married hottie

Post shower vid of the same married hottie which I’ve posted already. Phone angle was bad, miscalculated the outcome - wanted his face shown throughout the video. But, I’ll take what I can get. Hot vid, nonetheless.

Sneak Peek!

Crayons, Tears, and New Beginnings

Nursery School. Nursery School. Nursery School.

Despite however many times he reiterated his least favourite words in his head, he couldn’t wrap his mind around what he would have to do on Monday morning. He wasn’t ready for her to go to school. She had only just turned four in December. He studied and read books upon books about nursery schooling – yes, nursery school had been beneficial for most children with improvement in motor and communication skills, and yes, nursery school has been beneficial in breaking children out of cohabitation habits with their parents, such as sleeping in their bed every, single night – much like Hensley had been doing, already.

But, Harry didn’t mind her sleeping with him. His heart swelled in his chest and bubbled with love, each night, when she snuggled into his warmth and puffed tiny breaths on his skin as she fell asleep, his wife sleeping soundly beside him, her fingertips pressed tightly against his hips as her arms wrap around his waist, their daughter’s figure cuddled between their bodies. He couldn’t understand why he needed to be so harsh with her.

He absolutely, perfectly loved his baby girl, and he couldn’t possibly imagine how hard he would hurt once he kissed her and mumbled a quiet, “See you later, Pooh. I love you.

He chuckled quietly, his voice rasped and exhausted, his grin wide, his green orbs drooping as his daughter pokes his dimpled cheek, her whisper echoing in his ear as she draws his attention. “Daddy, wake up.”

“’m up, ‘m up.”

“No, you’re not, Daddy!”

“’m sorry, ‘m sorry,” he smirks, puckering his lips, his heart swelling as she presses a kiss to his lips, wrapping her arms around his shoulders, hugging him tightly, her cheek laying against his collarbone as she settles her figure on his thighs, her palms leaning against his chest as her lisp pokes through her teeth. “What, baby?”

“Can you come with me and Mummy when we go shopping, today?” she wonders, hope lacing her words, her smile mimicking her father’s, a dimple popping her cheek as her green eyes gaze into his. “Please?”


“Daddy, please?”

“Okay, okay. Le’ me get my work done, now, ye’?” he smiles, kissing her forehead sweetly, chuckling as she wiggles onto their carpet, standing on her feet, her tiny toes nudging into her socks as she bounces around their bed frame, smoothly moving into their corridor and jumping down their staircase, her giggles and quiet voice echoing in their hallway as she begins to speak to her mother.

“Woah,” you smirk, leaning against your master bedroom’s door frame, your arms folded in front of your chest, your ankles crossed as you admire him, his tongue poked between his lips as his glasses rest on his face, his fingertips typing against his keyboard as he focuses on e-mails and letters he’d failed to respond to days ago. “’m married to such a hottie.”

  • Son of Aphrodite: Hey yo! Pass me an apple, I'm hungry.
  • Son of Apollo: Oh boo! Little miss perfect can't do anything because she's hungry.
  • Son of Aphrodite: Cut the crap and pass me the apple bro.
  • Random Demigod: *stares at the best friends' interaction*
  • Son of Apollo: Okay,*sigh* green or red?
  • Son of Aphrodite: Red.
  • Son of Apollo: *passes apple*
  • Random Demigod: You do know that passing an apple means a marriage proposal in Greek right?
  • Son of Aphrodite: *blushes*
  • Son of Apollo: *blushes*
  • Aphrodite: *appears* You have my blessing. *disappears*
  • Apollo: *appears* *clears throat* I have a haiku.
  • Oh sweet son of mine,
  • You have got my permission,
  • To marry hottie. *disappears*
  • Both: *blush harder*