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Clois + rivals to lovers

lmao my guy, this is canon

*describes lois and clark instead*

  • clark is always correcting lois’ articles 
  • Lois hated him and considered him a rival but then Perry made them partners 
  • they tease each other so much 
  • “don’t fall for me farm boy i don’t have time for it”
  • clark introduces lois to his parents after only 8 episodes
  • clark meets lois’ father after only 5 episodes
  • lois barges into clark’s house with pizza and lethal weapon movies bc she was scared of being alone and trusted him to take care of her 
  • fake marriage au SIKE IT’S CANON SEASON 1 EPISODE 11 SUCKERS 
  • while lois is walking down the isle to marry another man, her first thought is clark and she calls her self Lois lane…. kent.” 
  • after their first date she gets scared and slams the door in his face 
  • after clark “dies” she realizes she cares for him so much more than a friend and mourns 
  • she realizes she loves clark more than superman 
  • lois figures out clark is superman all on her own 
  • she takes care of a sick clark/superman 
  • Lois’s mother goes mother in law mode and takes over the wedding plans 
  • Lois temporarily having Clark’s powers and stepping in for Superman????
  • their wedding episode is literally called “I swear to god, this time we’re not kidding” 
  • Domestic Clois
  • soul mates. period. 
  • Lois literally being accused of having an affair??? with superman??? who is her husband clark kent??????? 
  • Domestic Clois

anyways everyone please watch lois and clark it’s a gift to humanity so pure

send me a pairing + AU and I’ll give you 5+ head canons about it

Being legally married means

NOTHING if you aren’t actually committed. 

Hey there, Rob’s first marriage….and how long did that sucker last? 


I am mostly going to be upset that others (and when I say others I mean OUR FANDOM)  are going to see this as fake when in reality it’s very real. What about all those same-sex couples that married BEFORE it was “legal?” Did their marriages mean NOTHING because they didn’t have a piece of stupid paper? It was real to them. Marriage is about two people and their love or at least it should be. 

What about the effing love. That’s all I care about. Robert and Aaron committing their lives to each other. And to Liv. Done. Them sharing that with family since they are both pretty intensely private people. The romance of the whole thing. 

I just think it’s awful that people think this makes EVERYTHING they’ve gone through less relevant. It doesn’t. AND ALSO. WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT TUESDAY.

oh yeah…


I am sure i am the minority in the jon and sansa fandom, but i dont want the  drammatic love, the romeo and juliet type of romance for them. My head canon for my babies is always the political marriage ( i am a sucker for the stone by stone love, with lots of children in winterfell). Besides i dont want Sansa (or Jon) to die, and in a show like Game of Thrones romances never end well. Plus the whole DOING  IT FOR THE NORTH is my weakness. ( and i just love the irony of a marriage between a stark girl and a targaryan boy that brings peace to the realm, the total opposite of the rhaegar and lyanna story). I find it much more interesting and less boring. ( i am looking at you Jon/D*ny). 

Ps: Not that i dont live for the wonderful AUs that the most amazing writers do for our fandom ( Thank you for all the fics guys! you rock <3<3)

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Enemies to lovers or pretending to be married for the fanfic tropes

shiiiiit i really truly love both of these but i am a sucker for romcom-style fake marriage, i’m not gonna lie. cops pretending to be married for a case? friends pretending to be married at family events to stop them from being harassed by said family? calling your buddy your husband or wife at high school reunions to make it seem like you’re doing super well for yourself? all of these scenarios ending up with declarations of love and also sex??? sign me the FUCK up

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Hello! I just found your blog, and I have a request~ I'm a sucker for angst and arranged marriage!AUs, so if I may request that with Akashi, Kise, Aomine, and Hanamiya? (Perhaps the marriage started loveless, but s/o grew on them. Except the s/o doesn't know and is on the verge of asking for a divorce.) Thank you~

Same, I love angst. Since you basically already wrote the setting, I’ll just write their reactions after the s/o suggests the divorce. I left it open ended so you can decide whether to try again or not.

Akashi // You married to unite two powerful families, and that was it. Or at least, that’s what Akashi assumed you thought. He was shocked to find that you wanted to leave him- had he really been that cold to you? He’d tried to show you he cared in subtle ways, but it seems that didn’t come over as well.

”Love, if you think all I’m interested in is your family, then allow me to prove you wrong.”

Kise // Kise wasn’t used to being tied down, and while he did love you, he found it hard to tone down the flirtatious behaviour with others. Seeing that you considered all his acts of kindness as just more mindless flirting - nothing special - really hurt him. He wanted to protest, but realised that he also had to work on himself.

”I’m sorry, _____-cchi… I know I haven’t been the best husband, but can I get one final chance?”

Aomine // Aomine was honestly perplexed. Had you really not noticed his affections for you? He thought he was being pretty obvious about it, but you barely recognised it. Ah- you took his complaints about ‘getting married too quickly’ to heart. Well, he did complain an awful lot lately.

”Hey, sorry. Honestly, I do think we could’ve met in a better way, but that doesn’t mean I dislike you or anything.”

Hanamiya // A look of utter confusion was painted on his face. Honestly, he had no better way to out his feelings other than to tease you, but he thought he was being pretty mild in comparison to his usual behaviour. Instead, he’d made you feel insecure and unloved. Gritting his teeth, he awkwardly rubbed the back of his head.

“Yeah, I have a lot to work on, that wasn’t my intention. Feelings are dumb- I mean, I’m trying to be better, okay? So help me out here.”

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I love baby and pregnancy headcanons but i never want to be pregnant and i want to adopt children that are at least already 4 sooooooo

tbh i don’t believe in marriage and i’m a sucker for marriage hcs so it’s fiction we can all enjoy it and also an adoption hc would be for peter maximoff bc he wants A LOT of kids and it comes a point when his s/o is like “bitch i’m not giving birth again” and he’s like “ok…………. then we’ll adopt”

@rtarara asked for: Hmmm…how about a fic where things are still icy with Kara and Cat, but Kara finds Cat yelling and tearing up at her lawyer because Carter’s father got remarried and is pushing for full custody as Cat has been busy launching a new venture. Kara offers to help her. I’m a sucker for a fake to real marriage fic.

I have to precede this fic with a few disclaimers!

1) I haven’t seen any Supergirl episodes since Bizarro, I’ve been saving it for my week off, so this fic doesn’t take anything since then into account!

2) I’m not sure I got at exaaaactly what you were looking for with this fic, but I hope you like it anyways!

3) I have had so much bourbon

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you guys always get me goin with the marriage stuff and the adorable wedding ideas and im a sucker for that stuff

but @ the same time i desperately want it to be a quick thing, where one day harry rolls over like “hey would you ever want to get married” in the least romantic way possible, but they’re already basically married so why not seal the deal? they’ve lived together for a bit and they spoil JB together and argue and kick ass together and come home together to fall asleep watching netflix/reading the paper

but it would still be fun to be officially married, to have a little golden band on their hands as proof, to be able to say “that’s my husband right there B)))” and they don’t wanna wait, so they just real quick head over to city hall and boom done

ofc the next few days are hell bc eggsy is so god damn happy he keeps interrupting merlin’s meetings to ask “has anyone seen my HUSBAND?” “ah there he is, late as usual, hello MY HANDSOME HUSBAND” and he sends out 8 different snapchats of himself giving a thumbs up w harry blurrily eating lunch in the background that say “LUNCH BREAK W/ THE HUBBY XOXOX 👌👌” and harry doesn’t mind one bit bc this sweet, beautiful, intelligent, loving young man actually wanted to marry him and they both know it’ll last

that’s what i want man.. that’s all i need in life

Hey there Tumblr friends! 

I’m getting ready to travel back east for the week and I have some decent plane rides in my near future. I’m looking for some multi-chapter fic recommendations, so if you’ve got something for me, I will love you forever! (I mean, I’d love you forever no matter what, but yeah) xoxo

HE'S my fiance? - arranged marriage au with fluid-haruka

Makoto sighed to himself as he was practically pulled along by his mother. She was overly happy today, and Makoto knew exactly why. She’d arranged with a friend of hers and ended up arranging Makoto’s marriage. How did he get suckered into this again?

‘Makoto! You’re not engaged yet? Not even a girlfriend? I’ll be old and grey when I get to see you walk down the aisle!’ Hiyori Tachibana questioned, pacing back and forth as Makoto sat on the couch, sighing to himself.

'Sorry mum… No one’s just caught my eye yet… I’ll get married when I meet the right person…’ Makoto apologised. Hiyori stopped in front of him, hands on her hips as Makoto looked up at her.

'Alright, we’re going to go meet a friend. They have a child close to your age called Haruka. You’re going to meet Haruka, and if you don’t find someone before you turn 25, Haruka will be your partner, okay?’ Hiyori stated, smiling to herself, overly pleased.

So that was how Makoto had gotten sucked into this. Just what kind of girl was Haruka anyway? Was she one of those snobbish rich girls that wore too much make up and skirts that barely qualified as a napkin? Or was she a bookworm with ugly big glasses and sat in her mother’s basement reading books and typing on her computer, probably hacking the goverment’s database at night?

“We’re here!” announced Hiyori, beaming a smile at Makoto as they arrived at the front doorstep to the Nanase household.