married goths

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JUST ONE QUESTION!! Is fell goth married to fell Pallete? U know since it's so opvous they're in love for each other?

they r like– 16 & 14??? X’DDDDDDDDD

then again they did vow for each other so I guess that’s count?

I was the one who got called a freak by my family. When I met my husband nothing good was ever said about him, even though he had to walk through hell to get my trust. I had never seen a healthy relationship

Grandparents who raised me: Grandfather was very emotionally abusive I saw my grandmother cry almost every night. It’s okay he loves me. Grandfather physically abusive towards me and emotionally abusive to me “Its okay ignore it he loves you”

Mother and stepfather. I was used to things being thrown during fights so much so I could sleep on the couch and be only perfectly fine with things flying over me and crashing into things that were breaking. Mother got arrested for assult. Stepfather beat the hell out of her.

There has also been faked pregnancies controling partners and a lot of cheating.

Now yes me and my husband are a little odd by societies standards but my husband has never cheated. My husband has never gotten abusive in any way. My husband has respect for me. I have never cheated, never abused him and I respect him. When we disagree we both step away calm down if it starts getting heated and come back later to talk it out. We don’t hide things out of fear. We were told we wouldn’t last more than a month. We have been together four years soon to be five, and we are still in that new relationship phase that usually ends after a few months. He still gives me butterflies. I still wake up every morning and think how did I get so lucky. Yes my family thinks we are freaks, but at least in being a freak and attracting a like minded individual I escaped the cycle of abuse