Dinner for Mr. Brewton aka @theplutocrat:

Swordfish marinated in olive oil, lemon and orange zests, dried spearmint leaves and peppercorn on a bed of collard greens
black rice.

This comes on the heels of our Scope about how we make a vegan/non-vegan household work!

I’m a #vegan. Him? #NotSoMuch but he still wants healthier meals and I want to cook those meals for him!


Wow! 🙌🏾

That #scope lasted 1.5 hours! So NOT the plan but @theplutocrat and I are VERY grateful for all who tuned in, interacted and stuck around as we shared our experience leading up to and during the #90DayHopeBeyondFibroidElimination!

There was a LOT to cover as this was our first scope for Be Inspired - Rebuilding! We gave a lot of background information and are committed to sharing our journey to wellness (and parenthood☺️) as we continue to grow!

Our goal is to provide a weekly 30 minute broadcast so, stick with us while we find our stride!

#HopeBeyondFibroids #RebuildingTheTemple

Join @theplutocrat and I at 6:30 EST!

How is a #vegan to survive in a family of meat eaters? What do I cook for my husband? Does he cook at all…?

Find out what works for #TheBrewtons this evening when we go live on #Periscope to answer all of your questions!

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#MarriageIs …constantly remembering what made you say, “Yes” in the beginning and consistently reaching for THAT.

Sometimes, your world will feel like it’s been turned upside down but keep reaching for the #love that you and your #spouse share for God and for one another.

When doubts arise, may your answer to your marriage always be, “Yes.”

#Reach #MarriedGram #EverBecoming

Yesterday, @jon_goode posed the question to the ladies, what would you do if your man started out with abs of steel and “let himself go”, gaining weight after being in the relationship for a while.

My response: Considering I’ve gone from this (8) to this (12) to this (16…ish) over the duration of my marriage, I couldn’t say a whole lot at all…‘cept maybe “buy bigger clothes…?”

The fact of the matter is, every BODY evolves differently. Could I stand to lose (quite) a few inches? Of course. Could Mr. Brewton? Sure. But as with everything else that comes with marriage, we’re committed to one another, come what may…even some extra inches and pounds.

Now, depression and greater issues that can lead to weight gain should be dealt with accordingly but please, PLEASE don’t allow anyone to shame you into losing weight or maintaining a standard of beauty that, ultimately, is fleeting.

Embrace you and your spouse and everything that you are and always strive to be your BEST - physically, mentally and spiritually.

#WeBeTheLight #LightBegetsLight #MarriedGram #MarriageWorks #TBT