Maine Makes History Affirming Marriage Equality by Popular Vote

We’re watching history in the making tonight. For the first time ever, voters have affirmed marriage equality for loving, committed same-sex couples. Upon news that voters in Maine passed marriage equality by popular vote, HRC President Chad Griffin made the following statement:

“This is a landmark election for marriage equality and we will forever look back at this year as a critical turning point in the movement for full citizenship for LGBT people. Voters in Maine came to the common-sense conclusion that all people deserve the ability to make loving, lifelong commitments through marriage.

“We are thrilled for all Maine families and for the dedicated campaign that led this effort through to the end.  As we celebrate victory tonight we know we have added momentum to ensure that this victory is soon felt in every corner of this country.  Poll after poll shows a majority of Americans supporting marriage equality and the numbers continue to grow every single day.

“Mainers United for Marriage ran a stellar campaign under the leadership of Matt McTighe and HRC has been proud to have been a part of this fight since the beginning.”

HRC has contributed more than $800,000 to advance marriage equality in Maine, sent 85,000 emails to supporters of marriage equality, recruited several hundred volunteers and sent staff to work on the campaign.

President Obama Wins Re-Election

Most pro-equality president in our nation’s history has secured a second term in the White House.

President Barack Obama has secured a second term in the White House. President Obama has done more to advance equality for our community than any other sitting president – his re-election tonight is a major victory for our community.

HRC made re-electing President Obama a top priority as part of our unprecedented mobilization for equality this year. We endorsed the president early so we could aggressively communicate his accomplishments for equality to our community. Those accomplishments including securing hospital visitation rights for same-sex couples, ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in our military, halting defense of the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act, and becoming the first sitting president to endorse marriage equality.

HRC President Chad Griffin released the following statement in reaction to President Obama’s re-election:

“As millions of Americans celebrate President Obama’s reelection tonight, the LGBT community is particularly elated to send the most pro-equality president ever back to the White House for a second term.  There is no doubt that we will continue to see tremendous progress toward full equality like we’ve made during his first four years.
 “While some pundits predicted the President’s support for marriage equality would hinder his campaign, we know the opposite is true.  President Obama’s historic and heartfelt declaration that all loving and committed couples should be able to marry further rallied millions of voters and sparked conversations that advanced marriage campaigns around the country.  His reelection after expressing support for marriage equality is further proof that the momentum is on the side of marriage for all families.
“With our Ally-in-Chief back in the White House, we look forward to working with him on a host of issues including addressing workplace non-discrimination and expanding federal benefits to same-sex couples.”