Enjolras planning his wedding proposal to Grantaire for months and he thinks it’s going to be all perfect and according to plan, but when the time finally comes, he fucks up and says “Marry you will me?”

And Grantaire raises an eyebrow and pulls out his own ring and offered it to Enjolras, “I don’t know, will you?” and it turns out they’ve been planning the proposal at the same time behind the other’s back

They both say yes of course

Grantaire and Enjolras and the rest of the Amis are in high school or middle school or whatever the equivalent of secondary school is but at some point they basically go to an art gallery and R thoroughly enjoys it for obvious reasons but then gets to the shop and he’s like 12 so he buys a mood ring even though he’s told “those don’t work you know” by Enjolras (R responds with a scowl as he puts the mood ring on the counter and pays) and “I don’t care if it turns my fucking hand green, Ferre, I’m wearing it” he continues to wear it every single day of his life. Up until the day where him and E have been together for a couple of years, and R comes into the kitchen of their apartment to find Enjolras making coffee and baking croissants for breakfast and he’s just like “fuck” he’s so in love so he goes to propose all unplanned (which is totally and quintessentially him lbr) and realises he doesn’t have a ring to propose with. So he takes off the mood ring he has worn every day for 9 years, and gets down on one knee. Now it’s Enjolras who doesn’t take it off.
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