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Why learn a new language and how?

Before all, this is oficially my first post and I’m so freaking excited and crossing my fingers hoping you all like it skfhlkdjdlfjg 

Now, why you should learn a new language and where or how to start? Are maybe the two main questions to face. There is one thing you need the moment you decide to immerse yourself in a whole new language: motivation. I remember that when I made up my mind about English it was 1) I wanted to demonstrate my teacher she was the problem why I wasn’t learning so Edita if you’re reading this: it was you. 2) I really wanted to marry Nick Jonas back then and hence I realise that in due to achieve it I had to learn his mother tongue “how is he gonna understand me then” popped in my mind every freaking second. I was sincerely afraid guys.    


Once you start it’d be both amazing and frustrating. You will find yourself amazed by the incredible and beautiful things you’ll learn from now on and frustrated cause you’ll want to learn everything at once. But if you get to organised yourself and tonnes and tonnes of dedication and patience it’d turn out being a piece of pizza 

-I know is “a piece of cake” but I really like pizza-

How? Do you remember the way you got to manage your mother tongue? Those first words like ‘mum’ 'dad’ 'dog’ etc…, how the more you listened those words became sentence like 'I love my mum’ 'I have a dog’ 'the sky is blue’

-Todos los dominicanos seguro recordarán el libro nacho en 3, 2, 1…-

Then you discovered that unbelievable thing called grammar which helped you to give a perfect sense and order to the bunch of words in your head. Is the same here:  1) word by word  2) ABCD… 3) expressions 4) grammar… 
When I started learning English —and I am still learning since I do believe one never ends on that— I remember getting into small words and phrases like “hello” “my name is…” and the verb to be that seems like only thing schools teach us. I sang songs not paying attention at my horrible voice or pronunciation. All that mattered was speak and this happen a lot: some people are afraid to talk out loud and that’s a big mistake. Another big mistake I used to do was translate from language to another till I found this amazing teacher who told me “think in English so you can speak English; don’t lose time translating” and he was hella right. You know what? it works with every language you wanna learn.

 Learning a new language is also learning a completely new culture. I didn’t even know we had idioms in Spanish until I heard 'face the music’ the first time I read that I tried so hard to understand it but it didn’t make sense when I did my best to translate it. Maybe you didn’t notice while growing up cause it was part of you already but when you get into any language it means getting into a whole new culture, it means you’ll get to know how those people think, the point of view in a certain way that’s what means 'thinking in x language. Why you should learn a new language? It’ll help you know this amazing freaking world. Why not? Can you do it at home? yeah, Do you have to go to an Academy? No, if you don’t want to. It is easier than it seems so what are you waiting for?

And guess what works with every language. I know right! Awesome! So in this series of posts along with the videos uploads in my channel, which you can find here »Wanderjack« I’m gonna show you how amazing it is self-learning but most of all, how fun it can be if we do it together.  

Let’s learn Korean ( 한국어) together!