*when the entire fandom is fighting*

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you guys,,,,, wow…….

okay so everyone says marrish is illegal and i’m boutta squish all of that right here right now.

S4: parrish & lydia talked every so often strictly business (eichen, Meredith, etc) & lydia was 17, almost 18 but parrish had no romantic feelings (canon confirmed ones at least) for lydia

S5: lydia is indeed 18 (confirmed by many that she IS 18 MAKING EVERYTHING LEGAL) and is indeed an adult. any relationship she will have with parrish is 100% legal. season 5 is when you notice parrish starts to like lydia & lydia sorta likes him. start of a good ship. RESPECTFUL SHIP.

“their age difference is so big!!!!” so in s3b he said he’s like 23??? so by s5 (going by tw’s stupid time) he is probably 24/25?? (may have gotten it wrong oops) so if he is 24 their age difference is 6 years. 25 is 7 years. MAYBE 26 is eight years.

so fun fact: there are couples who are perfectly healthy and functional with these age gaps. my parents have an age gap of 6 years and it has NEVER been a problem for them. they’ve been married for over 20 years. fight me, stydias.

“but he’s a pervert!!!!!!!” no??? his hallucinations were not controlled by him??? it was his hellhound attracted to lydia’s banshee & partially Parrish’s feelings but he can’t fucking control these things homie. let him live??

i mean void!stiles slaughtered an entire hospital floor, basically killed allison, kidnapped lydia, hurt kira’s family, and almost killed kira. but literally no one blames void???? they praise him infact. he had no control over that.

what the fuck?? how do you condone that but not condone a hellhound attracted to a banshee??? im…….

i get it if you don’t like marrish because not everyone will but do not call it illegal or creepy. it’s basically lydia’s healthiest relationship??? parrish has been nothing but respectful but y'all shit on him for no reason…???? im disgusted…….


Lol how cliché would it be if Stydia is canon…Boy likes girl who’s popular and treats people like shit(s1 Lydia,s5 Lydia slays),they become friends and then BAM,they are together.Sounds like some stupid fanfic to me if you ask.
I like friendship Stydia,don’t get me wrong,but it would be so predictable(idk ifI wrote this right) for them to get together.
And they’re kind of toxic so there’s that.

If I was Jeff I wouldn’t want some toxic ship as a canon,but if that’s what he wants then he’ll do it.

Even if they become canon,I will never ever ship it.Like they can get married and have many children I would still not ship it.

*also Holland should just shut the fuck up about Stydia*

Teen wolf

The stydia fandom doesn’t fucking deserve for Lydia and stiles to be together. They’re the fucking reason most ship wars start in the fandom and they send hate and death threats not only to he people who oppose stydia but EVEN THE FUCKING ACTORS (Shelley Hennig, Ryan Kelley) I’m not saying this bc I ship Marrish or Stalia I’m saying this bc it’s the fucking truth. Stydiots can deny whatever they want but it’s all true.