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Cheating husband? Flailing marriage? Perhaps China’s “first professional transnational love hospital” can help. 

The economic boom and deep gender inequality have created a new industry in China: mistress-dispellers, who have a variety of ways to bring cheating husbands back into the fold of matrimony. 

As a professional mistress-dispeller explains: “In today’s world, a secondhand woman is like a secondhand car. Once it’s been driven, it’s not worth a fraction of its original selling price. A secondhand man, on the other hand, is like renovated property. The value only appreciates.” Read more about the phenomenon here. 

Zhang Jin Mei

We cannot
Because we seldom share
The token tongue,
But still,
We conquer –
We transmit
Smiles and fingers
Pointing towards
And what’s, “next,”
Egg cakes, soy and tea
For the son she’d never
Expected –
He who’d lose a tooth,
He who’d hold her daughter,
He who’d love

     - L.C.

ceylon-morphe286  asked:

How many kids do u think the allies would want with their kidnapped s/o? Boys or girls? Do they have kids before marriage or after?

I think that most of the Allies would want kids with their s/o. A child is basically the personification of two individual’s love. But some would want more than others.

America: He would want at least 4 kids. He would love to have 3 girls and 1 boy. But he is open to having more kids if his s/o is up for it. He would most likely wait till marriage for having kids, since his s/o will be more comfortable with him by then.

England: He wants 2 kids at MOST. He’s always wanted twins (1 boy, 1 girl). He doesn’t want anymore kids after that. He like America, would wait till marriage.

China: This old man don’t want any kids lol.

Russia: He wants ALOT of kids, like wow. He would be very happy with more than like 8 kids. He wants mostly boys, but wouldn’t mind having a little girl. He’s the only one who wouldn’t wait till marriage??

France: He wants 1 kid. He wants a girl and he would wait till marriage.

Canada: He wants 3 kids. 2 boys and 1 girl. He would wait till marriage.


15/11 // the heatwave continues but has cooled down slightly! Continuing with my global revision, particularly with my china table, but, in other exciting news, the results of the postal survey came out this morning with 61% yes and I couldn’t be happier! ❤️
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Chinese fans prepare to welcome rich, powerful, 'free-spirit' Trump
He may be a divisive figure back home, but U.S. President Donald Trump will be landing in friendly territory when he arrives in Beijing on Wednesday, judging by Chinese social media.

Evidently Drumpf is really well liked in China??? I just… I don’t… When did the world become a surreal, dark comedy? Evidently they like that he’s rich, tacky, and rude… Which is the same motivation for white Americans I suppose…

I don’t know what to do with this information. I guess I’ll just file this under “M” as in “Mao would be fucking PISSED”


Photos From Same-Sex Weddings Around The World                                    Love is love in every language.

June is Pride Month. It’s also a popular month for couples to get married.

  • South Africa:  In 2013, Tshepo Modisane and Thobajobe Sithole traditional African wedding between two men, in the town of Kwadukuza
  • Italy:  Angelo Albanesi and Pier Giorgio de Simoni registered their civil union at Rome’s city hall on May 21, 2015. 
  • Canada:  Daniel Langdon and Rishi Agarwal enjoyed a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony in Toronto in 2016. 
  • Thailand:  gay couple Naparuj Mond Kaendi and Thorsten Mid enjoyed a beautiful Thai wedding ceremony in 2016, following their legal marriage in Germany. 
  • China:  Sun Wenlin and Hu Mingliang were the couple at the heart of China’s first same-sex marriage legal case last year. The court ruled against them on on April 13, 2016, but they still held their symbolic wedding ceremony just over a month later. 

Elderly couple in matching clothes melts hearts in China

An elderly couple from Shishi, in Fujian Province, has melted Chinese netizens’ hearts, after a photo of them wearing matching clothes went viral.

In the picture, the two are seen walking hand-in-hand. On the back of their clothes were drawn caricatures of the duo, with their names written below linked with a heart. Below that was mentioned their wedding date.

The clothes have been designed by their granddaughter Zhan Ting, as a gift for their 55th wedding anniversary, which will fall in two months. The granddaughter says that she has always been impressed with the intimate relationship between her now 83-year-old grandpa, Zhan Yuanshu, and 78-year-old grandma, Xie Genxi.

“Every time they go on a car, grandpa always uses his hand to protect grandma’s head from getting hit,” recalled Zhan Ting.

What one cannot find out from the photo is that Xie is disabled. Her right arm was amputated in a workplace accident years ago. That’s why their granddaughter decided to make them long-sleeve clothes.

“They became eye-catchers the moment they put on the clothes!” said Zhan Ting proudly.

The photo of the couple has moved many netizens after it was posted online by Zhan Ting, with many expressing their admiration for their relationship.

“Although they no longer have the same face and figure as when they were young, the matching clothes still look amazing on them,” commented Weibo user @Weinifengxin201104.

“True love is growing old holding each other’s hands.” @Ningbomamazhangyafen

At age 16, Kiab, an ethnic Hmong Vietnamese teenager, was sold to a Chinese family as a bride by her own brother. She was able to escape her husband after a month, seeking out local police for support and returning to Vietnam.

Unfortunately, stories like Kiab’s are all too common. Vulnerable women in countries surrounding China, including Vietnam, Laos, North Korea, and Myanmar, are at a high risk of being trafficked into slavery. “I had heard a lot about trafficking. But I couldn’t imagine it would happen to me,” Kiab said from a shelter for trafficking survivors in Lao Cai, Vietnam.

Learn more via Agence France Presse and Business Insider.

Photo: AFP Photo/Hoang Dinh Nam

Catcalling is not oppression
Being “friendzoned” is not oppression
Dress codes are not oppression
Slut shaming is not oppression

Oppression is like in India, where women get sulfuric acid thrown in their faces for turning down marriage proposals.

Or like in China (And many other countries) where Christians are murdered for what they believe in.

Or like during the Holocaust when several groups of people were murdered for not being good enough.

Stop trying to label your pet peaves and annoyances as oppression.

tryinad  asked:

I am writing a story which has a fictional country located between Okinawa and China. Would it historically make sense for such a country to have a monarch with European blood (by way of political marriage) in the 20th century, and for this country to have its own language and retain it?

Short Answer: No. 

Medium Answer: Please don’t ask me to validate your placing more white people in power within fictional 20th century Asia. 

Long Answer: While historically, the 20th century did see European and American Imperialism, their rules usually came at the expense of the monarchies locally. By 1912, the Qing Dynasty had collapsed (post-Boxer Rebellion), and Sun Yat Sen became the political leader of China. While China was an ally in WWI, starting in 1917, by 1919, China’s Communist Party had formed and was gaining power. The ROC and Chang Kai Shek fled China by the 40’s, and (meanwhile) Japan gained an increasingly nationalistic sentiment that would lead them into WWII and to capture Manchuria by 1931. By 1939, Japan controlled much of China’s eastern coastlines. Korea was ruled by Japan by roughly around 1905-1910, and as for Japanese views and attitudes in the early-mid 20th century regarding foreigners in general the buzzwords you need to look up are:

  • Japanese Showa imperialism
  • Japanese ultranationalism & Japanese Nationalism
  • Amau Doctrine
  • Kōdōha
  • Fukoku Kyohei 
  • Racial Equality Proposal of 1919’s failure
  • End of the Anglo-Japanese alliance 1923
  • Imperial Rule Assistance Association

The islands that exist between Okinawa and China (aside from Taiwan), are known as the Diaoyutai/Senkaku islands, and has been contested by Japan, China PROC and China ROC, respectively. These Islands were under de jure US control from 1945-1972. 

But for European Leadership in the 20th century marrying into a royal family — by 1900, the people of China had an entire rebellion centered around the forceful removal of Christians and European Imperialist powers using the slogan “Support the Qing, exterminate the foreigners." 

I am fairly certain that any country in the 20th century would not have wanted a European marital bond, given that most of China and Japan were intent on removing unwanted foreign political influences in the first half of the century, and the second half would not have likely had any political marriages when military force was becoming the de facto method and means of viable political control — a marriage alliance means little when you have the threat of the atomic bomb, for example (thus, the Cold War). Similarly, many Europeans abandoned their Asian colonial islands during WWII — see: The Abandonment of Singapore, by the British.  

Between the Boxer Rebellion and….well, all of World War Two, the idea is nonsensical at best. Though if a country would retain their language despite foreign rulers, the answer is, as always — yes, and generally speaking such foreign rulers are doomed to fail if they do not learn the language of their own people. (See also: Yuan Dynasty China, the Goryeo Vassal state and Royal Court, the Mongol Hordes, the Qing Dynasty, etc for those who adopted the common language of their people and rulers.) 

If you chose another century, the answer would relatively be the same, in that a European power would be unlikely to marry into a Chinese or Japanese royal family and retain any power — but the reverse could be true. (There are many recorded offerings of secondary princesses or concubines being offered as wives to European powers, including the Pope. — in many instances, particularly in Yuan Dynasty China, marriages were meant to maintain political and military power through women. Mongolian princesses in particular were seen as more important than their husbands in conquered territories and kingdoms, and frequently their husbands were treated as expendable.) 

So not really, no. 


It was all an Arranged Marriage, a marriage arranged by the prince of China.

I. The Arrival (Part 1)
Cold winds blew as Prince Minseok took his first step on the red carpet finely placed outside of the private jet. It had been ten years since his last visit in China, and he didn't expect cheers will welcome him in his arrival.
A tall man in a suit handed him a bouquet of daisies and tulips, perfectly arranged in his taste. It was the minister, who happily escorted him towards a good-looking brunette man, standing at the end of the carpet with a smile printed on his face. “Welcome to China, Prince Minseok.”

Prince Minseok’s arrival in China was kept a secret to the media. The prince is not a fan of camera flashes and rowdy reporters, so the Chinese authority worked their best to make Prince Minseok’s stay in Mainland the most comfortable.

The handsome man formally bowed along with the two tall blonde escorts in flashy suits, both with god-like features. Prince Minseok bowed in reply for respect, first to stand up to get another glance of the brunette man. He felt like he remember him, but ten years is a very long time to even recall any of his childhood memories. The only thing he cared about was to get his appointments in China done immediately. And if he’s fortunate, he wanted to see his childhood Chinese friend once again.

The brunette man greeted him cheerfully, introducing himself after shaking Prince Minseok’s hand. “I am Prince Luhan. I have come here to personally welcome you in your arrival. The Prince’s coming is a momentous event that I looked forward. I promise that we will offer you the best to enjoy your stay in our country.”

“You are Prince Luhan?” The idea finally hit Prince Minseok in the head. Luhan? Prince Luhan? Is he the man Prince Minseok is going to marry?

“Yes, I am Prince Lu Han.” The man bowed again with a joyful aura. “Perhaps, the South Korean government already introduced me to you. I am honored.”

The smile on Prince Minseok’s face turned into a frown, putting his hand down that’s holding the bouquet. “I am tired.”

Luhan startled, “O-okay. We will get you to the palace immediately so you can rest well. We prepared you-“

“I apologize for the insolence, your highness, but I am suffering from exhaustion. I’d love to talk to you tomorrow.” Prince Minseok felt mad once again. After talking to his mother, the queen, back in South Korea, he couldn’t accept that his father is going to take even his freedom of choosing who to love. The King thought that marriage between the prince of China and the prince of South Korea will create a stronger bond between the two countries, and that if joined as one, it will make them the greatest superpower in the world. It’s better to ignore Prince Luhan for a while, instead of letting out the grudge that he had been keeping from his father.

Prince Minseok entered the car, followed by Prince Luhan who sat at the back beside him. “Prince Minseok, I studied Korean language so we can communicate well. I’ve learned some of your country’s history too. You have a very rich culture. I am impressed.”

Minseok stared at him fiercely, propping his elbow on the lid of the window with his jaw on his palm. “Did you know that China once invaded Korea a long time ago?”

“Y-yes. I am aware of-“, Prince Luhan was shocked by the blatant reaction of Prince Minseok, startling as the serious man interrupts him with another question.
“And its invasion consisted of suppression, bloody hands, and harassed freedom?”Prince Minseok stared at him once again, waiting for a reply from the confused brunette man. “Our people suffered. The pain may already fade away, but never the memories of the lives of those who were forsaken.”
Prince Luhan looked at the ground, thinking deeply with his regretful eyes as Prince Minseok gets back on staring at the window.

Prince Minseok whispered, “You just study, but you never really learn.”

To be continued…

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