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oh could you write a oneshot about how about betty and jughead eloped over break and didn't tell anyone but people find out at school when betty changes her name to jones

Hey!! I love this prompt :) I actually had to google what eloped means because I had no idea. But still, I hope you enjoy!!


“Jughead, remember to remove your wedding ring before you get to school” Betty said into her phone while pacing around her pink frilly room. 

On the other side of the line, Jughead was sitting in his dads trailer, twisting his gold wedding band around his ring finger. “Got it Bets. Don’t worry. No one will know until we decide we want to tell them.” he said. “Now Elizabeth Cooper, go to bed.”

He heard a soft sigh on the other side of the line. “Night Romeo.” she whispered, making him blush on the other side.

“Good night, my beautiful Juliet.” he said as they both hung up their phones.

Over the spring break, Betty and Jughead decided that they wanted to make it official. They tied the knot. Whatever you want to call it. They may have been a little bit ‘under the influence’ at the time, but neither of them would want to change anything. 

They both decided that they would keep it a secret until they decided that they wanted to tell everybody. That means that they would have to not wear there wedding rings when they’re at school.

The next morning as Betty’s alarm woke her up from her deep slumber, she realized that she was late. She rushed out of bed and quickly got changed, brushed her hair and teeth, and quickly ate a blueberry muffin. In the rush of things, she completely forgot to take off her wedding ring.

Once she got to the high school she immediately spotted her husband leaning by her locker. She ran towards him and practically leaped into his arms. He wrapped his surprisingly strong arms around her, and when he let her go he grabbed her hands and leaned his forehead against her own. 

He looked down and his eyes went wide. “What is it?” Betty asked as he rubbed his fingers over the band that was wrapped around her finger. 

“Oh shit” Jughead whispered right as Veronica and Kevin walked up towards them.

“Hey lovebirds” Veronica said, Kevin trailing behind her. Betty blushed at the nickname while Jughead wrapped his arm around her shoulders, gripping her hand, attempting to hide the wedding ring that was neatly placed around her finger.

His attempt wasn’t good enough, because Kevin noticed the diamond almost instantly. “Elizabeth Cooper. A word?” the Keller boy said before grabbing her by the hand and pulling her away from her husbands grasp. 

He pulled her into an empty closet before flicking on the lights and inspecting every inch her hand. She looked anywhere but his eyes, but could still feel his gaze staring at her head of blonde hair. 

She finally looked up and saw her gay best friend with his arms crossed and leaning on one hip. He raised on eyebrow and Betty knew that she was defeated.

“Fine,” she sighed, breaking in “Jughead and I may or may not have gotten hitched.” she said, like it was no big deal. 

Kevin gasped and brought his hands up to his mouth while he jumped up and down like a fangirl. “That is too cute! I need to tell V. Like Right now. ASAP.” he said while grabbing his phone, but Betty stopped him before he could start typing.

“Kevin. You can’t tell anyone. Not even Veronica. No one was supposed to know. I was just freaking out about Jug forgetting to take off his wedding ring that I forgot to this morning.” she said, looking down at her hands.

Kevin just sighed and looked up dramatically. “Fine. You can stop me from telling everyone that Romeo and Juliet got married. But you can’t stop me from freaking out about it? Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? Wait… not how. Your moms super like ‘no sex before marriage’ right? Is that why you did it? Betty Cooper!” he said while playfully slapping her arm while she giggled at his words. “But seriously. We have ten minutes before class starts. Tell me everything” he said while sitting down a flipped bucket, chin in hands.

Betty just sighed and sat down on the bucket next to him. “Fine. Who: Jughead and I. Duh. What: We got married. Where: Spring break, in some small chapel when we were on our trip. When: Spring break. Why: I love him. How: We went to the chapel. We were also a little drunk at the time. But I don’t regret it at all.” she said, spilling all of her secrets to the schools gossip queen. 

Kevin just sighed with his dream eyes. “But Kev, promise me you wont tell anybody?” she said, while standing up and grabbing her backpack.

“Promise” he said while sticking his pinky up. Betty just giggled and wrapped her small finger around his. She ran out of the closet just in time for the first school bell, and to run into her beanied boyfriend. 

Jughead raised one of his eyebrows and grabbed her hands in his. “Kevin knows, but he promises not to tell anyone. We still have time.” Betty said, while brushing her thumb over his rough cheek. He leaned in for a kiss but was cut off when the bell for class rang into his ear. Betty gave him a small kiss on his cheek and ran off to her first period of the day, english. 

She ran into the classroom, just making it before the bell rang again. She ran to her seat and plopped down next to Veronica. They shared a smile before the teacher interrupted them.

“Ok. Attendance. Ms Lodge?”


“Mr Andrews?”


“Ms Cooper?”

“It’s Mrs Jones now.” she said, not thinking about what was coming out of her mouth.

Everyone turned to look at her with shocked looks on their faces. Jughead just walked into the classroom before her huge announcement and now had a smug look on his face.

Veronica looked at he best friend with a super surprised look on her face, and her gaze was switching between Mr and Mrs Jones. 

Betty just shook her head yes and smiled at her new husband. 

Veronica just laughed, with the same shocked expression plastered on her face. 

“You are telling me everything later.”