marquise mindfang spinneret

Me either -right now, I never want to see the inside of a ship ever again.  Damn you, wood paneling!

serket rotation

Aranea(ancestors troll) -> marquise spinneret mindfang (beta troll) -> Vriska (alpha troll) -> Aranea


 *just re-design.  u_u

 -explain: [1] [2]

 *HS rotation finally complete!













Dreamworks Ancestors

(Suggested by anon)

The Signless:

The Handmaid:

The Summoner:

The  Ψiioniic:

The Disciple:

The Dolorosa:

Neophyte Redglare:

Marquise Spinneret Mindfang:

E%ecutor Darkleer:

The Grand Highblood:

Orphaner Dualscar:

Her Imperious Condescension:

Aw yeah I love the Homestuck ancestors

You know the ones

  • Spooky Psychic Sweetheart Wife
  • Badass Beast-Tamer Bull Husband
  • Sarcastic Sparky Psion Husband
  • Class Ass Crab Husband
  • Feline Fine Sign Wife
  • Matronly Mothergrub Wife
  • Aligned Lawful Lovely Wife
  • Irate Pirate Pilot Wife
  • Lorg Force Horse Husband
  • Mega Mirthful Maniacal Husband
  • Finely Tailored Sailor Husband
  • Fish Witch Bitch Wife 

here’s the patronswap ancestors! the alpha guardians swap with the ancestors in this AU. (im finally done these after a month after I started LMAO.) i based these HEAVILY off the original ancestor designs by @viivus.

(anyways, i’m really surprised with how much support\attention my take on this AU got in such a short matter of time. thanks so much, you guys! ^0^)