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Interviewer: What’s it like being married to Ginny Weasley?

Harry: One time, I asked her if she wanted to make dinner after we had an argument.

Harry: The waffle was still frozen.

‘Ginny!’ Harry muttered, sprinting to her and dropping to his knees. ‘Ginny! Don’t be dead! Please don’t be dead!’. He flung his wand aside, grabbing Ginny’s shoulders and turned her over. Her face was white as marble, and as cold, yet her eyes were closed, so she wasn’t Petrified. But then she must be…
‘Ginny, please wake up,’ Harry  muttered desperately, shaking her. Ginny’s head lolled hopelessly from side to side.
‘She won’t wake’, said a soft voice.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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One thing i really like about Ginny is that she’s both a mega Quidditch jock and still pretty feminine without either excluding each other. She could both knock you off with a Quaffle and rock pretty dresses and have pink bedroom walls decorated with band posters. She destroys pesky gender roles and stereotypes so effortlessly and i love her.

your daily reminder that when ginny weasley married harry potter she changed her last name to his, and ginny weasley was a professional quidditch player. so at some point in his life, harry probably attended a match wearing a replica of robes with “potter” on the back and heard the announcer boom “i give you…POTTER!” as ginny flew out to the cheering crowd and most likely cried with joy

hey remember when Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy were siblings

and Elizabeth was married to John Watson

and Bill Weasley asked Darcy for advice

on proposing to Heather Lee, who was Mr. Darcy’s sister-in-law

but she said no because she was expecting a proposal from Quicksilver

but Quicksilver left her for Elizabeth Bennet

and she was all leave, wait no come back

and Watson was all this is improper

and then Elizabeth almost died giving birth to Quicksilver’s baby

so she made Watson and Quicksilver be all chummy

but she didn’t die and she left to be with Quicksilver

and Bill Weasley was all ok now will you marry me

and Heather Lee was like heck yea

and they had a baby

but no one liked Elizabeth anymore

and Quicksilver started dating Enchantress

because Enchantress was a rich princess

so Elizabeth threw herself under a moving train and died?

because I do

inspired by a post by @my-tardis-sense-is-tingling (I’m not technologically capable of linking it, but you know what post I mean)

Charlie Weasley Headcanons
  • Charlie Weasley being ambidextrous
  • Charlie Weasley having really small handwriting
  • Charlie Weasley using his left hand to bump elbows with the person he has a crush on
  • Charlie Weasley making the worst Magical Creature puns
  • Charlie Weasley always being the first to class
  • Especially Care for Magical Creatures
  • Charlie Weasley giving teachers compliments that have a hidden dis
  • McGonagall secretly knowing all of the hidden disses and smiling in her knowing way when Professor Sprout said that Charlie Weasley said he liked her new hat
  • Charlie Weasley always playing with a Golden Snitch
  • Charlie Weasley giving the same inspirational speech before every Quidditch Match
  • Oliver Wood copying that speech
  • Bill Weasley always ruffling Charlie’s hair
  • Charlie Weasley secretly wanting to grow his hair out like Bill
  • Molly cutting off his hair before it could get too long, muttering under her breath about Bills long hair
  • Charlie Weasley always tagging along on Bills dates 
  • Charlie Weasley never being invited to tag along on said date
  • Charlie Weasley sneaking out to the Forbidden Forest at night to see interesting creatures
  • Charlie Weasley being the most chill prefect ever
  • Charlie Weasley befriending the metamorphmagus Nymphadora Tonks
  • Being best friends with said Hufflepuff
  • Charlie Weasley failing his Apparation test the first time and Tonks teasing him for it
  • Charlie Weasley trying (and failing) to sabotage Tonks’ Apparation test
  • Tonks failing it anyway
  • Charlie Weasley being good friends with Hagrid
  • Charlie Weasley talking with Hagrid all about how he’d love to have a dragon one day
  • Charlie Weasley being the shortest out of all his brothers
  • Charlie Weasley trying to befriend the garden gnomes at the Burrow
  • Charlie Weasley being a terrible cook
  • Charlie Weasley taking care of baby Ron and baby Ginny
  • Charlie Weasley supporting Percy’s dreams and planting the seed for him wanting to be Minister of Magic someday
  • Charlie Weasley being really close with Molly, but having the best inside jokes with Arthur
  • Charlie Weasley being super supportive of Bill when he wanted to marry Fleur
  • Charlie Weasley exchanging letters with Ginny
  • Charlie Weasley being the reason why Ginny started to play Quidditch
  • Charlie Weasley sending his nieces and nephews cool things from Romania
  • Charlie Weasley being especially close with Victorie and her having a dragon plushie that she calls ‘Charlie’
  • Charlie Weasley being terrible at giving Victorie relationship advice
  • Charlie Weasley being everyone's favorite uncle
  • Charlie Weasley being Charlie Weasley

“Of course, it doesn’t matter how he looks… it’s not r-really important… but he was a very handsome little b-bo… always very handsome… and he was g-going to be married!”

“And what do you mean by zat?” said Fleur suddenly and loudly. “What do you mean, ‘he was going to be married?’”

Mrs. Weasley raised her tear-stained face, looking startled. “Well–only that–”

“You theenk Bill will not wish to marry me anymore?” demanded Fleur. “You theenk, because of these bites, he will not love me?”

“No, that’s not what I–”

“Because 'e will!” said Fleur, drawing herself up to her full height and throwing back her long mane of silver hair. “It would take more zan a werewolf to stop Bill loving me!

“Well, yes, I’m sure,” said Mrs. Weasley, “but I thought perhaps–given how–how he–”

Role models and role mo-don'ts
  • Ginny: Your father and I are very disappointed in you
  • James: But in Dad's first year he-
  • Harry: *peeks out from the kitchen* no I didn't
  • James: But you told me you-
  • Harry: NO I DIDN'T
  • Ginny: .....honeeeey
  • Harry: James, did I tell you what your mother's first Valentine's gift to me was?
  • Ginny:
  • Ginny: So James, the past is the past. Let's not dwell in it and forget to live, yeah? *glares at hubby*
  • Harry: *glares back*
  • James: *not old enough to understand sexual tension*
  • James: does that mean I'm not grounded?
  • Ginny and Harry: Fuck no
Random Drarry scene
  • Harry, waking up in St.Mungo's after an auror mission: How long have I been asleep?
  • Draco: 30 years. I'm Scorpius and I was send here to look after you by my father, who-
  • Harry, shocked: What!?
  • Draco: Ran off to marry your best friend Ronald Weasley and started a llama farm in the swedish mountains
  • Harry, searching for his glasses in a panic: fuuuuuuuck
  • Scorpius, whispering to his dad: How long until we tell him?
  • Draco: Not until we've arrived in Sweden. That should teach him to be more careful on auror missions next time.
  • Scorpius: Jag är en kyckling?
  • Draco, nodding: Jag är en kyckling.

Me and my friend were watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire today and in the Yule ball scene when Ginny and Neville dance together she said that she really liked them as a couple and they should have ended up together, but then how would Harry marry into the Weasley family?? And she resolved that by saying “well he can be gay with George” and I’ve thought about that a lot in the past few hours


request: “Can you do a "dating Fred would include…” maybe where like people are like “are they best friends? do they hate each other or are they together?” lol Thanks! :)“ — by anon

a/n: loved this idea so much but i kinda feel that this isn’t my best work *sigh* hope you like it anyways. x


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The war changed Molly’s perspective on what she wanted for her children. 

She no longer imagined them all in the same heteronormative life she had led herself. She loved them, and wanted nothing more in the wake of so much death and destruction than for the remaining six to come out of their respective traumas, standing tall and happy in whatever life they chose for themselves. 

marry me - prologue

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prologue | the past | 4.5 K

On Fred’s eight day ever of being a Hogwarts student, he already had detention with George. Neither of them took it very seriously, they were giggling through polishing trophies into the night and making jokes when they don’t think Filch will hear them. This was all too much fun. 

When they got out their stomachs were rumbling, a loud sort of noise that echoed down the hall as they walked towards the dormitory. “Do you think we can get some food?” Fred wondered out loud, there had to be some kitchens somewhere, but he didn’t know where in the hell they would be. 

George was about to respond when they saw you, another first year stroll out from another hallway in front of them. “Were you two asking where the kitchens were?” 

The three stared at each other. Fred and George remembered you from their second potions class days ago where you’d panicked during their first time making potions when your cauldron had started to leak and had accidentally knocked over your table and the one behind you in your haste to get away. Which was why you had just gotten out of detention with Snape.

You remembered them because rumor had it that they’d managed to fill Filch’s office with dungbombs. A rumor you believed seeing as you had passed it just a few moments ago and it still smelled god awful. 

Fred spoke first, a cocky smile on his lips, “Aren’t you the girl who knocked over all the cauldrons during potions?” 

“You still smell like dungbombs, you know.” when the redhead looked properly abashed you smiled a bit. Looking between him and the other twin, you didn’t want to come off as too mean. You extended your hands to shake theirs. “My name’s Y/N. It’s nice to meet you.” 

The twin that hadn’t spoken yet shook your hand first, “I’m George. He’s Fred. Do you know how to get to the kitchens?” 

You shook Fred’s hand and continued to look towards George– who’s handshake was a bit more gentle than his brother’s. “I do! It’s near the Hufflepuff dormitory. You’ve just got to tickle the pear in a painting.” 

Fred’s eyebrow quirked upwards, “Tickle the what now?” 

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