i need an abortion

welp, ive been trying to avoid this for almost 4 months now but looks like it’s come down to this! im 17 weeks pregnant and my scheduled appointment for my abortion is Friday, May 5th at 8 am. costs for my abortion is $1,270, however, the National Abortion Federation is covering $505. which leaves me at a balance of $765 that i do not have. now. thankfully, after moving into my new residency, im working now and will be receiving my next paycheck next Wednesday. however, i will only be capable of covering approx. $200 of the $765 because i have rent to pay as well. time is of the essence. i didnt want anyone to know about this, i dont want anyone to know about this. ive been handling this physically and emotionally all on my own since February. help me. in Georgia, i have about 3 weeks left before i am no longer eligible to get an abortion here. if you have questions, message me. if you send a large amount of money (meaning $80 and above), now that i have a job, i can reimburse you. i need to have all of $765 by May 4th at 5:00 pm. in the meantime i will be working, trying to sell shit… do whatever. i cant afford to weigh this out any longer. most of you know who i am, know my story. please signal boost, circulate this as far as you can. if you would like to make a Facebook post about me, feel free but i ask that you keep my personal information lowkey until they personally reach out to me. i will be making a Facebook post tonight and if you want to friend me in order to share the post i make on FB, message me. my paypal is remember: $765 by May 4th at 5:00 pm. thank you.

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….. I guess Starla was happy.

Andrei was actually LEAVING despite his looks.  There is a ducky copilot behind her bar.  Someone left some substandard ketchup and noodles on the bar.  Her shift was ending.  These are all good things.

Andrei immediately got home and donated to undermine Life Fruit for Elders.  Because fuck those guys.  Fuck them right in the ear.  … to say nothing about the fact that he has enough life fruit in his pocket to choke every elder on the coast.


Zoe started randomly playing with a wild raccoon (not a resident).

They for some reason took their play out into the road.

And then got all strangely paranoid that they were both run over by a fucking cab and lived.  :|  Because TS3.

God, I really hate doing this..

I had a surprise bill pop up and I need to do like, so much maintenance on my car because if I don’t, it’s going to break down, and with my new job, I NEED my car. It’s not optional. is the link to my paypal, and if you’re interested in latch-hooks or having something edited or proofread in return, hit me up. Thank you to everyone who’s donated and spread the word this far, it’s helped so much

So my good friend @sailershanty is having financial difficulties; I like them and I would rather not have them starve. They have a commission page and everything - that I keep on reblogging, sorry not sorry about that - but perhaps I could interest you in a 100-500w ficlet on the fandom and the prompt of your choice? From yours truly? I cannot write smut or torture to save my life but everything else is fair game. Donate to sailer, send me proof and ask for your ficlet :D 


I need your help! Please!

I made a post a few days ago about one of the dogs that we have in school, someone broke his leg and currently we are trying to find him some help, we need to move the dog to a better place and find a person that will be able to take care of him. IF WE DON’T DO THIS BY SUNDAY 30/APRIL/2017 HE WILL BE PUT DOWN! :c Please help!

We are trying to get $1,000 for him and the other dogs (we have 7) living in the school, the main goal is to help them find a nice place to live, but before we do that we have to make sure that each dog has the proper vaccines, and sadly that’s quite expensive here. 

IF YOU CAN DONATE, any amount can help! A dollar could make a HUGE difference, please, please!

Donate To PayPal:




Hey guys, It’s ya Nerd here!

I’m opening up Commissions because I’m in quite a pickle right now. I need some money to help me with my insurance that I’m going to pay each month of 280$ just for Liability between myself and my sister. Summer Vacation is at least a week away for me, so I’ll be available anytime between my work schedule and staying at home.

Goal: 700$ USD - 5 Months worth of Insurance
Minimum: 560$ USD - 4 Months worth of Insurance


These are ordinary Commissions, but I also do Animations

2 - Frame Animation: 30-35$ USD

- Transparent Background
- Details you want between 2 frames
- Watermarked and Un-watermarked Versions


4 - Frame Animation: 40-50$

- 1 Extra Character
- Choice Between Background or Transparent
- Choice between Flat or Cell Shaded Coloring
- Details you want between 4 frames
- Watermarked and Un-watermarked Versions



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hey my internet got shut off and as its my only means of connecting to the outside world as a paranoid mentally ill kid i need to pay the bill im gonna be doing combination poetry+art commissions for $10 you can find my info/art examples at /com please im me if youre interested + if you want to donate my paypal is /harlequinboys

anonymous asked:

My mom an I were discussing organ donors and she states she would donate all her organs after dying. I don't know if wanna donate my organs. She kept assuming I was saying NO instead of I DON'T KNOW and claimed that people who wouldn't donate their organs are selfish. :( Am I selfish if I didn't wanna donate? Am I selfish for being indecisive about it?? 😢😢 (Sorry, I just really want an opinion from an educated person 😖)

Absolutely not! It’s your body, and your body still belongs to you after you die. Nobody is entitled to your organs, and it’s not in any way selfish to not want to donate.

Organ donation is wonderful for those who choose to do it, but not everybody likes the idea of having their body cut open when they die, or the idea of somebody else having a part of their body. That’s normal too!

I’m sorry that your mom is jumping to conclusions and pressuring you. No matter what she says, the choice to donate organs of not is yours and yours alone, and the best decision is whatever you feel is best for you.

hey folks i’m a trans person trying really hard to save up to move out of my abusive and unaccepting house but it’s really hard as i don’t get as many hours as i really need so if people could please share this around and donate what you can to my PayPal account and help me reach my goal faster so I can begin my transition and start to heal from this. anything at all would be appreciated and thanks so much for your help

When you’re a Caribbean Transman who’s been hospitalized numerous times and recently almost died twice last month due to trans surgeries and you’ve finally worked up enough energy and faith in the Universe to dance to some music. Give Thanks. Ashe.

I’m healing (pretty much bed ridden) so I can’t work laboriously. I moved back across the country last month (via wheelchair access) to where I grew up in NYC with no funds, and draining wtvr little resources I do have. Between that, having no nurse aid and battling my own dysphorias it’s been emotionally and physically unsettling despite the uplifting Tumblr messages in my previous dance video notes lol.

While healing this last month I took a necessary 75 hour online realtor’s course and passed the final with a 95% (bc although my body has to sit still, my mind doesn’t). I now intend to pay for a shorter course to help me pass my New York State license exam with flying colors as well, and be able to start working and finally pay rent so that I can feel some sort of productivity, limited stress (on my mind and body) and a sense of community in the world again through working.

Unfortunately I’ve used the last bit of savings I had moving back here due to:

1) My Hysterectomy

2) My Small Intestines falling through my yoni

3) My Small Intestines being pierced during the previous emergency surgery and having a tube placed down my throat for a week bc my intestines had fatal air in it. I lost 20lbs in the hospital and I’m still working my way back up.

I need your help beautiful humans on:

1) Attending a short online course & attaining my NYS Realtor’s License $200

2) Paying my rent $600

3) Birthday love (aka food, money to switch my health insurance, and to pay for Testosterone in the meantime) for my birthday May 4th bc life as a no income 1st generation immigrant transgender queer man in Brooklyn has been a fist full of struggles as of late $AnythingHelps

PayPal is

Thank you in advance to everyone who has watched my video, donated to my well being, or boosted this post. I appreciate you immensely. Lastly, I’d also like to share a few beautiful mantras that I’ve been using to affirm myself during this time of pain and growth. Sending love & light, Sebastian.

“People will judge you no matter what so you might as well slay!”

“Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it.”-Maya Angelou

“Money comes to me easily and frequently.”

Previous Healing-Dance Video>

PayPal is

instead of just posting selfies for TDOV im asking for help

im a 19 year old trans guy (pre everything) who just started college this year, my family does not support me in my transition right now and i am currently only getting money from working (im only able to work 10 hours a week with current circumstances). that money i use for other college expenses like textbooks as well as food

the last time i asked for donations i was able to buy a few articles of clothing as well as some binders that really helped! but i still need help buying clothing that would be suitable for spring/summer since i currently only have sweaters, sweatpants, and long sleeved shirts for the most part. the rest of my clothes are “womens” clothing that i cant wear with my binder or they just make me extremely dysphoric

if you are able to and have money to spare, please donate to my paypal i currently have 0 dollars in my account, so it would mean a lot if you could send me a few dollars if you can or at least pass this around.

thank you

I already made a post abt this but fogure another one wont hurt. im a disabled nb mestizo person living in an abusive house full of ppl who want me to move out. i cant drive due to my disability and have mental issues and chronic pains that make getting a job difficult, thought ive been looking but not getting calls back. My gf is also trans and living in a bad home and is being threatened with getting kicked out. She has a job but makes almost nothing and is also looking for a new job. We both really really need money and just. arent gettin it

my paypal is and my cash me is, and my gfs paypal is

i can do art for money and have commissions open rn

PLEASE rb and anything is helpful


sup guys, i’m isak and i’m a disabled gay trans jew in an unsettled living situation with no income and no family support. i’ve applied for welfare here in the UK, but it’s going to take some time before i see any money from it, between needing to secure a british bank account (which is very hard to do without a decent proof of address, which i didn’t have until saturday) and needing to send in various documents.

i’m flat broke. 

i need money for transport, so i can make it to shabbat services, and i need money for food and clothing, because, just as an example, i currently have one and a half pairs of socks and they’re, uh, not in great shape.

i would like to have some money to get the occasional nice thing for myself, like fancy coffee or chocolate or something. i’m being up front about this: i am in a really shitty situation right now, i’m virtually bedbound due to CFS/ME and i suffer from schizoaffective disorder that heavily fucks with my mood and my ability to enjoy things. i want to have some nice things in my life, occasionally.

my (new, british) paypal is

anything you can donate helps immensely. if you can’t donate, please reblog! thank you


A tsundere motion.

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