Today, my hubby said: “let’s just get in the car and ride…we’re not going to worry about our destination.” This is where he brought me to clear my head, so that I can be able to write freely. I love my hubby. @jahmalt He knows what I need at the right time. The creativity is now flowing. 😍👫💋❤ #love #marriageworks #ilovemesohim #helovesme #inspiration #creativity #creativewriting #motivation #film #filmmaking

Before I got married I was either single, or the guy did not put in the effort, blah blah. When my now husband and I were dating he was never home for Valentine’s day. He had….
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Today Jahmal and I celebrate six years of marriage. New Years Day, 2014, I was crying uncontrollably. Jahmal asked what’s wrong, and I replied, “I feel in my heart we should move to California”. He gave me a crazy look and said, what about our house and our jobs. We left the conversation on pause because it was too emotional. Three days later Jahmal said God spoke to him and said we are to sell the house, quit our jobs, and move to California. I have something planned for you two. When we crossed the California line on the 4th day on the road from Maryland, Jahmal turned to me and said: “A house doesn’t feel much like a home if we are not together in it, so I’ll follow you wherever you want to go woman”. LOL

It was the best decision we ever made. Our faith level increased, our dedication to each other is on high, and the opportunities are in overflow. It feels like a honeymoon because I know that God is in this marriage with us. Teaching us oneness, maturing us spiritually, and giving us the opportunity to enjoy life and each other!

Happy Anniversary today and forever! ❤️ #marriageworks #love #anniversary #fbf #flashbackfriday

Apparently, yesterday was #NationalSpouseDay and the day before, #Timehop gave me this gem of @theplutocrat and I on our honeymoon in #Savannah (or #Jacksonville - We took a road trip while in Savannah) nearly 8 years ago!

Can’t believe I’ve had this man on my team for 10 years now!? #SoBlessed

Lookit what a young pup he was! 😂

Love you, babe! And we grow on and on…

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5 Best Couple Resolutions in the New Year

No matter who you are or where your relationship is at, you can improve it. Experts in the field of psychology and relationships agree on several of them, and this is my favorite list of the top five. Reminding yourself in the New Year that your relationship is created by you is the first step in creating one you love being part of.

1.     Practice better listening. Most couples believe they are good listeners and hear their partner, but real listening is about understanding why your partner feels the way they do and helping them feel validated and heard.

2.     Continue to play together. Experts agree that couples that play together stay together. Couples who share exciting, exhilarating activities together such as rock climbing, white water rafting or adventurous tours report an increase in closeness and relationship satisfaction.

3.     Say and show you love each other every day. When couples receive and express love to their partner they report feeling more affection for one another as well experience better heart health. Feeling loved is good for your heart and brain.

4.     Get involved in your faith as a couple. If you aren’t religious commit to a cause the two of you can both support. Sharing a vision together and having a community of support helps you feel as though you’re part of something bigger and committed together. This helps fortify and strengthen your commitment.

5.       Practice Forgiveness. When you’re close to someone you’re inevitably going to hurt, disappoint and let them down at some time. Being able to let go of the past and forgive one another’s faults helps you resolve the past. No one is perfect. Understanding and forgiving your partner’s actions in an effort to move forward together helps you resolve hurts from the past and frees you to embrace the future together.  

The New Year is a celebration of starting over, building anew and re-investing in your relationship. These resolutions can help you make 2016 a fantastic year for you and the one you love.  –Mary Jo Rapini

Yesterday, @jon_goode posed the question to the ladies, what would you do if your man started out with abs of steel and “let himself go”, gaining weight after being in the relationship for a while.

My response: Considering I’ve gone from this (8) to this (12) to this (16…ish) over the duration of my marriage, I couldn’t say a whole lot at all…‘cept maybe “buy bigger clothes…?”

The fact of the matter is, every BODY evolves differently. Could I stand to lose (quite) a few inches? Of course. Could Mr. Brewton? Sure. But as with everything else that comes with marriage, we’re committed to one another, come what may…even some extra inches and pounds.

Now, depression and greater issues that can lead to weight gain should be dealt with accordingly but please, PLEASE don’t allow anyone to shame you into losing weight or maintaining a standard of beauty that, ultimately, is fleeting.

Embrace you and your spouse and everything that you are and always strive to be your BEST - physically, mentally and spiritually.

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Separate the man from the woman, convince the woman that the man is worthless, inform the man the woman hates and has no respect for him, teach the children women need to be independent because all men are dogs. You must recognize the problem to be able to confront the problem. #MLLV #blackamerica #SeemsLegit #Evolve #marriageworks