Don’t Let a 💎 Define Your ❤️

Hey Tumblr, 

This V-Day, why not take a moment to educate yourself on the history of diamonds? (Newsflash: They’re not forever, but they are a 🔥 example of clever advertising.) 

Watch the latest episode from our new show to learn more.

And remember — It’s cool if you simply love the brilliance of that bling; also cool if you opt to put those paychecks towards a trip or starter home or savings account with that lucky partner of yours; cooler still if you’re single this V-Day and focused on loving yourself, as you should. 🥰

But don’t let a rock define your heart.

Your Friends, 


In Valentine’s Day lawsuit, Japanese gay couples sue for marital rights

TOKYO — Thirteen gay couples filed Japan’s first lawsuit challenging the country’s rejection of same-sex marriage Thursday, arguing the denial violates their constitutional right to equality. 

Six couples holding banners saying “Marriage For All Japan” walked into Tokyo District Court to file their cases against the government, with similar cases filed by three couples in Osaka, one couple in Nagoya and three couples in Sapporo. 

Plaintiff Kenji Aiba, standing next to his partner Ken Kozumi, told reporters he would “fight this war together with sexual minorities all around Japan.”

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So I dont normally post stories but like,

Today at lunch I was sitting with my brother and his friend and his friend goes “you know, it’s always been a gay fantasy of mine to work at a flower shop and marry a man and just be really happy.” And then the discussion shifted to how my brother actually really doesn’t want a wife but he just really wants a daughter one day and that same friend goes “I’ll adopt a baby with you. I think I’d make a really good husband and we could raise her in our flower shop.” Then my brother goes, “of course I’ll marry you man.”

And honestly, the way they said it sounded so genuine it was really heartwarming.