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Added this Icelandic witch riding staveðarstafur-witch-riding-stave-to-go from @justins-galdrastafir that @professorgoat sent me.
“She sends her spirit on me in church” - The Crucible

Spell Jar for a Happy Marriage

I recently got married to the best person I know! I dried my bouquet and wanted to use them in my craft in one way or another, but I couldn’t find any spell/spell jars on the internet. So, naturally, I made my own! Here’s what I used, and how I did it!


  • One whole flower from the bouquet 
    • To represent the marriage(can be subbed for anything that represents the marriage!)
  • One whole star anise
    • To represent the multi-faceted symmetry of two people coming together as one in loving, spiritual, harmony 
  • One whole nutmeg 
    • To represent a whole and sound marriage
  • Whole rosemary
    • Signifies the remembrance of trust, love, and fidelity
  • Rose quartz chips
    • For love!
  • Bay Leaf
    • For protection
  • Dried whole lavender
    • to encourage and strengthen love 
  • Dried Russian sage
    • this is one of my favorite herbs, it’s one I feel a personal connection to.
  • One pink candle 
    • to seal the jar with love
  • A glass jar with a cork

Put all of the supplies, minus the candle, into the jar in what ever order feels right! Add with love and intent, and seal with the melted wax from the pink candle.

I pressed a small sprig of dried Russian sage into the still soft wax.