Confession: my husband doesn’t ever make an effort to find anything fun for us to do on our time off or our weekends. He gets upset when I don’t want to be the perfect housewife but sometimes I feel like if I put off doing housework at least I’ll have something to do when he’s off and wants to waste time sleeping. Being a young Navy wife with no friends in my area is starting to make me very depressed.


Alex and Maggie end up eloping in the middle of the CADMUS situation. They’ve been together for almost two years and they want to get married but they don’t want to take attention away from stopping CADMUS or gather so many people who are fighting against CADMUS in one location (easy target).

So they elope and only let Kara and J'onn know/come to the ceremony and no one else finds out until one of them gets really hurt and the other forces their way into the hospital freaking out cause “that’s my wife in there and you’re going to tell me if she’s okay or I’ll beat you and every one else in here to a pulp until someone tells me if she’s okay.” And then everyone freaks out cause apparently they’re married and didn’t tell anyone.