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been wanting to use this dumb scene since forever but it looks like itll never happen in my fics so here take my mediocre art instead 👌


  • Those hands.
    • His huge hands would just roam your body because he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you.
    • Your hands would be dwarfed in his and it will make you feel vulnerable and delicate, but the way he touches you and kisses you makes you feel like you’re the one that could break him at any moment.
  • Those eyes. THOSE EYES!
    • Which will always light up when you’re introducing him to new foods and sparkle with every new flavor he tries.
  • Speaking of food, he’s absolutely the kind of guy who always has food for you because food is important to him and it’s one of the ways he shows that you’re important to him, too.
    • He’ll buy you chocolate when you’re on your period.
    • He’ll try his best at making you breakfast in bed on special occasions, or just because.
    • He’ll make you soup and get you ginger ale when you’re sick. 
  • You’d never have to buy a step stool because he’ll always reach for whatever is on the top shelf for you. He’ll also move heavy things which makes it so much easier for you to constantly redecorate your house.
  • He’s constantly warm which means you’d never ever be cold. It will come in handy, especially on those long winter nights because he’ll be your own personal furnace. 
  • You would never have to make multiple trips to the car to bring the groceries in because he would always manage to bring all the grocery bags in at once!
  • When you fall asleep on the couch after a long day, he would pick you up and carry you to bed and tuck you in. He would tuck your hair behind your ear, just to get a better look at your sleeping face and caress your cheek and think about how much he loves you. 
  • When you’re curled up against him and you guys are being playful and joking around, you would be able to feel his deep, growly laughter rumble through his chest.
  • He’s a muscly marshmallow. Just think about it. He would just wrap you up in his huge arms and you’ll feel like the safest girl in the world. 
    • But even though he’s this big huge guy, he’ll be so sweet and tender with you.
    • Cuddles would be the best since he’s so much bigger in comparison.
    • He’ll always be the big spoon.
    • He’s the only one of the guys we trust to carry us while we make out in the rain.
      • Kai would probably accidentally drop you in a mud puddle.
      • Thorne would probably trip and drop you both in the mud puddle.
      • Jacin wouldn’t make out in the rain.

The wonderful @nothingtoseehere-move-along and I are convinced that Wolf would make the perfect husband. We hope you agree with us! 


I saw people calling Charlotte shallow and greedy so naturally I had to draw her getting married to someone she loves and is gonna treat her right (◡‿◡✿)

People asking you about your ideal type...

Your answer :

Someone innocent and confused, but strong looking like MARK 

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Good-at-heart, with an angelic voice like Doyoung

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 Sexy af like Jaehyun

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Hot and serious like Taeyong

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Hot-looking and smile killer like Yuta

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Flipping all over everyone and protecting you from bad boys with martial arts like WINWIN

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Cute and sassy like HAECHAN

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Playfull and sexy like TEN

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Naughty and beautiful like TAEIL

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in a galaxy far, far away challenge

day 4: favorite relationshipanakin & padme (anidala)

“you love me? i thought we had decided not to fall in love. that we’d be forced to live a lie and that it would destroy our lives.”

“i think our lives are about to be destroyed anyway. i truly… deeply… love you and before we die i want you to know.”

Fix A Heart 8

Chapter 8 - Marry Me

Forever can never be long enough for me
Feel like I’ve had long enough with you
Forget the world now we won’t let them see
But there’s one thing left to do
Now that the weight has lifted
Love has surely shifted my way
Marry me
Today and every day
Marry me
If I ever get the nerve to say
Hello in this cafe
Say you will
Say you will

“I can’t believe you’re getting married tomorrow.” Sharna said happily as she stood beside her best friend in her bedroom. They were packing all of Peta’s supplies for the rehearsal dinner and then the wedding night. Shai was playing on the floor between the two.

“I can’t either. I feel like these months have flown bye. Especially with this little munchkin being here.” Peta said as she ruffled Shai’s hair affectionately. He gurgled in response and clapped his hands.

“I can only imagine. It seems like you were just going into labor yesterday.” Sharna said as she finished folding the pieces in front of her.

“I know, god though, I never want to go back to that one.” Peta said thinking back to her 72 hours of labor she endured with Shai.

“I don’t think I blame you.”

“It gave me this one, so I won’t complain but let’s hope for anything in the future it’s a little less amount of time.” Peta said bending down to scoop the 6 month old up. He giggled and wound his hand into his mother’s hair.

“I agree. Now do we have everything?” Sharna said surveying the stack of bags. They had Peta’s stuff, her stuff, and Shai’s stuff. Peta picked up the list and began to read it over.

“Looks like it. I just need to grab Shai’s lovey & blanket and change him. Maks said to let him know, and he’d pack the car.” Peta said as she tickled the baby’s belly. He was still in his pajamas since they had just gotten everything ready decently early in the day. She reached for her phone to text her soon to be husband.

“Ohhhh, I’m picking.” Sharna said as she shot over to her nephew’s room to pick an outfit. Peta laughed and just let her go. He had an outfit for the rehearsal dinner but the likelihood of that outfit making it to the evening was slim to none so whatever outfit Sharna picked now would be perfect.

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Ginny sits up and yawns then gets out of bed, settling the baby on her hip. “We’ve gotta do something to your hair before we go, Peanut. But we’re gonna take a bath first, okay?”

She carries the baby into her nursery bathroom and runs water in the sink, smiling at Ruthie sitting on the counter beside it, chewing on her washcloth. Ginny sets her in the sink then wets the washcloth. “Forever could never be long enough for me/ to feel like I’ve had long enough with you/ Forget the world now/ We won’t let them see/ But there’s one thing left to do/ Now that the weight has lifted/ Love has surely shifted my way/ Marry me/ Today and every day/ Marry me/ If I ever get the nerve to say hello in this café/ Say you will/ Say you will…”

“Is that your way of proposing to me, Baker?” Mike asks from the doorway.

Two Baseball Players and a Baby update

If you don’t think Percy still gets flustered around Annabeth, then what are you doing?

‘I remember his eyes….his scent of smoke and charcoal…..i remember his hand in mine as he showed me how to fly….i was young then….a young woman had her place….at least in my family….but he showed me the true meaning of living….you would never believe me if i told you…but he saved me….he saved me in so many more ways then a person can be saved….and now…he is just a memory….but i will always be mrs. Dawson…no matter who i marry….well married…..we were soul mates….in every way two people could be…..’

*so….titanic was and still is my fav movie right above the modern romeo and juliette, look i just….come on leo is just ugh in this movie….i cried so hard when jack died…*

this is so beautiful and i’m literally squealing. titanic makes me so happy.

Meredith: Stop whining. This is your wedding day. You will go down that aisle. You will get married! If I have to kick your ass, every step by the way to get you there. You will walk down the aisle and you will get married. Do you hear me Cristina? We need this. We need you to get your happy ending.
Cristina: Okay, I’m ready.
—  Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang - 03x25 Didn’t We Almost Have It All?

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Towel - WIP guessing game

Mike nudges her as he holds up Ruthie’s elephant towel to wrap her in it. He smiles, kisses her forehead as he swaddles her in it then carries her out of the bathroom. Ginny lets the water out of the sink, dropping her washcloth in the hamper then wiping down the wet countertop. In the hall, she can hear Mike singing. “You wear white/ and I’ll wear out the words I love you/ and you’re beautiful/ Now that the wait is over/ and love has finally showed her my way/ Marry me/ Today and every day/ Marry me/ If I ever get the nerve to say hello in this café/ Say you will…”

Promise me,” Ginny picks up as she goes to her own room, “You’ll always be/ happy by my side/ I promise to/ sing to you/ when all the music dies…”

Two Baseball Players and a Baby update


a summary;

happy birthday to the wonderful writer/director/singer/actor/husband/friend/son/brother that is
aka. our new generation sakalakala vallavan

I started watching Hawaii Five-0 on Netflix because I’m a sucker for police tv shows. However, I was totally unprepared for the two hot gay cops.

greetings fandom, you have a new McDanno fan.

I seriously cannot deal with how much Steve and Danny flirt and bicker like a married couple every single episode. And I’m only half way through season 1.

I regret not watching this show until now, but now I have 5 glorious seasons to binge-watch with hearts in my eyes <3 <3 <3


Today was a good day.


I used to hold her just for fun, because we both loved the love. I’d hold her when she cried, make her a cup of coffee to show her I care, tell her she’s the most beautiful creature in the world.

I meant every word of it.

Love is responding to even the worst of jokes, texting simply because something reminded you of them, petting her hair for hours and rubbing her back until my hands were sore because it made her happy, letting her pet my wounds or scratch them open to bleed out what needed to be done. Love is worrying when she’s 4 hours late, kisses goodnight, helping wax eyebrows or kill spiders.

Love is friendship tied into one big complicated knot, laced with ‘I never want to stop thinking about you’, 'please marry me’, 'you are perfect in every way’, and 'god fucking dammit you annoy the hell out of me.’

—  best thoughts on best friends

I was just thinking about how each member would dance and seeing the emote for Junkrat, it would seem he would dance like something out of a playful musical. So of course my mind instantly thinks of Dick Van Dyke and his chimney sweep character from Mary Poppins.

And now I can’t stop thinking of him in that movie and of course Symmetra as Marry Poppins. Because she is perfect in every little way.

It’s too cute!