Para sa mga pinakamadalas kong nakausap ngayong 2013, sana magustuhan niyo. Hihi. Advance na, kasi duty ako bukas eh. Literal na sa hospital magno-Noche Buena kasama ang mga babies.

Ayun lang, gusto ko lang sabihing mahal ko kayo at sana isang araw makita ko kayo at mahuggg. Friends forever, yes? Merry Christmas!! Enjoy. :*

Thank you so much lovelies (Malour, Elaine, Thatha, and Jaimee) for nominating me. :”>

Questions from Malour:
What can you say about Animal Cruelty? It really saddens me. Every living thing has the right to live. I hope that people who perform acts of animal cruelty will be reincarnated as animals. :|
If you could turn back time and change something, what would it be and why? Nothing because I am who I am now because of my past.
Why do you blog? To express my thoughts.
Top 5 countries you want to visit. 1) France 2) USA 3) Korea 4) Hawaii 5) Australia
What is your favorite book/series? Would you recommend it? Sidney Sheldon’s The Naked Face. I would definitely recommend it because the terms are not so technical and I love the mystery of the story.
Who is your favorite author? Why? Sidney Sheldon. Simply brilliant.
What is the tallest building you’ve been to? Aww, this one’s hard. I can’t remember ‘coz Baguio’s buildings are not that tall.
Tell me something about your childhood. I am a simple girl who loves outdoor games with my cousins who are mostly boys. We play a lot of running games and love to collect free toys from the famous Zoom-Zoom. Hahaha. And we also love to watch 90’s cartoons/animes and educational shows.
What is that memory that you want to forget but you can’t? Can you share it? (If you don’t mind) I want to forget our financial problems but I can’t. Haha. :3
How do you see yourself five years from now. I see myself as a nurse at a tertiary hospital in abroad, with a stable life, and a happy family.
What is the best food you’ve ever devoured in your entire life? Where can we find it? (geez, this is my favorite question.nomnomnom) I love crabs and tropical fruits. Only in the Philippines. *Drools*

Questions from Elaine:
Mantra/philosophy in life? As butterflies, we may meet people who act as villains but they only have different roles to teach us how to fly.
What’s the best compliment you ever received? I’m…. beautiful? Mwehehe.
What are you freakishly good at? Uhm……. making typographies? :3
Have you ever been “dumped” by some guy? -gosh, horrible question to ask. lol! Nope.
How can you tell when someone’s lying? When he’s not looking straight into my eyes, he’s stuttering and can’t answer follow-up questions immediately.
Unspoken demons? Ghosts from your past? I can’t think of anything right now.
Are you high-maintenance? No….. But sometimes, I’m highly emotional. ‘Pag nagpapalambing. Hehe.
What do you consider unforgivable? Cheating in a relationship.
Have you reached maturity yet? I think I’m mature enough. :D
Number 1 on your 2013 Christmas wishlist? Healthy family and bountiful Christmas.
Describe me in one word. :D Beautiful (and fragile).

Questions from Thatha:
If you will be reincarnated in the future, what or whom you would be? Why? I want to be my mom ‘coz I can’t find anybody like her.
What song do you think relates to your life? Today my life begins - Bruno Mars.
How did you discover tumblr? A friend shared it to me (late 2010). We were after the typographies then. Hehe.
What mistake from the past would you want to correct? Explain. Just as I mentioned above, nothing ‘coz I am who I am now because of my mistakes in the past.
Have you ever dreamed to be an actress or actor? Why or why not? Yes. When I was younger, I was asking my mom if I could join Little Miss Philippines. Hahaha. ‘Till now, I admire actresses who are good-looking (lol most of them) and those who finished their studies.
Have you been in love? To whom or to what? Yes, a lot of times actually but now’s the only time that my heart wasn’t broken. I’m in love with sh. :)
How would we know that you’re mad? I would keep quiet. Sometimes, I crack a serious joke. (E.g. Sige, ako na, nakakahiya naman sa’yo.)
What would you choose: handsome/pretty but dumb or not handsome/not pretty but smart? Not handsome but smart (street smart).
What or who makes you smile? Sh. :)
What is love for you? Love is the reason why you smile upon waking up and smile again before going to sleep.
Do you believe in fairytales? Why or why not? Yes. I mean, I believe in happy endings. If the ending is not yet happy, then it’s not yet the end. :)

Questions from Jaimee:
What powers would you want to have? I want to teleport beside him, now.
How would you use that power?
Are you a day or night person? Day. I’m a heavy sleeper by the night.
Do you ever get attracted with your same sex? I admire them but not to the point that I get attracted with them.
What’s your most embarrassing moment? I feel embarrassed when I don’t know how to perform a skill or when I don’t know the answer to questions that I should know. I feel this a lot of times when students are looking up at you tapos wala kang maisagot. Anyhow, just be humble to admit that you don’t know the answer and ask the staff.
How do you get scolded?
What would you do with 1million today? Buy a house (that only my family and sh knows), and put up a business.
Worst nightmare? Aww, I have a lot—killing spree, falling, sickness, etc.
Where would you wanna travel? Paris, France.
Who do you wanna go with? (3 persons only). Mom, Dad, Sh.
What is your greatest fear? Death of a loved one.

Uhm, sorry po kung sinagot ko lang ‘yung Q’s tapos iniba ko ‘yung rules. Haha. Feeling ko kasi ang tagal na nitong Sunshine Award sa dash eh. Pasensya na po, ngayon lang ako nagbalik (after a week) kaya nahuli na rin ang replies. Tapos hello po sa lahat ng nagnominate sa’kin. Kung magnonominate ako, kayo rin ulit e. :”> Thanks for making my day brighter everyday. Lots and lots of love. :*