marquis mindfang


Finished the blue designs on my Mindfang coat! All it needs is some small adjustments here and there and fasteners for the front and the collar and it’s done! 

I have leftover blue so I’m thinking about maybe adding 2 mirrored spider designs on the bottom of the ‘coat tails’ in the back to add a bit more blue, but I’m not sure how it’d look.


OKAY, SO Finally figured out how to upload stuff. Now i can full-steam ahead as far as editing goes.

I took all of my Homestuck meet up pictures almost exclusively in CRW. What this means is It may take me 1-2 weeks to get them all up depending on how much time I have to work on them. I need to edit and save them all as JPG and that takes time. I’ll try to pick out the best ones and get them edited and thrown up quickly, but these are huge files because I wanted to save as much of the quality as I could. That means long load time.

<3 So be patient and I will get around to them. Until then, have these two gorgeous pictures of the lovely lady Tiffany who ran the Homestuck meets at Tokyo in Tulsa, and who is by far one of the best Mindfangs evaaarrrr. <3


My finished coat for Mindfang. It was nice and breezy out so there’s some photos that show off the coattails flowing in the wind. All the blue is satin stitched along the edges, it corsets in the back to tighten it and the front has hook and eyes at the neck and snaps along the front torso. The lineing of the coattails is spiderweb tulle that has some shine to it, blue is the wrong side of Crepeback Satin, main coat is Suiting, and the corseting pieces are suede. Top of it  is lined with a cotton.
A Taste of Justice

Summary: Neophyte Redglare and the Marquis Mindfang face off in an Alternian trial of justice. But a paragon of the law and a renegade devoted to crime have much to hate each other for… could this prove a complication?

A surprise extra fic for tonight for my latest friend gelema121 who I offered to write for for her recent birthday. She requested a Redglare fic and I decided to take two birds with one stone and write not only ancestor fic but blackrom fic because there is not enough of either in my profile right now. Please read and enjoy, and remember: Likes and faves are appreciated, but reblogs and comments mean the world!!