I don't care

I don’t care if you’re the kind that prays or meditates or lights a candle or thinks positive thoughts.

Whatever you do to put good out into the universe, could you send a little out for me and my family?

Today my brothers and I went out to the hospital. My youngest brother was recently diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, a kind of blood cancer that is very rare for a person of his age and health history to get.

And he really needs bone marrow. Specifically bone marrow from one of us, my other brother and I. We are his best bet for a match.

No amount of crowd-funding or awareness will make one of us a match. All I can use right now is your good vibes that one of us will be. If you could do that for me, I would appreciate it greatly.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Maya Vie: Natural Born Revolutionary

I’m getting back into my character centric metas with an essay on a girl who I feel is the most unsung hero of the whole show. Because even in a fandom that is supposedly so appreciative of the 100′s strong female characters, I find that Maya is routinely treated with indifference, disregard or even dislike. And I want to know why. Do fans dismiss Maya’s strength on a superficial basis because of her looks? Because she’s a mousy girl who wore pastel dresses and cardigans rather than black leather and war paints? Is she not perceived as a strong girl because we didn’t see Maya throwing her fists or wielding a weapon in physical fights? Maya was still a fighter. And unlike most characters what Maya fought for was not her own survival. Maya fought for what was right. Her selfless heroism seems sadly ignored and forgotten. Maybe this is due to the squeamish reality that Maya was killed by three of our main protagonists? In the rush to absolve Clarke, Bellamy and Monty for pulling that lever, Maya’s death is hand-waved and her significance is downplayed. But Maya deserves to be recognized for who she was and what she did. The squeamish reality is that none of the Sky People would’ve survived the Mountain without her.    

Nobody can help the reality they are born into and for Maya, her reality was a sickly underground society dependent on blood treatments for their survival. I’m not sure what age it was the Mountain children learned the truth about the blood transfusions. Maya’s mother died when she was five after refusing the blood so she likely lost her innocence earlier than most. Maya was very much a product of both of her parents - the daughter of a mother who’d sacrificed her life for her ideals and a dad who sacrificed his ideals for his family. If Maya always secretly had her mother’s righteous heart, then she masked it with her father’s careful compliance. As she grew up, Maya suppressed her rebel spirit behind a bland appearance and mousy manners. She lost herself in books, in art and in music. She might’ve dressed in pastel colors but privately Maya had a passion for dark Gothic paintings and angry Emo songs. These distractions were all she had to block out a reality her morals couldn’t reconcile.

Did Maya ever really conform though? We know that Maya had at least two jobs in the Mountain. She was a medic and a cleaner. The first job gave her access to the secretive medical facilities while her cleaner duties gave her an overview of the entire bunker. I don’t believe Maya came up with plans to overthrow her leaders and free their prisoners in just the three weeks after the Sky kids were brought to the Mountain. I think she’d been daydreaming this rebellion for years before the Sky kids came. But still - Maya was just a teenage girl and she didn’t want to die. She didn’t want to accept her own death and the death of all of her people as her only option for doing what was right. When the Sky kids arrived Maya still yearned to be a normal girl. A girl who could meet a cute boy and go to breakfast with him. Her leaders had welcomed the Sky kids into their home as guests. The 48 weren’t put in the same category as the “savages”. In the same way that we’re taught to think of pets differently to how we think of livestock, the Mount Weather civilians were all encouraged to think of the 48 as a different species of outsider, deserving of humane treatment.   

If Maya briefly deluded herself, if she let herself hope for a little romance with a boy from space, then she swallowed that hope the moment she woke up to find Dr Tsing had taken Jasper’s blood to heal her body. First, there’s her shattering realization that her own people risked her life and used her as a lab rat in their medical experiments. Then it’s fearing that Jasper and his friends are about to become their new cure. Maya had always believed in her mother’s revolution, but it’s the threat to the 48 that forces her into action. These are kids her age, kids she knows. The grounders were dehumanized savages unseen behind the walls, easier to disassociate, to block out that reality. “What are we supposed to do?” Maya asks after confessing the now inescapable facts to Jasper and Monty. “Die” is the answer Monty harshly offers. And in her heart, Maya agrees with him, like she agreed with her mother. She couldn’t help being born a vampire, a creature who survives on blood, who lives in a tomb because she’d burn up in the sun. Maya’s favorite painting depicts a whirlwind of doomed lovers falling into Hell. Maya might’ve thought she’d found love with Jasper, but her reality is she’s a sickly monster who can only survive by draining him. She’s falling in love as she falls into Hell. The Hell she’s lived in all her life.   

Maya’s mission doesn’t start as a full-blown revolution. In the early stages I think she was just hoping to aid an escape or a rescue attempt. The full reality of what Maya is doing doesn’t hit home till she saves Bellamy from the harvest chamber. Until she’s faced with watching Bellamy killing Lovejoy with his bare hands. She has a gun in her hands yet she doesn’t stop Bellamy. A few weeks earlier Maya had threatened to shoot Clarke when she’d been poised to open the bunker door and let the radiation in. Bellamy sees Maya looking shocked and sickened that she let him kill a man she must’ve known all her life. He sees the conflict she’s in and gives her a chance to back out. But Maya has already made her choice and she knows that Bellamy’s mission will fail without her. She still tries desperately to protect her own people at the same time. She uses her medic role to get her art teacher out of the elevator so Bellamy doesn’t have to shoot him. Later on Maya pleads with Octavia not to kill a young couple kissing outside the mess hall. Maya is fighting to protect “the innocent” on both sides. Who was the first character to transcend tribalism? I’d say it was Maya. 

For a long time, Maya is helping Bellamy and the 48 single-handed and her help is essential. Without Maya, Bellamy would’ve died and the mission would have failed. Without Maya, the Sky kid prisoners would have never established radio communication with the other Arkadians. Without Maya, Raven wouldn’t have known to blow the dam. Most importantly, the Sky kids in the Mountain wouldn’t have survived long enough if Maya hadn’t raised a resistance movement to hide them from Cage’s guards. By this point Maya knows that Clarke is bringing an army of grounders to lay siege to her home. She knows that if the mission is a success then her vampiric people will be losing their blood supply. The rest of the resistance knows it too. To their credit, they don’t even raise the question of how they’ll get to survive afterwards. Best case scenario, Cage and his guards are wiped out and the Sky people offer to donate marrow. But the rebels never ask or bargain for their own lives. Maya and the others are prepared to die for what is right. And as Maya is forced to witness the rebels she roused being shot in the head (her own father included) she seems more resigned to her own fate. She knows she’s a dead girl walking. Octavia suggests that Maya could live in the Ark airlock, but Maya knows from experience that life in a cell isn’t really living. She’d rather find something worth dying for.

Jasper still has his desperate belief that he can save Maya (and everyone else) by killing Cage. As she sends him off for his assassination attempt, Maya tells him “You got this”, the same words Clarke says to Octavia before the conclave, probably for the same reasons. She knows Jasper has little chance of surviving against Cage and his men, but she also knows he’ll have a better chance if he believes he can succeed. She doesn’t answer Jasper’s “I love you”, not because she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings, but because she’s chosen her revolution over her chance for love and even her own chance for life. Earlier in the battle for Mount Weather, Jasper says “I won’t let you die” and Maya doesn’t answer “I won’t let you die either” but instead says “I won’t let you surrender”. For Maya, the cause has become more important than all their individual lives. So if Jasper is going to die, it’s better he dies on his feet fighting for that cause, rather than him dying strapped down to a table under the drill.

And tragically in the end, Maya wasn’t killed by her own corrupt government that she was fighting to overthrow. She was killed by their intended victims who she had tirelessly risked her life (and her entire civilization) to rescue. I’ve often seen Maya’s last words being interpreted as her excusing Clarke, Bellamy and Monty for pulling the lever on her. But I don’t agree. I think when Maya says “None of us is innocent”, she doesn’t just mean the Mountain people. She also means the grounders who betrayed Sky people to their deaths. She means the Sky people who betrayed Maya and her people to their deaths. None of them are innocent. Maya had carried the guilt of taking blood from ‘innocent’ victims all her life. Yet those victims she tried to save ultimately bought their survival with Maya’s blood. With the blood of over three hundred of her people. Clarke and Monty would say afterwards that they had no choice, like Dante claimed that none of them had a choice. And yet Maya still made a choice to do what was right, even if she and her people could not survive doing the right thing. 

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Baby, New York City: Chapter Four (Biadore) - Boleyn

AN: Hi lovelies! Sorry for the super long wait. Life got crazy! My classes at university picked back up and I donated bone marrow (which was an amazing experience, got to for more information about it!). I’m not totally happy with this chapter, but to make up for the huge delay, it is a good bit longer than my others have been! Thank you so much for waiting and I hope you enjoy!! Oh! And the sketchbook library in this story is a real place in in Williamsburg! xx Boleyn

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I'm sorry, did you say Barney was the bad decision Barton? Let me clarify why that's wrong

Barney leaves the circus instead of staying with Swordsman and Trick Shot, who he knows are criminals and want to control Clint. He invites Clint to join the army with him and start life on the smart path towards education Clint refuses but changes his mind too late

Barney joins the army and then the FBI and goes under cover to take down a criminal During which Trick Shot and Clint rob the criminal and shoot Barney

Barney recovers and goes undercover AGAIN to take down a racketeering ring and Egghead. He brings in the avengers to help stop egghead from killing thousands He dies for this. He dies saving the avengers.

Clint meanwhile works for criminals, not as a spy but WITH them. He joins Natasha and is still a criminal. He joins the avengers but lies about his identity to hide his past. The avengers KNOW who Barney is, but don’t know who Hawkeye is.

While Barney is gone, Clint gets with Janet while she’s dating Hank, which carries on later to cheating on Jessica Drew

Barney is brought back to life by Helmut Zemo, who trains him with the now cancer ridden Trick Shot, to become a master archer. For years Barney is under Zemos wing. He’s instilled with this hatred for his brother.

When Barney and Clint do finally cross paths, Clint beats him. Barney, then donates bone marrow to save Clints sight and is jailed in Avengers tower.

Months later, Avengers tower collapses, Barney is critically injured, kept alive through machines. Norman Osborn finds him and has him fully healed. He joins Osborn because he owes him a debt.

At this point it’s brought up that despite SAVING Clint from going BLIND, Clint never even visited his brother in the ward. He just left him there.

Not only that, he stole all Barney’s money from his time with the FBI. does he give it back? No, he buys a car and a new home and apartment building.

After being off world and succumbing to homelessness, and starvation because remember, Barney has NO MONEY. He even takes beatings for food money. Finally, he moves in with Clint, who still talks down to him.

Barney meets Simone and they become a family and move away, with HIS money restored.

Barney has never killed anyone, much less a friend, and has sacrificed his life for people he didn’t know. Never cheated or put someone else who’s dating in that situation Never hit a significant other. He took in two kids and raised them as his own

But HE’S the asshole, right??

But seriously though, can we talk about how fucking tragic Brney Barton is? He grew up in a house with an abusive father who looks exactly like him. Both his abusive father and his uncaring mother die in a car crash and he’s sent off to an orphanage where nobody wants him. He runs away and joins the fucking circus, the whole time still trying to be a good big brother to Clint (who is angry and rebellious and self centered, at this point in his life.) and trying to actually finish school. He manages to graduate, and gets into a huge fight with his brother before going off to join the army. He tries to convince Clint to come with him, but as far as Barney knows, he didn’t want to. He didn’t know Clint was just late for the bus. He thought his little brother chose a couple of criminals over him.

He’s successful in the army, and eventually joins the FBI where he has to infiltrate a criminal organization. During which time had is SHOT by his little brother who is TRYING TO STEAL FROM SAID CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION. And because he’s in the FBI he has to LIE TO HIS BROTHER AND CONVINCE HIM THAT HE’S ACTUALLY A CRIMINAL WHEN HE’S NOT.

Then he goes for another undercover mission as a racketeer, during which, long story short, he is basically killed. He’s then resurrected and BRAINWASHED by a asshole in a purple body suit into hating his little brother and wanting to kill him.

Even after being brainwashed into hating him, BARNEY STILL DONATES BONE MARROW TO SAVE CLINTS EYESIGHT.

He becomes a fake avenger, which goes about as well as you can imagine, and this whole time he’s dealing with not only his childhood abuse, but the psychological torture it must be to look in the mirror every day and /see/ his abuser. Not to mention his brother issues, and all the trauma that must go along with basically being brainwashed and then eventually breaking out of it.

The worst part of it is that BARNEY WAS A GOOD FUCKING PERSON. He was a troubled kid, but looking through his and Clints backstory, if you didn’t know anything about how they turned out, you would probably assume BARNEY would be the hero, and CLINT would bed the villain.


In Name Only-Chapter 9

The Winchesters are the richest family in your hometown of Lawrence, Kansas. John Winchester has his hands in just about everything in town. Oldest son Dean helps his father run the company. Younger son Sam wants nothing to do with the family business and is constantly getting in trouble. Your parents have just died and you find out that your father owed John Winchester a LOT of money

Characters: John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Donna Hanscum Winchester, Sarah Winchester (OC Dean’s daughter), Bobby Singer, Karen Singer, Amy Singer (OC Reader’s sister), Reader, Jody Mills, Fergus MacLeod, Billie

A/N: For the flow of the story I have changed aspects of Amy’s treatment. Any mistakes are mine.

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Dr. Harvelle shuffled her papers.  “Y/N you are not a match for Amy’s bone marrow, but luckily Sam is. We won’t have to go to the registry. That will save us time.”

“What do I have to do?” Sam asked.

“It’s a fairly straightforward procedure.  You will be given anesthesia, and the bone marrow will be drawn through small needles from the back of your pelvic bone.  It’s relatively painless. But before we even get to that you will have to have some other tests.“ Dr. Harvelle told him.

“I don’t care what it takes, I’ll do it.” Sam stated emphatically.

“So what’s the bad news?” You asked nervously.

“Amy has a very rare type of Leukemia.  It’s called Burkitt Leukemia. It only makes up 4% of all cases of ALL diagnosed.  It’s very agressive. We need to start treatment right away.”

Dr. Harvelle began so explain to us what Amy’s treatment would entail.  High dose chemotherapy to kill off her own bone marrow.  Infusion of Sam’s marrow.  Amy’s immunity would be severely weakened and she would have to stay in isolation. 

Amy was getting a very nervous look on her face.  This was suddenly very scary, and very real.

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I wanted to say thank you for #sanversweek because it was great and your efforts were really appreciated. Around July 4 you posted about a barbecue and then a Something Corporate dance party and I think that's awesome because they're great. I'm a big fan of them and Andrew McMahon and ended up donating bone marrow after signing up for the registry at one of his shows so the fact that you still listens to them too made me smile. Last but certainly not least... THE BOOK! KUDOS ON THAT AWESOMENESS!

Listen Something Corporate is a nearly daily occurrence in this apartment.

So like.


Born out of the ashes ...

It was a Saturday night, slow by usual means. That is, until you came in. A Level I page was sent out and the trauma team went down to the ER while we prepared in the ICU. You were one of two who came in and by far the worse of the two. Tubed at the scene, extricated with the Jaws of Life, things were not out to a good start. They only became worse as the night went on. You would not move, you would not respond. CTs of your head looked like hell. Occasionally, you would flinch some of your many reflexes were still intact. Within a day, you herniated and nothing was left. You lay there, with fixed, dilated eyes – more or less dead but with a heartbeat. Alive, but only just. We knew what came next.

Once your family agreed to starting the process, we pronounced you dead. Then the real work began. While you lay there, we did every test in the book, every scan one could think of, and biopsied multiple organs. We probably did enough labs to drop your hemoglobin several points. EKGs, echos, ultrasounds, you name it. We monitored every hemodynamic variable that we could, adjusting medications and fluid to maintain your blood pressure, electrolytes, and body chemistry. A throng of organ procurement nurses huddled in a corner of your room, bent over computers, sending messages to transplant teams throughout the area and country. 

Meanwhile, just down the hall was a patient in need of vital organs, a liver and kidney to be specific. Would this really be it? Would the months and years of waiting, of sickness be over?

Finally, you are ready for the OR. Plans have been set in place. Your heart will go across the city, your lungs across the country. Portions of skin and bone are grafted. Your eyes are prepped for cornea donation. Your liver and one of your kidneys, though, won’t have to go very far. In fact, they’ll just go across the hall.

Across that hall, with teams from all over coming to harvest organs, another patient lies on an operating table, but for something quite different. He or she will get those new organs, accompanied by a hope for a better life. 

This month is National Donate Life Month, so I find it only fitting that we got to care for both donors and their eventual recipients this week on my unit. While we mourn the loss of a young life, we also can celebrate the wonderful gift that has been given. In a time of darkness, light can come about. 

Consider donating life this month in it’s many forms. Sign up to get tested for bone marrow donation. Donate blood if you can. Consider registering as an organ donor in your state. It’s truly amazing what one life can do.


At some point in our lives we all meet someone who changes our lives. I happened to meet mine on December 24, 2009. Michael Bradlee Christian (or Mikey) was born on the way to the hospital at 70 mph. To go along with his high speed birth, he’s wanted to be a race car driver since he knew what that was. For someone of such small stature, he’s impacted the lives of everyone around him and even those thousands of miles away.

When you first look at him you would never guess that he is in bone marrow failure. When Mikey was 3 years old, he had a nosebleed at preschool. My dad went to pick him up expecting the nosebleed to stop. It didn’t. He was rushed to the ER where my dad sat with him and waited for hours. It wasn’t until Mikey went unconscious that they finally paid attention to him. His nose bled for 10 hours. He was in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for about 6 days. A very renowned hematologist-oncologist came in to take a look at him. He ordered a blood count to check his platelets. Platelets are the blood cells in our body that help your blood clot. Normal counts are around 150-400. Mikey’s were 4. The doctor took all of this into account along with his small stature, his speech impediment, the birth marks on his body and suspected he had Fanconi Anemia. FA is a rare, inherited blood disorder that leads to bone marrow failure. Although FA is a blood disorder, it also can affect many of your body’s organs, tissues, and systems. Children who inherit FA are at higher risk of being born with birth defects. FA also increases the risk of some cancers and other serious health problems. Mikey’s main issue is that his bone marrow is failing, but he also has a speech impediment. He also has a special helmet that he needs to wear anytime he is active to prevent head trauma. Treatment options for Mikey are slim to none. He receives blood transfusions as needed (usually once a month). But his doctor recently started him on a type of steroid that produces blood cells. With this steroid it has stopped his nosebleeds so far. The bad part of the steroid is that it only works for so long before it stops.

The main cure for Mikey’s FA is a bone marrow transplant. So far we have not found a match. This is where you guys come in. It is absolutely free to sign up to be a bone marrow donor at It does have restrictions such as you have to be 18 and you do have to answer a few health related questions. Donating bone marrow is super easy. You will be put under anesthesia. While the donation varies slightly from hospital to hospital, generally, the doctors use special, hollow needles to withdraw liquid marrow (where blood-forming cells are made) from both sides of the back of the pelvic bone. The incisions are less than one-fourth inch long and do not require stitches. Most donors walk out the same day.

Just please if you see this, sign up for him. If you are unable to sign up please reblog this. I want everyone to see what a wonderful boy he is. My brother is my best friend. His laugh is something you’ll never forget. Through all of these treatments, all of these procedures, he ALWAYS keeps a smile on his face. He never lets it get him down. He’s the strongest person I have ever met. Anyone else might get down in the dumps and feel depressed but he’s a special one. Every nurse or doctor he’s come in contact with has had their hearts captured by him with his great spirit. I sincerely hope that one day all of you get to see, in person, what type of person he is. But until then please, I am begging you to sign up to be a marrow donor or spread this wherever you can. If you end up not being a match for him, you could very well be a match for someone else and save a life.


//I don’t have a working scanner, so I had to take pictures using my phone. But can we just…look at this and realize a few things?

1) Barney genuinely cares about his little brother and tries to look after him as best he can. Even teaches him how to defend himself.

2 a) Clint’s ears are wrapped in those early pages. Which leads me to believe that this is shortly after he loses his hearing as a kid.

2 b) Clint is completely silent through this whole flashback scene, except for that last panel’s “Good.” after learning their parents died.

3) Barney Futzing Barton slept in the same bed as his little brother, a protective hand resting on him, after teaching him how to defend himself!

They may have had their differences in the past, but Barney futzing loves Clint, and looks out for him as best he can, even if it doesn’t seem like it. He could have easily killed Clint in Blindspot, or not donated bone marrow to save Clint’s sight, but he did.

Growing up in the circus, Barney kept trying to get Clint to make something of himself. To pick up a book for a change and get a GED. To join the Army with him and get the hell out of the circus. But Clint, the stubborn jackass, is too blinded by the fact the circus is the closest thing to a family they’d ever known that he refuses (okay, yes, he does change his mind and go chasing after Barney but misses the bus by like a second and Barney never saw him and it drove off without him. And I openly weep while reading that scene every time).

So what I’m really trying to say here is, that Barney Barton is actually a damn great big brother, and if you wanna fight me about it, bring it. I will fight to the death defending him.

Switched at Birth

Sherlock prompt: Alex and hamish both born on the same day in the same hospital. Something happens (Can be planned or not) and sherlock and john end up taking alex; jim and sebastian take hamish. They relise they have the wrong children when it is too late. –anon


Teeheehee, why is it I can never write a story involving Alex Moriarty-Moran without there being some sort of identity crisis? At least he exists now. And I might have thrown in some Hamex into the mix…



Got a prompt? Send it here!


Alex was 16 when he collapsed. Sebastian had been in the middle of an assignment, so it had been Jim who had found him first. To say that the consulting criminal had taken finding his only son in a crumpled mess on the floor less then well would have been an understatement.

He hadn’t even gotten Alex to the hospital yet before given Sebastian a call, ordering him to return home. Not like Sebastian would have needed the order, Alex was his son as well.

By the time that Sebastian had gotten back to the country and to the hospital, Jim had nearly driving half the doctors there to tears and was terrorizing the rest of them to find a cure for Alex.

“They’re wasting time.” Jim fumed to Sebastian, who was the only one who could keep him under control (somewhat, this was Jim Moriarty, after all).

Sebastian wasn’t stupid, he wasn’t about to give Jim the typical platitudes (“Alex is in good hands  now” “we have to trust the doctors” “everything is going to be fine”), but what he could do was keep Jim busy until someone could tell them what was wrong with their son.

Aplastic anemia.

When Sebastian first heard the diagnoses, he was relieved. He recognized the word anemia, it wasn’t that bad. They would just have to make sure Alex ate more spinach and took iron supplements, right?

The look on Jim’s face said otherwise.

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“Good God, this is the longest night of my life,” John sighed as he poured himself a cup of cold coffee. The lounge in this children’s hospital was starved of all warmth. John poured one for Sherlock and made sure to add two sugars. Sherlock swallowed the gritty liquid greedily, plagued by insecurity from not knowing how to better sooth his friend’s troubled mind.

“The tests should be finished by now, we should know what we’re up against,” John protested. Baby Charlotte had been taken to the hospital early that morning after John noticed her nose and gums bleeding. He had suspicions about what could be wrong, but as a doctor he had to remain logical and not jump to any conclusions. She had been taken for many tests throughout the day but the results hadn’t all come back and John was ready to blow.

“John, everything’s alright for now, Charlotte’s sleeping soundly. Please have a seat.” Sherlock patted the cushion of the chair next to him and John hesitated. His hand clenched as he drew a deep breath and turned in place to sit down. They sat for a few moments in silence, neither looking at the other. John told Mary to take the night off and get some rest, arguing that they might be spending a lot of time in the hospital and needed to keep their strength up. While that was true, John also preferred Sherlock’s company in stressful situations. Actually, he preferred Sherlock’s company in all situations.

At 5:00 AM John awoke with a start. His chin and neck were wet due to his inability to keep his mouth closed when he sleeps upright. Sherlock was still awake next to him, staring into the distance. He was frightfully rigid. Upon hearing John wake, Sherlock jumped up to grab a box of tissues. He offered a few to John before taking a bunch to the wet shoulder of his belstaff.

“Oh, Jesus,” John stammered, “d-did I do that -”

“It’s fine, John. It’s all fine.”

But Sherlock was not fine. His chest burned thinking of the hour he spent holding John’s head as he slept. He couldn’t believe John had chosen - in a foggy state of mind - to sleep on him. For 25 seconds within that hour, Sherlock had even allowed his cheek to rest on John’s head, showing unconditional support to his best friend. But Sherlock was sure John wouldn’t remember that. John’s needs came first, like always, and Sherlock knew how important it was to keep himself under control. For John, Mary, and the baby.

“Doctor Watson,” a woman in a white coat asked to the pair. “Do you have a moment?”

“Yes. Yes, please. What news do you have for us?”

“I’m sorry, are you family?” The doctor questioned Sherlock who had followed John out of the lounge.

“He’s family, yes,” John answered. “Anything you can say to me you can say to him.”

Sherlock’s chest tightened and his ears hummed. He couldn’t listen to anything the doctor said to John. Sherlock was lost in his own head, eyes vacant. ‘I’m John’s… family?’ Sherlock thought to himself, heart about to burst, eyes welling with tears. John was asking a bunch of questions but Sherlock couldn’t comprehend any of them. Minutes later he followed John back to the lounge.

“Sherlock? Sherlock, can you hear me? Were you listening at all to what she said?” John was defeated, taking in the diagnosis. Sherlock was embarrassed for not being able to pay attention. “Fanconi anemia,” John continued. “I’ll have to do a test, to see if I’m a genetic match to donate marrow…” John trailed off. He feared something greater than the diagnosis; he feared a question he already knew the answer to.


Now in private, John was given the answer he feared. He was not a genetic match in any way to baby Charlotte. He had a feeling the baby wasn’t his - he was well aware of his low sperm count years before he left for Afghanistan - but he’d hoped against all odds that his body was capable of performing a miracle.

“Do you want me to call him?” Sherlock asked John once he came back to the lounge. “I kept his number in case of an emergency.”

“Call who?” John answered, hand clenching.


“Oh. Yeah, I guess now would be a good time.”

John was perplexed. Sherlock managed to deduce the baby’s paternity without knowing the results of John’s test or John’s history. Maybe those years of crap telly had worn off on him.

With Mary on her way and unaware of John’s revelation, John kissed a sleeping Charlotte goodbye and marched out of the hospital. Sherlock hurried to keep up.

“John, where are you going?”

John stopped, breath ragged, and turned to face Sherlock.

“Christ, Sherlock. Take me home. Please. Just. Take me home.”

Sherlock didn’t waste another moment. He grabbed John by the hand and pulled him through the city, like a hound on a leash. After 20 exhausting minutes, John was finally back to Baker Street where he belonged.

Okay, but …

Remember in S1, when Abby keeps sneaking off to Mecha station to work on the escape pod, and Kane gets suspicious? He’s all set to go down there and investigate, and then Abby tells him there’s been an outbreak of sickness and any visitors will need to be vaccinated. And Kane backs away.

Marcus Kane - Mr Cool and Calm and In Control - backs away, because he’s afraid of needles. 

(Which, by the way: well-played, Abby!)

The first time I watched that I thought it was hilarious and forgot all about it. And then I watched the finale of season 2.

You know, the finale of s2. When Cage Wallace has Abby strapped to a table and drills into her bones, so her bone marrow can be extracted with a giant fucking needle.

Abby is literally facing the most heightened, horrific version of Kane’s own fear.

Which adds a whole new layer of pain to the agony on Kane’s face. (Good luck unseeing that now you know it.) And then he says “Nobody has to die for bone marrow! We can donate it!”, clearly meaning he will donate it if that gets Abby off the table … and I’m dead.

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I just finished watching the 100 again, because of reasons. And I wondered why Dante Wallace first helped the 47 and later didn't. I just don't get what exactly changed his mind. About that Cage should continue and that skypeople would not let them live... What do you think about him? Sorry, if you posted something about this before.

I am actually pretty pro-Dante. You see him trying to help the Delinquents and he rescued Harper and Monty after he discovered what his son was doing. He then told Jasper to tell everyone to pack their things; that they were going home. However, this is when Cage over throws Dante and locks both Dante and the Delinquents up. Does that stop Dante from helping the Delinquents? No. Bellamy comes into Dante’s cell and Dante helps buy the Delinquents more time. This leads to Tsing dying and multiple others. We even see Cage present the idea that killing all the Delinquents for their bone marrow would allow them to ‘retake the ground’: 

Cage: This is our world. We deserve this. 
Dante: We are the keepers of history. What we’ve done to the outsiders has corrupted our legacy. I can’t go down that road any further. 
Cage: Dad. Dad. Please. 
Dante: The answer is no.

Dante wanted to let the Delinquents go and continue to use Grounder blood for their treatments, until they figured out a way to treat themselves permanently.   As you see Dante still sees what they are doing to the Grounders as wrong, while Cage has no problems with it. No matter how much Dante wanted his people to live on the surface, this was a line he did not want to cross. Their legacy about how they ‘retook the ground’ should not be that they tortured and killed 47 children to do so. 

So, what changed? What changed was Clarke & Lexa’s aggression and blowing the main power. This is when Cage came to Dante’s cell and asked him for help:

Cage: I underestimated the commander. Is that what you need me to say? Dante: It wasn’t the commander. It was Clarke. You’ve killed us. One week in office, and you’ve managed to turn neighbor against neighbor, you’ve made the outsiders hate us more than they already did, you’ve lost our outer defenses, and now a door that hasn’t been breached in 97 years is going to fall, and an army of savages is going to flood these halls, killing every last one of us. 
Cage: Tell me how to stop it. Please. I need your help. Your people need your help. They’ll destroy everything. 
Dante: You already have.

This is when Dante gives Cage the proposal to make the deal with Lexa. He realized that it was Clarke’s idea and plan to blow the power and that the commander will do what is right for her people. Remember, the Mountain Men KNOW that Lexa isn’t a blood thirsty savage and will make alliances with her enemies for the betterment of her people. [2x09 Emerson:… but under this commander, they do make alliances….Sir, we shouldn’t take this threat lightly]. So, Dante is trying to do what is best for his people and stop “an army of savages from flooding the halls and killing every last on of us.” Dante was right. Lexa took the deal that saved her people, stop the reapings, no further bloodshed would happen that day, and an agreement was formed to stay off each other’s lands. 

Bellamy: We need a way to get our people out of this mountain without killing everyone. 
Clarke: He’s not gonna help us. 
Dante: You cut the power, risking the lives of everyone in this mountain… my people, even the ones who helped you
Clarke: We knew they’d be safe on level 5. We made sure not to destroy the turbines so you could repair them. We’re the good guys here, not you. 
Dante: Tell me, if we released your people and theirs, what would’ve happened to mine?

And this is when the realization hits Clarke that she, Lexa, and Dante will do whatever it takes to save their people. They are leaders that put their people first. Dante was right, if both ‘people’ were release the innocent children and the people that helped them would die. The plan that Lexa and Clarke had in the beginning would have led to the deaths of these people too. These people needed blood treatments or bone marrow to survive.

Dante is a good guy, but once his son started to torture these people for their bone marrow there was no going back. There was no going back to work out an agreement for a bone marrow donation plan. Dante is a logical thinker and probably realized that there was NO WAY that the Arkers would be willing to go through painful treatments to help people that tortured and killed their friends in front of them. There was no way that the Arkers would make peace AND make a deal for bone marrow donations. This was their only choice now. Yes, they did have a choice live or die….but what kind of choice is that. “None of us has a choice here, Clarke” “I didn’t want this” “Neither did I”. Those where Dante’s last words. 

Now, Kane did propose that the Arkers could donate the bone marrow, however, this was after Dante was killed and Abby was strapped to the table. This may have been true, but what was the guarantee? Why would the Arkers (if released) decide to comeback and help the Mountain Men that have torture and killed their people? That is why Cage’s response to Kane’s proposal was “That will never happen.” Plus, Clarke had just killed Dante and Cage was going to take Clarke’s mom from her as revenge. 

In conclusion, it was a series of events that led up to Dante realizing that the only way for his people to survive was to extract the bone marrow from the Arkers. Up until the very end he was STILL against the idea of using the Arkers but he chose his people. He chose his people just like Clarke and Lexa did. Each one of them made choices for their people even if it costs them their souls. They bear it so there people don’t have to, the duty to protect their people comes first.   

But see he’s not a villain. Not in the traditional sense.
Barney Barton was the brother that suggested they run away to the circus.
Barney Barton was the brother that realized that an education and a good job would be better than just staying in the circus.
Barney Barton was the brother, the man who joined the army, and then the FBI (which you should know is not an easy task) instead of staying in the circus.
But he respected his brothers choices. He knew of his double life as a masked avenger.
Barney Barton is the man that while he was undercover, broke his cover and went to the avengers, nay, his brother for help. Who risked everything to stop a mad man. Who died for the sake of saving not only the world, but the only family he had. He died, and his “death” motivated Clint to get his act together and be the man and hero we know today
But then he wasn’t dead. Clint didn’t know that, but barn didn’t know Clint didn’t know that. When he awoke to Baron zemo telling him his only family had abandoned him (much like when he left for the army, and to his knowledge Clint had abandoned him them) he was angry. And anger can drive a man to places he shouldn’t go.
So he worked for zemo for a while. But he never took a life.
See that’s the thing. See, Barney was classified as a “villain” but in reality, and psychological ways, he actually didn’t DO anything wrong.

He was manipulated. See, Barney is a very smart guy. You don’t get selected to go undercover, much less work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation by being an idiot.

See, to Barney, Clint had abandoned him, not once, but twice now. He was manipulated to believe his own family, his brother didn’t care. So he swore vengeance. Been there. It sucks. Your mind can go terrible places.

But he fights Clint, but he does lose. It happens. He’s had training in archery and all that jazz, but even though Clint is going blind, he beats him. Because, and Clint is guilty of this too, he is the Barton ego. He lets his feelings get on the way.

Then he donates blood marrow to save his brothers eyesight. Now, at this point he goes to avengers tower in custody of Clint, and Clint technically (since zemo was in charge of it) steals or “inherits” all the money Barney made while in the army and the FBI. Which is A LOT. LIKE A LOT A LOT.

SO Barney is in avengers tower. It’s never said if Clint visits him, though implied that he doesn’t. When avengers tower collapses, he’s thrown into a coma and only Norman Osborn comes to visit him to recruit him.

And why shouldn’t barn join Osborne dark avengers? Not like the only family ever visits him. AGAIN. for the third time.

But Barney is a smart guy. See, he even calls Osborn out on his shenanigans. And unlike the other dark avengers, known killers, did you know, other than in the army, Barney HAS NEVER KILLED ANYONE. repeat. He has never took a life unless there was no choice.
He’s on a team with two gods, a serial killer mutant, the son of the hulk, and a psychopath who literally kills for whimsy.
But here we have a soldier who doesn’t kill. Though he does talk a big game. He’s a Barton after all ^^.

So at this point he goes to another dimension. While there he sees a version of his brother start to die, as AI apaic bit him and clints gonna die.
Barney holds his dying brother on his arms and realizes. No matter what, the brothers are the only family they have left.

So when Barney returns to 616, he leaves the dark avengers and finds his brother. He makes amends.

Because they are family. He’s not a villain. He’s a man that has been manipulated, used, and tossed aside. And that can destroy someone. Trust me.

I didn’t want him to die for many many reasons .
But one is, that his death already broke Clint. But he lives this time and gets to finally leave all the anger, violence and betrayal behind and be happy. And that’s all anyone really wants, no?

Oh, and he didn’t steal clints money. That was actually his.


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Heyy I have a question and I love your answers so here it goes haha do you think Lexa was right when she told Clarke: "What you would've done, save my people." outside of Mount Weather? Like do you think she would've taken the offer if Emerson had spoken to her, and save the Arkers, leaving the Grounder prisioners behind? Thanks for your time :D

Thank you for liking my answers to things! :D Sorry for the wait with this response, but the length of it might give you an idea why… 

Well, the two situations can’t be compared like that, there are many things that you would have to take into account. I do believe that if Mount Weather offered Clarke this deal – they would release the 44 and leave the Grounders – she wouldn’t have taken it. Why? Well let me first point out that Mount Weather would have never offered Clarke this deal. They needed the Arker’s bone marrow in order to survive. Remember, the Mount Weather facility was starting to leak radiation and the Grounder’s blood treatments weren’t going to be a viable option pretty soon. Jason said that the Mountain Men tried to use grounder bone marrow, but it never worked. Therefore, only the Arker’s bone marrow would cure them. This was there only choice, if they wanted to survive. They NEEDED the bone marrow. 

Now, if Dante was still the President (I am pro Dante btw), he could have made a deal with Clarke, possibly setting up a bone marrow donation plan. However, Cage only saw the Sky People as a means to an end, he wanted to use them. Time and time again, Dante tried to protect the kids in Mount Weather. He was going to let the kids go back home, then Cage took control and locked the kids inside the dorm and imprisoned Dante. If you re watch the show you will see that Dante was one of the good guys – a guy that actually helped Bellamy and the kids inside Mount Weather. It wasn’t until Clarke cut the power that he told Cage to make a deal with Lexa. Dante had no idea that Clarke was just cutting the power as a distraction, and wasn’t actually going to kill everyone. But, ultimately her plan would have killed everyone, ”Tell me something Clarke, if we release both your people and theirs what would have happened to mine?” The Plan was flawed from the beginning the innocent would have died along with the guilty.  

Getting back to the point, if Clarke took this deal (the one to release her people and leave the grounders) she would have to deal with the Grounders retaliation for the betrayal. Not even Lexa’s love for Clarke would have been enough to stop the Grounders from seeking ‘blood must have blood’ against the Sky People. Lexa wouldn’t have a valid reason to stop her people’s desires for revenge. She couldn’t. She would be seen as merciful and weak and killed along with the Sky People. The Sky People had been given SO many breaks by Lexa, if they betrayed the alliance that would be the ultimate last straw. 

That is why Clarke wouldn’t have taken the deal. If she did it would make things worse with the Grounders, who they need on their side. They lived in Grounder territory. The only way that Clarke would have taken the deal is if they released the Grounder prisoners too. Lexa taking the deal assumed that the Arkers would all die and that would take care of the ‘revenge’ the Arkers would want to have against the Grounders. The Grounders also out numbered the Sky People by the thousands, there would be no way for them to win against them. 

The only way I could see Clarke taking a deal, is if the Mountain Men allowed them to live in the Mountain and offered them protection from the Grounders. Otherwise, they would all be likely killed for betraying the Grounders. Lexa was in a position to take the deal because she had the numbers. Plus, even though she was leaving her allies to die (this might actually come back to bite her and used to persuade other clans that Lexa isn’t to be trusted), the Sky People were still seen as an enemy just like Mount Weather. Gustus: These Sky People are different, they’re more like the Mountain Men than us. Quint @ Clarke: You are the enemy. Lincoln:  Forming an alliance with you was a risk, especially after what Finn did to this village. There are multiple other instances where the Sky People are seen as ‘less than’ or as the enemy. The Sky People were only allies with the Grounders for 2 weeks. Before that, they were enemies and there is a lot of bad blood between them and not enough time has past to help mend those wounds. 

If Clarke was in Lexa’s shoes, if she was the Commander of the Grounders, I DO believe that she would have taken the deal and saved her people. However, Clarke isn’t the leader of the Grounders, she didn’t have the upper hand on the ground, the Sky People needed the alliance more than the Grounders did.

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From a student to another student (especially if you’re from UCLA or UCI), find out if you’re a match for marrow donation for this woman. And even if you aren’t a match, continue to save lives, please!

Links can be found on the video description.


My mother’s friend donated bone marrow a while ago. The recipent was a 16-year old boy from the USA who had leukemia. The donation was his last chance and with the help of the donated marrow he survived.

The rules of the foundation say that the first 2 years after the donation, the name of either the donor and the recipent have to be secret. But my mother’s friend wanted to send a small package for Christmas including lots of German chocolate and marzipan and a letter, telling she’s thankful that she could save a young man’s life and that she’s glad she could help. So she did. And this is the boy’s answer.

“I never wrote before because I was not sure that you would want to hear from me. I was very excited when I received that letter and I loved all the chocolate; especially the coffee-flavoured chocolate.
I could sit here and say thank you over and over, but it could never make up what you have done for me. I feel as if I have my life back again. It’s hard to believe a stranger would do that for someone they don’t know at all. Everything is going about as well as it could, I’m even back to school and playing my favorite sport.
I can read some German, but not write very well. I would love to read it if you wrote a portion or just a note in the next letter.
Wondering if there is anything from the United States you would like to eat. Our chocolate is not as nearly as good.

From: The Patient.”