left your lips as he pressed his body against yours and you both chuckled in the end as he kissed the back of your head “Damn smells amazing.” he breathed out as he looked over at the pancakes.

“Thought you’d like them, and in case you are not really into pancakes today I made some cherry pie for you.” you smirked and he looked at you with a wide grin.

“Gosh” he breathed out with wide eyes that made him look like a little kid on Christmas day “Marry me!” he grinned and you laughed.

“You’d have to take me out first, Winchester!” you said as you heard him laugh as he squeezed you, burying his face in your hair.

“Anytime princess.” he mumbled, nuzzling his face before in the end he leaned down and kissed your neck.

You giggled as his morning scruff tickled you and you turned your head to peck his cheek, making him smile down at you. It felt so refreshing to see him like this. It has been such a long while since you saw Dean so carefree.

Of course you had gotten the chance to see him relax sometimes, when it was just the two of you and he’d let loose, but those moments were rare. It mostly was you holding him as you either sat in silence or he talked to you about a nightmare- or whatever was worrying him at the moment.

Your relationship with Dean was different from that of Sam. While with Sam you were all playful, most of the time, and acted all cute together: watching movies, reading books and talking about all kinds of nerdy stuff your relationship with Dean was more contact and less words. You’d spent many nights in each other’s rooms just holding each other, gazing into each other’s eyes like some love-sick couple – well you were love sick you couldn’t deny it at least to yourself – and only sometimes talking. Dean wasn’t really a man of words so when it came to just the two of you he talked about only the things that troubled him. But even the few words were enough for you to get a look into his world. Heck, the mere fact that he trusted you with his thoughts and feelings was enough to let you know how important you were to him.

Of course there were serious moments with Sam as well, he too trusted you with his worries as well, and as that there were funny moments with Dean. Both brothers were very similar but at the same time your relationship with each of them was completely different. Each one of them completed a side of you that in returned completed them as well.

“Hey you two-” Sam’s voice got Dean’s attention. You looked at him to, luckily, see he had a small smile on his face “You’re not alone alright?”

“Sadly” Dean added and you giggled as Sam shot him a bitch-face.

“Why don’t you prove yourself useful and and prepare some bacon huh?” Sam obviously found an excuse to get him away from you.

“Oooh yes, love me some bacon!” Dean said with a glint in his eyes and you chuckled at how childish he was being.

“But first-” he said cupping your face as he leaned down and kissed your forehead, his lips much like Sam’s previously lingered a little longer than they should have. He looked down into your eyes, exactly like Sam had done, and offered you one last gentle smile before going back to playful him and started working on his bacon.

The three of you still talked and laughed as you had each Winchester on each side of you. Her sons’ laughter caught Mary’s attention and this time she took a real good look at the three of you. For a second she smiled fondly at how childlike you were all being, happy that her kids looked so carefree around you, but when realization downed on her hersmile faded away.

“Mary?” Castiel’s low voice caught her attention as she looked at the angel.

“Are you alright?” he asked with a small frown.

“Should I be Castiel?” she sighed sadly “I mean, how can I even be? At first I was happy about Dean but now- seeing this-Knowing that my one son’s happiness depends on the other’s grief- how can I be happy?”

“What- what do you mean?” Castiel frowned with a tilt of his head and she looked from the three of you to him.

“I thought seeing my sons fall in love would be something great. I just didn’t know it was going to be with the same girl.”

First Snow - Bucky

Summary: Part of the First Snow drabble series I’ve been working on. You and Bucky have been dating for two years now. He knows the first snow of the season is your favorite. So he comes up with a plan  to propose when it happens. What he didn’t plan was for it to happen in the middle of the night. 

Word Count: 1,131

You had been eagerly awaiting the first snow of the season for months. The moment the temperature started dropping, you started silently hoping it would snow. Others may have found it a bit overzealous to start wishing for snow in October, but you couldn’t help yourself. It was your favorite moment of each year, and you couldn’t help looking forward to it.

This year had been a warm one. It was already the middle of December and there hadn’t been even a hint of snow. You kept checking the weather reports, but there was no sign of snow at all.

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George Weasley x Reader with The Song Ghost By Hasley [Youtube]

Warnings: Cheating

George x Reader, Fred x Reader

Around 1500 words

Y/N took a fist full of his hair and pulled his lips away from her neck. Giving him an apologetic smile, she slipped out of his embrace and took a step away from him.
“As much as I love snogging in a dark corridor, I really should be getting back to my dorm so I can study for that quiz we have in potions tomorrow.”
With an overdramatic sigh, Fred ran a hand down his flushed face. He respected that she had things she needed to go do, but she had been leaving him all hot and bothered for weeks now. It was getting old and he was starting to wonder if maybe she was spending time with someone else.
“All you do is study anymore.” Annoyed, he turned his back to her. He desperately just wanted to walk away from her, without giving her so much as a goodbye. But he just couldn’t. He loved her, and if he left things like this he would be up all night regretting it.
“I’m sorry.” She said, reaching out to grab his hand as she sighed. “I know I’ve been busy lately, but I promise I’ll give you all my attention next week when we go home for break.” She was going to be spending all of Christmas break at the Weasley’s.
“Promise?” He asked as he turned and swept her into his arms.
Smiling brightly, she leaned up and kissed him as sweetly as she could manage.
“Promise. Goodnight Fred.”
“Goodnight Y/N, I love you.” He called after her as she jogged down the corridor and out of his sight.
She hadn’t made it far before someone reached out of a door and pulled her into a dark classroom.
“Took you long enough to get away this time.” He laughed deeply as he leaned down to place a kiss below her ear.
Her head dipped back so that he could kiss her neck, just as his brother had been doing only moments before.
“He’s starting to feel neglected. I had to promise to spend the whole break with him just to get away tonight.”
George growled against her skin and glared down at her, clearly not happy.
“Bloody hell Y/N. Why would you promise him that? What if I wanted to spend time with you?”
At his sudden anger, she became upset. With a glare of her own she hopped up on a nearby table and crossed her arms.
“Well, George. I really don’t know what you want from me. He is my boyfriend after all.”
And George was the one who had instigated this affair, so he had no right to get mad at her.

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Dreamingsnowflake’s Ultimate Asian Male Lead Ranking

As promised, I have done something I previously thought impossible and put together my favourite Asian Male Leads. However, suprisingly it wasn’t that difficult to pick the TOP10, though the standings are so damn close (except the number one).  All life-ruiners, every single one of them, so proceed with caution, especially if you are single because you just might end up being a spinster once you see this, You can pretty much deduce my favourite Asian female leads and OTPs (plus many others, but these would make the top of the list anyway, though I would have to make at least a TOP30) from them since they are almost identical, except the last one which would be up there if only the actress didn’t act like a 12 year-old to make up for her age. I didn’t include my second lead sydromes because they deserve a post of their own.

These characters own me and they all meet my sky-high expectations and requirements - dreamy, swoonworthy, broad shoulders, eyes that can melt you, men who would die for you,…

1) SEO JUNG HOO (Healer; Ji Chang Wook)

“The things I like: the sound of the camera shutter he makes. his big hands. smiling eyes. and big embraces. Things I hate: anything and everything that keeps me away from the things I like.”  - Chae Young Shin

HEALER-YAAAAAA! No one can ever beat Seo Jung Hoo EVER!

2) HUO QUBING WEI WU JI (Sound of the Desert, Eddie Peng)

It took 3 years before the Chinese censors allowed the adaptation of Da Mo Yao to air after changes to the title and names and during those 3 years Eddie Peng had to take all the hate from fans as not being good enough for HQB and how Huo Ge would have been such a better choice. Fast-foward to 2014-2015 and no one can imagine a more perfect Wei Wu Ji.

3) TAHWAN (Empress Ki, Ji Chang Wook)

THE PUPPY EMPEROR! The man who produced the most adorable baby in Kdramaland. Fascinating, brave, weak, loving, fucked-up,…doomed to be a second male lead by the writers, but the whole kdrama-viewing world fell in love with him, JCW’s inspired performance and his sizzling chemistry with HJW, that Tahwan defied the odds in the real world just like he did in the fictional world - he became the all-powerful Emperor who defeated all his enemies and protected his loved ones and finally won the love of the woman he loved above all else from the moment he met her. Hell, just before the drama premiered the writers published the book where Nyang tells Tahwan in his finally moments she never loved him but in the drama she proclaims her undying love for him - THAT AWESOME WAS HE! I MEAN I WATCHED AND RE-WATCHED 51 FREAKING EPISODES OF SAGEUK!!!

4) HOSHIKAWA TAKANE (From Five to Nine, Yamashita Tomohisa)

After 2 months of gushing over THE MONK WITH WHO WE FELL IN LOVE what can I add more -  GIVE US THAT SPECIAL, FUJI TV, OR THE FANDOM WILL RIOT!

5) DO MIN JOON (My  Love From Another Star, Kim Soo Hyun)

So alone and so perfect. It would be a noona romance if only the male lead wouldn’t be a 400+ years old alien. Kim Soo Hyun slays!

6) KAMIYA NAOKI (Buzzer Beat, Yamashita Tomohisa)

Probaly the most sane, normal, warm and real male lead from the bunch together with No.8.

7) LEE SUN JAE (Secret Love Affair, Yoo Ah In)

I’m a huge sucker for Noona and forbidden romances, so when I get a 20-year-old virgin piano prodigy in love with a 40-year-old married woman it’s Christmas for me.

8) LEE MIN SEOK (High School King, Seo In Guk)

My favourite high schooler! 

9) LEE SOON (Jang Ok Jung, Yoo Ah In)

“Watch carefully! The sky is about to fall on you.” - Lee Soon

And so it did! YAI was born for sageuk! The King and the love of of his life who died for him. JOJ was pure fiction, a delicious historical romance novel. And still the best bed scene in Kdramaland, ironically considering it’s a sageuk.

10) GU JUN PYO (Boys Over Flowers, Lee Min Ho)

For me LMH’s the most raw and the best performance -  I loved him in City Hunter and Faith but there was something special about GJP. For me he is the perfect Domyouji and that is against some strong competition.

Just below the TOP10: Male leads from City Hunter, Faith, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Kurosagi, Liar Game and You’re Beautiful

Gif sources: soosoosoohyun, herdys, elena-chan, shura, ji-chang-wook-for-you, albatrossfeathers, soompi


SHIP: Reader x Jacksepticeye

ABOUT: Jack has been dating (y/n) for four years and it’s their first Christmas where they are together. It’s chaotic and top it all off, MatPat ( (y/n)’s brother), Nate, and Mark are there!

Jack was extremely nervous.

He everything to be perfect for (y/n)’s and his first Christmas.

He planned on asking (y/n) to marry him but he felt the pressure on him. So he called up the three people who knew (y/n) best (other then him) and asked them to come over.

Soon three people showed up to the house and they all sat eating pizza with Jack.

“Well, Does anyone know how I should propose?” Jack said “ Matt! You know her the best!”

MatPat sat up and said, “(y/n) and me always talked about how she wanted to get married. Still do to this day. She said she wants to be pranked when she gets engaged.”

The room went silent for a moment until Nate scream loudly into everyone’s ears and causing Mark to almost drop his pizza:



It was now the night of Christmas, Jack and (y/n) invited Steph, Matt, Mark, and Nate.

They sat at the dinner table all eating Turkey. Steph was talking with (y/n) about the YouTube algorithm theory that Matt and her made.

“So, Jack. Do you see a future with (y/n)?” Matt said.

“Of course I do. (Y/n) is the one for me!” Jack said.

“Mhm. Well, Jack I do respect you as a YouTuber and a person but I don’t think you are right for my sibling” Matt said.

“Matthew” (y/n) replied with a ‘drop the subject’ tone of voice.

“Who are you to judge our relationship, Matt?” Jack said.

“Well I am (y/n)’s brother and I only want the best for them” Matt said.

Jack stood up very angered and looked at Matthew with anger spilling from his eyes.

“Shut up.” Jack said.

“Make me, Sean” Matt said.

Jack then grabbed Matt’s shirt.

“Get off me…” Matt said.

“No.” Jack said.

“Then be a real man” Matt said, “Do it”

At that moment Matt smirked and handed Jack the ring while (y/n) wasn’t looking.

Mark grabbed Jack and held him back, Steph grabbed Matt and Nate looked really confused.

“Jack… What’s this all about?! Why are the two of you gonna fight.” (Y/n) said.

“(Y/n)” Jack said while sliding Mark’s hand off his shoulder.


“(Y/n) (y/m/n) Patrick. Four years ago, on date of October 29th, I met the most beautiful/handsome/perfect person I could see with my god damn eyes.” Jack said


“Well. Matt told me that you wanted to be pranked when you someone asked you to marry them…”

“Oh my god” (y/n) said as Jack got down on one knee

“(Y/n) will you marry me?” Jack asked

“Yes!” (Y/n) said.

“That was one chaotic Christmas” Steph whispered to Matt.


Think about it, Doctor. One last day with your beloved. Which day would you choose?

Christmas. Christmas Day


I hummed to myself as I set the table, after making his favorite meal. I was looking forward to this night, our date. He had been coming home late for the last two years. I was so proud of my man for accomplishing and maximizing his brand for an IPO in Wall Street. He was already successful, selling multi-platinum albums, selling out tours and Madison Square Garden faster than MJ the legend, yes the Justin Bieber. He had talent, looks, and money why wouldn’t I fall in love with him. But it wasn’t his name I fell in love with or his fame, looks, or talent. It was his character, he cared so much. He was an enigma, he easily made an audience become instant believers as soon as his silver tongue began its magic, and boy would I know. Justin was always good with his mouth, whether it be singing, kissing, or talking.

Lately he has been on numerous business trips, out of the country all across the globe. He was a super busy man. It wasn’t always like this. He always made time for me, no matter how busy his schedule was because I was the love of his life and he was mine. We were inseparable. Never could keep our hands off of each other. Always having sex, both of our appetites for one another were insatiable. But once his record production merged he became busy, spending long hours either working or making music. He even had a little apartment made in the building that he would spend the night in from time to time. Leaving me alone in his—our big house, with our fancy cars, and our baby, Esther, the little teacup terrier he got me for our first Christmas as a married couple.

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I was visiting my 6th grade teacher okay, and his kids were still in his class

This random boy comes up to me and Andy and starts talking to us and we are so confused.

And then. He says, “You guys were my mom and dad in that one play, right” and smiled

In 6th grade, and me Andy were in the Christmas play as a married couple, and this boy, who was in kindergarten at the time, was our son.