marriage contest

Arranged Marriage

This is Ouranos. He’s the hero to the throne of the Aurorean Empire. His mother, Empress Starlit, has sent a call out to the ends of Sornieth: 

“Bring forth your beautiful male heirs as suitors for my son. Whoever wins his hand cements for their kingdom an alliance to the Aurorian Empire.”

Pros of alliance:

- A powerful army on your side

- a Beastclan alliance((the Aurorian Empire has a heavy alliance with the Beastclan))

- Lots of technological advances

- An alliance to many other clans


- The Empress is very picky about suitors haha

- Ouranos is gay so ladies need not apply

- Beastclan-opposed clans will be denied

- Ouranos doesn’t have a gijinka yet


- age isn’t a prob bob i won’t do nsfw

- post a form with a pic of the suitor((gijinka too if u have it)), their personality and a description of their clan

- thats it man


Wodaabe Charm Dancers

Here the young Wodaabe men, with elaborate make-up, feathers and other adornments, perform the Yaake: dances and songs to impress marriageable women. The male beauty ideal of the Wodaabe stresses tallness, white eyes and teeth; the men will often roll their eyes and show their teeth to emphasize these characteristics. Wodaabe clans then join for the remainder of the week-long Gerewol: a series of barters over marriage and contests where the young men’s beauty and skills are judged by young women.


So I thought this was going to be a book that was a lot like the show the bachelor, and  in the overall plot it is, but it is so much more. I was swept up into this book. This is a true love story. Marriage contest, caste system, dystopian and a lot of humor. Plus a GORGEOUS cover. Not to say much, but the cover sums it up pretty well; 35 girls. 1 crown. The competition of a lifetime. 


The Selection - Kiera Cass

The Selection  book 1