married witches

Reasons Dean and Seamus totally got married after leaving Hogwarts
  • They were minor characters but the most noted thing about them was they were best friends
  • When Dean got the new chaser spot on the Quidditch team that Seamus wanted they stayed friends and had no conflict 
  • When Dean returned to Hogwarts to fight in the war Seamus roared with joy and hugged Dean
  • They’re always seen together even after the war like just casually talking to Aberforth Dumbledore, probably holding hands but Harry is the least observant person ever 
  • They were way closer to each other than anyone else
  • Seriously did they have any other friends besides the other
  • They’re pretty relevant characters but don’t have canon on marrying women
  • Seriously, Dean even has a biography on actually being a half blood and how his dad was a wizard and left him and his mum to protect them but really nothing on him getting married to some random witch? 
  • This tweet from Seamus’ actor 
The signs as 90's sitcoms
  • Aries: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  • Taurus: Friends
  • Gemini: Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Cancer: Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
  • Leo: Frasier
  • Virgo: Married with Children
  • Libra: Family Matters
  • Scorpio: Seinfeld
  • Sagittarius: The Nanny
  • Capricorn: Roseanne
  • Aquarius: Home Improvement
  • Pisces: Full House