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[voltron] the typical old married couple life

lance : darling , please give me the hair dryer .

keith : *hands lance a gun while lance isn’t looking*

Take my wife

Ok, I haven’t seen posts about this at all. There is a show called Take my wife that is a comedy made by Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher who are married to each other. The show is light and funny while being inclusive. The creators actively pursued hiring women/LGBT folk and PoC in a way that’s really inspiring. Both Cameron and Rhea are aware of their own privilege and are an example of women helping other women/minorities by sharing their success and creating spaces that are safe for everyone. Please check out their show and check out Put your hands together ( a standup podcast that these two host) and Queery ( a podcast where Cameron talks to Queer people about their identity and life).
The content they make is exactly what I need during these times and provides both hope and an example of how you could be as a queer person and an ally.
That being said, the second season of Take My Wife is in a bit of trouble at the moment with Seeso (the platform they were on) shutting down soon. That means we might never get to see the second season (which is in postproduction now), so if you want to support queer creators and queer content and a bit of lighthearted comedy coming from an awesome married couple, please go to tweeter and tweet your support towards the show! Use the #TakeMyWife and maybe we can save this show!

Wedding Jitters

Oh lookie lookie. Another story for yall. I’m glad I am able to get these stories out for you finally. It’s been awhile since I have been able to be active on this blog. T-T


Genre: Fluff

Characters: Chen/Jongdae + Reader

Today was the day. You had been waiting for this day for close to a year now. Jongdae has proposed to you on your third year anniversary. You had started to plan almost immediately, the excitement you had felt and the nerves that had flooded you for months as you prepared every single detail. The only problem you came across was the date, every time you and Jongdae had agreed on a date his schedule would eventually get in the way. Every. Single. Time. It had stretched the time out until 10 months had eventually passed and Jongdae had forced his company to finally give him a day off.

Now you were here in the wedding hall, your hair sporting a million and one products to make it look perfect and your face perfectly accented with just the right amount of makeup. Your lips covered in his favorite lipstick. You glanced down at your dress, the white material smooth against your hands as you fiddled with it nervously. You didn’t know how it was possible but the ridiculously tall heels you had to wear were already making your feet sore.

You glanced at the mirror for what felt like the hundredth time and stared at yourself, your veil causing a misty haze of white to block your view. You jumped and clutched at your chest as your maid of honor burst into the room. Your chest tightened and your heart started to beat frantically as you watched her wide eyes scan you quickly to make sure everything was ok.

“We have a problem.” you shook your head frantically and gathered up your skirts, quickly making your way to the door.

“What is it? We only have thirty minutes-”

“Whoa whoa. You are not going out there. Just tell me what to do. Jongdae is having a nervous breakdown right now.” you froze immediately, pausing in your efforts to push away her hand.

“What? He is? But… why?”

“I can’t do this man. This is a mistake isn’t it? We should have waited longer? What if something is wrong with her dress? What if she regrets marrying me after like a month or something?” he was pacing back and forth in the tiny room, the walls seemingly pushing in on him and making the room even smaller. There were too many thoughts going through his head and the fact that he couldn’t see you all day long just made everything a thousand times worse.

“Hey. Jongdae chill. She isn’t going to regret it, one of the brides maids said she was already dressed up and ready to go.” Junmyeon placed his hands on his shoulders and looked him in the eyes. “Take deep breaths. It’s not like you are going on stage in front of thousands of people ok?”

“Yeah but I’ve done that before Hyung, I know what to expect from that.” he pushed off Junmyeon’s hands and started to pace again, his hands fluttering up to thread through his hair, only to stop half way there and realize that it would have messed up his hair.

“Look Jongdae. The only thing you need to expect from this is love. She loves you, you love her. You’ll be legally pronounced husband and wife and live a wonderful happy life together.”

“It’s not that simple.” he could hear the whininess in his voice leaking out once again but he didn’t care right now.

“Yes it is. You lived with her for an entire year now. You guys already act like a married couple already. Would you please just stop pacing?” He simply shook his head at the older man. How could he tell him to calm down so nonchalantly? It’s not like he knew what he was going through right now. A knock on the door echoed throughout the room and made him stop, his eyes landing on Baekhyun’s head as he poked his head through the crack.

“You ready man? You gotta get to the front. Junmyeon has to go find his bridesmaid and get in line as well.”

“No. No. No. No. I’m not ready. Delay it for a few more minutes. Get chanyeol to go with you and entertain them or something I’m not ready.” he moved towards the door and pushed Baekhyun’s head out, moving to close the door before he could push it back open.

Before he could get his hand back through the crack a hand grabbed onto his and made him freeze. He tried to pull the door open but another hand was holding it where it was. He knew it was you the moment your fingers wrapped around his, he had held your hand for three years now and he memorized the softness of your hands and the strength of your fingers. He wanted to see you but whoever was holding the handle was determined to keep the door in that spot.

“Jongdae.” he moved his position and tried to see you through the crack of the door but could only see the silky material of the dress your bridesmaids were wearing. “Are you ok?” hearing your voice just made him pull on the door handle more and the small grunt from Baekhyun told him that he wasn’t going to give in that easily.

“No I am not ok. Baekhyun open the door.”

“You were just trying to close it earlier. Make up your mind.” he groaned loudly at Baekhyun’s joke, his hands yanking at the door handle once more and causing everyone to stumble into the room.

You stood there with a smile ghosting your lips, the effort of you trying not to laugh at Baekhyun sprawled on the floor causing a tight smile to spread across your face. He stepped over Baekhyun and pulled you into him, his arms wrapping tightly around your shoulders.

“It’s alright.” your hands rested carefully on his back and moving in slow circles as if you were trying to calm a child.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he lowered his voice so only you could hear him, not wanting everyone to hear his insecurities. You slowly pulled away from him, your hands grabbing his when he tried to pull you back to him.

“There is nothing I want more than to be your wife Jongdae. I have wanted this for years now. There is nothing you need to worry about ok? I made sure everything was fine.” You let go of his hands and reached up, carefully cupping his cheeks between your hands. He stared down at you, his eyes frantically searching for the reassurance he needed.

Your eyes were filled with worry but you could tell that it was only worry over him. He mentally started to scold himself. How the heck could he have been so dumb as to have made you worry about him, adding one more thing on your list of things to fret over.

“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have made you worry like this.” you shook your head at his apology, your thumbs gently rubbing against his cheekbones.

“No need to be sorry. It’s the job of the wife to worry about her husband.” Your laugh was the most precious song to him. The light bubble of giggles that pushed it’s way past your lips calming him more than any song could.

Suddenly Junmyeon’s words about how you two were already like a married couple rang through his head. He had a point, he already looked at you like you were his wife and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, pulling you into yet another hug.

“Alright. Let’s go get married then.”

“I planned on it Jongdae.”

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Could we get some adorable old married couple fenhawke, please? Maybe reuniting with some friends as well?

Whoops. This one got a little strange and sad. I hope it makes sense. I’m not going to put it under a cut, but please proceed with caution.

On winter mornings, when the frost that nipped the air made Fenris’s joints ache, Hawke would always take special care to be the first one up.

Fenris could hear him now, bustling around the little Fereldan cottage they shared, high up in the mountains where whispers of Kirkwall’s once-famous champion couldn’t reach them.

Fenris smiled to himself as he listened to his husband work. Hawke would get the fires going, and a pot of tea, and perhaps he would fry up some eggs, let the dogs out. Fenris cracked an eye open, and smiled in contentment. The sheets were warm, and they smelled of the man. The firelight would glitter against the white in Hawke’s hair. It began to grey around the time of the Inquisition. He had Fenris had matched for the past several years.

Hawke was no longer the man he had been when Fenris first fell in love with him. His eyesight began to go in his later years, and he had to wear glasses to read. He grew a soft, plump little belly. His hands and voice grew gentle.

He smiled all the time.

When Fenris saw him, he ached with the love that had kept him at the mage’s side through good times and bad.

Hawke sat beside him on the bed. The hands that pulled back the covers were warm from the fire, and gentle, wrinkled, the callouses of his youth softened. Fenris pretended to sleep as Hawke massaged his aching body, as he had so many times in the past. He pretended to sleep as Hawke kissed his hair and nuzzled his ears. Hawke leaned close and said, soft, teasing, “I see you smirking, Fenris.”

Fenris had never expected to grow old – much less to do so quietly, at the side of the man he had chosen to love. It was far more than he’d ever hoped for. Far more than he deserved.

“Let’s go this afternoon,” Hawke whispered, voice warm in his ear. “I can’t wait to show you…”

Fenris nodded. Hawke’s hands kept messaging. He dozed, warm and content, those familiar hands still strong as they eased his pains.

When he woke, it was to the sound of a knocking at the door. The dogs lifted their heads and let out a few gruff barks.

Fenris’s bones ached as he rose from the bed. His joints popped and cracked. The house was cold, and so he wrapped the quit from the bed around his shoulders.

“Sounds like the grand-pups are excited to see me,” Varric said with a chuckle, as Fenris opened the door.

“It’s creepy when you call them that,” Fenris informed him.

The dwarf paused, looking him over. His eyes softened. “You look good, elf.”

“No,” Fenris chuckled, “I don’t.”

He moved back to let Varric into the house, and the dogs immediately rose to greet him, bumping their heads against his hands. “Why did the two of you have to move up a mountain, anyway,” Varric complained. “This trip gets harder every time I make it.”

“Dwarves weren’t made to climb mountains,” Fenris said.

Fenris made tea and got the fires going. They had lunch, and gave the dogs their leftovers.

After, Fenris showed him the bench Hawke had built, the one beside the apple tree. They sat together there, and Varric complained about his sore knees.

“Why don’t you move back to Kirkwall?” the dwarf complained.

“I’m happy here,” Fenris answered simply.

They fell into silence for a time. It was cold enough to show their breath. The dogs barked and chased each other around the yard. Varric was the first to break the silence.

“I can’t believe he’s been gone a month,” he said, quietly. “World seems a smaller place.”

“It is a smaller place,” Fenris said.

Varric examined his hands, as if noticing the wrinkles, the liver spots, the veins for the first time. “Was it - ?” he hesitated, cautious, almost whispering. “I mean…your letter didn’t…”

“It was fast,” Fenris told him. “Hawke fell. Then he was gone.”

Varric was staring at him with the same pitying look Merrill had given, when she visited.

Varric said, “Are you sure you want me taking the dogs? I don’t like the idea of it – leaving you up here all alone.”

“I am not alone,” Fenris said. He chuckled when Varric looked unconvinced. “One of Carver’s boys lives in the village,” he said. “He checks on me. Every week.”

It was quiet after Varric left. Fenris sat on the bench, and he listened to the wind. The wintery clouds parted to reveal the sun, high in the sky. It was noon. When Fenris closed his eyes, he felt warm.

Hawke called his name.

The X-Files

This list was submitted by Hilary Brown!

The X-Files is a science fiction show that ran on Fox from 1993-2002. It chronicles the investigations of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who explore unexplained cases of paranormal and extraterrestrial activity. Mulder is a fervent believer in the paranormal, and is obsessed with finding his sister who had vanished when Mulder was a teenager. Convinced his sister was abducted by aliens and that there is a massive government conspiracy to hide the existence of said aliens, Mulder will stop at nothing to blow the lid off of the government coverup and bring back his sister. Scully is assigned to Mulder as his partner, originally to report back to their superiors about Mulder’s activities, and to debunk his work. She is level-headed and skeptical, and believes that many of these “paranormal” phenomena have scientific explanations.

Overall, X-Files episodes can be divided into two categories: mythology episodes, which are part of the overall arc about aliens and government conspiracies, and “monsters-of-the-week” episodes which are stand-alone episodes. In theory, one could only watch the mythology episodes and still get a killer story, but there are some really great stand-alone episodes that shouldn’t be missed. For categorization purposes, I’ve broken each season down into which episodes to skip, which episodes are part of the mythology, and which episodes are particularly notable. It bears worth mentioning that The X-Files ran 9 season, which was about 2 more than it needed to. Show creator Chris Carter believed the show’s 7th season would be the last, and most fans and critics agree that it could have stopped there. Seasons 2-6 are arguably the strongest.

Episodes skipped: 40 out of 202.

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Hoperai Week  -  Wedding Ring | Awe

Anything that I could say right now,
Would only be a pale reflection of what I feel.
Won’t you let me just look at you,
Our eyes are the windows to
Our souls, and they will show,
One another all there is to know,
About the things that I’d like you to understand.
Hold my hand and listen with your skin,
Let your inner senses take me in, and
We will go beyond words.
— Marketa Irglova, “This Right Here”

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We’re both cops and I was just told that I’m to go undercover with you, the stupidly hot person I’ve been pining over for the last few months, and that we’re supposed to pose as a married couple, and please god, just kill me now. Whoa, wait a second, why did you just dump a stack of romance novels on my desk and - what do you mean, we’re reading those together for backstory research purposes?