Te regalaría todas mis noches
todas mis tardes
mi cara de recién levantada
los llantos que no vas a ver

te daría todos los besos
las palabras más lindas que tengo
la música que más escucho
te haría un mixtape que hable de vos

te sacaría fotos en la cama
tomando birra
jugando a algo
todas tus fotos de internet te las haría yo

te pondría como número de emergencia
como profesional de referencia
en un marquito en la mesita de luz

le diría a todos que te miren
que me vean al lado tuyo
que perciban lo que sentimos
que me digan si con vos no soy mejor

te leería todo lo que escribo
mis libros preferidos
todos los poemas que hablan de amor

todo esto haría si estuvieras
si quisieras sentarte al lado mío
si existieras más allá de mi ideal

pero todo esto que te escribo
en realidad lo escribo al aire
a alguien que no existe y que sé no va a llegar.


Iker Casillas bullying Marc Bartra in front of 7+K people😂 so mean

So basically Iker is reminding Marc or the.. um let’s call it race, with Bale..
At first Marc said he didn’t get the message.. and then Iker had to repeat what he said..

Then Marc reminded him that he scored against him that match, and that he was so close to stopping the shot but he failed…

Then Iker sent Marc a hug and told him he adores him and wished him Luck in the CL..

But moments later, Iker was once again back with the jokes.. telling Marc “you saw that?” “No really” “Behind you.. It’s Bale!!”
And then Iker left.

The End😂


IG Marc Bartra:

“And the big day is here… and the wait is getting longer because of the desire to see her walking towards me in white… in front of all those people we love so much and mean so much to us. I am making another dream come true, the dream with the most love and sentiment in my life. Because you are the WOMAN I’ve always dreamt of. I love you my life! @melissajimenezgp 👰🏻🎩 |M&M|
Melissa: I have no words😍 I love you my love❤”


IG Marc Bartra:

“Today I received once again the visit from the ones who make me the most happy. They are my everything, the reason for which I always fight to overcome the obstacles and this one has been the worst in my life, an exprience I would not wish on anyone in this world.

The pain, the panic, the incertitude of not knowing what was happening, nor how long it was going to last… they were the longest and hardest 15 minutes in my life.
And to all that I want to tell you, that I think the shock from the past days is fading more and more each time and at the same time, the desire to live, fight, work, laugh, cry, feel, love, believe, play, train, to keep enjoying my people, my loved ones, my teammates, my passion, to defend and to smell the grass like I do before the matches start and to motivate myself. To see the stands filled with people who love our profession, people who only want us to feel emotions that make us forget the world, and especially the ones we live in, crazier and crazier each time.

The only thing I ask, THE ONLY THING, is that we ALL live in peace and leave behind the wars.

These days when I look at my damaged and swollen wrist, you know I feel? Proud. I look at it proudly thinking in all the harm that they wanted to inflict on us, but it only came to this.

Thank you to the doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and the people who are helping my recover and making sure that my wrist has perfectly recovered. To the thousands and thousands of milieu, organisations of every type, BVB and teammates, whose support and affection have reached me. No matter how small, it has incredibly filled me with strength to ALWAYS continue forward.

I needed to write and vent and clear everything up in order to only think about being 100% again as soon as possible! A huge greeting!

Marc 💛”
Melissa’s comment: “The best in the world❤”

IG Melissa Jimenez:

“ONCE UPON A TIME…you came into my life to stay @marcbartra 😍
Thank you my love for letting me be the princess of your story, for making me happy since the first day I met you.
Thank you to all our guests for loving us and being present in the most emotional day of our lives.
Thank you to everyone who has helped me these months, who worked in order for everything to come out perfect.
Thank you @rosa_clara for making me shine like never before