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“From the moment you walked into my life, I knew things would never be the same again. The night we first kissed I knew I could never kiss another lips and feel as happy as that. My heart has been yours from the start, and I can’t believe it took us this long to get to where we are, but everything we’ve been through made us, us. You are my friend, my accomplice, my love. The one I can see all the love that I feel reflected into those eyes. From this moment I swear to always be by your side, to love you and hold you. Because without you, my life feels empty. I need my better half to make me whole. Always. Forever, All In.”

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What is your dream series finale for New Girl?

Last shot of New Girl should be like this: The gang is in Jaipur Aviv, sitting in front of the fireplace that Nick discovered in S6E01. Schmece with their little kid, married Waly and engaged Ness, all having fun, maybe even celebrating Nick’s proposal for Jess. This would be my dream finale.

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shipping meme

send me a pairing and I’ll tell you who:

  • falls asleep on the couch: Silque! Someone beats Lukas to it and it’s Silque. Her job makes her really tired and contrary to him, she Does Not Fight The Sleep. And sometimes he’ll follow suit just by watching her peacefully sleeps or he’ll carry her to bed.

  • makes friends with the neighbors: They’re both very polite and sociable when needed, but the friends part isn’t coming right away or naturally. They’re acquaintances at best?

  • is the adventurous eater: In game Silque will Thank Mother Mila for the meal and be ultra happy if you give her FLOUR, GUESS WHO IS THEN.

  • hogs the covers at night: Silque. She’s smaller, master of stealth, she will hog the covers before Lukas even realizes they have covers. But he’s still a sleeping cuddler so I guess she’d have a blanket in her arms but be in his in return.

  • forgets to do the dishes: None they do the dishes on time and together. Because that’s that time of the day when Silque will speak about her day and Lukas loves listening to her voice so yeaH.

  • tries to surprise their partner more often: I don’t think either of them are the type to surprise the other. Or for a really special occasion. maybe.

  • leaves dirty laundry on the floor: Heh, none.

  • stays up til 2 AM reading: Lukas. Silque’s probably already been out like a light for hours at this point.

  • sings in the shower: Lukas hums. Silque is efficient and does not have the time lol.

  • takes the selfies: Lukas omg. With Silque it would be Lukas, once every two years, buT, he too lieks having pictures to remember Things.

  • plans date night: Lukas. Because Mila knows they both need to relax after a hard day of work.

For my ‘normal life au’ I had them meet in second grade and become best friends, and Ness realizes he has a crush on Lucas during 6th while Lucas only realizes his crush on Ness near the end of 8th grade haha- 
They start going out in Freshman year, then Ness plays baseball in college and goes onto majors and they get married during Ness’ second year in majors! <3 (Claus and Ninten prob start going out in 3rd year of highschool)

DeanCas Leap Year!AU, in which Dean is the handsome, roguish Irishman, and Castiel is the American on his way to propose to his cardiologist boyfriend. Happy Leap Day!

“Come on, you’re among friends here!”

Cas swallows thickly, cheeks ruddy as he shakes his head, carefully putting down his glass of whiskey. “Oh no,” he says. Awkward, his hand rests on Dean’s shoulder, rubbing in what he hopes is a convincing display. It’s bad enough that he and Dean Winchester—most annoying cabdriver in Dingle—have to pretend they’re married in order to stay the night here, but to kiss him?

Castiel has a boyfriend! He has a glamorous job staging apartments and is currently dating Balthazar! Balthazar, who is currently at a conference in Dublin! Balthazar, who is a cardiologist! Even if Cas did find Dean attractive—which he doesn’t—but if he did… he wouldn’t cheat with Dean. The thought is laughable; Dean is an arrogant, infuriating Irish innkeeper who’s swindling him out of house and home to settle some ridiculous debt!

This is typical. Honestly, all Castiel wanted to do was surprise his boyfriend and propose on Leap Day, because he’s tired of waiting and thought it would be romantic, and now he’s… he’s stuck playing boyfriends with a lunatic! And now his hosts, and the Italian couple at the other end of the table, have all kissed in some odd display of married-ness, and want them to—

Dean leans over and presses a kiss to his cheek.

“Muah! There we go, Huggybear.”

“Yes.” Cas forces a smile. “Very nice, thank you, darling.”

“Oh,” Meredith, one of their hosts, scoffs from the head of the table. “If that’s how he kisses you, I’m surprised you’re still married!”

Arthur nods from his place opposite her, smiling. “Don’t hold back on our account, boys; our son, Jimmy, he’s queer as they come.”

At that, Dean chokes on his whiskey. “Sorry,” he mutters. “Just, y’know—”

“We’re shy,” Cas interrupts. He’s certain his face is the approximate pigment of an heirloom tomato. “We’re just—it’s nothing having to do with our… queerness, you’ve been lovely—”

“Yeah,” Dean agrees. “It’s been grand, really—”

“We’re just. Public displays of affection, um. We’re private.”

“Private,” Giovanni scoffs, arm moving around his own wife. “You are in love, yes? What is the crime to show that love to the world?”

“It’s plain as day you’re in love,” Meredith agrees. “There’s no arguing it.”

“You’re young, you care for each other,” Arthur continues. “Kiss him, son! He deserves to know how you feel.”

Castiel feels his stomach tie in knots. “I-I know,” the blue-eyed man says weakly. “I do, I know—”

And that’s when Dean kisses him properly.

Smooth as you please, Dean Winchester turns his head and presses their mouths together, soft and sweet and like they’re the last two people on Earth. Cas’s first instinct is to tense up, shocked, but he doesn’t jump back like he expects to—like he’s supposed to. Instead, his eyes flutter open, treated to a close-up of freckled skin and dusty-brown lashes before they slip shut again. Dean hums against his mouth as Castiel relaxes, finally, melting into the other’s embrace as he lifts a hand to sift through the light brown hair at the base of his nape. Of his part, Dean presses a palm to Cas’s stubbled cheek.

When they stop, Castiel is ashamed to admit that it’s because Dean pulls away.

Though, he’s not the only one blushing.

“That is how you do it!” Giovanni roars, raising a glass.

Arthur and Meredith laugh with him. “To the Novak-Winchesters!” they toast.

Dean and Cas both force a smile and raise their glasses without looking at each other. While the former downs whatever’s left in his glass, the latter touches his lips with an embarrassed frown. What in the world…?

Blue eyes widen.


So, just to add to the overall married-ness that was Olicity in the Flash episode, charshadowdancer looked up the word “hock” - because I thought it was “hawk” until someone pointed out that I was wrong - and, as it turns out, “hock” is Yiddish slang that means “to pester and or/nag”.

So now Oliver is using Yiddish words because his wifey is Jewish.

and now I can’t stop imagining Felicity peppering their conversations with all of these Yiddish words and Oliver just sort of subconsciously picking them up and not realizing it until Digg looks at him like, “Dude. Do you even hear yourself right now?”

Oliver and Felicity: 'Let the more loving one be me'. Or, what is selfless love?
I have had a lot of asks recently that focus on the Oliver and Felicity scene in 3.09 and what it means for their relationship. Rather than answer them separately, I thought that I would do a meta that will hopefully address all of those questions. First things first: I think that Marc G was doing a little bit of the old Skeevy Salesman up-sell when declaring this scene a “9”. The fandom then took it and turned it into something that I am sure even he didn’t anticipate. Expectations were sky high, mine included. Maybe that’s why certain sections of the fandom are upset or underwhelmed by the scene. I was too, at first. I don’t dispute that SA and EBR were incredible. But I can understand why some people might look at this scene and wonder “Is that it? Is that all we get?” It’s only when I think about that scene now in the context of the rest of the episode and the season at large that its impact is revealed to me. In my pseudo-review of the episode, I make the bold claim that this is one of the most pivotal scenes between Oliver and Felicity that we have seen yet. On the surface, it may not seem that way. The bare bones of it are the same as we have seen countless times before from these two. But it’s when you look at the scene in the context of their entire relationship that you realise something. Oliver and Felicity are never standing still. When you look in particular at season 3 thus far, you notice that every scene, every dialogue, every act and every action, every line is deliberate. It means something. Every scene of theirs this season has moved their story forward. Slowly, incrementally, painfully, but always moving forward, not backwards. Even the kiss with Ray was not pushing Olicity back so much as providing forward momentum. Much of this is linked to Oliver and the way in which he has been growing ever since 3.02. Again, I speak about this in the review so feel free to check that out if you’re interested.  Sure, plot or action wise, maybe the date scene from 3.01 is more important and more on a par with being a “9”. Or perhaps the “married-ness” of Flarrow seems more significant to the fandom at large than this more understated moment.  Personally, I am not here for the plot; I’m here for character development. It may seem strange that I say that about a show that is so heavily plot-driven. But the beauty of Arrow- especially in the hands of actors such as Stephen and Emily - is that there is so much nuance to their characters, being revealed in an understated way, in the background of the plot and action, that you almost miss it the first time around. You look at the surface - the scene, the dialogue and the actions - and pronounce judgement on it. That’s okay. Not everyone needs, wants or knows how to look beyond the surface. Sometimes, there’s no reason to.    I’m an English Lit graduate, okay, so I have spent years crafting my close reading skills, to read not only the actual lines but between the lines, to understand the difference between textuality and intertextuality and to learn how to apply it to my analysis of the text. Watching Arrow is actually not that different an experience than reading a play or analysing a piece of poetry. There is so much richness, depth and context to consider with this show that oftentimes a lot is lost in initial viewings, and it takes multiple watches to truly understand the depth and breadth of certain scenes. Never is this truer than in any scene that showcases Oliver and Felicity; so if you’ll indulge me, I would like to talk here about that pivotal scene and take it apart section by section. Because of course I have watched it a thousand and one times already, and I am sure that number will only increase as the hiatus continues. Again, this is a long ‘un (seems to be the only way I write these days!) so I’m putting the rest behind the cut. 

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Imagine: Tessa and Scott practicing a program dancing around Scott’s kitchen.

oh wait-

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Omg idk when you posted that secret marriage au but I JUST saw it on my dash and I am in looooove

A couple of days ago, I just….the idea is kinda improbable, seeing how much Steve and Tony value their friends, but I couldn’t help myself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I just want sitcom-esque hijinks where the super competent spies are just oblivious, and write off Tony and Steve’s complete married-ness as being codependent bros.

Steve probably wears his ring next to his dogtags, and Tony probably turned his ring into an arc reactor casing, so Steve is literally in his heart.

Just - a silver fox Tony thanking his husband in front of the world and flashing cameras, and everyone is like “Did I just hallucinate the last few minutes????”

I’m sure all the Avengers have a dawning sense of realization when he says that, a lightbulb moment “Ahh, the last ten years make sense now”, and the rest of the world is sure he was joking????? right?????