Iker Casillas bullying Marc Bartra in front of 7+K people😂 so mean

So basically Iker is reminding Marc or the.. um let’s call it race, with Bale..
At first Marc said he didn’t get the message.. and then Iker had to repeat what he said..

Then Marc reminded him that he scored against him that match, and that he was so close to stopping the shot but he failed…

Then Iker sent Marc a hug and told him he adores him and wished him Luck in the CL..

But moments later, Iker was once again back with the jokes.. telling Marc “you saw that?” “No really” “Behind you.. It’s Bale!!”
And then Iker left.

The End😂


Finally.. what is a Marc Bartra instalive without a little Sergi in it…
In which Sergi asks Marc “You’re really bored aren’t you” to which Marc answers yes.

Then Sergi ends up having a short chat with Eric about something they need to talk about elsewhere…

And finally, Sergi says that him and Marc were supposed to meet up this afternoon but Marc blew him off. To which Marc replies telling Sergi to stop the lies and that it was not the case in fact it was in reverse 🙄

(Earlier on Marc Muniesa asked Bartra if Sergi ended up Blowing him off)

The end


Marc Bartra’s farewell letter (TW/IG)

“To think that it has been more than 14 years ago when this little kid arrived at Barça, at 11 years old, with his twin Brother Eric accompanied by his parents Josep and Montse, with the biggest hope a kid could have, the hope of wearing and defending the shirt and colors of the Club he loved ever since he was born. Both of us with the same dream: Playing with FC Barcelona’s first team, we thought it was far fetched, maybe even impossible, but in my case, I finally achieved it.

Little by little, not spending time with my family and friends in order to be present in training or matches each week, seeing many teammates come and go every season, and each season that it happened was more complicated and the competition and demand was tougher in training and matches.

Until you grow up without noticing that the years flew by and the bad moments and the good ones kept coming, so it was time to decide whethe to continue studying or dedicate myself 100% to football or do both at la Masia. That is where I took the great step in all meanings. I can say that being at La Masia allowed me to give my all and be able to reach the Barça B team, and two years later, the dream I had a as kid, for which I had hoped and sacrificed a lot and fought for came true: Playing for the first team of FC Barcelona, with which I had the pleasure to live great moments and successes with the best team in the world, from the inside.

These 4 years as a first team players have been incredible, intense, hard, with brutal moments and others not brutal, but most of all unique and unforgettable. Thank you to every and each teammate I had, the best in the world, who allowed me to learn the best from them as professionals and people. With direct and indirect advice that I still hold onto to always keep growing even more. To all the people surrounding the players, coaches, directors, presidents, physicians, doctors, kit-men, delegates, chefs, and security staff, heads of press, workers at La Masia, and the Ciutat Esportiva.

And I would especially like to thank each and every one of you cules, the affection and care you have shown me all those days I have lived in this home have helped me continue to push forward, to fight and give meaning to the work I did defending our colors.

I leave with my head held high, with the feeling of doing everything possible in each of the moments I was needed and giving my all in every training session and match. I continue on my road to keep growing, with Meli, little Gala and my people, who have been unconditionally there for me. Knowing that everything I have lived and everything that has happened have made me the man I am today and gave me the privilege to continue doing what I like, to continue achieving new challenges and credits that allow me to continue dreaming more than ever.
And mos of all, I am moving onward with a cool head in order to coherently do what it takes, but keeping a flaming mind to continue evolving with passion and eagerness as a player and a person.

Despite the distance, I will still love and enjoy Barça as one more cule.
Continue believing to keep growing!


[my translation]



The little kid who came to la Masia at 12 and spent half his life in the club of his life, today is leaving a family man, with merits many would envy…

From his debut on Valentine’s day in 2010 against Atletico Madrid, under Pep Guardiola, to his solo goal against Deportivo this season under Luis Enrique, Marc showed us the true values of La Masia and true ‘Pasion Blaugrana’.

He played 81 matches with FCB B and scored 2 goals in the process.

As for the First team, 

  • 103 🎮  first team appearances
  • ⚽ 6 goals
  • ⚽➡ 6 assists
  • 5 🏆 La Liga
  • 3 🏆 Copa del Rey
  • 2 🏆 Supercopa de España
  • 2 🏆 UEFA Champions League
  • 1 🏆 UEFA Super Cup
  • 1 🏆 FIFA Club World Cup


We will miss you.

But we will see you soon


IG Rafinha Alcantara:

“What is there to say that you already don’t know… I admire you a lot. So many years of sharing a locker-room together. We’ll miss you a lot, but it will be nice seeing how you transform into the best center back in the world. This photo is a small gesture that I’ll never forget, you are really great! I love you brother. Best of luck in your new phase. @marcbartra.”

Marc’s comment on Rafi’s post:

“You are very great brother, very!!! Let’s carry on dreaming and making what we want come true! A big hug Rafita I love you!!!”


On today’s episode of “Training? What training?”

  • Luisito gets tag-teamed
  • Rafinha gets tag-teamed
  • Aleix is safe this time around
  • Everyone was jumping around
  • Marc was caught in the middle of what seemed a life threatening slap machine
  • Marquitos got a piggy-back ride from his dad, who we can almost hear saying: “Marquitos, you are getting too old and too heavy for this, you are going to throw my back out. get down son ouch my back!” to which Marc replies: “But daaad it’s fuuun!!” we can also notice Sergi trying to talk his brother into getting off of their dad’s back, preventing him from further embarrassment: “Marc, bro, get down from there.. people are staring. Dude stop you are embarrassing me, I mean yourself..”

What will happen next time? Who will get slapped? Who’ll trip and fall and make Gerard laugh at him? Will Mascherano get Neymar and Luisito back?

Find out on the next episode of “Training? What training?”

The 110th anniversary of Real Madrid ends with mourning.
Marquitos died today in Santander at the age of 78. He will be buried Thursday in Cantabria. Santiago Bernabéu signed Marquitos in 1954, and he defended the white shirt for 9 years. Marquitos gave it everything to defend the shirt of Real Madrid. As seen by the above picture, the player is returning to the dressing room full of mud after a match against Athletic in the 1954/55 season.
Marquitos won 5 European cups with a number 2 that he worn on his back between 1954 to 1962, not many right backs can say they have done that. He even scored in Real Madrid’s first ever European success. He is remembered by the fans of Real Madrid having scored the winning goal in 1956 European Cup between Real Madrid and Stade de Reims (4-3).