So, I finally finished The Wedding Project. - request by sohipstersimmer

It includes 5 different sets of poses:

  • The Wedding Portrait (Romantic_embrace/hug)
    • Groom to Bride
  • The Ceremony (Romantic_kiss_cheek)
    • Groom to Bride
  • Bride and Bridesmaid (Friendly_hug)
    • Bridesmaid to Bride
  • Groom  ( push_up )
    • Individual poses ( a mystery gift to all of my followers)
  • Flower Children (Friendly_hug)
    • Flower boy to Flower Girl

The poses pics are all shown above (except the groom individual poses), click them to enlarge for clear overview. Also, I provide a pics overview zip in the download link, check it out if u want to. 

So, Here is the download:

CCs list:





In the hope I cover everything, and please enjoy. :) 


favorite male character - farkle minkus
Let’s talk about that sweet guy for a minute. There is that one episode that Farkle is fighting Smackle in the debate team, and she asks him at the end if he would choose Maya and Riley even if they weren’t pretty. I can watch his answer 6000 times a day. He says ‘they’re pretty? I never really noticed’
I fell in love with his character after that. He is so sweet, smart, kind,funny, lovable and I volunteer to be Mrs Minkus in a heart beat.
If he weren’t on the show I would have probably stop watching it.