married a black guy

Honestly, I’ll only be happy with Reysky if it comes with Finnrey because otherwise what is the fucking point?

English version of Kyou Kara Maou

Here, let me translate Kyou Kara Maou to English since apparently it’s so difficult to understand:

A guy travels to another world gets engaged to a former princess. The moment he sees her, he’s completely taken by her appearance. When they have to fight he tries to make her panties drop to win the match. He spends his inner monologues continuously talking about her eyes and beautiful skin and features. How she’s an angel. A wet angel when she jumps into water. He calls her cute. He loves how straightforward she is, how she always tells him the truth. He holds her hand while trapped in a cramped area. He tells her: Wait, wait! You don’t wanna have sex with a sweaty guy and gets in the shower, when she throws herself at him. THEY START SLEEPING TOGETHER. No explanation , just boom, princess decides to sleep with the guy. You start reading about it 3 months after the guy decides to not lock his door and let the princess sleep with him every night. Guy adopts a child, child calls princess mommy. Child is not allowed to sleep with her parents. Princess saves guy’s ass continuously. Guy curves all other girls (and guys, but who cares about that, right?). He takes princess out on adventures, where they always sleep together. Other people also comment, oh I see you sleep together on trips, too? Princess almost dies, causing guy to react in a way he never has before, even though many characters have ‘died’ around him before. The trauma hunts guy forever. When he accidentally hurts her, he feels like literal shit. And crawls around princess trying to cure her, asking her if she hates him. Princess replies of course not, I came to the ends of the world for you. Guys friend dies, he gets into a fight with best friend and is exhausted, finally begging to get in bed with princess, saying to her: I’m so glad I have you. I don’t have the strength to pretend anymore. Cut to black. Guy and princess fight like a married couple. Guy asks princess if she wants a divorce. Guy tells princess he’ll give her anything she wants. Guy, writes 26 things he likes the most about princess in front of her while she does the same. Guy asks princess if she’d cry if he wasn’t there.

Now let me ask you…. do you still need the guy to confess his love for the girl?
Do you wonder if the guy likes the princess? 

Okay, well in the Japanese version the princess is a prince.

How Roan knew holding Bellamy as a hostage would work.
  • Roan: So, now that the alliance with skaikru and trikru is broken, we need to have a hostage just in case Clarke wants to go all wanheda on us when we get to arkadia.
  • Echo: What about some of the skaikru people that are already here?
  • Roan: Hmmm, she cares about them, but we need someone that really would hurt her if they died.... Wait...
  • Echo: What?
  • Roan: *remembers when Bellamy disguised like an Ice Nation soldier, crossed a field full of them without hesitation, almost rescued Clarke, and that Clarke almost lost her shit when he attempted to kill Bellamy* *also remembers when they were going to go to Polis with the flame, and she told him she trusted her life to him* *knows they will be married in the future*
  • Roan: Do you know a tall guy with black curly hair that's always with wanheda?
  • Echo: ... You mean Bellamy? Our soldiers informed they captured him because he was hunting in our forests.
  • Roan: Yes, him. Hold him as a hostage, he will work.
  • Echo: Are you sure?
  • Roan: Damn sure.

anonymous asked:

Can't wait that some of these Kpop idols give us cute mixed baby!! Do u think it's possible or it's too early for this country to got into an interracial relationship?? Btw I saw an article on the internet where a soul Korean female singer called "big mama King" married a black guy, he even gave up all behind him in order to live with her in Korea, that is absolutely so cute!

Of course it’s not early because there’s a lot of interracial couples, I’ve seen that Koreans said they would love to date Black women but there’s little to none in their country and with these boy groups, the way they travel and live in a more open generation I think they’ll be open to dating any race.

Zoe Kravitz: 'I lived with Nicole Kidman when she was engaged to my dad'

Zoe Kravitz lived with her Big Little Lies co-star Nicole Kidman during the actress’ engagement to her father Lenny Kravitz.

The 49-year-old screen star made the revelation that she and rocker Lenny were once engaged during an interview with The Edit earlier this year (17). And referring to their former romance before starring in the hit HBO series together, Zoe admitted to the same publication that she shared a residence with the Australian beauty for a while during her relationship with Lenny.

“I think (Nicole) forgot that no one knew that,“ Zoe smiled to The Edit. "I hadn’t seen her in a long time before Big Little Lies, but there was a point where we were all kind of living together. I was about 13, and she would take me to see movies; she was so nice to me.”

It remains to be seen whether or not Zoe and Nicole will work together again, but fans are hoping that Big Little Lies is renewed for a second season.

The 28-year-old daughter of Lenny and The Cosby Show actress Lisa Bonet has been making a name for herself in the acting world, starring in movies such as Mad Max: Fury Road and X-Men: First Class. But when it comes to breaking into Hollywood, Zoe struggled at the beginning because she was continually offered “urban” roles.

“When my name is brought up in a casting office, I’m sure the fact that I’m black comes up in discussions. I just read a script in which there were two couples, and one was written as black,“ she explained. "When I talked to the directors, they said I should play the wife of the black guy. It’s insane that they still think the black girl needs to be married to the black guy, and everyone else is white. Their thinking is so compartmentalised.”

Zoe has several new movies in the pipeline, with Rough Night, a comedy about a bachelorette party gone wrong, among those gearing up for release.

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Our friend Nobita from Japan is a big advocate of Blacks dating Japanese. This video explains why Azzy, a Japanese women decided to marry an Afro Cuban guy. Enjoy!



“Where’d Sirius go?” You ask the three boys walking with you.  You’d taken the quartet to a Muggle mall, where you’d grown up shopping as a kid.

“Who knows.  Five galleons says he’s flirting with a girl,” James pipes up, a smirk tugging upwards at his lips.

You felt eyes on the back of your head.  Turning, you see Sirius sitting on a bench, smirking.  He was wearing a Muggle leather jacket, the tag still on it.  “Sirius?” you ask, raising a brow.  He was very attractive, but you’d never admit it.

“How do I look?” he asked, his smirk only growing larger and more pronounced on his tan face.

“Like a pompous brat,” you said back jokingly, winking and starting to back up.  “Now let’s get back, the boys are probably down to the ice cream alre-” you began, though you cut yourself off.  “Would you stop looking at me like that?” you cried out as he sent you what only could be described as a ‘smoulder’, and licked his lips.

“Not until you say I’m good-looking.”

“Fine, you’re good-looking.  Let’s go, Leather Jacket,” you responded, rolling your eyes with a playful smile.