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Happy Valentine’s Day, I bear headcanons. Spock and Kirk, after retirement. They have an interview together because they’re famous starship captains, but Spock prefers to be known as the First Officer. They’re both past caring about decorum, so they show up dressed in civilian clothes. Kirk’s dug out his old green shirt and a jacket with a vintage NASA pin. Spock is bundled up. They’ve got a ton of in-jokes; the interviewer is bemused but entirely delighted over how affectionate they are. The vulcans are no longer scandalized—“It’s that science genius with his human again.” 

Timeless has been cancelled-- But all may not be lost.

I’m very sorry but Timeless has been cancelled. It was announced half and hour ago. Although it may not seem like we can revive it now, there are still ways to try to renew Timeless. We could petition Netflix to pick up the show, as it is up their ally. We could also try getting NBC to pick Timeless up again, but only if we did stupendously in a petition.

  • Send letters to Netflix and try to get their attention in any way. Suggest Netflix pick up the show, and give reasons why. 
    • Another way you can get Netflix’s attention is by trying to make a - social network trend, preferably on twitter (as it is the social medium most used by television producers). Use the tags #RenewTimeless and #TimelessNetflix, and tag the Netflix account to get Netflix’s attention.
  • Also, try to get as many signers on all of these petitions (I will include the links below), by sharing them with as many people as possible.

Petition 1

Petition 2

Petition 3

I know the general consensus for Plumeria in the fandom is that she’s a badass, tomboy-ish character but fuck let me indulge on more feminine Plumeria. She can still be a badass and rock cute dresses and makeup. Dress came from this.


shipping fictional relationships : super cool. don’t stop, ever. 

shipping actors in a relationship : if the actors are cool with it, continue.

swearing up & down that said actors are in a relationship or in love despite all evidence to the contrary : stop. oh my gOD stop.