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LIKE beru whitesun is 7th generation free and owen lars is only 3rd, but then, owen is a landowner, which gave him special status among a community of mostly tenant farmers and laborers.

the fact that they were officially married was another status symbol—there were lots of husbands and wives on tatooine but beru and owen had the republican-stamped signatory that cost a shameful number of credits and weeks of waiting for the correct forms to process and the registry to audit for fraud. (it was common, especially on outer rim planets, to register false bonds for the purposes of collecting on benefits the republic extended to family units. senator palpatine had worked very hard to tighten those regulations, it had been the crowning achievement of his 9th session.)

but at the same time, they’re raising a second-generation kid called ‘skywalker, which no one would mistake for a family name—’skywalker’ is something a scared pregnant slave girl picks at twenty-four, when she wants to give her child something, anything, and there’s nothing else. (at some point, beru stops gently suggesting luke could call himself ‘lars’ every time he comes home with a mulish look and a fat lip.)

and luke carries it all with him—han’s never seen the kid as white-knuckled furious as the first time han mentions he’s technically sort of one of jabba’s goons. it takes leia a few days to talk luke around, and then only because han swears up and down he was never involved in the water trade, just spice and information.

(’water export?’ leia had asked, when luke mentioned it. ‘tatooine is a desert planet, wasn’t every drop needed—’

‘yes,’ luke spat bitterly, and that was the end of that.)

……………….honestly though luke skywalker grew up less than a 150 klicks from where his father was raised, anakin wouldn’t have recognized the features of his life.

[Kylux AU] ➟ Wuthering Heights.

You said I killed you—haunt me, then! The murdered do haunt their murderers, I believe. I know that ghosts have wandered on earth. Be with me always—take any form—drive me mad! only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you! Oh, God! it is unutterable! I cannot live without my life! I cannot live without my soul!’

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Domestic au hc- When Angelica meets john he's too poor to afford proper binders, not to mention testosterone. Meanwhile, Angie is rich as fuck, and helps pay for his treatments and gets him the best binders on the market, and is so sweet and helps John through every painful day (cause t hurts like a mf), and she drags her sisters along to help him go shopping for nice clothes, and it's a lot of cute domestic fluff. Please don't hurt the pureness of it all.

YES BOI but irl john was actually well off do imagine,,,,,

angelica only first marrying john for status and shit but slowly he starts opening up to her and one day angie saw john using fucked up binders (bandages) and she fucking decked him while screaming “NO U DONT” and i agree w everything else!!

*causally starts writing up an au for this orignal Blue Paladin/Altean!Lance theory I made a while back*

At this point I have made Lance’s asshole-filled altean family, his father (Palin) is incredibly old money and stocks in most everything although his focus is his faishon label, his mother (Youri) has a seat at the Altean Royal Court which has been in her family for generations.  They married for money and status rather than out of any sort of feeling and Palin is having an very sexual affair with his PA.  They’re also incredibly stuck up and dislike Voltron because of the fact most of it’s piloted by high class citzens and they believe being on the front lines and just fighting in general is beneath their status, that’s grunt work (ironically they’re super pissed when a commoner starts piloting Yellow).  However, they understand the political advantages to having one of their children become a Paladin (after all they’d end up working with the King Alfor) and are happy to accept King Alfor’s offer at being the first to see the Blue Lion.  They’re convinced their eldest, Rosa, will become the Paladin.  Dorian at worst.

As mentioned, Rosa is the eldest daughter and she is so fucking spoilt it’s not funny.  However, she is good at doing what she does and what she does is work for her father.  She’s set to be the next CEO and is already reknowned for her designs.  (Her business management skills are also great).  She does not like Allura because she believes the princess to be too outspoke, brutal, and emotional.  Also because she’s jealous, mostly because she’s jealous.  Rosa really does not want to become a Paladin of Voltron because she, like her parents, thinks it’s beneath her.  She also thinks her siblings are her lessers but like leaps and bounds.  She’s sort of a bitch.

Dorian is the second oldest and he’s a playboy, he and Lotor were probably best friends and really bouced off each other negatively.  Despite being an asshole and a playboy, Dorian is actually surprisingly charming and charasmatic when he wants to be.  He’s set to take his mothers seat on the ARC when she retires.  He greatly enjoys pissing off Rosa and embarrassing Lance.  He’s actually incredibly cruel about it too.  He thinks himself close to Allura but Allura really just wants to punch him in the face like all the fucking time.  Unlike Rosa, he does want to be a paladin, but mostly for the status and because he thinks he’ll be able to win Allura’s heart that way.  (Spoiler: He can’t, he’s a dick).

Allie is the second youngest and while she doesn’t take after either of her parents she’s respected for the fact that she’s studying to be a druid and has already proven to be incredibly powerful.  She’s almost never home and when she is home she makes it well know she couldn’t care less about her siblings.  She’s rather neutral on becoming a paladin, on one hand the amount of power she’ll get if she becomes on is tempting, on the other she’ll have to slow or cease her studies completely.

Lance is the youngest and he’s always in the shadows of his siblings.  His parents don’t care for him much, they have their heirs and smart child so they feel they don’t need him.  He doesn’t share his family’s stuck up views, which doesn’t help his parents like him any because he ‘forgets his place’ too often and flirts with the wrong people and makes friends with commoners.  He’s just everything not right in their eyes and the only thing he can do is model, they’re banking on marrying him off to someone for status.  He does want to be a paladin, he adores the paladins, but he doesn’t think he will be one.  And then Blue chooses him.

I didn’t mean to rant so much opps

Mostly I wanted opinions on Allie.  Allie most certainly sides with Zarkon and betrays the Alteans but the important question is should she end up becoming Haggar or not?  I’m thinking either she did become Haggar or she idolized Haggar and/or Zarkon and that’s why she joined them.  Thoughts?

shikamaru and temari are getting married

everyone in the village: “has any two of such high status married between villages before? well, yes common folk do but for those two…this will be the best symbolic bond of our two villages we could ever hope fo-”

naruto and gaara in their kage outfits bust thru the front gates holding hands

(x gon give it to ya plays)


“Is that an alliance? Are you married?” Alexander had become accustomed to his status of married man and wore his alliance out of habit. Now that Mabel had pointed it out to him, he felt ashamed and guilty; she did not know. “I didn’t think we were strangers now and that I didn’t deserve to be invited to your wedding.”

“It’s not like that, Bel.”

Character Bio

NAME: J’inarah Marad
HEIGHT: 4′11″
SPECIES: Miqo’te, Seeker of the Sun
▌ GENDER: Female
NATIONALITY: Limsa Lominsa
NAMEDAY: 28th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon (28 October)
RESIDENCE: Mist, La Noscea
▌ ALIGNMENT: True Neutral
FOOD: Oysters
▌ SNACK: Rolanberry cake
PET: Brightwing (chocobo), Holly (sheep)
▌ COLOR: Red, gold
FLOWER: Daffodil
▌ SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
BODY TYPE: Lean, petite, busty
HAIR COLOR: Pale flaxen yellow

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Choice of Scenarios/ Situations

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Scenario /
Situations 1
You’ve been thinking about him all day and finally seeing him right in front of you make your heart leap because

A He’s your biggest crush
B. He’s your dream come true
C. He’s your best friend
D. He’s just hot, period

Scenario / Situations 2
Out on first date at the beach, he asks you to lay down and enjoy the stary night with him.

A. Lay something onto the ground first
B Okay
C. Hell yes and snuggle up
D. Thanks but no thanks

Scenario / Situations 3
Been dating for 3 months now, is it time to unmask your true self?

A. I never hide anything
B Ya, I actually eat a lot!
C. Crazier and wilder, oh ya!
D. If we last another 3 months, maybe

Scenario / Situations 4A (you will need to send me 4B as well)
You sleep naked, suddenly the bell rings and someone’s at the door. So you hurry and put something on (1 clothing only)
A. Bra
B. Oversize Tee
C. Tight singlet
D. No clothes needed

Scenario / Situations 4B
Who is it at the door?

A. Postman
B. Your parent
C. Your boyfriend / love interest
D. He looks sooo familiar but.. who is he?

Scenario / Situations 5
Two men are courting you

A. Pick the one your heart belong to
B. Choose the one who treat you best & love you most
C. The person you gets along with
D. Maybe both or none?

Scenario / Situations 6
What’s cheating?

A. SEX with someone else (Oral doesn’t count)
B. FLIRTS with others
C. Has someone else in mind or at heart, fantasy excluded
D. Don’t know, don’t care

Scenario / Situations 7
Your man suggests THREESOME

A. With acquaintances, maybe. Someone you love or like? Nada
B. What the fuck? No, never in any circumstances
C. Only with someone you know, trust and attracted to
D. The more the merrier

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