• Scorpio Sun Aries Rising: Bite marks and alligator skin.
  • Scorpio Sun Taurus Rising: Wolf howling and amber.
  • Scorpio Sun Gemini Rising: Hickory and a smirk.
  • Scorpio Sun Cancer Rising: Lip piercings and a harvest moon.
  • Scorpio Sun Leo Rising: The feeling of a hot shower after a cold swim and Elderflower.
  • Scorpio Sun Virgo Rising: Rain hitting a canopy of leaves/trees and the feeling of noticing something no one else did.
  • Scorpio Sun Libra Rising: Black veil and pink sand.
  • Scorpio Sun Scorpio Rising: A snake ring and maroon Vans.
  • Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Rising: A burning note and a hickey.
  • Scorpio Sun Capricorn Rising: Hemlock and street lamps.
  • Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising: Late night talks and dark crystals.
  • Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising: A Polaroid picture and dipping your toes in water.

Early season snow flurries at 12000 feet in the Maroon Bells wilderness, Colorado 


listening to some love songs, and was suddenly overwhelmed by urge to doodle cherik. ;m; cherik, you will always be my otp