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A = Announcement.- How do you tell him and the world that you’re expecting?

I think Daniel really loves children and I see him as the type to always ask his wife after marriagge when does she think their babies will come. So, giving him the big news won’t be too special; it would be a normal day with Daniel watching some cute baby videos on Youtube and then asking you again “Hey love, do you think we will be great parents?” “I don’t know, we will find out soon enough.” “Wait… do you mean? OH MY GOD I’M GOING TO BE A FATHER!!” 

B = Books.- Did he read the books?

He would want to, but I see him more as the type to look at the pictures rather than reading long, descriptie paragraphs. He would probably ask you to tell him anything that’s important or just read the book together. 

C = Cuddles.- Who cuddles the baby more?

I think it would be more of a family thing and Daniel would want the three of you and his cats to cuddle together all the time. 

D = Daddy.- His reaction to being called Daddy and it setting in.

Would act like a three year old when he receives his favorite candy. He is absolutely in love with it and it would soon become his favorite word.

E = Empty.- Who goes to the store when you guys run out of supplies?

It would mostly be you because we all know that if Daniel goes alone he is going to come back with only junk food and jellies.

F = Feeding time- Who does feeding time?

Both of you, you guys usually like working as a team, you feed him while Daniel prepares the food and hands it to you. The mess afterwards is also cleaned half and half. 

G = Grumpy baby. - Who is better at dealing with a grumpy baby?

Daniel mostly takes care of this job, well most like he volunteers; he will be the one to make stupid faces and tickle the baby just so he can make him laugh. 

H = How?- how many kids does he want?

I don’t think Daniel has preferences about the gender, but since he is an only child and knows that it can get quite lonely at times, I think he would definitely want around two to three kids.

J = Jokes.- best dad joke?

Daniel’s not really into dad jokes, but they happen from time to time when he’s in a giddy mood. His jokes usually have to do with whatever your child’s new hobby or likes are. For example if your child is into vampires and supernatural things: “What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?” “What?” “Frostbite!“

K = Kisses.- His favorite place to kiss the baby.

Everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE! He loves kissing the baby’s forehead, his cheeks, his small hands, his feet. As I said, he is just in love with your baby.

L = Little.- How he feels when he holds the baby for the first time.

He would be so happy and his eyes will start to shine. It would really be like holding his entire world in that tiny human who is now yawning while looking at him. “Wow he is so small and cute… hi baby! My name is Daniel and I’m your daddy!”

M = Mommy.- what does he call you?

Daniel has lots of nicknames from you varying from “honey” to “princess” and “kitten”. He usually calls you anything he gets to, however he does call you “mommy” whenever he is playing with your baby and needs to draw your attention, so you can come cuddle with them.

N = Nappies.- who deals with the really bad ones?

None of you really enjoy doing this, so you two actually made a time table to cross out each other’s names after you do the dirty job. This way there are no fights or arguments. 

O = Onesies- Who likes to dress the baby in ridiculous outfits?

Daniel! He is the type of dad to sent you pictures when you’re at work and he is at home dressing your baby in funny costumes while he is asleep. “Look how adorable our baby looks, honey!” “DANIEL IF I COME HOME ONE MORE TIME AND HE IS WEARING A HARRY POTTER COSTUME ISTG!!” “Umm… yeah about that… can you ignore the package in front the door which says Dumbledore costume? Thanks, love you”

P = Pet names- names he calls the baby. 

Daniel really likes calling your baby “munchkin”, but besides that he also calls him any kind of nickname he can make up from his name. 

Q = Questions.- How many questions does he ask the nurse? 

He is too busy being scared as hell about the whole birth and his mind is too cloudy thinking about all the complications, to go to a nurse and ask her for advice or anything.

R = Rely- what is the biggest thing you rely on each other for? 

Everything. You and Daniel work as a team and tell each other everything: from your deepest fear concerning your family life, to the vacation of your dreams. It’s the very warm feeling that knowing if something goes wrong, you are right there for each other to start again. 

S = Sleep duty. - who gets up when it’s really late at night? 

You remember when I said you work as a team? Yeah, well there’s no team at 3 am when the baby wakes up screaming. You usually have around 10 minutes of arguments as to why you shouldn’t go. But in the end, you go and Daniel just promises that maybe he will make breakfast in the morning. 

T = Trepidation.- fears as a new parent.

The biggest fear for both of you is change and how fast everything is moving. You two need to adapt rather fast to the whole family life and I think at times it will get very tiring. Also, you both have concerns about what makes a good parent. 

U = Ultra sounds.- His reactions to the ultrasounds.

Completely amazed, he never thought he would be so happy, but just seeing and hearing that soft heartbeat would change his entire life. 

V = Values.- what is the most important value he wants to teach your child.

As most of us already know, Daniel was bullied when he was little and I truthfully think he will hate it so much if it would happen to his child. So, I am sure he will want to teach him about self-confidence and how to ignore what bad persons say to him.

W = Water.- Who gives the babe the baths? 

Both of you because the team is back again for this one. Daniel usually keeps the baby distracted long enough for you to wash his hair and everywhere else without him crying.

X = X-mas- what do you guys plan for the holidays? 

I think for the first years of your baby’s life Daniel would prefer spending the holidays at home with just your parents or some close friends. Later on, it will go from staying at home to going skiing or to visit other countries for a short period of time.

Y = Yelling.- How many fights do the two of you get in? 

Not too many and usually the arguments are very short-lived. You both hate arguing and even if it does happen (cause it’s only natural) you both make sure not to fight in front of the child. 

Z = Zoo- How crazy is the house after the birth?

Taking in the fact Daniel would have his cats around as well, the house would get quite crazy at times. I think you two will be so exhausted at the end of the day that you would ask for help, either from your or his mom or just hire someone to help with the cleaning.

Aria Clue ?

When A decided to destroy Ella and Zack’s marriagge ins season 5 I noticed someting:

In an ending scene, A is opening an enveloppe with an invitation to the wedding intended to Pam Fields. A opened the envelop carefully with steam iron and closed it meticulously with glue. That made me think, why would A make so much effort so Ella could not notice the envelop had been opened ? Maybe because it was her daughter who didn’t want her to find out. It seemed to me like someting you would do so your parents could not find out you were sneaking in their stuff. 

Then, the next morning, Ella is on her way to deliver the invitations to her guests. She rushes on Aria and asks her if she want to be her maid of honor. Aria seems shocked at first then she acts like she is happy to do it but she looked weird at the same time like she was overthinking or someting. Ella tells her she made an appointment for her to try some dresses for the wedding and insist that Aria have to be there it was hard for her to make another appointment. Aria of course missed it. Ella was furious and she told Aria something like “ if you have a problem with me marrying Zack just tell me stop acting from behind like you always do” to wich Aria reply “no I just forgot i really am happy for you mom”. 

So am I the only one who think Ella saying that Aria basically IS the kind of person who acts passive-agressive when angry reveals that maybe Aria was the A that made her wedding end ? Like I would understand why since Zack is a total jerk. And also, Aria have manifested some hostility toward Ella’s relationship with Zack and she even got angry with Ella once when she brought up the subject of their wedding. So I don’t think Aria meant it when she said to her mom that she was happy for her. I think she didn”t want her to be married at all and tried to hide it and played the perfect supportive daughter all along when in fact she was preparing something to end this.

And other clue: Hanna is beiing framed by A to look like she was hitting on Zack. Zack indeed found a note from Hanna in his pocket, but where Zack lived at the time ? In the montgomery house ! Aria could have put that note on his pocket when he went home. She would do that to Hanna because she was angry at her for telling Sidney that she and the girls where in New York. Yeah Aria killed Shana there so she is mad at Hanna and want to make her pay. And finally A helped again Aria by saving her Mom from a cheater and this is not normal for A ! Since when A helps the girls or their family ??? Unless A is Aria or someone from her family, but I doupt it e, since A also saved her relashionship with Ezra and her family woud have never do something that could encourage Aria’s relationship with her teacher so I guess Aria is A.

What do you think ?

SOrry for my bad english !