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Hello! Who is your favorite writer and why? What literature do you like?

My favorite writers are Vladimir Nabokov and Hermann Hesse.
I like German writers (Thomas Mann, Hoffmann, Goethe). I would like to study carefully Nietzsche. I agree with the majority of the views of Arthur Schopenhauer.
As a true Russian I like literature about purification of the soul through a lot of suffering (!) so I really like Dostoyevsky. Especially Crime and Punishment. Thoughts on life and death, God.
Of course The Master and Margarita is a must for everyone.
Also Robert Louis Stevenson and Edgar Allan Poe ( I like adventures, sombre and mysterious stories, tragic endings). Dracula, Frankenstein, The Picture of Dorian Gray.
In poetry I like Yesenin, Rilke, Baudelaire
I like all the novels I’ve read by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
I’m very much interested in the books by Carlos Castaneda
And I like to read biographies of the interesting people :)


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