married a black guy

How Roan knew holding Bellamy as a hostage would work.
  • Roan: So, now that the alliance with skaikru and trikru is broken, we need to have a hostage just in case Clarke wants to go all wanheda on us when we get to arkadia.
  • Echo: What about some of the skaikru people that are already here?
  • Roan: Hmmm, she cares about them, but we need someone that really would hurt her if they died.... Wait...
  • Echo: What?
  • Roan: *remembers when Bellamy disguised like an Ice Nation soldier, crossed a field full of them without hesitation, almost rescued Clarke, and that Clarke almost lost her shit when he attempted to kill Bellamy* *also remembers when they were going to go to Polis with the flame, and she told him she trusted her life to him* *knows they will be married in the future*
  • Roan: Do you know a tall guy with black curly hair that's always with wanheda?
  • Echo: ... You mean Bellamy? Our soldiers informed they captured him because he was hunting in our forests.
  • Roan: Yes, him. Hold him as a hostage, he will work.
  • Echo: Are you sure?
  • Roan: Damn sure.

Our friend Nobita from Japan is a big advocate of Blacks dating Japanese. This video explains why Azzy, a Japanese women decided to marry an Afro Cuban guy. Enjoy!

  • Sperm donor: you're not allowed to marry a black guy
  • Me: ...
  • Me internally: so like... are black /girls/ on the table?
  • ----
  • Sperm donor: you can date a Jew but you can't marry him
  • Me: ...
  • Me internally: can i marry his sister?
  • ----
  • Sperm donor: I don't want you dating any Muslim guys and if you marry one you're dead to me
  • Me: ...
  • Me internally: promises promises

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Im black, asain, and native american😎 no white is in me

the amount of white in me is the fault of the cracker slave masters!



“Where’d Sirius go?” You ask the three boys walking with you.  You’d taken the quartet to a Muggle mall, where you’d grown up shopping as a kid.

“Who knows.  Five galleons says he’s flirting with a girl,” James pipes up, a smirk tugging upwards at his lips.

You felt eyes on the back of your head.  Turning, you see Sirius sitting on a bench, smirking.  He was wearing a Muggle leather jacket, the tag still on it.  “Sirius?” you ask, raising a brow.  He was very attractive, but you’d never admit it.

“How do I look?” he asked, his smirk only growing larger and more pronounced on his tan face.

“Like a pompous brat,” you said back jokingly, winking and starting to back up.  “Now let’s get back, the boys are probably down to the ice cream alre-” you began, though you cut yourself off.  “Would you stop looking at me like that?” you cried out as he sent you what only could be described as a ‘smoulder’, and licked his lips.

“Not until you say I’m good-looking.”

“Fine, you’re good-looking.  Let’s go, Leather Jacket,” you responded, rolling your eyes with a playful smile.