married a black guy

A little about me!

Hey guys and girls, just want to give a little information about myself. I’m 28yo born in New Jersey, I’m currently living in Florida. I became obsessed with black guys since I was 12 with my first boyfriend. That whole saying “once you go black you never go back” is true for me. Around college is when I fell in love with bbc.. I got married to a black guy and had 2 kids. He ended up doing somthing and no I’m single :). Know I just have friend with benefits that I go to, to have fun. I also have a sissy boy toy that I fuck with my strap on on occasions.. I made this page to express what I love. If you don’t like it just don’t follow.. I hope you guys and girls enjoy. If you have any questions please pm me! Xoxo



“Where’d Sirius go?” You ask the three boys walking with you.  You’d taken the quartet to a Muggle mall, where you’d grown up shopping as a kid.

“Who knows.  Five galleons says he’s flirting with a girl,” James pipes up, a smirk tugging upwards at his lips.

You felt eyes on the back of your head.  Turning, you see Sirius sitting on a bench, smirking.  He was wearing a Muggle leather jacket, the tag still on it.  “Sirius?” you ask, raising a brow.  He was very attractive, but you’d never admit it.

“How do I look?” he asked, his smirk only growing larger and more pronounced on his tan face.

“Like a pompous brat,” you said back jokingly, winking and starting to back up.  “Now let’s get back, the boys are probably down to the ice cream alre-” you began, though you cut yourself off.  “Would you stop looking at me like that?” you cried out as he sent you what only could be described as a ‘smoulder’, and licked his lips.

“Not until you say I’m good-looking.”

“Fine, you’re good-looking.  Let’s go, Leather Jacket,” you responded, rolling your eyes with a playful smile.

I were wondering about Donna and the men she liked.

When we first see her she will marry Lance, a good looking black guy, unfortunately he’s a dick and he didn’t deserve Donna’s love for him at all. And when we last see her, she finally married, She married Shaun, a tall black guy who really loves her as she deserves.

During her time with The Doctor, is common she says The Doctor isn’t her type, and even she flirting with Jack (C’mon! Who don’t flirt with him?), I don’t think she would be in love with him in the series. And if I’m not mistaken, she is cool by herself.

And then, in that Moffat episodes “ Silence in the Library/ Forest of the Dead”, Donna is married a white guy with a biotype totally different of Lance and what will be Shaun. And I’m not even talking how OCC Donna seems to be in these episodes

So, excuse-me if I think Moffat couldn’t write Donna right to save his life. And please, stop saying Moffat created Donna, because he didn’t it.